One of the members of the Ghosts squads team known as Thomas Merrick was just revealed via the official CoD Facebook page.
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The document posted shows that he is a Naval and Marine Corps officer with medals from both.

SOURCE: Facebook

  • I chose him

  • Mitch

    His mask is also one of the 5 they revealed earlier today.

    • Well no shit sherlock?

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        Dude you’re onto me…

        • Na mate just kidding i love everyone

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            Time for a belly rub.

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  • Read In Between the Lines…

    You guys should read the bio… Merrick and Rorke worked together. I smell vendetta.

  • David Sync

    It be cool if they add a video later with all 5 ghost mask then show a small teaser of the “alien skull” from the extinction speculation

  • From that launch trailer we saw it looks like he dies.

    • Xecho

      Shhhh spoilers

    • Marcus Idenäs

      I dont think so, atleast not there. They wouldnt show that in a launch trailer.

      • I LIKE PIE

        the guy that dies in the launch trailer has a clean face, what i mean by that is no beard, while Merrick shown in the game informer pick shows him sporting a beatiful full grown manly tactical beard

        • Fading Lee

          Due to your use of “beautiful full grown manly tactical beard” I am obligated to up-vote this o_O

    • It might be like Soap in the MW2 trailer where they show him die yet it only happens if you fail the objective.

    • Maybe they did put it in so that we think he dies but what if he actually survives Spoilerception

  • Damien

    In the ‘other personnel’ box, it refers to someone named Scarecrow.. Wasn’t that a character from MW2?


    this was revealed a long time ago

  • KingUndrCrwn

    Just FYI, it’s not that “he is a Naval and Marine Corps officer with medals from both” it’s that he is a SEAL, Petty Officer Second Class (SO2) and that he received a “Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (commonly referred to as a NAM). Since the the Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy there are a lot of medals and ribbons that name both branches in their title. Just for future reference.

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