Activision has just posted a short clip of all the Call of Duty Ghosts masks. We originally thought this was some type of teaser for the rumored “Extinction” mode but now we’re not so sure. After a closer inspection it just looks like all the different skull patterns the Ghosts team wears.

According to the description it says to expect more info on their official Facebook page later today.Let us know what you think in the comments below..

UPDATE: a new image was added to the official Facebook page that reads “Who are the Ghosts? Check back here soon as we reveal the men behind the masks.”:



    Probably extinction teaser to me. I mean those are some abnormal looking skulls.

    • Unless the ancient Egyptians are coming back from the dead. They had weird skulls too. Lol

      • Grigori

        Imagine the aliens are one big troll and we are getting mummies O.o

        • What if we get mutated clowns

          • Why not both? *mexican music*

          • Grigori

            Mutated Egyptian clowns from space!

            The easter egg songs are mexican songs

          • Law


          • iLikeMexicanMusic:3

            I like Mexican music :3

          • Josiah Johnson

            Stealth clowns!!

          • Immune against me

    • Could have been the skulls on the masks from the 6 guys but there are only 5

      • Goten

        There’s only 5 masks, because you are the last guy to get your mask, I’m pretty sure. Plus, why would they show the mask that your character wears? That would be a bit odd, since you don’t see what your character looks like (In Infinity Ward games).

        • Yea i think the third skull (top) is on the mask of that guy left on the website

          • silencer2000

            Looks like each member makes their own mask when they join the Ghosts.

          • Shardlotte

            I’m gonna make mine look like Obama.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Looks kinda like how I imagine predators skull would look.

    • Jacol

      Calm down people, they are teasing the rest of the crew. Need a proof? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

      • Jacol

        In case you need more proof:

        • Graygandald

          There you have it folks! Its all over! No extinction! Sorry everyone!

          • Grigori

            Damnit Infinity Ward, you can lose a lot of fans with this.. 🙁

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Disappointing, but I don’t expect them to release any info about Extinction. If they do, my bet is the tuesday before the game comes out.

          • Shardlotte

            Why? Because they won’t release a trailer about something they didn’t intend to show? Grow up. It’s probably not going to have a trailer.

          • Grigori

            Okay dad, i will grow up

          • ExtinctionHunter

            Boy I will give you a woopen with my belt if you dont get out my house

          • fukzombielikemode

            Damn if you wanna shoot zombies/monsters/aliens, buy resident evil…

          • Judens Claude

            i get it but wat about the achievements

          • derp

            To bad these a game mode called extinction…

        • James K

          Good detective work

  • HenryDF

    Definitely an Extinction teaser – those skulls were not human, it basically just ties into that achievement image from a few weeks ago. I mean, look at the fangs. Finally, we’re getting someting!

    • exeterman2

      They are the campaign characters masks, excluding your own character.

      • HenryDF

        ahhh I got it wrong 🙁

  • Mitch

    ”Who are the Ghosts? Visit later today to find out. | #codghosts #callofduty #cod”
    Sounds like they would reveal the Ghosts squad to me. But then again, some of the skulls don’t look like the ones they would use on their masks…

    • Eric Evans

      When I watched the video I thought they showed ghosts masks and then went to an alien image in the middle and back to the masks. Just speculation at this point.

  • Juan Rivera

    Kind of reminds me l of a fat ghost from mw2

  • Rekone

    i hope it is finally extinction

  • Is it just me or does that first one look like Darth Vader

    • Grigori

      Just you

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    The first one is a troll face. Lol.

  • Luke

    Oh God.. Extinction please…

  • Grigori

    You call those last two human?? I hope its extinction !!!!

  • ehdjmns

    PLOT TWIST: they are different variations of masks you can wear

  • Graygandald

    Not so sure it is an extinction trailer… doesn’t seem like it at all. I mean.. if it is, great! I’m happy that it finally is here! But it just doesn’t seem alien related. I did notice that they looked monkey like though.

    • jordanxbrookes

      Planet of the Apes kind of thing lol

      • Graygandald

        Lol YES! I can already see it! We run around shooting bananas at apes, while screaming “Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!” Best selling game mode right there.


    the first skull image looks a lot like the predator face.

    • Graygandald

      If you mean predator without the mask, yes I agree..

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    My friend honest to god thinks it’s dinosaurs. -___-

    • Graygandald

      Tell him to look into battlefield. He may get his wish 😛

  • Poplur33

    A Riley mode anyone? No ok 🙁

  • SeaSaltSora

    Last one looked creepy as fuck. o.o

  • Nononon, these aren’t for extinction, it’s for each of the members of the Ghosts squad 😛

  • Graygandald

    With the new “UPDATE” it seems more like its not an extinction teaser. Just sayin.

    EDIT: Then again, it is tuesday. So even if it isn’t extinction, its something big.

  • Was hoping to see the Extinction skull somewhere in there… But nope 🙁

  • Guest

    Random post but I just thought of this. What if this whole extinction mode is actually “Eddie’s turn” after samantha played her part of the game 😛 but IW and treyarch don’t work together like that so I doubt it.

    • Mitch

      If that would happen, it would be a mayor suprise and probably Treyarch getting off CoD.

  • Sentrymann

    Yikes, you guys are quick to jump the gun. Pretty sure it’s skulls for the ghost squad.

  • Xecho

    I love how no one noticed that these don’t tie into extinction at first. It’s as almost as like they don’t deserve the up votes now.

  • Matthew

    There may still be aliens, none of those skulls matched the leaked one on the achievements.

  • BSOG

    Well I think I’m not getting any sleep tonight.

  • DatGuy NamedDane

    Infinity Ward did say that the Ghosts Squad you play as in the campaign is not the only one out there. I think that the ghosts symbol that we are accustomed to is the squad that we play as, and these new ones are the other squads that are in the Ghosts universe. What do you guys think?

    • Mitch

      When did they say that? And where?

      • DatGuy NamedDane

        some interview a while back

  • None of those are the same as the extinction achievements though… ?

  • Bigi345

    I feel like extinction is treated like Half life 3

  • Alex Davis

    Those masks are creepy as all hell. T_T

  • Eric Evans

    They make u think it is aliens by using ghosts members masks as well as alien images.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Seriously wish they didn’t even tease anything about Extinction. Everyone gets all upset when they don’t put anything out for it.

  • Rade

    That song is beautiful

  • Stick Man

    Maybe this masks also have a use in extinction, like each mask could grant you a different ability.

    • Stick Man


      Using this as an opportunity to make myself clear: the masks would be used for the characters in Single Player was well as incorporated into extinction with another purpose.

  • RaulMenendez

    I am actually a part of the team 🙂

  • obi

    dude none of these look like the same alien thin that we saw.