IGN has posted their fourth video in their Ghosts’s Squads coverage this week. Safeguard is similar to MW3’s survival mode, but in Ghosts you can choose from playing in 20 round only, 4o round only, or unlimited rounds.

Again, this footage is 1080p on PS4 gameplay.

  • Hydrox

    I was waiting for this 🙂

  • Sentrymann

    Wasn’t this their third video, not their fourth?

    • Cryp

      On monday they did two vids.

      • Sentrymann

        Shoot! I must have missed it, my bad then.

  • Cryp

    Nice Vepr, that smg is boss! AK12 at the end!

    • The Vepr looks a lot like the AK-74 from CoD4
      EDIT: Just checked in Google it’s called “Vepr AK-74”

      • Cryp

        True! It is said that the vepr is a modified ak74, only then as a bullpup design. I don’t think the stats are the same as the cod4 ak74u.

    • Cyber-Ninja

      The K7 will be the beast SMG, but the Vepr and AK12 will be good for run & gunners. Not long to go now – PEW PEW!!!

  • One of the only things that has always bothered me about COD and their gun designs is how the character holds the pistol.

    • HenryDF

      I think it’s got even less realistic in Ghosts, that one handed thing is so annoying

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Well, im the Army they force you to shoot it with one gun. (At least in Portugal [and in the past] ) So that when you’ll shoot it two-handed it makes your accuracy much better. But you don’t need to use it one-handed in the front-lines of course.

    • Brandalf

      When did they decide to start animating pistols with only one hand? I believe it was Black Ops or MW3? COD4/[email protected]/MW2 didn’t have such silly pistol animations.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Whatever game had the first Akibo weapons. I think MW2 started the one handed pistol animations. Don’t quote me on that.

        • Jacky Liang

          MW2 still had the dual-hands. MW3 started the one hand.

          • Brandalf

            Now that I think about it, Black Ops started it with the ASP pistol.

    • Jacky Liang

      Agree whole heartedly. I was always bothered by the one-handed pistol approach. MW3 started that, and I hate it.

  • Batman

    Finally CoD weapons look real.
    All other CoD weapons the guns were like toys(EXCEPT IN BO1)

    • Nah in BO1 the guns had fake names and looked cheap. MW2 had the most realistic guns.

  • Prrophet

    Honestly can’t wait for this game, I really hope the next 13 days go by fast 🙂

  • Guybrush_420

    VEPR and AK12 looking good, and we finally know the name of that killstreak – Trinity rocket.

  • Sentrymann

    Man, I got so frustrated every minute that he didn’t use whatever that trinity rocket killstreak was!

    • Cyber-Ninja

      The dude that was playing seems to be a bit of a noob! And unfamiliar with various aspects of the game, like kill streaks and care packs etc.

      • I think he was just new for the PS4.

        • Cyber-Ninja

          LOL Are the consoles that much different? A controller is a controller is it not???

          • The PS and Xbox controller only looks the same but when you use them, they are a lot different from eachother.

          • Work hard Twerk harder

            You got to get used to a thumb halfway up (not in a sexual way) if you’re on ps3 then 360

          • Cyber-Ninja

            I’m sorry you can use controllers in a sexual way? LOL
            Please don’t tell the Missus, or I might get made redundant.. It’s a good job I’m a PC gamer. ;O)

          • Work hard Twerk harder

            Some people get pleasure by sticking their thumb up somewhere, incase you didn’t get the joke.

      • Also, I’m sure Rubin tells him beforehand what not to do and what he can do I.e. Certain killstreaks, weapons, and maps. Infinity Ward is waiting to reveal those.

        • Cyber-Ninja

          Maybe, but any true gamer would be like – A trinity rocket, WOOP WOOP >Blast off >Come get some >Die noobs!!! LOL

    • Batman

      It is like the predator

  • Ak-12 iron sights don’t look as good as BF4’s, but I bet it will handle much better in Ghosts

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Probably. The guns in CoD kinda don’t have recoil to them. Although the AK-12 (in BF4) didn’t have much recoil either

  • Marshall

    I think the pistol should be held in one hand while you are running/walking, but once you aim down sights, it should take the other hand and hold it with two hands.

    • tha_online_gamertz

      that’s exactly what it does.

  • lMattW

    It looks like there’s almost no warning that you’re about to go down. The red screen marks from taking damage are very faint, too faint it seems to me.

    I also don’t like that they removed the xp from getting kills. I liked the green xp numbers in MW3.

    • Cyber-Ninja

      I think he was taken down by one of the Riley dogs from behind? Which may explain the quickness of it with hardly any bleed out???

  • Lavi

    I like the level on your weapon for more damage, or others, it’s a good idea ^^

  • GuestofGuests

    Wow safeguard looks lame, the presentation of these videos could be much better… only thing I want is Extinction teaser/trailer or at least a confirmation …

  • Prrophet

    Would anyone know where I could possibly get Ghosts early in Michigan?

  • mac.z.faike


  • Rekone

    That was awesome c:

  • Jared

    Well I know I won’t be playing this

    • ip x Warrior

      Well Charlieintel might not be the best place for you.

  • I kinda like MW3’s more,
    – Each map had different difficulty
    – 3 different stores to buy stuff from
    – Heli, jug, dog, and kamikaze rounds
    – Call in Riot shield squad or Delta squad

    This new one seems like a downgrade other then support for 4 players which is the one good feature.

    • ip x Warrior

      I can only agree with you

    • Ed

      i liked survival… but i can still play it whenever i want, so i’m glad they changed it up with this game.

  • George

    Stop playing on Octane and show us a map we haven’t seen more gameplay of yet! >:(

    • ip x Warrior

      The less we see the better it is trust me.. We get more hyped. It’s like christmas, if you know all your gift before well it kinda ruin the fun.

      • George

        Still, it’s looking like they’re going to play every damn mode on Octane. They could at least do Whiteout or Chasm or SOMETHING!

        • ip x Warrior

          Wellllll you got a point on this haha 😛

  • T.E.D.

    the ak12 looks better than the one in bf4

    • That’s the Vepr not the AK-12

      • Knives

        The AK-12 is at the end

  • Francisco Robles

    Can this game just come out already!!!! I can’t wait.

  • IamQuark

    That look like Great mod to play with my clan xD

  • CoDforever

    Im confused .. were the enemies bots or actual AI like in MW3 survival ?

  • CoDforever

    Looks awesome, we are now getting 2 horde modes ! Safeguard AND Extinction !

  • CoDforever

    Is it just me or do the guns look .. smaller ?

  • Xecho

    Gameplay with the AK is at the end.

    • That’s the Vepr

      • Xecho

        No it’s not you can clearly see the difference.

  • Walter Iego

    Hmm, alrighty then.

  • coolwhhhip

    This looked kinda bad to be honest

  • some1exampe1

    is this a joke? this doesn’t look anything like the octane multiplayer reveal.

    this looks like a straight ps3 port.

    it still has that washed out ps3 look. the details and texture of the guns are nowhere near the quality of the reveal, half the arm is missing when holding a rifle, there’s no depth of field when ads’ing, your team mates and enemies don’t have any texture or detail to them, the maps don’t have any depth to them and zero textures, it looks lifeless and bland and everything is slower.

    i just finished watching the ign multiplayer reveal, on the same ign videoplayer and you can definitely tell that this game has zero optimization. you can’t blame the videoplayers.

    at this point, there’s no cell difficult to work with crap to use as an excuse, the ps4 can easily handle an exact pc port on high settings.

    just look at killzone, watchdogs, infamous and assassins creed.

    i’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt that this is just an early build of the game. but by judging on the tone of everybody involved, some things not right.

    the only thing i can conclude is that there is something extremely fishy going on with the microsoft and activision “partnership”.

    if the xbox 1 can’t handle the game, why do they insist on punishing gamers on other platforms with “parity”.

    a billion dollar game and all they care about is that ms check that won’t arrive if the ps4 looks and plays 10x better than the xbox version.

    so instead we have 2 crappy next gen versions. everybody loses.

  • some1exampe1

    double post.

  • zachammo

    wont be using the verp horrible damage

    • Cryp

      That’s because the weapons do more damage the longer you use them in this mode. They start off weak.

      • zachammo

        yes but still pretty bad damage

  • Adam

    PS4is for scrubs

  • zachammo