A few rumors popped up on NeoGAF today claiming that Call of Duty: Ghosts will only run at 720p on Xbox One due to limitations of the Xbox One console. This appears to be general trend as many other games(Ryse, Killer Instinct) will only support between 720 and 900p on the Xbox One, while the game will run 1080p on PS4.

At this point, there is no official word on whether these rumors are true or just some false information, but it begs to question as to many different things. If you remember back in June, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin told Eurogamer that Ghosts will run in 1080p on both next-gen consoles, we’re wondering if anything has changed in development though due to these new rumors. First, all the Ghosts gameplay thus far has been PC gameplay with an Xbox One controller; we haven’t actually seen Xbox One footage. If you’ve been watching IGN’s coverage of Squads this week, we got confirmation and a look at the PS4 version at 1080p, as Sony mandates all games run at that quality.

Albert Penello, Xbox One Lead Planner, responded to these claims, but he didn’t deny or confirm the 720pΒ quality.

We’ll let you know where we hear more..

SOURCE: NeoGAF and @albertpenello

  • Hope it’s a good game.

    • noah

      It will be on the PS4

  • Mac

    There’s no way to prove it till we see real footage.

    • Keshav Bhat

      That’s the point that makes everything worse. At every event Ghosts has been running at 1080p on Xbox One controller only. It’s been PC version all along.

      • Mac

        But maybe there working with all the xbox devkits during this ign squad review week to be able to bump that up to 1080.

        • Primey_

          All of the IGN Squad footage is on PS4 @ 1080p.

          • Mac

            I know that, maybe the ps4 version was easier to get running at 1080 and xbox just needs alittle more work.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No, the PS4 is more powerful. And there are rumours that devs said that PS4 can be up to 50% more powerful, but I doubt it

          • Mac

            Its not 50% more powerful multiple times xbox reps have said there no way they would let that happen, also wasnt the ps3 supposed to be WAY more powerful when gta 5 runs faster on the 360, Its all in how much time a dev has to work with it.

          • ThatxGamer

            who said gta5 runs faster on xbox lol. Online maybe because the xbox servers are better.

          • Mac

            Single player too, multiple benchmarks put xbox on top with an average of 29 while ps was 26-27fps

          • ThatxGamer

            2-3 fps…..There is pracitcaly no difference at all LOL. Link me wher u got your info LMAO… That’s like saying 1.0000002 is bigger than 1.0000001 LOL

          • Gary

            His point was that the PS3 was supposed to be so much more powerful than the Xbox 360, but the xbox is matching and even slightly better in some cases. More power doesn’t mean shit if it isn’t easy for the devs to use…

          • paulinacio

            PS3 architecture is a biatch to develop for and for this multiplat devs struggle at time to push the PS3 but devs such as Naughty Dog have shown what the PS3 is capable of

          • Mac

            technically thats 10% faster on xbox go back to middle school little fanboy

          • ThatxGamer

            listen to Gary. Plus, i’m verry sorry that u have to go on the internet and talk trash because you were abused as a child.

          • ThatxGamer

            u never linked me….and technically its about 10-13%

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            If I recall, I remember the XBOX having trouble loading the world when you save the game to the hard drive.

          • paulinacio

            PS3 drops maybe3 frames more than xbox 360 but PS3 has much better textures

          • Work hard Twerk harder

            With less than a month for the xbox one to released, and a lot less for ghosts to come out, I really don’t think so…

          • Mac

            They said ON XBOX ONE so theres still work to do and less than a month like what 29 days or so

          • Work hard Twerk harder

            I’m not really sure about that, I mean once it’s out on current I’m assuming they’re going to be working on server problems (if there are any, always a bit though with cod first day) and definately a lot of glitches which will end up patched before next gen even get to it.
            You may be right but there’s a very small chance of it happening from what i can see, and even if they’re trying then there’s no guarentee they’ll succeed as such

      • Matt Trumble

        they did not have complete hardware yet

  • Rade

    The PS4 circle jerk is pissing me off.
    Remember when the PS3 was 30% more poweful than the xbox360 because of the cell tech?
    How about when the ps2 was more powerful becuase of some engine?
    Every single generation launch, the playstation is supposedly more “powerful”, only to turn up that it was full of shit.
    We should wait for the games, then we see the difference

    • Rade

      And Neogaf is the same site that attacked Major Nelson for his “smile” out all things, when it comes to anything that concerns Xbox or Microsoft, they tear it apart, no matter what the news is.

      • BigBernard

        Aww, poor Microsoft πŸ™

    • Atrocity

      PS3 was overly complicated to develop for due to the cell processor, same for the PS2 with the their engine.

      The PS4 is the most simplistic Sony console since PS1 nothing exotic, nothing complicated.

      • ThatxGamer

        ps2 is the best console ever…….

        • Atrocity

          Yeah highest selling and most popular, doesn’t change the fact it was hard to develop for.

        • Batman

          No, only best selling

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I still play GTA: San Andreas as well as many other games on my PS2 and I enjoy it very much. The cheat codes are just too fun. One of the few things I wish Rockstar would’ve done in GTA 5 was to bring back those cheats. Spawning a tank, flying cars, better yet: FLYING TANKS. Yes, I said it. If you’ve never flown a tank in GTA, you’re missing out. PS2 was legendary.

          • Batman

            You use CHEATS? Dude you suck, you doesnt deserve to be called a gamer, piece of trash.

            LOL just kidding, donΒ΄t take me in a serious way

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I didn’t play story in GTA San Andreas. I free roamed. Cheat codes made it so much more fun. Plus, there were so many. I printed 3 pages of pure cheat codes just for San Andreas back in the day.

    • Primey_

      Well I’m no fanboy but with the PS3 it was because of the complicated architecture. Devs couldn’t use the full potential of the cell cpu.

    • Full of shit? Actually PS has been the most powerful console for every gen. Thats not bias, thats fact!

      • Rade

        Because all of the Call of Duty’s, Skyrim and Fallout series came out more powerful on PS3 than 360

      • GeddyBro

        PC will ALWAYS be the most powerful gaming platform and ALWAYS has. Your FACT is 100% hot air.

        • I said console, mr. ignorant…

      • jazz

        The original xbox was more powerful then ps2 and thats a fact.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      I wanted to see an 360 run The Last of Us, or even Uncharted 3. Good luck with that!

      • 360 could run those games just as well as the PS3. those games don’t look better than most games because of the hardware, it’s because of the talented DEV TEAM. i love how you idiots don’t give the devs the credit for how well their games look and run. if they ever had done those games on the 360, they would have made them look just as good as the PS3. actually, like most multiplatform games, they would probably run smoother at a bit higher resolution on the 360..

        • with that being said, the Xbone is GARBAGE. it’s great that MS gimped the hardware and went cheapo, just for US.

          • curi0us

            They underclocked the XB1 processor.


            I have never heard of underclocking a processor. Ever.

        • ThatxGamer

          maybe online lol. PS3 has always been none for its graphical advantage with blue-ray disc and such

          • known? for what games? exclusives, from a couple, not even a handful, of talented devs that MS doesn’t have under their belt. Halo 4 looks better than most PS3 games, and most multiplatform games look better on the 360. I get most if not all my m-platform games for my 360 even though I own both systems, because I know the hardware runs them better. Red Dead R. is one case out of MANY that prove the 360 is better hardware. That the m-platform games are 360 ports is a loooong winded myth that people just love to use as an excuse. A few PS3 exclusives undeniably scrape by with the crown as best looking console games, but again, not because of the hardware. I own the last of us and have played most of the way through. Great looking game, but it is not flawless. It has some of the worst aliasing of any game out there. I just speak the truth because I’m not a fanboy of either MS or Sony. I call it how it is.

            This next generation is going to be the opposite. PS4 games will most likely clearly be superior looking because of better hardware, and they still have the more talented devs on top of that. Sony is sitting good.

  • NeoGAF isn’t exactly a neutral site…

    • Keshav Bhat

      We know that, but w/ other XB1 games also changing to 720p quality within the last few weeks, this doesn’t seem like a bizarre claim.

      EDIT: BF4 also runs at 720p for Xbox One.

      • Atrocity

        Also note, GAF was the first to report on this and everyone threw out the claims as GAF-Cesspool of bullshit. Despite turning out to be true, they do have insiders on the forums.

      • The Truth

        Love how you puss out Keshav and delete my comments when your called out and you know you’re wrong!

  • Alex Davis

    My question is, how is there limitations on a console and game that are about to come out that are supposed to be brand new? Like, I just don’t get that. What kind of technical issues could they POSSIBLY have with these brand new products in such a forward thinking industry that they can’t run a game at 1080p, which has been the standard for PC games and even most 360 games for how many years now?

    • Atrocity

      Seems alot of DEVS have come out saying it has to do with the Xbox Ones ESRAM being complicated to work with.

      • Guest

        That bullshit because current gen consoles run on ESRAM

        • Atrocity

          No they don’t /facepalm

          360 had a fast 10MB EDRAM chip connected to it’s GPU.

          ESRAM is more complicated and doesn’t work in the same way EDRAM does.

    • Mac

      Well compare games made at the beginning of this generation to skyrim,gta 5,etc…

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Because the architecture on next-gen is not powerful. Oh god, ten years with this fucking next-gen and they’re already having issues. Well, gaming is fucking lost.

  • Larry

    Perhaps they do have a reason to doubt the quality of the actual game.

    • Christopher Thrash

      1 pic says a million

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      They were probably running an XBONE dev-kit.

      • curi0us

        Win7 PC devkit + Titan graphics card.

    • Jamie Hudson

      love how they don’t use windows 8 πŸ˜›

      • Dave Michael

        given a choice, no one does. Windows 8 sucks so damn bad.

      • Walter Iego

        Yeah, only a PC can fit inside a “cupboard” with that size (?)

    • Chris

      We all have our problems, don’t we.

      • curi0us

        Sealed plastic container with zero ventilation. OF course it’s going to overheat.

        • Cell

          It doesn’t matter. It overheats.

          • curi0us

            In something that provides no ventilation, yes.

          • Primey_

            Everything that gives off heat is gonna overheat if you shove it in a box with zero ventilation. I bet you the xbox one would overheat if you did the same thing.

          • curi0us

            Funny thing is – Someone posted a report of an in-office fire caused by an overheating XB1. The plastic outershell caught on fire and melted.

            I believe this was the reason why Microsoft decided to underclock the processor.

            Guess folks are hyped over a system putting out 20-30 FPS with 720p.

          • exeterman2

            It overheats after like 10hours in a sealed plastic container in a boiling hot showroom. Unrealistic conditions. I’m surprised that it lasted that long, xbone would die within 5hours there.

          • Roxas3510

            Just like everything that gives off heat. Judging by your comments on here you aren’t very bright are you?

      • Madara

        Lets see you breath in there. Bet your face would be redder than that little red line.

      • Hi

        Some have have a lot more than others

      • jooker-jr

        Shuhei Yoshida said this picture is FAKE

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        No, because Shuhei Yoshida said that there’s no “Red light” on PS4, so that is obviously fake.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      That doesn’t even make sense. PC can run every resolution possible that exists.

  • noah

    Love all the butt hurt xbox fans on here

  • Biff Ibkus

    I’m going to say this is false, by about 99%, for a few reasons.

    1. Both systems are equally running BF4 (which is much more demanding graphically, scripts, etc..) so why would XB1 have trouble with Ghosts (a MUCH less demanding game)?

    2. NeoGaf has been wrong before. Just because they were right once doesn’t mean they are right this time, too. How come every bad XB1 rumor is automatically assumed true, but the PS4 rumors are never taken as fact at first?

    I’m not even a fanboy either, I’m a fan of both systems, but come on. Be fair.

    • Sadat Kasaija

      I think people are still bitter with xbox and ms since that reveal, redemption is a long time coming.

    • Plokijuh1229

      Actually BF4 is 900p on PS4, 720p on XboxOne.

      • Xecho

        Never heard of 900p before until now. Huh.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Because no one did it before πŸ˜›

          • Biff Ibkus

            I thought it was never fully confirmed by DICE what the actual resolutions are. They were confirmed as 720p for both before, but now they said it is open to change which is why the PS4 is most likely at 900p now. However, they still said they are working on the XB1 version, meaning it could still be upgraded to 900p as well. Don’t forget, many people thought dedicated servers for Ghosts was XB1 only at first. I’m thinking it is the same case for 900p in BF4. I bet both next-gen consoles will run BF4 and Ghosts equally by the time they are released on them. If not equally, very damn (unnoticeable unless you are also a PC gamer) close.

          • Both systems might run them equally, but at the end of the day, PS4 is the more powerful console.

          • Tyler

            dude dukezap the only one looking like a fanboy on here is you. haha

          • My comment didn’t call anyone fanboys “Tyler the (Guest)” This isn’t your territory

      • GeddyBro

        Its actually 720p native upscaled to 900p.

        • paulinacio

          Dice stated in the past that BF4 would run at 900p then would be upscaled to 1080p but later denied this after X1 was said to only be 720p!! Jackfrags even said PS4 was running at a 900p resolution

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    If BF4, a graphically demanding game, will be running at 720p or 900p on X1, then why the hell can’t Ghosts achieve 1080p?

    • AntsTG

      Possible Max 30 Fps on BF4? Like they did with BF3. Whereas CoD has always run at 60.

      • paulinacio

        BF4 will be 720p/60fps on X1 and possibly 900p upscaled to 1080p/60fps on PS4

  • It’s not unheard of for games in development for a console that doesnt exsist (day to day changing specs) to run on a PC until the final Dev consoles are shipped to the developers.

    Im pretty sure ALL PS4 and Xbox One games were running on a PC of some kind. They are in fact developed on PC’s…

    • Xecho

      Well of course they are just like you said. All games are actually made on a PC of some kind and somehow formatted into a PS4 or XB1 version somehow on reasons I don’t know. I think it’s literally impossible to make a game without making it with a PC.

    • Batman

      No, PS4 games were running on PS4 and PS4 dev kits

      • TehObeseWhale

        Not sure if you understand how the development process goes… PS4 games are built using the PS4 dev kits yes, but the dev kits are run on PCs and all the actual programming and some debugging is done on a PC, and then tested and sold on the PS4. So while you are right in that PS4 games are running on the PS4, they are not made with a PS4 dev kit run on the PS4. I’m pretty sure Sony isn’t that evil to make developers use a dev kit that only runs on a PS4 console, can you imagine them doing tons of 3D modelling and scripting using only PS4 compatible input? It would suck so much

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I’ve never been on NeoGAF, but from the first look at some of the posts it seems like the site is a very Pro-Sony lol. I wouldn’t trust any rumors from this site.

  • Oh no, Xbox One haters are coming. And this is coming from a future PS4 owner

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Why couldn’t the dude on Twitter just confirm if it runs at 1080p or not. That makes me believe it doesn’t run at 1080p on Xbox One….

    “f’n amazing” could be 720p I want to know if it’s exceptional 1080p graphics or not.

    • Sadat Kasaija

      i agree with you, he could have confirmed the resolution on twitter… i think they might upscale to 1080p

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        They can’t do that if the console doesn’t handle it.

        • Sadat Kasaija

          Well its a thought…unfortunate otherwise.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      If he does that then he might cause an avalanche of cancelled XB1 pre-orders and cost him his job.

  • 24 days until I enjoy my 1080p Ghosts on PS4. Lifes good

    • Mitch

      Fuck I have to wait to the 29th -_-

      • *

        • Atrocity

          He’s talking about the EU launch of PS4…

          • If thats the case, Enjoy 1080p my friend!

          • i want the gold

            my brother is getting the xbox one and since ps4 are sold out, i can’t get one for possibly a while πŸ™ i guess 1080p has to wait for a while

      • jooker-jr

        Me to πŸ™

    • SHIELD

      I’ll be enjoying the Xbox One version with Dedicated Servers. Life is great.

      • Dedicated servers are on all systems you dumbass… Didn’t know ignorance was your only trait

        • He is talking about for games in general, shows how ignorant you are.

          • “Xbox One Version” Look here kid, He’s talking about ghosts, Now if you dont mind. Your clearly not in this discussion. So… gtfo? Butthurt Fanboys…

          • Rated-R619

            Xbox has Titanfall, PS4 does not. Don’t care about the little quality difference between 1080 and 720 lol

          • First off Titanfall is not a exclusive. Im getting Titanfall for PC, so Xbone is invalid. Also it will come to PS4 in 2014, its a 99% guarantee. also Planetside 2 is better then it, and its Free on PS4 launch date. And secondly 1080p is a noticeable difference if you have a 50″ 1080p TV at home. 720p will look sketchy as hell.

          • Enrique Cisneros

            you mean the watered down version of planetside 2 that i can run on my pic smoothly?so ps4 is invalid yes?

          • Da_xavier

            how would it be water down? You PC master race idiots seem to forget that when you take away the name Console its a compact PC. So your telling me running it on a PC the same spec wise in every way would run it right? because well it would and does.

          • Atrocity

            Planetside 2 is already confirmed to be 1080p/60 2000 players with the game being played on the equivalent of PC MAX SETTINGS, now go sit down PC Sub-Race

          • Watered down? The PS4 version will run at Ultra Settings on a 1080p 50″ TV. It will be BETTER then the PC version.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Try watching a 720p youtube video on TV and you’ll understand what this man says is true.

          • Isn’t that what everybody said about Halo? “It’ll come to playstation”…

          • Respawn isn’t owned by Microsoft, EA owns them. and EA loves money and have said they wish to balance the playing field by giving back to sony, because currently they are favouring M$

          • Im guessing the sequel will come to PS4, I thought you were saying the first one will go. And besides, M$ already did their damage, everybody is gonna see TitanFall as an Xbox game, just like Halo. Man I’m comparing those two games alot.

          • Problem is PS4 probably will not get Titanfall due to the contracts between the developer and Microsoft. Secondly, some people play on monitors, not 50″ TV, so the quality really wouldn’t be that different.

  • Manx Mouse

    1080p or not im still gonna love the game.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Good luck with that.

      • Cell

        Battleshit fanboy detected.

        • TepidBlack

          That’s right, everyone who isn’t a blind cowadooty fanboy is in fact a fanboy of the competing generic brown FPS

        • Dont_be_stupid

          wants wrong with he/she said?fanboys just don’t explore they stick to one game.Also there is nothing we can do about it .

        • Roxas3510

          Or he just doesn’t like CoD. Everyone who dislikes that game doesn’t have to be a Battlefield fanboy and vice versa.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Nhenhenehnnhe. If BF is shit, BRO, CoD doesn’t even exist. And no, I’m not a BF fanboy, just because I’m saying good luck with the game? Cool bro. Cool. See, I play CoD too and played for many years. So I know what franchise is better. I’m not a fanboy just because I play BF… You’re the fanboy here. And please, stay in CoD.

          • Cell

            “Nhenhenehnnhe” … hahahahaha… don’t get so mad bro, this is internet, it’s supposed that we put bullshit here eveyday. *peace*

      • ip x Warrior

        We are playing for the game we are not playing for the graphic. True CoD fan.

        • unscene

          its not about being a cod fan lol. this may decide for me wether i want the xbox or ps4:/

        • jooker-jr

          That’s true bf and PC gamers

          But how the system will preform after 4 or 5 years ??

          We have to wait and see

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          I wasn’t wishing him good luck with the graphics, but the game itself.

    • jooker-jr

      If the xbox one can’t run ghosts at 1080p how it will run cod 14 or 16

      Microsoft said that they want the console to live 10 years

      Microsoft should do something or they will lose

      • Cell

        It’s just the beginning of the new generation… the hardware is new, the programming methods are new, thes engines arre not perfectly tweaked. there is a real bunch of new improvements to come in the future, I hope.

  • Mac

    Theres still a month till the xbox one launch so give the devs some time the ps4 version had to be ready a week earlier.

    • Atrocity

      Games must go GOLD, meaning ready to mass produce 4 weeks before a console launches otherwise they get delayed.

      Kinda like what happened to Watch_Dogs and Driveclub, they weren’t ready and couldn’t make the gold.

  • Sadat Kasaija

    the game’s about 2 weeks away, i’m sure they already have what resolution ghosts is running on XBOX ONE just address these rumors IW or MS or major Nelson so we can move on to the more important things like how the game will run or will it even be good.

  • ccrows

    Don’t matter to me since I’ll be on the 360 for one more year.

    This coming from someone who had 2 360 RRODS, and 2 PS1s broken due to launch overheating issues.

    I will never buy another next gen console again until “Year 2” when all the launch bugs are fixed.

    Whoever has the better console after year 1, is the console I’ll buy a year from now…

    • NuttyTheSquirrel


      • jooker-jr

        NAUGHTY DOG <3

    • kev

      Finally someone who thinks the same way!

      • Allen Greathouse

        Well if that really works for you great but, I’m just not willing to sit around playing on crap tech like the 360 is. I’ll just take my chances cus i’m still playing on my launch year ps3 and it works just fine.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Yeah, I guess it really doesn’t affect you when you use your parent’s money, right? Sigh.

          • Allen Greathouse

            Actually I saved up $1600 from my job, and I believe I have earned the right to chose what I want to spend my own money on. And if you want to wait another year sitting on your as expecting things to go wrong then still pay the for the full price a year later be my friend.

    • Jose Plaza

      AMEN ,I honestly dont care about 720 1080 bah whatever , im tired of games looking pretty but deep down just suck,720,1080 who cares? Just give us a good game

  • Diego Diniz

    PC > ALL

  • i like cod

    I don’t even have a 1080p TV and I’ve preordered PS4 already. The difference will be minimal. I don’t care.

  • Guest

    Half the people who pretend they care don’t even know how to switch their Xbox to 1080p

  • Rade
    • Bozo Sapien

      But NeoGAF knows more about it than Infinity Ward! lol

    • mac

      Thank you very much sir..

    • Brandalf

      That is an article from June, do you have any idea how much a game can change in that amount of development time?

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      That’s oudated news. Look at the date.

    • Mitch

      That’s June, when it was running on dev kits (PCs).

    • Ed

      that was the goal. not the reality.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Even Wii U runs at 1080p, bad we don’t get DLC!

  • GayArch,Fartivision
    • curi0us

      Plastic shell with zero ventilation. After the Sony tech opened it, the console went back to normal.

    • Mitch

      You do noticed it’s in a box, right? Doesn’t matter what console or PC you put in that box, it will overheat.

  • George

    Xbox One – you won’t be able to use your current headset with mic. You need to wait for an adapter to come out (sometime on 2014). GENIUS
    PS4 – you won’t be able to record your videos (the way you can do it on xbox), an update will be made available (sometime on 2014). GENIUS

    I don’t understand why on earth someone will buy next gen console al launch. Get it 100$ cheaper same time next year.

    • Ed

      not a chance it will be cheaper… unless the sales bomb. with preorders in the millions, a price drop is a 0% chance.

  • some1exampe1

    monkeysoft only have themselves to blame.

    gimping hardware to pocket more profit, gambling that their moneyhatting and “partnerships” would play ball and anchor down other versions so no one would notice, drm’ing every possible aspect of gaming and then pulling 180’s when shtf, forcing kinect and jacking up the console price instead of using that money to strengthen their hardware, lying and deceiving every chance they get when called on their “power” of the cloud and other non sense, and finally, apparently not understanding that this thing called the “internet” exists, educating the ignorant and fanboys alike.

    and probably the worst they could have done, hold back gaming for obvious profiteering at the expense of the lively hood of developers and publishers who consider their craft an ‘art’.

    • baa

      I deeply regret the day you talk about. The day when the ignorant attacked Microsoft for actually trying to move things forward. It was a great vision that people would have loved had they have used it.

      Of course, as well as informing people, the internet has a great ability to put some ridiculous sound bite out there, for the sheep to repeat.

      • Brandalf

        If Steam wasn’t already a thing since 2004, you would be correct. But Steam has been around a long time now and what Microsoft proposed was lightyears behind what Valve currently offers on PC.

        A required connection every 24 hours? I can play Steam offline for up to 30 days without a login.

        Sell your digital rights to others through XBL? Great thought in theory, but in practice it was just Microsoft trying to control the used game market.

        Upgraded Kinect tech? Cool, but what about the people that don’t care about Kinect and don’t want to be forced to purchase it with their console? Too bad Microsoft says. Microsoft’s family sharing was about the only thing genuinely positive for consumers and now Steam has that.

        Nobody trusts Microsoft, which is something they have earned throughout their existence due to their business practices and strong-arming of consumers. People Trust Valve because again and again they show they actually care about their consumer’s happiness and continue to evolve and expand.

        Same reasons Origin is a flop and Steam thrives on PC. Microsoft and EA are doing it simply for increased profits and complete control over their console/game library. Valve did it to take some control away from the big publishers and allow the small guy to shine through in the mess of AAA.

        I could go on and on about why the Xbone as it was announced was not a step in the right direction. If I did I’d be writing this comment for hours. So I’ll stop it there.

        • baa

          I think steam has the right idea, and am a big fan of it. How can you criticise Microsoft for doing similar? You seem happy about steam copying the family sharing idea..

          TBH if Steam can,

          Level the playing field between controller and keyboard with their new controller,

          Make chat work similar to xbox with their new os,

          And have enough people local to me playing all the games I want (BO2 zombies prime example – matches me up with people other side of the world)

          THEN.. I’d never touch a console again!

          • Brandalf

            Because Microsoft is Microsoft basically. Microsoft’s dirty business isn’t restricted only to their consoles. I think that’s the case for most, Microsoft has not earned the benefit of the doubt from their consumers. People trust Valve because they are largely transparent about their business plans. Valve and Microsoft are on completely different ends of the spectrum. Just go and read interviews with Gabe Newell about Microsoft, he pretty much despises their practices.

            Of course I’m happy Steam took the family sharing idea, Microsoft removed the one positive feature to come out of the Xbone reveal along with all the bad. Why would I want something like that to just disappear before it even came to be?

            What do you mean by work similar to Xbox on SteamOS? Steam voice chat already works pretty much exactly like XBL party chat as far as I can think of. Granted I personally don’t use Steam voice chat anymore because it’s not as clear and has a longer latency period than services like Mumble or Teamspeak.

            I’m also extremely excited to see where the Steam machines/ OS/ and controller go. I love that they are trying to redefine how people perceive PC gaming and I welcome it all with arms wide open. Bigger playerbase means better PC support πŸ™‚

            If Zombies also used dedicated servers like MP then that wouldn’t be an issue. Matchmaking just isn’t viable on PC because as you say the playerbase is quite a bit smaller and it’s much more difficult to find players near your location.

            Personally I don’t see the Xbone as a gaming machine. I see it as an entertainment machine. Which I can’t lie is intriguing but I think it is largely executed poorly by Microsoft.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        They had a good concept, but they did two things wrong. Firstly, they presented it completely wrong. Instead of focusing on the upside of the changes, they focused on TV (E3). Secondly, they bit off more they can chew. Sure, the new features were nice. But the drawbacks and losses coming for those features were too much. The new features weren’t worth it.

  • LegitCryptic

    God PS4 fanboys are so annoying even if i said “Hope its a good game” then some fanboy would say “It will be on the PS4”

  • Diego Diniz

    I will play on my PC Surround 3840×2160…
    PC > ALL

  • Classrobbie

    I was in game today talking about getting Ghosts for both PS3 and 4 he said that there may he no need as Sony have said they could be doing cross platform between ps3 and ps4 much like their party chat…. No 100% yet though.. just thought id share

    • Mitch

      ”there may he no need”

  • Unit

    Unfortunately for Xbox fans, this rumor is probably true. Almost all next-gen footage for multiplats has been on PS4. FIFA, NBA 2K, AC4, and now Ghosts, all running at 1080p. It’s like how all multiplats were shown on 360 instead of PS3.

  • Batman

    I just pre ordered an xbox one because the price of the PS4 in brazil is 2000$ dollars

    • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

      I got an Xbox one because i play competitive CoD so why would i need a PS4

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    I imagine it would since cod is built and developed to run on Xbox

    • Ed

      yeah. no it’s not. xbox just pays to get the dlc a month early. that’s the extent of it.

  • Chris Mason

    Ya know. I hear real life has better graphics than PC, XB1 and PS4. Its just more boring at times.

  • Chris

    WHO FUCKING CARES! 720p or 1080p the its going to come down to the game itself… I’d rather an awesome game in 720p than a shit game 1080p any day of the week!

    • Chris Mason

      Video games and women share a lot in common. Both should keep you busy and be enjoyable for a long time and if they look really good then that is a bonus. Plus they both make your money disappear. πŸ˜›

    • Mitch

      That’s true, but here we’re talking about the same game…

    • Ed

      ? it’s the same game, but runs at 1080p on one console and not on the other? i don’t see your argument. and if it’s being shown off on a ps4, that kind of says something.

  • Truth teller

    There is so much dumb in this post it hurts. First you said two XB1 exclusives (Ryse and KI) will run at 1080p on the PS4???? Second, you say SONY mandates 1080P. That will come as news to Killzone, which has been confrimed to run at 900p…by the studio…and SONY!!!

  • I don’t see why slight differences in quality matter as much as you guys are making it seem like. The reason you should buy a console is for the gameplay and and experience.


    Hey it has to do with how you treat your systems…I have a day 1 ps3 I have played it everyday several hours a day and my system works perfectly. I clean it once a month or so and its in a entertainment center thats open. Cant wait to slide my ps4 in the shelf above it

  • travis

    NBA 2K14 will run at native 1080p resolution at 60 frames-per-second on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


    Wouldn’t this suggest the xbox does support native 1080p? Or will this always be what is said so writers and publishers don’t have to create a “resolution” war for every game.

  • Enrique Cisneros

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/125066-Update-Xbox-One-E3-Demos-May-Have-Been-On-Windows-7#cY7D30YiiICtQOCv.99 people really should check there sources.but then we wouldnt have fanboys if people did.

  • George

    As much as I don’t care for Microsoft and their consoles, I highly doubt they’d be stupid enough to limit their console like that.

  • Jose Plaza

    The funniest shiy is I bet you put 2 tv’s one in 720 and one 1080 and at least 89% wont notice the difference , regarless of Resolution this game will probably suck ass

    • some1exampe1

      so you won’t notice a native 1080p blu-ray movie compared to a 720p upscaled episode of “friends” on your t.v.

      have fun on your ‘bone.

  • Tyrant Era

    to me 720p and 1080p dont have that big of a difference so who cares? the game looks really GOOD

    • Batman

      720p can look good but it’s still less than half of the total number of pixels 1080p has to offer. I doubt Cod will run at 720p on the xbox one. Maybe it will run at an odd resolution like 900p. If it runs 720p I’m sure they’ll go for 4x MSAA which should smooth the picture out a lot.

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is better

    • Guest

      What is your profile picture…?

    • Oh come on your going through discussion to discussion saying PS4 is better, please say all that at IGN or somewhere

  • some1exampe1

    people forget, the xbone is not a gaming console, it’s an all in one entertainment device.

    it has to split resources for kinect, tv overlay, voice, motion and facial recognition and a bloated o.s. that has to have ram reserved to run it.

    i’m surprised it even has that much left over for games. when developers can’t use a 3rd of the consoles power because it’s locked for kinect, another for t.v. overlay features, another to snap an app, it adds up and games will suffer.

    the ps4 is a pure gaming machine. it’s sole function is gaming, not snapping apps and ordering pizza.

    another thing that the ps4 has is unified memory. there is no ram locked for the pseye if the game doesn’t use it. the developer would just take out of this pool for the eye.

    microsoft not only has all these bloated features, it went cheap and severely underpowered.

    even without kinect the xbox one is trailing in power to the ps4 by 40-50%.

  • Aaron

    The funny thing is that the guy who started this rumor didn’t even believe it himself. He only thought it might be true because MS hasn’t stated specifically what resolution it will be. In fact, there is no proof. He was just trying to make a name for himself. Maybe Penello isn’t addressing it directly because the question is so absurd. CoD has never been known for their superior graphics. So, why wouldn’t it run at 1080p on xbox one? The 1080p PS4 footage isn’t that great anyway. When they first revealed ghosts I thought, “This isn’t next gen?” And it doesn’t look any better now. That is IW’s fault, not Sony or Microsoft. I guess we’ll get to see side by side comparisons thanks to xbox one’s HDMI pass thru and snap feature. I’m sure YouTube will be full of them.

    All of the PS guys are out in full force trying to prove that the PS4 is more powerful than xbox one. Didn’t you learn your lesson from the last generation? Most of you had a 360 before it was over, so just relax and enjoy the console you choose. I know I will.

  • dee

    Dude, slow the fuck down. You sound like that English asshole teacher on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Take it down a notch.