The new message of the day on Black Ops 2 has just revealed that Ghosts will offer a total of 6 new unlocks (playercards and backgrounds) for fans who have played either BO2 or MW3.

Plus there will double XP for both MW3 and BO2 from Oct 25th 10am PT to Nov 1st.


UPDATE: @CallofDuty just tweeted out this image:


UPDATE 2: Activision has just released images of 4 of the 6 unlocks. These 4 are only unlocked if you’ve reached max prestige in MW3 (max prestige in MW3 is counted as 10th prestige according to ATVI) and/or Black Ops 2. There are two more that you get for just playing Black Ops 2 or MW3! (via DW247)

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SOURCE: BO2 message of the day via @TWiiNSANE

  • curi0us

    Cool. I actually started playing MW3 again today.

    Feels so strange coming back to it after almost two years.

    Hope to see you all there!

    • Nick

      It’s only been one year dumbass

      • curi0us

        November 8th, 2011 was the release date. It’s 2013.


        • VAQnotVAG

          Yeah it was released two years ago, but you said it’s been two years since you stopped playing it.. It’s more likely you stopped playing it only a year ago when BO2 came out

          • curi0us

            I had to go back and reread it all. To be fair I only played for a few months. I used that prestige token glitch and scored tons of Double XP and it was easy to powerlevel myself up a few prestiges before things got nerfed. Was also part of an XP farming clan, which is still active, surprisingly, and we managed to get even more Double XP.

            Kill Confirmed lobbies is a godsend where you can coordinate players to just kill eachother and never really pick up tags.

          • VAQnotVAG

            Bragging about cheating? Wow maybe you should just play the game like normal and actually be good instead of pretending to be

          • curi0us

            I wasn’t bragging, merely stating what I did. I had fun and really only used the tokens for Double XP, not unlocking weapons.

            But hey, this is the internet.

          • fyfykkfy


          • curi0us

            no u

          • Lyle Van Cormer

            this was the stupidest argument I’ve ever read.

          • curi0us

            Welcome to the internet. People will argue over anything, no matter how stupid or trivial.

          • ip x Warrior

            It’s not a cheat. It’s a glitch. IW mistake.

        • bernt123

          So that means you played it for a day??? I bet you play through the first year of its release…..

    • MazeMatik

      Yeah indeed… it’s still a good game though and I might go back myself so I can golden some weapons at least my favorites!

      • gold weapon douche


  • George

    I wonder if these unlocks apply to Wii U players as well. I already know the Double XP does.

    • That’s a great question, hopefully it does

    • Jet045

      The XP does for sure. Black Ops Wii even got Firing range 24/7 when it came out. Since Elite is being cancelled aoon anyways, Im assuming these unlocks come through the console, so hopefully we will get them. Or maybe they will do what they did with the Marine and Winter camo on the Wii, where you had to unlock them.

      • George

        Elite’s being cancelled? Why’s that?

        • Brandalf

          it’s been rebranded as the Call of Duty app. It’s essentially the same exact thing, except now you can only access it from mobile phones/tablets.

          • George

            ah, I see

          • ORB1T4L

            Sucks for the small amount of persons who don’t own a smartphone…

          • curi0us

            It also can be accessed through Ghosts multiplayer.

          • Brandalf

            Well yeah, figured that was a given. But thanks for the clarification for those that aren’t aware 🙂

  • Batman

    I will get it on xbox one, but I have played both on my 360, will I still get them?

    Also this is a reward for tolerating those shitty games for 2 years lol

    • Sentrymann

      “Tolerating those shitty games,” If you didn’t like them, you honestly couldn’t just sell them and play something else? You were forced to tolerate them?

      • Batman

        BO2 was bad dude(On MP atleast)

        MW3 was shitty as fuck

    • xx420xx

      mw3 wasnt even bad

      • PsychOutGaming

        Oh, are you crazy? MW3 was the worst cod ever made. Treyarch was and will always be the superior cod maker. They even started the series.

        • Brandalf

          Misinformation ahoy!

        • jordanxbrookes

          Actually Infinity Ward made the first Call of Duty so you are wrong there.

        • xx420xx

          le epic bait

        • Oh my….Words can’t describe the stupidity

        • Rj shpak

          treyarch came in on the third call of duty and its the fans least fav game in the franchise

      • Shardlotte

        And for once I agree with you. I liked every Call of Duty released so far. Each of them had their upsides, and each of them had their downs. Like in WaW, it was the MP40 that killed the game, but the maps were terrific and memorable. MW3 had its issues, but it was also fun to play if you weren’t being super competitive.

        • exeterman2

          I found it most fun playing super-competitive clan battle private matches!

      • Mitch

        I kinda hated it in terms of balance, when everyone stars using the same shit, a game gets boring quick. And Deathstreaks, oh those suck….

        • xx420xx

          it was completely balanced lol
          b-but the acr and mp7!!!
          they weren’t even better than the other guns lol
          the acr did have the most damage and least recoil but it didnt mean u autowon every gunfight

          • Mitch

            If the ACR and MP7 aren’t better, than why is everyone using them?

          • xx420xx

            most ppl only use them because theyr fkin retarded and will do anything a shitty youtuber tells them to lol

  • Work hard Twerk harder

    This doesn’t include double wep XP though, does it?

  • The Flash

    give BO2 Zombies something….PLEASE, It needs it

  • Is it unlocked through the console or through a Call of Duty (Elite) account?

  • Manny18ply

    Will it work if I played mw3 and bo2 on Xbox but playing ghosts on PC with call of duty account

    • Shardlotte

      I don’t think it will, mate. Sorry.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Seems like a good deal, I wonder what these playercards and backgrounds will look like?

  • BudEagle26

    I have a PS3 but I am getting an XBOX one so how will it know that I have played BO2 and MW3?

    • Shardlotte

      Short answer: it won’t.

    • rakahs

      Cuz a completly different system from a completely different manufactorer knows what you did on a another system.. because you know… they talk to each other and say “Yo Xbox, my name is Ps3 and this dude that just created an account on you, he played BO2 on me before… trust me, I am L3G!T”

      • One point

        erm,you heard of elite accounts? Its possible

    • the1PR0D1GY

      Through call of duty ELITE. It keeps your stats no matter what platform you play on, don’t worry it knows.

      • ORB1T4L

        Maybe not, it depends if the stats will be checked from ELITE or not.

    • Rj shpak

      unfortunately it wont, it has to be in the same console family. but i give you props for getting an xbox. as am i !

      • Guest

        Same console family has only been confirmed for if you upgrade Ghosts from 360<One or PS3<4, not whether you have played a previous title or not. On Elite you can link both systems to your profile

  • I am going to be playing black ops 2 to level up my guy. I know I won’t prestige in mw3 because I have a lot of guns gold so I don’t want to redo some of them, but I will be getting Ghosts on PS4.

  • So what if I’ve played MW3 and BO2 on the 360 and I go play Ghosts on the PS4, do I still get the 6 unlocks. I assume I would get it because I have an elite account. Right?

    • I really hope so.

    • Mitch

      Well aren’t they throwing Elite in the garbage can slowly?

      • curi0us

        It’s slowly being phased out and will be phasing out before March(?). Almost everything you can do on Elite, you can do simply in-game through the Ghosts Multiplayer menu, or through tablets/smart phone apps.

      • I thought Elite was bigger than ever in Ghosts

  • Huge Big Al

    Do we get just normal Double XP or Double Weapon XP aswell lol i really want Double XP It’s been a while since it was on 🙂

    • MazeMatik

      Your career XP are doubled but not the XPs gained towards weapons.

      So in theory you should level up 2 times faster.

  • bsktballmsu1

    i stayed on prestige 7 for the past 14 months and decided to prestige this past tuesday, gonna be grinding out to prestige 10 this weekend

  • TheCheeseWeel

    just waiting for that * saying “*PC edition will not get the DLC patches” or something like that

  • ORB1T4L

    Sweet ! We’re finally rewarded for all our efforts ! They should add some stuffs for those who reached max prestige on both MW3 and BO2 😉

  • ZxAxify

    Thinking back to the amount of time it took to prestige in either game and valiantly saying to myself
    “It was all worth it… in the end.”

    • Mitch

      Am I the only one who prestiges just to reach the highest lvl? (fuck Prestige 20 in MW3 tho)

      • Lightning1432

        I prestige simply because it gets stale not ranking up. I like the progression of unlocking things sadly in ghosts however you can unlock weapons right away.

        • Shardlotte

          I’m not sure about that anymore. I saw perks being level locked in those IGN videos.

      • ORB1T4L

        I know it’s stupid, but I love to earn XP and levels, I feel the same thing as when I play RPGs 😛

  • Sentrymann

    Is this all going to be handled through elite then I guess?

  • ip x Warrior

    Im prestige 18 in MW3 my goal is to be 20 before the 5 !!! gogogo

    • GEMS-ONE

      You had 2 years and your still not there?

      • ip x Warrior

        1) i played black ops 2 this year.
        2) i have school
        3) i have a life beside Gaming
        4) Girl friend
        5) friend and family
        So beeing prestige 20 wasn’t my priority.

        • ORB1T4L

          Short version : You have a life.

    • MazeMatik

      That’s easily achievable unless you don’t have a lot of free time.

      EDIT: You can also use ELiTE to calculate the estimated time required to reach max prestige depending on how many hours you play a day.

      • ip x Warrior

        Double XP weekend + i already have double XP that i bought in the prestige shop + double xp if i call a MOAB = 6time xp ? i’ll play all weekend 🙂 I want those Ghosts unlock content


    Have they said anything about bringing back prestige tokens? I liked that idea of being rewarded for playing past games.

    • VAQnotVAG

      In this game you prestige your characters instead, but they might have some kinda token who knows

      • ONE BAR

        How is that any different? You still prestige.

        • Mike Hussion

          It’s quite different because your soldiers do not “start over” when you prestige, and hitting max prestige involves prestiging all of your soldiers. So, progress is not lost therefore less need for an exclusive prestige unlock system.

  • Stan Marshall

    wishing i didn’t reset my stats in MW3..

  • Mitch

    Cool, always nice to get a little bonus for playing previous games.

  • exeterman2

    Only for max prestige, disappointed. Most people don’t have that kind of time to play, even though we do love the game.

  • GunSmoke

    what about double weapon xp

  • Drillz

    Have to be master prestige? I’ve already reset twice in BO2 fuck that shit.

  • Cuylar

    What if we reset our stats a month ago??? Trying to re-fresh the game and we are only back to 6th prestige??? What if we stopped at 15th in MW3 because it was boring?

  • niknok

    reaaly max prestige? thatts duuuumb

    • VAQnotVAG

      Why? Because people who have played the previous titles a lot shouldn’t be rewarded for it? People who haven’t maxed out still get something too.. stop your complaining

  • White Hairs

    Mw3 max prestige, is 10 prestige ok too? Cause the flag has the tenth emblem

  • Jacky Liang

    Any idea whether or not the PC is getting the unlocks? Looks like I will be getting 5/6 of the unlocks, with max prestige on BO2 being the only one I have no reached.

  • Ed

    i couldn’t keep up with mw3 prestiges. i think i stopped at like 17 or 18. i kept getting maxed out, then they’d raise it. that sort of blew. i maxed out bops2, though. do yo have to max out both to get them all, or is just one of them ok, i wonder?

  • thesgtholt

    what if i reset myself on black ops 2 from master prestige?

  • About the 6 unlocks in Ghosts; Do I have to play MW3 & BO2 THIS WEEK to unlock them or do I just have to have played them before?

    • ORB1T4L

      You just need to be max prestige. So if you sold the games, it should not be a problem, relax and endure the wait now 😉

  • Fluttershy

    In MW3 I am prestige 20 Level 57, Will I get these if I am highest prestige but not highest level in this prestige?

  • GDriley

    Thats 2 of the 6 unlocks. each playercard and background set counts as 1 unlock.

  • ccrows

    One of my friends just reset his stats in BO2 after being PM for the past 4 months.

    I guess he’s screwed out of the BO2 unlocks then. Oh Well… lol

  • This is a cool idea, I hope 10th prestige in MW3 counts as Max. Cause I stopped before going into those ugly 11th – 20th ones.

  • Nathan Chappell

    Is tenth prestige the “max” prestige for MW3? Because I stopped there, since the rest of them looked average.

    • Guest

      If you bothered to read the article you’d have your answer…

      • Nathan Chappell

        Oh wow, how could I miss that, oh dear dear dear.. I think I just read the Black Ops 2 message of the day and skipped straight to the bottom?

  • Guest

    Oh the irony… My little bro got me VAC Banned on Modern Warfare 2. So I punched him, Lol. Then I bought Modern Warfare 3.. And now they release (2x) XP… WINNING! 🙂

    • ORB1T4L

      You punched your little brother ? What a scumbag…

      • Chris Mason

        He did quote Charlie Sheen. I, for one, am not surprised.

      • Guest

        I gave him a dead arm. Big deal. It’s called ‘tough love’.. He got me a permanent ban!

  • MazeMatik

    I think there are no titles, only backgrounds as rewards.

    The smaller images shared by GhostsNews on their website are the backgrounds image preview that you see when you browse the backgrounds list in the game menu.

    It’s confusing though… and sorry if this info has already been posted in the comments above. There is too much to read so I didn’t read all of it…

    • GDriley

      I think a “Update #3” is needed.

      There are 6 unlocks, each unlock is a background AND a title/playercard.

      Played mw3 or bo2? then you get 1 unlock for each game. prestiged anytime in mw3 or bo2? that gets you 1 unlock for each game. reached max prestige in bo2 or 10th in mw3? then thats 1 unlock for each game.

      1 unlock = 1 background + 1 title/playercard

      • MazeMatik

        Yeah I think you’re right on that one.

        I thought the same thing too: 1 reward = a title/background package.

        So 6 packages in total.

  • MazeMatik

    I really appreciate these rewards. It’s a nice way to thank loyal players and veterans.

    Still… I wish they could reward clans who reached level 50 in MW3 and BO2! My clan worked very hard during MW3 and BO2 so some sort of reward would be nice.

  • Hayden

    will it be 10th on mw3 or 20th

    • JDriley

      10th. Says so in the article.

      • Hayden

        Ya but that’s only for 2 i wanna know if that’s for all

        • GDriley

          1 unlock for each game if you get to 10th for mw3 and max prestige on bo2.

          Other unlocks are unlocked by just playing mw3/bo2 & by prestiging at least once in mw3/bo2.


    I’m probably not alone when I say this, but MW3 was my personal favourite in the series, and this is just a bonus. One last push to Prestige Master!

  • Taco

    so if im master prestige in bo2 i get a background and playercard & another one for just playing the game?

    • GDreily

      You get 3.

      1 for just playing bo2, 1 more for prestiging in bo2 & another 1 for reaching max prestige.

      1 = an unlock set = 1 background & 1 playercard

  • So reward all the people who hacked there way to master nice job! Sucks for the people who legit got there!

  • ccrows


  • iBator

    Help ! Double XP doesnt work in france on mw3 ps3 HELP

    • SneakyMojo

      On Xbox too…

  • Idk man

    Are you serious? I reset my stats in black ops 2 two days ago. I know it was my choice but I wouldnt of had to if 3arc would of just added more prestige’s so i wouldnt of gotten bored of the game (even though i was bored 5 months ago).

  • SneakyMojo

    I’m playing MW3 right now but there isn’t any double XP…

    • sdfsdf

      same here..

  • Guest

    I’m currently playing MW3 but there isn’t any double XP…

  • aamer

    please answer back if u dont order call of duty ghosts but u have played bo2 and mw3 and u want to order call of duty ghosts later will u get the backgrounds

  • ip x Warrior

    Does the Double XP on MW3 work ? i still get regular xp 🙁

    • eTp Tactical

      It’s working now

  • eTp Tactical

    Ok, so if we are a prestige master in BO2, but not yet one in MW3, do we still get all 6 unlocks?

    • ORB1T4L

      Yes. You don’t need max prestige on the 2 games, just 1.

      EDIT : Sorry about the disinformation, apparently you get rewarded for each game separately.

      • eTp Tactical

        Thank you sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar

        • ORB1T4L

          What… I really hate sarcasm.

          • eTp Tactical

            I’m not being sarcastic, I legitly want to thank you for your help.

  • ORB1T4L

    This is what ATVI told me 35 minutes ago.

  • ReCkLeSSxViSiOn

    do you still get the backgrounds if you WERE prestige master but reset????

  • YouHardscope

    Even with a week I don’t see myself being 10th in MW3. I’m 7th

  • ip x Warrior

    So to get all the 6 unlocks i have to be Prestige 10 in MW3 and BO2 ?

  • Shawn2013

    What if I reset my stats in bo2

  • wasabisushi128kb

    Do we have an answer for this yet? I just did a fresh start on BO2…will I still get the rewards for prestige master?

  • goC.O.D.

    perks and weapons will most likely to need to be unlocked at the start but you can unlock them after prestiging or before(maybe) by using clan unlock tokens or the prestige tokens whatever you want to call them just like past cods

  • Erica Jean Fornshil

    so if you have played just Black Ops 2 and not Modern Warfare 3 we will still get these unlocks or only part of them?

  • Tina

    30 more minutes… !!!!!

  • Patrick

    I’m max prestige in both MW3 and BO2 but the related player backgrounds are still locked in GHOSTS. I’m on PC but maybe it’s the same on all platforms?

  • MurderedOut615

    Some I should have are locked too.

  • Francis De La Pena

    How do you get the banners Recently Played MW3 and Recently Played Black Ops 2 in COD Ghost?