The newest video by IGN on Ghosts’s Squads mode is gameplay footage of the new Squads vs. Squads mode, where you take your squad against AI bots.

Same with the other videos, this is 1080p on PS4.

  • doge



    720p upscalled to 1080p by ps4.

  • Gold AK47

    Not as good as yesterdays.

  • Jesse

    Again this is one of the best additions I have ever seen since the original Create A Class in COD4 !

  • Scrolled down to the IGN comment section, lost 10 IQ points.

  • DoggyStyleBlowJobGrumSackNoob

    This guy never picks up other guns and he sucks so bad, get a better player that knows how to play a shooter next time.

    • RichChard

      Did it ever occur to you that he has been told not to pick up other guns as IW clearly still want them to be kept under wraps until release?

      • NiftyGam3r

        Yup and i dont know about you but i cant multi-task. Have a conversation and play good. I need complete focus

    • Definitely not my best performance! But in my defense, playing a mode you’re inexperienced with while simultaneously interviewing the developer and trying to not say dumb things/leave dead air is really challenging.

      • Fuji

        It wasnt too bad, and I wasn’t so interested in the gameplay, just wanted to know how the game played out. More interested in the interview, which in my opinion was great.

  • Tyrant Era

    720p is good enough, ps4 is already screwing up pre-orders so…yeah sony will fall yet again

    • curi0us

      Most people will be, most likely, playing Ghosts on the 360.

    • yet again? Sony has been the best console every gen so far. Based on stats not bias. also you never settle for “Good enough” what you have down syndrome or something? 1080p FTW!

  • curi0us

    Ah, nothing like delicious 1080p. Too bad the player is just…so….awful. Ugh.

  • SaggyTitsHairyFannyPinkVageLip

    Awsome, can’t wait to play this game. Come on November 5th.

  • Rated-R619

    I’m a PS Player but this is no 1080p in my opinion. Just words.

  • Cryp

    Why don’t they show other guns? I’ve seen enough of the IA-2 already… Like we don’t know Rubin is getting off to his marksman rifles…

    • MR-28, it’s such a mmmmmmm weapon.

    • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

      I know right? This dude is actually running around with a Marksman Rifle…. I died a little inside every time he passed over the CBJ-MS without picking it up.

      • Cryp

        Indeed! I was hoping he picked up that smg. And everytime he did watched the killcam when he got shot down by a cbj-ms, he pressed “spawn” button just before the enemy shot him down.

    • Batman

      To not spoil all guns for you before launch

  • Cod Ghosts Looks Like MW3 :(

    Why does the maps on this game look so clutterd with random shit?

    • Batman

      The maps finally look good since BO1 bitch

  • Diego Diniz

    My Dream Job is replace this IGN Guy…He SUCK!!!

  • Francisco Robles

    November 5th can’t come any faster! 12 more days!

  • Cyber-Ninja

    That IA-2 looks beast! And I’m loving those new scopes too – Roll on the 5th!!! ;O)

  • noah

    24 hours to create an amazing video showcasing the game and they pick the same gun and a whole 3 minutes of worthless commentary and gameplay (FAIL!!!)

  • Blaine

    god this guy is so annoying to watch… he’s terrible and he never picks up other weapons or even uses his secondary. WE’VE ALREADY SEEN THIS GUN, SHOW US SOMETHING NEW!

    • babyboyblur

      ifinity ward doesnt want to show everything and lose hype there not stupid battlefield over there and its coming out in a week just chill

  • George

    At least they’re not playing on Octane for the third time.

    • babyboyblur

      lol ikr

  • fuck ali a

    And again some piece of news Ali-A will steal and call it as his own.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I’m sorry not to sound like a fanboy, but I’ve never heard him claim that news from Charlie Intel was his own information. Please explain?

  • Emrah Avvurur

    why the fuck, did he not destroy that sat com!?

  • DeathDealer21

    It’s not native. I took some screenshots of yesterday’s video and highlighted a few areas that indicate upscaling is in use:

    I’m pretty confident that these aren’t just video compression artifacts.

  • Brandon S

    1:48, looks like that confirms 1 shot kills to the head on that marksman rifle at least. Can’t wait to get my hands on those weaponssss

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    Y u no use the CBJ-MS?

  • CoDforever

    IGN always talk shit about cod ghosts .. idk why ACTVI partenered up with them for this !

  • bsktballmsu1

    i want details on clan vs clan mode, (is it just like league play, do you have to be in a clan to play, can you do a solo rank)

  • ip x Warrior

    These sight are just weird

  • Dean

    Well, now we know SitRep picks up on SATCOMs. Wonder how this’ll influence class designs, what with OtG costing an extra point.

  • Nathan Kuhlman

    This guy is by far the worst player I have seen in a video. He didn’t even destroy the fucking satcom…

  • Mark Nutt

    Anybody else hate how much IGN compresses their videos? This looks like it’s upscaled 240p.

  • Mario Rivera

    doesn’t any1 notice the tactical insertions all over the place?! with no theather mode to catch boosters this is really bad!

    • Dan

      Those aren’t tactical inserts. Just flares on the ground.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    Isn´t Bobbya1984 IGN´s main COD dude? Why is Scott Lowe playing this then, if he obviously doesn´t gravitate towards shooters. Bobby should play this.

  • Derp

    ADS of the SMG CBJ-MS

    • teth

      Reminds me of Mini-Uzi from mw2