The Brazil Game Show is currently happening live and VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Adam Boyes, just confirmed that Call of Duty Ghosts on Playstation 4 will run “native 1080p on the PS4.” This along with a recent Playstation Store listing confirms that Ghosts will NOT be upscaled from a lower resolution to fit 1080p.

This isn’t that shocking as Sony has already gone on record to say that they require ALL of their PS4 games to be native 1080p, however there have been a LOT of rumors this past week that Ghosts was up scaled, specifically on Xbox One.

“Native” is really the keyword. It means basically the image isn’t “stretched” to fit 1080p resolution. All Xbox One games are 1080p however some are not native like we previously reported.

So now the only question remains is whether or not the Xbox One version is true, native 1080p….

SOURCE: Sony VP Adam Boyes via Playstation Lifestyles

  • Mike

    Resolution doesn’t mean much. You can have a lower res game but it can still look prettier due to anti aliasing and such.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      The PS4 can do the same and still be 1080p native.

    • amplif1er

      Let me guess you’re an Xbox guy

    • JimBob

      Thats a BS lie fed to you by gaming companies. 720P to 1080P is a massive difference! Its shocking going from a console at 720P to a gaming PC at 1080P.

    • Peeteegee

      At 720p, things will be blurrier, you will see less detail. Especially things at a distance will look less legible.

      Of course this won’t stop xbox fanboys from forcefully trying to convince themselves otherwise.

    • Saad Ansari

      Hmm sorry I just don’t think you’re being honest here, even if a game has anti aliasing if it is stretched out it doesn’t look that good, better playing letter box mode than stretching the image , even up scaling is not that great looking, it’s more tolerable for films/tv, but games it’s easy to notice. If anything, reducing the lighting effects and polygon count with but playing everything at full resolution is even better in my opinion than stretched images.

  • Batman

    I will ask them personally this weekend on Brazil Game Show about the Xbox One being 1080p

    • Biff Ibkus

      THANK YOU. Would be nice to put these Xbox rumors to rest. Sick and tired of people automatically assuming bad things in relation to Xbox. I enjoy both Sony and Microsoft, but the level of fanboyism is through the roof on the each side. Enough with the dumb shots at the opposing system. Just because someone is getting PS4 should not mean they should just take pot shots at the XB1.

      • Rick Kump

        It’s not automatic assumptions…it’s all the rumors we keep hearing from inside sources.

      • justerthought

        It’s not dumb shots or automatic assumptions, we have eyes and intelligence. We can see the specs and know how computers work. Devs have spoken out confirming what we suspected.

        When the wind blows you don’t have to be able to see it in order to work out which direction it is blowing. It’s called circumstantial evidence. You won’t see if if you have your head buried in the sand.

        The XB1 will be a great console with great games but it will clearly be sub par compared to PS4. This is because the XB1’s emphasis and hardware design is not fully focussed on games. With a limited budget, you cannot do everything and do it all well.

        Your loyalty and trust is admirable but I fear you’re going to be mighty disappointed when the systems are up and running head to head.

        • Biff Ibkus

          I’m not so sure about that. Some developers have said XB1 is stronger (Turn 10, Respawn), some have said PS4 is stronger (Guerrilla, DICE) and other have said there isn’t really even a difference (Resident Evil creator). It really just depends. I don’t think there will be much of a difference myself, at least in terms of multi-platform games. I think PS4 and XB1 CoDs and BFs will always look almost identical. The only differences will be seen in platform exclusive games in my opinion. (Uncharted, Killzone, Halo, etc…) I’m still going with Xbox just because of friends, Halo and Titanfall. I’ll really miss Naughty Dog, though.

    • Diego Diniz

      Onde vai ser esse “Brazil Game Show” Batman???

    • Primey_

      Don’t just ask 1080p also ask is it native or upscaled and if upscaled what is it upscaled from

  • TheD3thDealer

    How can Sony say all games are required to be native 1080p when Dice has already said that BF4 will be 720p on next gen consoles?

    • lolwut

      Where are you seeing DICE say that? Because one of their devs confirmed on Twitter that it isn’t running at 720p on PS4.

      • TheD3thDealer

        Correction, they recently said PS4 would no run BF4 at 900p, up from 720p.

        • not900p

          the interview doesnt say 900p at all

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          Pretty sure 900p isn’t even a thing.

          • TheD3thDealer

            Might want to learn how to use google before you post.

          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            Yeah my bad. Never heard of it before. Not a big deal.

          • Ryse runs at 900p.

          • Daniel

            1600×900 is a thing.

        • Guest

          the article says it currently runs at 900 but they aim for actual 1080, dont forget the game is still in beta and with optimisation 900 to 1080 isnt that hard.

          “DICE also chose to focus on getting a steady 60 frames per second
          instead of focusing on getting the game to run at 1080p. Therefore, it
          runs at 900p, but at a steady 60 frames per second.”

    • CoDforever

      Who cares BF sucks anyways

      • Jamie Marques

        well that’s pretty vague and unjustified.

  • omega4471x


    • MrHawkeye1996


    • golferboy321

      You mean first off-topic comment?

  • Brandon S

    Who cares about this shit. This is the only thing Sony has on top of Microsoft, and it’s really minuscule. I could care less about graphics so whoever is spending all this money on upgrading to next gen just for this game I feel bad for you. I’ll enjoy keeping my $400-500 bucks while still enjoying the same game on my 360 with even more players online than those systems will have.

    • Brandon S

      Btw, to all you nerds that think PS4 is better because of better system specs. You’re all casuals and have no clue how gaming systems work. I work at a gaming store and it is so effin goddamn annoying hearing people say “Oh man the PS4 is so much better dude get that it has DDR5 ram instead of DDR3 like the One has, graphics are gonna be so much better man dude man (cause that’s how Sony fanboys talk).” No, you have no clue how optimization works and how video ram works. Even if the One isn’t native, it will still be 1080 and will look exactly the same unless you are a nerd and you’re gonna somehow play the game zoomed in completely to see the pixels. Sony fanboys, you’re annoying.

      • Rick Kump

        You certainly sound like the typical GameStop employee.

        • Guest

          Yes ma’am.

        • lolwut

          Sure does.

          So very professional and well-mannered.

          It’s kinda cool that he has a photo of himself and his real name publicly available.

          Tempted to send these comments to GameStop HQ, I’m sure they’d love the reputation he is giving them.

          • Brandon S

            Oh my god that is the funniest comment I have ever seen in my life. The fact that you would even think about doing that makes me know you really have no life at all. Go ahead, I’m leaving in March anyway I’m only working for the holidays. Also, I believe you have no clue how the USA works either. There is a little something called Freedom of Speech, maybe your 3rd grade teacher forgot to teach you that.

          • amplif1er

            Lolol if you’re serious about that why would you immediately change your posting appearance right after he said it, you are so lame..

          • Brandon S

            Why do you care so much, man I must have butthurt you pretty damn bad. I’m sorry. Seriously.

          • amplif1er

            I really don’t care, I just think its very amusing when people start talking like they actually have some sort of knowledge on the subject and clearly don’t when all they do is talk out of their ass. Please stick to GameStop you clearly don’t have the mental capacity to work in a professional position of any degree..

          • Brandon S

            Please explain how ANY, and I mean ANY of your comments have had “some sort of knowledge” and weren’t just lies made up about me to try to insult me in some sort of way. Please explain that. I know how games look upscaled and native 1080, and it’s not a big difference at all. All I was trying to do the whole time was explain how it really is a minuscule difference because Sony fanboys always have to argue that their system is “better in every way” because of graphics when graphics don’t matter extremely. The games matter, and we are talking about the same game here so it REALLY doesn’t matter when the graphical difference is so small. All you did the whole time was try to insult me and tell me I’m not a true gamer while others said I’m not professional and were gonna tell Gamestop HQ on me which is just laughable. I’m very sure my mental capacity is extremely higher than yours, because all you have done is lied and made up terrible insults at me. Then you have Mr. Rick church goer saying I’m an “unhinged wacko” because I used a couple swear words in my post to get my points out, which is also very laughable. All and all, since I’m extremely bored waiting for this amazing game to come out, this has been very entertaining and thank you all for participating in this.

          • Larry

            I hope we can put away our differences and enjoy games the way we wanted it.
            Graphic may not be a big deal to certain individuals, but to some it is and both sides should respect each others opinions.
            I do, however, find native 1080 and up scaled 1080 quite different, but that is just me.
            all of the pro’s and con’s of both consoles are only disclosed from inside and outside sources, the product has yet to be released, and is subject to change.
            But let me remind you this: gaming industry is a pretty competitive industry, especially in both the shooter and console categories, so be expected to see these details emphasized, sometimes exaggerated, but all in all there is no reason to degrade this discussion into the state it is.

          • MazeMatik

            Well said my friend.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Dude, give up. You’re losing. It’s you vs. the community. You’re obviously doing something wrong if nobody agrees with you.

          • Brandon S

            First off. Wrong. I’m not losing shit when I know the facts. Secondly, no one has to fucking agree with me when it’s factual evidence vs the minds of some stupid ass Sony fanboys. Herp a derp.

          • Siftblade of Rivia


          • Don Keedick

            I have an idea….How about all of you shut the fuck up? You sound like fucking three year-olds. Xbox this, PS4 that. Jesus christ. The fact that you all are arguing over online personas that are probably fake in the first place makes me think you are each about 14 years old. Enjoy the 4k TV your mommy bought for you, you undeserving, immature pricks.

          • Brandon S

            It’s rather entertaining for me because I’m giving the facts, and these kiddos just don’t want to believe it. So they lie and make insults up about me because they have nothing else to say. I really do enjoy it even if it sounds like a bunch of 14 year olds arguing 😉

          • Larry

            Hello Brandon, not to trample on your parade, but:
            1. I’ve read some of your comments, but I have yet to find a example of you giving the facts that you said you posed, but rather you mentioned many times about the difference of graphic in PS4 and Xbox one is miniscule, that is an opinion, unless you can provide any sort of evidence that can prove back up these claims, it will stay as an opinion.
            2. I can’t said anything for the other comments directed towards your statements, but if you bring actual evidences and facts to the table, then maybe they will be quiet about this whole affair don’t you think?
            3. Your concept of entertainment is to sound like a 14 years old arguing and insulting (as you said) with strangers on internet. I am not saying anything, just let that sink in for a minute.

          • Rick Kump

            The First Amendment is wonderful for being able to easily identify the unhinged wackos like yourself.

          • Brandon S

            I’m an “unhinged wacko” because I use strong language to get my opinions out? I’m so very sorry for hurting your eyes. Why are you even on a website for a game that’s rated M for mature if you can’t stand the sight of a couple swear words now and then?

            EDIT: Don’t worry my good man, I fixed my posts for you. They should be less vicious to read now for your kind.

          • Rick Kump

            This is the gift that keeps on giving…

          • Brandon S

            Maybe you shouldn’t have said anything then 😉

          • Rick Kump

            Aww. Say more stupid stuff!

          • Brandon S

            Kay babe

          • lolwut

            Clearly worried you enough to remove your photo and last name though, didn’t it?

            Don’t worry Brandon Singer – my memory is very good.

          • Brandon S

            Fine with me lmao. Damn online crazies.

          • amplif1er

            Lmao he changed his appearance because you said that omfg lololol, obviously some one doesn’t have the balls to stick by their statement

          • Brandon S

            I told you to go ahead, you should have already copied and pasted everything and sent it to them by now and still have my old name and profile picture big man.

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        How will it look the same. It’s going to look stretched out like your fucking ass. It’s not Native let it sink into your head till you decide to cancel your Xbox One pre order lool.

        • Brandon S

          See, you’re just another uneducated idiot trying to seem smart. You probably have no clue what native means, and I feel sorry for you. I can’t wait when the game gets released on the One and every one of you idiots will see how similar it looks, if in fact the One is going to be upscaled that is.

          • Larry

            Brandon, I know you think that there is no difference between native or up scaled 1080 p, but that’s not a fact, but merely a opinion. Also, correct me if I am wrong, you haven’t explained anything that your career as a Gamestop employee lend any credence to your argument, or explained in detail why the advantage of PS4 over Xbox One is miniscule. If you want to silence your opponents, you might want to try these out.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            You just said similar. You do realize that means it’s not the same as PS4 which is native 1080p. Uneducated? Are you not the one who works at Gamestop whilst I’m actually doing something with my life and studying in University for a degree that’ll enable to make a real difference to this world as opposed to selling games…

            Do you want to know what I can’t wait for? The day you literally throw your Xbox One out the window (hopefully hitting Major Nelson) and end up buying a PS4.

            If it’s going to be up-scaled then it’s not going to better than PS4. The Xbox 360 had a built in hardware scaler chip which Microsoft are including into Xbox One to continue running 1080p up-scaled games. PS4 is actually upgrading and running games a more crisper native 1080p resolution with the full 1920×1080 pixels which brings out the best by utilizing more pixels in todays popular HDTVs. (KEEP ON READING BITCH!)

            Why it’s Native is simply because IW where able to develop COD: Ghosts at 1080p native on the PS4. Native means developing the game at 1080p. Hence why it’s called Native because that (1080p) is the games original resolution. Unfortunately for you, Xbox One fanboy, COD: Ghosts on the XBOX ONE was not developed at 1080p hence why IW or Microsoft cannot technically say that Ghosts runs at 1080p native on the Xbox One, simply because it doesn’t… Ghosts was not made originally at that resolution (1080p) during development.

            Now will you kindly just STFU and accept the facts as opposed to being a fanboy. Fanboyism is lame I’m not tied to any company and in fact I may eventually get the Xbox One but I would like to start out on a superior console to experience a true gen experience right off the bat. If you use your brain to analyse the facts before you you’ll be able to decipher the fact that the PS4 is clearly better.

            P.S. I would like to name this book after you btw if you don’t mind. In honor of your current stupidity and IQ level ofcourse… Also if you reply I will not respond due to your tendency to involve your subjective opinions (fanboyism) in a situation that involves clear cut facts.

    • amplif1er

      Loll you Sir are not a true gamer and to hear someone say graphics aren’t a big deal is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, if that’s the case go back to the SNES. You have fun playing on your out dated system being held back by performance bottlenecks on a game that is intended for next gen and ported to current gen just to make money.

      • Brandon S

        Lmao I’m not a true gamer because I don’t wanna waste my hard earned cash on something I don’t need? Just cause you’re momma is buying you a new system doesn’t mean we all have that luxury. Also, LOL at performance bottlenecks on a fucking console. Boy you are fucking stupid.

    • lolwut

      Assuming the Xbox One is 720p it isn’t miniscule.

      720p is 921,600 pixels.
      1080p is 2,073,600 pixels.

      That represents a a 125% increase. That’s a lot more fidelity that can be gained.

      For reference, the jump from standard definition (480p) to 720p is also 125%.

      • Brandon S

        The One is gonna be in 1080. And if by some odd chance it isn’t, oh well. MLG is being played on it so you Sony fanboys can keep crying. Graphics don’t make a game, kiddos.

        • lolwut

          That’s odd that you say it is going to be minuscule because just one comment ago you were pretty much accepting that it isn’t by saying “it is the only thing Sony has on top of Microsoft” and how it is “really minuscule”.

          But now they’re at a parity with each other? That’s odd.

          And typical apologist posting behaviour too. You provide one line of defence, someone posts a comment with good reason why that isn’t quite the case and then you move on to provide a different angle of defence.

          Who cares what platform MLG plays on? How does that affect me having the best possible gaming experience (if the 720p thing is the case) on a cheaper gaming device?

          • Brandon S

            How am I saying they are at a parity with each other? At what point did you conclude that I have made that decision?

          • lolwut

            The bit where you said “the One is gonna be in 1080”.

            The same resolution as the PS4.

            That’s parity my friend.

            If you’re going to make an argument, at least stick to one position.

          • Brandon S

            What the hell does that have to do with anything? No shit it’s the same resolution as the PS4 the difference being is that the PS4 will be native and the One might not be native. The one is not going to be in 720 I guarantee that. It’s a damn next gen system. What I’m getting at is 1080 is 1080, the minuscule difference is from 1080 upscaled to 1080 native. They are basically the same. Still on the same position as I was before. Still don’t understand what you were trying to get at my logical friend.

          • lolwut

            OK then – did you know the PS4 is 4k?

            Because it is.

            My 4k TV will display it at 4k.

            Oh I forgot to tell you. I mean upscaled.

            You need to be clear when using phrases or terms that can be ambiguous.

          • Brandon S

            I don’t know what you’re trying to argue. I know the PS4 is going to have better graphics in the end. I stated before that I don’t even care about graphics, I care about the game. Then you have some idiot saying I’m not a gamer because of that, and he’s lying and putting words in my mouth for no reason just because he’s butthurt. All while I’m trying to justify my reasons to why playing this damn game on the One and PS4 is not really going to be a huge difference but you’re trying to tell me it is and I guarantee you it’s not. Rather annoying.

          • Assassin5150

            well great game will also look better on ps4. No argument for that.

          • Assassin5150

            no 1080p native and 1080p upscaled are not the same. If you have a tv that up scales to 1080p switch from HD cable (which is 720P or 1080i) upscaled to 1080p then put in a blue ray dvd in your ps3 or blue ray player and switch back and forth and tell me there is no difference. you’re an idiot

          • Brandon Singer

            yes, maybe i should learn to shut my stupid ass up

          • Brandon S

            Maybe you should learn how arguments work.

          • I think Brandon S is retarded

            yes we have all ready established taht Brandon S is retarded

        • amplif1er

          Dude you are one delusional Xbox fanboy you say graphics don’t mean anything, then you say you don’t waste money on games and do you really think anyone gives a fuck about some gay MLG event? hardly little boy and the fact that you say you work at GameStop like it gives you some sort of credibility is laughable who works at GameStop but isn’t a gamer lol go away you’re an idiot..

          • Brandon S

            Where have I stated that I don’t waste money on games? I said I don’t wanna waste my money on a new system just for better graphics. EDIT: I said I didn’t wanna wate my money on a system JUST FOR THIS GAME for better graphics, because the launch titles for each system aren’t that good imo. A lot of people care about MLG. And I stated that I work at GameStop because I do, and that’s where I hear everyone arguing about which system is better. I don’t even know why I’m replying to this comment because it just makes no sense. What are you trying to justify? That I’m not a gamer? You’re not even giving valid points you’re just making shit up it’s pathetic lol

        • If I was in MLG I may actually care…
          I’d prefer to have a more superior version in my house thanks
          FKing MS fanboy

          • Brandon S

            Superior version? Oh man. It’s the same damn game. The graphics are gonna look exactly the same. These arguments are really funny.

        • Ed

          mlg? lmao.

      • DanDustEmOff

        I am someone who supports MS and I have to agree with you. Its a huge difference, now IF the rumours are true and the Xbox can not natively support 1080p MS have done a poor job.

        However even the PS4 can not run BF4 @ 1080p, so even if the Xbox runs Ghosts at 1080p and BF4 @ 900p is that really good enough for a next generation system?

        If DICE have already pushed the PS4 to it’s limit and can only get 900p @60 fps out of it then both of the systems are underpowered, how do they expect to be able to keep pace with PC for 7 years if they are already behind at launch?

        • Brandon S

          Honestly the “big” difference all comes down to what kind of TV/monitor your using. If it doesn’t support the right outputs and shit you’re not gonna see a huge difference seriously. You just won’t.

          • DanDustEmOff

            I game on a monitor 1920x1080p so it will be a night and day difference. Also most modern lcd tvs are 1080p so people will see a difference between the PS4 version and the Xbox One.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Have fun in a couple years when AAA games stop releasing on the old-gen consoles. Then you’ll be buying it anyways but missing out on the new console experience.

      • Brandon S

        This makes no sense. Think before you type angry PS4 fanboy.

        • Umm… He didn’t mention anything about PS4…

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Uh, you really think they’re going to keep making games for PS3? Same with Xbox.

    • Primey_

      “I could care less”

      So you DO care for graphics?

      The saying is “i couldn’t care less” FYI

  • MrHawkeye1996

    Omg a total game changer because PS4 has slightly better graphics, which are completely unnoticeable when you see them together. When will people learn, graphics don’t make a good game. If you believe they do, don’t call yourself a gamer.

    • lolwut

      Why bother getting a next-gen console then if you don’t give a crap about graphics? Or why even bother with the previous generations, I guess we should have stuck with the NES or something?

      Graphics are not everything but they form a very important part of gaming. They help you get immersed. Graphical realism can really suck you in.

      Some of the next-gen facial expressions and fidelity in games like Ryse and Killzone and inFamous look amazingly brilliant and take it to the next level.

      For single player it is vital you have the best graphics, as it helps give the cinematic feeling.

      For arcadey fast paced multiplayer running around it is less important because you don’t spend your time admiring the scenery, but is still an advantage to have.

      And really it isn’t that 720p is going to look bad on Xbox One, but that if it can only run at 720p on Xbox One but 1080p then Microsoft have potentially screwed up a bit with their console design and are coming to market with an inferior product in comparison to their competitor.

      • ROFL

        You’re an idiot, next-gen dosen’t just mean better graphics. It means more content, larger levels/maps, more players in one match like what BF is doing with BF4 on PS4 & X1 and many more things. Also many of the game developers have even said that next-gen isn’t all about graphics and they really won’t improve that much anymore.

        • Master Troll

          Your the idiot sadly… next gen means everything evolves including graphics frame rates etc on the hardware side you do realize making bigger maps is on the software dev side you idiot

    • Josh

      Says the fucking 17 year old, Jesus christ

      • MrHawkeye1996

        me being 17 is a problem?

      • TheCheeseWeel

        yo do realize CoD is 16 and up in the UK

    • some1exampe1

      this kid is just an xbot. that’s why he has no problem paying $499 to play games at 720p.

      he also doesn’t mind crappy ports that’ll be getting even crappier as the generation, graphics and gameplay move on and the xbone can’t handle it.

      it can’t even handle a cross gen port like ghosts and the next generation hasn’t even started.

      as any ps3 owner can tell you, crappy ports, low rez and comprises to get the game working aren’t fun at all. which is what you’ll be doing.

      the xbone is just holding back gaming for everyone.

    • Assassin5150

      ms calls their system next gen but are using last gen resolution.

      • Master Troll

        Shame on them

    • Master Troll

      On pc and now the ps4 it’s the higher frame rates and resolution that make the game awesome I think you might be in denial about gaming everyone knows gameplay is important but they actually go hand in hand with the graphics this is why pc gaming is not cheap

  • I’m just here typing this comment….

  • Black person


  • Diego Diniz

    PC > ALL

    • noah

      Attention Everyone !!!! This guy is a PC loving douchebag

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I have a 7970 Crossfire- Eyefinity rig with Ambilight sytem yet I don’t feel the need to bash the console gamers. The fact is PC is riddled with hacks and it pushed me to play on consoles.

      Yes, I’m a traitor to the Master Race.

      • shane

        You complain about cheats and you have the crosshairs decal on your screen which is no different to the red laser hack on pc and it helps a boat load more on console, ie you don’t need steady aim etc as the decal does that, you can also still kill while flashed/stunned as you still have the decal visable. So buddy you can’t complain about cheats when you are in theory using one yourself. I will be honest I use them on my 60 inch screen lol and they are great for the price so can’t knock you there. (ps not hating just seemed odd you uploaded that picture whilst complaining of cheaters)

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          It’s no different to having an Astro, a Scuf, a Kontrol Freek, and a sub-1 frame input lag monitor.

          Having an advantage does not equal cheating unless you consider those who have the equipments mentioned above as cheaters.

          I uploaded the picture above to drive my point to Diego. Just because I have the rig doesn’t give me the license to act like a prick and feel superior over console gamers.

          I complain about hackers on PC because they really do exist on that platform. Add the abysmal support, missing features for PC, and the dwindling number of players and you’ll know it’s a dying platform for COD.

      • xx420xx

        fuck off to reddit

        • Run N Gunning Camper

          Yeah, reddit. Home of the PC master race nutjobs.

          • xx420xx

            xDDDDDD le trolollo :PPPPPp get trolled hard xDDDDDDDDDDD u le mad :PPPPPPPP

    • Diego Diniz

      Just Kidding Guys! The thing is, for me, FPS Games = Mouse + Keyboard. I dont like play this kind of Game with a Joysticks…

    • Fuck Diego Diniz

      In absolute terms, yeah, PC is best. But in bang-for-your-buck terms, consoles win. Paying $1000 or $1500 for a gaming PC does NOT give you 2x or 3x the gaming experience of a $500 console

      • Anontacular

        Humble Bundles, Steam Sales, Green Man Gaming give-aways, actually good Free to Play games, and mods speak otherwise…

    • Master Troll

      Nice avatar flamer

      • Diego Diniz

        Thats me dude!

  • Blaine

    Cool, so the PC version will actually look good for once, instead of upscaling 600p to 1080p like MW3.

    • MazeMatik

      Yeah it will look VERY good actually because Activision and Nvidia have some sort of partnership (which means you’ll need an Nvidia video card though but I’m pretty sure the game will still look better than console versions even with ATI video cards as long as they meet the recommended requirements).

      Mark Rubin has confirmed on Twitter that the PC version will have the best graphics.

      But I’m in the same position as Run N Gunning Camper here: I used to be a PC gamer but I switched to console a couple of years ago for many reasons (cheats, hacks, lack of support, small communities (too hard to find a game at 3AM)).

  • Goten


    • xJim

      I think it funny how Xbox 360 players bashed PS3 players relentlessly because COD looked slightly better on Xbox. It looks like in next gen there is going to be a huge difference in PS4’s favor but XBONE fanboys just can’t take it 😉

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is better

  • qrty

    I have 720p tv. What is the difference wirh 1080p and 720p ??

  • Master Troll


  • Christiaan Roosink

    what LG TV is that

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      It looks like a 2012 edition 3D Smart TV. The 2013 edition have almost no bezel.

  • Tech Wizz

    So Ghosts on PS4 is 1080P vs 720P on Xbox One…

    So my headset will work on PS4 at launch…

    So I can upgrade the HD on a PS4 when those 50GB fill up the factory one…

    So Sony can set up a “cloud” like XBONE anytime it wants but XBONE will always be underpowered…

    Easy choice for me now 🙂

    • I’m staying with current gen, might get a PS4, but from what I know:

      Xbox One’s resolution for playing COD: Ghosts has not been confirmed yet

      Your headset will work with PS4, but every console is shipped with a headset (The PS4 sort of like earbuds and Xbox like a one sided headset)

      You have to wait for the PS4 to be patched to use external device storage

      And Sony’s GaiKai doesn’t have the power that Microsoft’s cloud has just because of the lack of experience, it will get better in years to come though

      The choice is not as clear as you thought it was.

      • Tech Wizz

        As far as headset I mean Astros or any other headset. A cheap Radio Shack adaptor makes them work but the XBONE’s special Microsoft adaptor doesn’t come out until next year…

        I wasn’t talking about external storage, yuck…Internal storage can be upgraded on PS4 for cheap which can’t on XBONE and if it somehow you could, you know MS would price gouge us like on 360…

        How do you know anything about the power of Microsoft’s cloud vs Gaiki’s ? Irrelevant anyway because the only thing thats worthwile about the “cloud” is Dedicated servers and those are easy and PS4 has those too.

        Pretty clear choice…Games will play the same but look better on the PS4 for less money…

      • Daniel

        He is not talking about external storage. YOu can upgrade the internal HDD. For example, I have a 1tb ready and waiting.

  • Can someone show me confirmation that Xbox Ghosts will play at 720p because I can’t find one.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      They neither confirmed nor deny it. It there was no truth to this then MS would have already said something. This is like bad publicity for MS and they’re not doing anything to counter it.

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 > Xbox One

    Such a one-sided war. Xbox fanboys are jumping ship at a record rate.