Congrats to Activision and all the studios on winning the Hall of Fame award for Call of Duty this year at the Golden Joysticks today.



SOURCE: @CallofDuty

    • Cyber-Ninja

      Cool Gif – Thanks dude!!! :O)

  • Archer

    It really bugs me that they say “Activision’s Call of Duty”. Fuck Activision.

    • You mean EA.

    • Someone

      i know right? activision gets the credit for IW, treyarch, sludgehammers, and Ravens game

    • Activision gave 15 million dollars to War verterans… They are the greatest and largest gaming corp

      • jordanxbrookes

        Actually EA are the largest company in gaming, however I dislike EA. Activision is much better.

        • Nope,
          Activision Networth: 11.49 Billion (2012)
          EA Networth: 2.458 Billion (2012)

          numbers from

    • Liam Reaich

      maybe because activision own the brand dipshit

    • Bigi345

      That’s like saying they don’t have the rights to do that.

  • sdf

    Gold CBJ-MS?

    • Jacky Liang

      It’s not gold.. It’s obviously the light/explosions on the gun. Gold doesn’t reflect like that.

      • sdf


  • BHCMax

    Golden Dildo award more like….

  • KevinWoof

    Meanwhile, Battlefield has waves in the water! :O

    • Azyral

      Are you trying to be funny? Meanwhile, COD has fish AI and dogs! Not to mention that CoD: Ghosts graphics looks ugly and mediocre. Here’s a fact that’ll make you pissed off: Battlefield will always have superior graphics than CoD, fact.

      You make fun of Battlefield, while we’ll make fun of CoD for still using an old, outdated engine, and stupid fish AI that existed since the 90s.

      • KevinWoof

        And thats why your the best!

  • Not A Robot

    GTA V won the top award for Game of the Year, as well as the BIG DOG award.
    sooooo, yeah. A shatload of other games won multiple awards for better than Hall of Fame. In fact, I feel like Hall of Fame, the ONLY award CoD won, is kind of a “congratulations on being runner up, heres a cookie”

  • Azyral

    Are you serious? Why did this outdated game won “Hall of Fame”? This series doesn’t deserve it!