The last entry in IGN’s Squads Preview is now live. The final mode in Squads is called Squad Assault. In Squad Assault, you can invite up to 5 friends to play cooperatively as your created squad members, taking on another player’s AI-controlled squad. Test your squad’s skills against another player’s customized team of soldiers across a variety of game modes.

And again, this is PS4 gameplay at 1080p.

  • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

    The Marksman Rifle again…. *sigh* I’m not even gonna unlock that gun when I play because of this.

    • alex

      They had so much potential to show us new stuff and because the guy was terrible it failed miserably. Couldve went with ign doing this

      • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

        Yeah, it’s funny because I know Tina didn’t set her classes to knife only to be funny, she did it so the guy wouldn’t get his ass kicked by the bots.

        • Connor Williams

          And he did get his ass kicked anyway

        • Rob Schneider

          Lol, CoD always try to avoid showing footage of people getting shot or dying
          Like in the trailers, they never show you (the player) getting killed, always them killing the enemy, and the enemy don’t even shoot back
          Even though this is pretty obvious and a marketing technique, its quite evil of IW to do this lol

          • alex

            Name one time in any fps trailer they showed the player die? Its not just cod

    • Cryp

      Sooooo true! I completely agrew!

      • Cryp


        • Jesse

          Its a 2 shot kill semi auto AR. Just because this guy is not that good with it doesn’t mean the gun is bad.

          • tha_online_gamertz

            it’s not an AR.

          • Jesse

            Ok its a semi auto 2 shot kill “Marksman Rifle” but its not the guns fault he is bad with COD.

          • tha_online_gamertz

            I never said it was, but I had to correct you 😛

  • Blaine

    Again with the same damn marksman rifle he’s been using, on a map we’ve already seen. Literally almost nothing new to see here. -.-

  • Scott Lowe is a great asset to IGN, but man is he bad at COD

    • Jesse

      Ok this I can agree with.

  • At a point in the gameplay. It gave him the option to actually pick up a combat knife…very interesting.

    • SydWyndr

      ye i saw that too, Im hoping that it will allow u to drop a gun and replace it. (we have never been able to just drop a gun, I want to see that come to a game)

      • Like in borderlands

        • ONE BAR

          And Counter Strike. Where the guns actually had physics and didn’t just fall straight to the ground and get stuck. You could move them with grenades and basically throw them

          • MeisseN

            Good point, but not that possible with this engine.

          • Jon Cameron

            Do you realize how old Source is? Valve has done the same thing to Source as IW/3Arch have done to ID Tech whatevernumberitwasagain.

            I’m sure they would be able to make it happen.

    • Rob Schneider

      Nice spot 🙂

    • Lavi

      I saw that too ^^

  • Frosty

    Seriously why is IW and Activision so stern, this year, about showing off new maps. Like I really want to watch the same maps over and over again, with this guy playing especially. On a side note, IGN seriously needs a new video player. SMH

    • cRi7iCaL

      I really like how IW/Activision deals with pre-release information this year. I can remember how many MW3 videos there has been without the game even being released. It just took all my excitement.
      It’s just another week and a couple of days 😀

      • Frosty

        I agree about the hype factor it creates. Although, I feel IW/Activision know that this is a huge year for CoD, moving into next-gen. That makes me nervous, as they’ve shown nothing new. Me being a hardcore competitive gamer, what am i to look at. A few over-sized maps, and the same marksman rifle 5 times. If you ask me, they’re just trying not to make any of the hardcore fans nervous. We’ll see in 10 days. 😉

        • Work hard Twerk harder

          I’m quite the opposite really, glad they’re showing off that the marksman rifles aren’t OP like many would be worried of if they weren’t shown. Size of maps aren’t the smallest they were in BO2 (i still hate you nuketown!) which shows more time has been spent creating the larger maps. It all seems to be a real good method of easing any worries for the game, while showing us less of the stuff we’d actually be using / seeing majority of time (e.g. smgs) so that when we play it still seems fresh with gameplay.


  • At 1:30 you can see that women can get pregnant and give birth mid-game

  • Kyle Thistlewood

    I love the dog humping the guy when then game/round ends

  • Chris

    What pisses me off is not only does the guy completely suck but he knows NOTHING about the game, he is asking questions that have already been answered months ago. We really got nothing out of these 5 videos except more mediocre gameplay. Whatever, we are almost a week away. Nov. 5th, please hurry! Lol

    • MeisseN

      One week of Battlefield 4 to warm up


  • lMattW

    Hardline in Ghosts is the same as Hardline Pro in MW3. I just noticed it here.

    Also the first flag capture didn’t add a point to his pointstreak. I think it’s because it was neutral before he got to it, but I’m not sure.

    Also pt 2, the field orders gives a care package which probably won’t have the KEM strike, and certainly not every time. If everyone else already knew that then I must have missed it before.

    • Jesse

      Yea I though the field order one was always gonna be the KEM strike on that map. Guess not.

  • rabjam

    a few days till release and we ve seen the same guns and maps and same modes.. for the past 1 month?!?!!! wtfff..

  • Delelis

    Domination goes to 100 in this? PLEASE NO GOD NO HELL NO!!! If its not 200 points when the game gets released i will be VERY disappointed! Blops 2 already messed up dom with the half time. Fingers crossed this is just for show 😛

    • RichChard

      Yeah this was just so that the video wasn’t too long. As you could probably tell they ran out of things to talk about after a couple of minutes as it was.

  • Misogynist

    I don’t think they like Tina too much

  • Lol

    At the end of the match, the dog was tee-bagging the dead soldier

  • Wavy_Seal

    This is terrible! It will be abused a lot by boosters.. you can just setup the other team with all knifes and if you’re half decent its like free kills/killstreaks

    • Mac

      You don’t as much exp in squads, along with the fact, camos and operations cant be completed

  • Wtf?

    At the start of the game you can see one of this guys AI team mates and an enemy AI bot both capturing C at the same time. Advanved AI my ass, why didn’t they shoot at each other. They look almost as dumb as BO bots.

  • George

    Thanks for wasting all our time IGN.

  • COD Fan 101

    I was interested in this whole IGN Ghosts weeks because I thought I would see new weapons, killstreaks and maps. After watching all the vids I learned things I already knew about squads, I seen the same maps they’ve shown before and I seen 2 new guns. What a waste of time.

  • Francisco Robles

    Hey, at least the guy didn’t go negative this time! haha

  • ip x Warrior

    Now he understand how to call in some killstreaks !!! Thanks a lot Mark rubin 🙂

  • Jacob Jones

    If you look at the end of the video before the IW outro Riley is humping a dead guy! BAD necrophiliac dog!

    • Mazthoril

      ROFL !!! xD

  • Dave Johnson

    IGN sucks, they didn’t even deserve to have a talk with Rubin. And that player is low and boring, too.

    • I was like : Oooh shii if Mark sees that

    • MeisseN

      Can’t spell IGNorant without IGN, bro.

      And that image above further exemplifies this point.

  • Sentrymann

    -IGN director, “Okay! We got Mark and Tina in the building, who here wants to demo Ghosts?”
    -IGN employee, “I guess I’ll do it.”
    -IGN director, “Do you have any basic knowledge of the game? Or Call of Duty in general?
    -IGN employee, “No.”
    -IGN director, “YOU’LL BE PERFECT!”

  • ThatGamer

    maybe just maybe in ign’s final video they will leak extinction i highly doubt it but i can hope right? anyone else wish this?

  • Tyler

    Did anybody notice him say, ” im not familar with this gametype. ” This mother fucker is playing domination. Tina can take the rythmic slaps of my ballsack hitting her chin.

  • sammiethaman la cali

    wont let me see the video wont even let me type bdate in idk whats going on

  • sammiethaman la cali

    now it work

  • guywhoisright

    Who called in sick so this guy got the interview, terrible.

  • Jacky Liang

    The reason they’re all knives is to tone down the difficulty for the IGN player. It’s obvious.

  • Tyrant Era

    anyone notice the dog humping the body at the end? … lmao

  • Will

    Hopefully they change dom back to 200 point before Nov. 5

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    I just hope my squad reflects my in-game skills. I want my squad to play at my average SPM and at my average KD. If they can do that then it would be great.

  • Emre

    hmmm crappy game

    • MeisseN

      So the reason you are here is…?