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Activision has sent out an email to lots of Call of Duty fans with a pretty neat Call of Duty: Ghosts flowchart that checks to see if you’re ready for Nov 5th launch. The info graphic takes you step by step through all the things you need to prepare for launch, as well as what you should do after launch.

  • Flowchart!

  • Moist Towellete

    Top lel call of duty so good such wow I buy now because such funnie info graphic one sided image. Top buy call of duty such good.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I’m sure your English teacher loves reading your essays.

      • Aaaaaron

        I get it, he can’t spell. Lol

      • Moist Towellete

        u so funni! talking about englis class?! this is a place 2 post messeges about top lel call of duty top buy game of year because dorritos and mtn dew. lel lele leleelelelelelelelelelelel


        • OMG

          Just. Stop.

          • Moist Towellete

            fite me.

        • MeisseN


      • Shardlotte

        He attempted doge speak without doge. Truly a disgrace.

    • John

      Me Understood who u said on that text. lol man

    • Bigi345

      I’m going to try his communicate with him in his language ok here we go. wat the fak man propeer englis kan yu use it?

  • Xecho

    Too small should fix

    • Kyle PDX

      Right click it then open in another window then left click it it should expand 🙂

  • ORB1T4L

    “The info graphic takes you step by step through all the things you need to prepare for launch, as well as what you should do after launch.” No one tells me how to prepare and what to do.


    I know I will get dislikes but you guys are getting hyped up for a call of duty just because of graphics?? just watch, next year, you all gonna be bitching about “wow same engine” and crap. And you guys always say after every call of duty that comes out, “omg cant wait” then as soon as you play it. BAM! It sucks. Just watch.

    • Shardlotte

      Did you seriously just take a look at the title of the blog post and make a comment about something completely unrelated because it had the word “graphic” in it?

    • Colef10

      Shut the fuck up and get off this call of duty site you fucking hater! Who said we were excited about graphics? I mean yea that’s cool but that’s not even what we are excited about. Back to the point, GET THE FUCK OFF!

      • Moist Towellete

        Why you so mad?

    • Annomyness

      Fuck off you wanka go back to fucken bravointel bitch

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    What will I play first? I’ll play Extinction first. Why is that not an option?

    • Kyle PDX

      If its like when zombies started on waw you will probably have to beat the campaign first to unlock it.

      • MeisseN

        Nah that will be stupid!

        • Fetterlein

          we weren’t even supposed to know that extinction existed.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah, they fucked up lol

      • Im guessing thats true. Judging by no trailer or info, and the trophies being “Secret”. I would say Extiction is a bonus for beating campaign definitely.

  • anonymousluk

    i hope the game comes out perfect with no updates every 3 weeks for a year, besides the typical balancing. No glitches, no issues whatsoever, or I’ll be questioning why they took the time to make this poster….

    • Kyle PDX

      There will always be glitches but i’m guessing the ban hammers in these new game’s will be pretty good.

    • VAQnotVAG

      Not everyone at Infinity Ward is employed there to make the game (hello, they have a marketing department!)

      And it’s a brand new platform on a new system.. of course there will be glitches

    • iAmEFFeX

      LoL… The developers aren’t on the adverting team. Infinity Ward / Activision is a machine, they have whole departments dedicated to this stuff.

  • Idonthavemoney tobuy :(((((

    I CANT ZOOM WTF how? so small cant read the damn thinggg

    • Kyle PDX

      Right click it then open in another window then left click it it should expand 🙂

      • Zenneth

        dont bother, its just a stupid flowchart to try and make hype for an alrwady sucky game….

        • Kyle PDX


  • Kyle PDX

    lol i need to give this to one of my lazy friends who always waits till the end of december to get cod.

    Flowcharts for the win.

  • TepidBlack

    Yeah because I really needed a flow chart to tell me to wait until it goes on sale like every CoD before

  • Mpampis Triantafillou

    do i need to wait until Midnight to play online?

  • the aliens are coming

    Are the vids playable links in the original chart? Does anyone know where the chart lives, so that I can send the link to a couple of peeps 🙂

  • I’m stuck at the “platform” part of the road map with no where to go from there. Once again the PC does not exist.

    • Cyber-Ninja

      Sad but so true, yet again us poor ole #PCGamers gets forgotten!!! :O(

    • Drig

      Cod was first a pc game tho … :s and now the forget us =[

  • Brandalf

    Well I only got to which platform, guess the rest isn’t for me since I play on PC and not console xD. Fun little graphic though.

  • xx420xx


  • Waido

    No PC in the diagramm =( shame!!!

  • IW gets better every year