The official Xbox Magazine has released their newest issue of the magazine with a full feature of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The new magazine shows off a new poster that you can get by purchasing the magazine which contains some new artwork. The magazine also features some info about Ghosts that was revealed during EuroGamer, like the Space mission and Stonehaven MP map.


  • sdf


    • Hiyo

      That looks like a Mini-Uzi from mw2

    • NEON

      Omg that map looks like Estate there 😀

      • Alex Davis

        I’m pretty sure it’s that new winter map that they’ve had for all the gaming events, but I would like a remake of Estate =]

      • HenryDF

        It’s Whiteout, but I think as a kinda easter egg they’ve made the cabin there identical to the one in MW2. I noticed it in one of the gameplays I’ve watched, but we won’t be sure until November 5th 😉

    • TheCheeseWeel

      those sights look like the PDW-57 ones from BO2

  • omega4471x


    • Slifer

      to get hated by everyone

    • curi0us

      I hope you step on a lego.

      • Brandalf

        Not many comments make me literally laugh out loud, this did. Have my 1up sir xD

  • Is that a… M4?

    • throwfront

      Looks like it

  • sdf

    A Gold CBJ-MS?

    • Dude, why do you like so much the CBJ-MS?

      • sdf

        I just wanna share the screenshots I took, that’s all! lol

    • jordanxbrookes

      I actually think it’s the lighting from a nearby fire that’s making it look gold, even tho it’s black furnished.

  • I need that art up on my wall because of reasons.


      I’ve got it up, it’s pretty sick alongside my othe cod posters!

  • George

    why just the cut-off image?


      I can send you a full picture

  • George

    I wish the page picture could be just a little bigger so we can effectively read the text…

  • Jacky Liang

    Got a larger scan of that magazine? I cannot read the Stonehaven excerpt..


      I can try and get a picture on my twitter @AZZATRU

  • Diego Diniz

    I hope the colour pallete of this game do NOT look like MW3…Worst COD EVER!!!

  • ScOott

    I think black ops one was the last game to get maps looking good mw3 to dull bo2 to over the top… A skate park a lava map ? Don’t get me wrong I played them both… A lot!!! Still good cods but if mw3 got the maps looking better it would of destroyed both black ops IMO

  • some1exampe1

    xbox magazine: “now in color!”