Xbox One version of Ghosts will run at 720p according to the newest rumor from a former IGN editor, and now a current editor at his own site. Jermey Conrad has said that the embargo to put up Ghosts review for Xbox One has been delayed till Nov. 12th. However, all other versions can have their reviews up on Nov 5th. We haven’t been able to directly confirm this, but it appears to be true.

Jermey is claiming that Microsoft purposely delaying the review is due to the quality being lesser of the PS4 version. Ghosts and BF4 will be running at 720p on Xbox One, but Ghosts on PS4 is at 1080p, which isn’t good for Microsoft.

The original user who reported that Xbox One is at 720p on NeoGAF has posted a lengthy post on his own site:

Days have passed and I’ve heard it from many sources now. This is no longer something I consider flimsy. If it’s not true I will be shocked at this point because the sources are that strong (I will also lose all credibility – that’s not something I’m oblivious to). Though, there is a wrinkle to it that I didn’t know about during the initial rumor… Activision is very hard at work trying to up the resolution. Whether this comes as a day one patch, or a day 100 patch, or what… I don’t know. It does point to Microsoft’s tools being behind more-so than just a huge power gap (the gap does exist but the XB1 is powerful enough to run this game at 1080p, clearly). The point is that Activision is still working very hard on it. As such they aren’t talking about it. Microsoft isn’t talking about it. The press isn’t allowed to talk about it. It’s a forbidden topic.

You can read his post here, which talks a lot about why it’s “confirmed” to him.

What’s even more interesting is that a Forbes editor, Eirk Kain, just tweeted out that MSFT’s Albert Penello isn’t allowed to know the resolution either.

UPDATE: David Abrams tweeted this:

UPDATE 3: The embargo of the review for Xbox One games has just been confirmed via BF4 reviews. Seems to confirm 720p for Ghosts as well, as it lines up with other information gathered here.

SOURCE: Furious Fanboys

  • Well this sucks, at least we know now 🙁

    • Not for us PS4 Gamers!

      • Brandalf

        As a PC gamer I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I would be lying if I said this didn’t make me a little bit happy.

    • Devin Wolfe

      Not 100% confirmed yet.

  • Delelis

    Man i was waiting on extinction. Still to this date i’m glad i’m a PS kid!

  • Primey_

    Oh boy here we go again.

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    Oh well. I’ve never cried about graphics

  • integral

    is this the bog story, where extinction news at?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Why did you expect us to talk about that? We have nothing to share on that.

      • TheShadowReaper

        i dont think that extinction is an alien game mode and all that stuff everyone is taking about. it may even be nothing, just text standing there since the beta version, who knows. with the game so close to launch and no word for the “extinction mode” i highly doubt it will even be something in the game.

        • Brandalf

          I think the smart assumption is they are treating it like Zombies was treated in [email protected] A secret mode that unlocks once you complete campaign or something along those lines.

          • TheShadowReaper

            maybe. i hope its something among those lines. it would be cool to have a different mode and the IW feel to it at the same time than the usual zombie mode (which btw Treyarch fucked up in BO2 and was made a dlc fest instead of something that everybody could enjoy)

          • Brandalf

            I agree BO2 zombies lacked that flavor that [email protected] and BO1 had for zombies, at least when it shipped. I can’t comment on the DLC because $60 was already too much for BO2 IMO. Here’s hoping Extinction is in-fact legit!


    time to cancel my preorder

    • CoDforever


    • Devin Wolfe

      This is a stupid reason to do so.

      • Brandalf


        • Devin Wolfe

          Opinions are nice.

    • Aaron

      The guy actually says that Microsoft’s tools are to blame( if the rumor is even true ), so this problem will be fixed. He then goes on to explain the xbox one is plenty powerful enough to run ghosts at 1080p, so why would you cancel your preorder because of a report that a system isn’t optimized before that system is even available to the public. You’ll be kicking yourself if that system is optimized at launch. And then what will you do? You’ll be lucky to find a PS4 or an xbox one for at least a few months.

  • Cyber-Ninja

    #PCGamingFTW – Max res 24/7!!! :O)

  • Scorch

    The problem with this is that games are made for the lowest denominator so PS4 graphics will still suffer cause of this

    • Brandalf

      Nope, PS4 version has been confirmed to run at 1080p natively. You can bet your ass the PC version will be capable of running at 4K resolutions since Nvidia worked hand and hand with IW on Ghosts and Nvidia is pushing for 4K gaming hard lately.

      • RazR

        Mate, 4k monitors are just way too expensive for them to be even considered by alot of people

        • Brandalf

          I agree, doesn’t mean Nvidia isn’t pushing for it.

          • Devin Wolfe

            AMD for me.

          • Brandalf

            I use AMD as well, if I were to get into 4K (which I’m not doing anytime soon) I would grab the new R9 290x. $550 and competes with the $1000 Titan? Yeah….lol. I’m content with my 7850 at my current res.

          • Devin Wolfe

            I use a 6GB 7970 GHz edition ( got it for 480 bucks) but I will be getting the R9 290X when they are available with after market coolers.

          • Brandalf

            Ya, when I upgrade my monitor I’ll definitely grab a more powerful GPU but at 1600×900 reso the 7850 is more then enough to get me 60-120FPS on high/max settings in all my games.

          • Devin Wolfe

            I get 120-400 FPS in Bioshock Infinite 90-110 on Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 30-50 on Metro: Last Light.

          • Brandalf

            Ya, considering my monitor is at 60hz anything above that is completely pointless because my monitor can’t display it.

          • Devin Wolfe

            The same I have a 27 inch ASUS as my main display and a 19 inch Compaq that came with a computer I bought 6 years ago.

    • Austin

      the next gen consoles are like PC, they stated MONTHS ago that you would be able to see a better graphical difference on ps4 on third party games EVEN GHOSTS. and like i said, they said they are pc hardware now, they can literally port the games in a few months. Warframe only took a few months as well, which was a PC only game

    • YnotNDalton

      No they won’t… resolution is a scalable change on most graphics engines… takes no effort to change resolution…

  • Oh boy. I’ll never hear the end of it from PS4 fans now.

    • SeaSaltSora

      This really isn’t something to brag about… :

      • And yet, people will still do it. As if they need some sort of validation that they made the right purchase.

        I still think of this video by Dan Amrich. While it’s old, it’s STILL relevant today:

        • Mario Rivera

          stop trying to justify a bad purchase from a company that only wants to fuck u up the ass with splintered broomsticks! instead of bending over and enabling them to continue to ripping us off, we gamers gotta stand our ground and say no to this bullshit with our wallets! charging us premium price for a inferior product with policies/limitations that intentionally hurt the paying consumer is unacceptable. microsoft may have pulled back on most of its major drm policies but the fact they even attempted some of these things in the first place shows us that they see us gamers as desperate fiends rather than savvy consumers. we deserve some bang for our hard earned buck. open up your eyes before microsoft opens up those butt cheeks!

          • Last I checked, I don’t have to justify my purchase to no one but myself. If it makes me happy, I will support it with my hard earned money. Nothing else matters. But if you want to pick up your pitchfork and yell at a cloud, be my guest.

          • IonComet

            How are they trying to rip people off…. by expeirimenting with steams famous and beloved policies? They are not trying to rip you off but try new things and if maybe you were not so ignorant then maybe you would understand

          • Mario Rivera

            yea they are trying new things, new things to try to help THEM while hurting YOU the consumer…

          • IonComet

            Like what? You say these things, but never back them with evidence like any other troll

          • Zuher Slenderman Tatli

            then why is steam more popular and have the most users

          • James Ham

            Actually microsoft and companies are trying to get rid of the middle man seller to make games cheaper yet they will make more money by not giving any of money to retailers so ya your wrong.

          • Mario Rivera

            all of these replies are a combination of microsoft employees and delusional microsoft fanboys desperately trying to justify the brutal rape microsoft is planning to give them. btw, the xbox one will ship with its original drm fully intact waiting for a ”piracy hack” excuse to be activated and starting with forza 5 games will have to be downloaded from xbl before u can play, even if u bought the disk. this is a awesome future some of u guys have waiting for you.

          • IonComet

            Ohhhhh my god through your conspiraies in your locker…… Your making things up to win a conversation

          • Zuher Slenderman Tatli

            GameXbox OnePS4Alien: Isolation1080p @ 60fps [2]1080p @ 60fps [3]Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag900p @ 30fps [4]1080p @ 30fps [5](with patch) Battlefield 4720p @ 60fps [6]
            900p @ 60fps [7]Battlefield: HardlineUnknown900p @ 60fps (beta) [8]Blacklight RetributionExclusive1080p @ 60fps [9]Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare882p @ 60fps [10] [11]1080p @ 60fps [12]Call of Duty: Ghosts720p @ 60fps [13]
            1080p @ 60fps (with patch) [14]Dead Rising 3720p @ 30fps [15]ExclusiveDestiny1080p @ 30fps [16]1080p @ 30fps [17]Diablo III: Reaper of Souls900p @ 60fps [18]1080p @ 60fps [19]DriveClubExclusive1080p @ 30fps [20]Dying Light1080p @ 60fps (targeted) [21]1080p @ 60fps [22][23]EA Sports UFC900p @ 30fps [24]900p @ 30fps (1080p possible [25]) FIFA Soccer 141080p @ 60fps1080p @ 60fps [26]FlowerExclusive1080p @ 60fps [27]Forza Horizon 21080p @ 30fps [28]ExclusiveForza Motorsport 51080p @ 60fps [29]ExclusiveGrand Theft Auto V”Enhanced Resolution” [30]”Enhanced Resolution” [31]Halo: The Master Chief Collection1080p @ 60fps [32]ExclusiveInfamous: Second SonExclusive1080p @ 30fps [33]Killer Instinct720p @ 60fps [34]ExclusiveKillzone: Shadow FallExclusive1080p @ 30fps (SP), ~960x1080p @ 60fps (MP)Kinect Sports Rivals1080p @ 30fps [35]ExclusiveKnackExclusive1080p @ 30fps [36]Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes720p @ 60fps [37]1080p @ 60fps [38]Metro: Redux900p @ 60fps [39]1080p @ 60fps [40]MLB 14: The ShowExclusive1080p @ 60fps [41]Minecraft1080p @ 60fps [42]1080p @ 60fps [43]Murdered: Soul Suspect1080p @ 30fps [44]1080p @ 60fps [45]NBA 2K141080p @ 60fps [46]
            1080p @ 60fps [47]
            Need for Speed Rivals1080p @ 30fps [48]1080p @ 30fps [49]Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare900p @ 60fps [50]1080p @ 60fps [51]Planetside 2Exclusive1080p @ 60fps [52]Outlast1080p @ 60fps [53]1080p @ 60fps [54]Project Cars1080p @ 60fps [55]1080p @ 60fps [56]ResogunExclusive1080p @ 60fps [57]Ryse: Son of Rome
            900p @ 30fps [58]ExclusiveShadow Warrior900p @ 60fps [59]1080p @ 60fps [60]Skylanders: Swap Force1080p @ 60fps [61]1080p @ 60fps [62]Sniper Elite 31080p @ 60fps [63]1080p @ 60fps [64]Sunset Overdrive900p @ 30fps [65]ExclusiveThe Crew1080p @ 30fps [66]1080p @ 30fps [67]The Last of Us: Remastered
            Exclusive1080p @ 60fps[68]The Order: 1886
            Exclusive1080p @ 30fps[69][70]The Witcher 3900p @ 30fps [71](1080p possible)1080p @ 30fps [72]Thief900p @ 30fps [73]
            1080p @ 30fps [74]Titanfall792p @ 60fps [75]ExclusiveTomb Raider: Definitive Edition
            1080p @ 30fps, 900p @ 30fps (Cutscenes) [76][77]
            1080p @ 60fps [78]
            Trials Fusion900p @ 60fps (with patch) [79][email protected] 60fps [80]Trine 2Exclusive
            1080p @ 60fps (2D), 720p @ 60fps (3D) [81]
            Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndExclusive1080p @ 60fps[82]WarframeExclusive1080p @ 60fps [83]War ThunderExclusive1080p @ 60fps [84]Watch Dogs
            792p @ 30fps [85]900p @ 30fps [86]Wolfenstein: The New Order1080p @ 60fps,~1440×1080 @ 60fps (some areas) [87]1080p @ 60fps[88]

          • IonComet

            No, the companies aare making the money not microsoft

          • Zuher Slenderman Tatli
      • McWithers

        It actually is… Screen resolution can make a huge difference and it will look much better on the console that isn’t even marketed for the game. That in itself makes a difference. Now don’t go calling me a Playstation fanboy as I own both current generation systems and am buying both next gen and Call of Duty Ghosts for the Xbox One

    • mckevstah

      Then just don’t get an xbox haha

    • Menda

      Nope, I’ll be there while you’re sleeping whispering it into your ear.

    • zachammo

      ps4 ps4 ps4 ps4 ps4 1080p the way to go ps4 ps4 ps4

  • Drag

    was this the BIG news Really Charlie Intel REALLY?! -_-‘

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yes. Have you seen how close MS and ATVI are? This is big. PS4 is going to look better than XB1 version when ATVI has no bonus relationship with them.

      • Brandalf

        MS doesn’t pay Activision to purposefully gimp other platforms version of the game. I believe that would actually be illegal, but I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft :/

        • darkflamemaster

          they do pay for timed exclusive dlc though

          • Brandalf

            Ya, two completely separate issues though.

  • ninja

    Leaked cod ghost footage on this channel!

    • golferboy321

      That guy sure loves to steal credit. He has all of mute0909’s clips and pics.

      • Brandalf

        How do you know that’s not mute0909? I bet it is him and he just setup a channel to get more vids up.

        • zpoon

          He specifically said on his instagram that he’s taking everything down disappearing. I think Activision scared him hard with a threat.

          • Brandalf

            ahh I see

          • Devin Wolfe

            Activision has no power on instagram so I would not take them down.

    • Delelis

      Well its already taken down! He said there was a moab called the Kinetic Orbital Strike (Which we all knew) hmm…

  • MrHawkeye1996

    Yet this is still not “100%” confirmed info. God knows whats happening with the xbox one tools sent to IW. But if this is true, i’m sure it will be fixed before released.

  • 720p is still good. I’m getting Ghosts on PS4, but that doesn’t give me or anyone the right to rip on the Xbone on such a dumb issue

    • Thank you for being one of the few levelheaded PS fans.

      • Andy

        Oh hai der. There’s a lot of us, just like there’s a lot of levelheaded Xbox fans. Every console has it’s good fans and it’s “oh god why did your parents breed” fans.

    • Renozoki

      Paying $500 for a console that can only do good is a joke. 720p is fine, yes, but CoD being a game not even graphic intensive, along with the PS4 doing it, makes the Xbones price tag a joke. Again, 720p is good, but its been 8 years, and after both the PS4 and xbone come out, it will be another 7-8 years before new consoles. If MS fucked up this bad with the specs, its going to affect everyone for a long time with gimped games. Not a fanboy, just common sense. If MS messed up this bad. that even the game they pay money to get exclusive content for is inferior to the PS4 version, this early in the gen, its only going to get worse.

      • Kay why arr

        “720p is good” and “MS fucked up this bad with the specs” kinda contradict with each other.

        IMO it makes little difference, not going to make me change consoles or anything buuuuuut I’m going to be on ps4 anyways so that wouldn’t effect me 😀

        • Renozoki

          720p is good, 1080p, is great. And guess what, the PS4 seems to have little trouble getting games to 1080p. So yes, MS fucked up.

      • I understand what you mean and you’re very right, but I still think it is only right to respect Xbox One CodGhosts users

        • Renozoki

          Not to sound mean, but after not only things MS has already pulled, but what they are currently trying to pull by basically forcing people to keep quite about this issue, as well as all these rumors about the patch bricking consoles and what not, I find it hard to respect people get the Xbone on day one. If they waited, decided it’s what they like and the issue is to widespread, then I could respect. As of now, buying the Xbone day one is pure ignorance. MS is flat out lying to customers only so they can turn around and say fuck you once its out.

          • Devin Wolfe

            I’m getting both so yeah.

          • Well…I look forward to talking to you in the PS4 world sometime. Haha, that’s all I can say now.

      • IonComet

        Well your paying 500$ for the kinect included, multimedia, and other content so it’s not overpriced when you add up the numbers.

      • James Ham

        Im pretty sure the console can run at a 4k resolution bud.

      • James Ham

        Also everything even your tv will be your computer in 5 years. Tv will be what you want to watch, Not what is on so bud your wrong.

    • Kay why arr

      They laugh at DLC, but when we get the chance to laugh we remain quiet. I like it

      • Nope

        Um, no, we don’t. A lot of you guys whine about waiting for DLC or act pompous and say that we’re the beta testers for them. Every DLC post this year was filled with people getting mad or upset that Xbox gets it first.

        • Nope

          Then again, I do love dick in my ass

      • Oscar

        big fucking oop, No one gives a shit, whoo get the DLC first, as long as you get it, I don’t get why people cry.

    • mckevstah

      It’s not a dumb issue haha,. these consoles are supposed to last 10 years and they can’t even run games as well as a mid range PC. That’s just embarrassing.

      • skeletor

        Last time I checked a mid-range computer doesn’t run above 1080p high-range does but not mid range and PS4 is designed for 4K TVs

    • YnotNDalton

      720p is a joke going into a 8 year console cycle… most ppl have a bigger tv these days and a tv above 47 inches the resolution makes a big diff

      • Kim

        Most people game on a 32 inch or below screen because any higher than that it’s not as good to game on and this has been proven. And on a 32 inch or below TV, you can’t really notice a difference with 720p and 1080p. So if you’ve got a 32 inch TV or under, you’re all good and there is no need to worry.

        • Heikki

          You can definitely see the difference don’t lie to me. I play on a 23 inch monitor and the difference is big

          • DanDustEmOff

            Me too and you’re 100% correct.

        • Tech Wizz

          I play on a 27 PC monitor and the difference between 720P & 1080P is positively massive!!!

    • i like cod

      Please anyone, explain to me what I will miss on PS4. I have 4 years old Samsung 32″ 720p TV. Would I notice the difference with 27″ or 32″ 1080p TV? 32″ is absolutely the largest size of tv that can fit on my room.. I sit about 2 meters from my TV.

    • HenryDF
      • IonComet

        WTF, he must think everyone is a idiot

  • Ryumoau

    So glad i’m getting the ps4. Its a real shame that Activision decided to still stay in bed with Microsoft and give them dlc earlier than everyone else, despite their console being the less consumer friendly. 🙁

    • James Ham

      Maam its called exclusives and having a selling point. How bout them low information people like you?

    • skeletor

      They could still be in the 360 contract as it isn’t a next gen exclusive.

  • Matthew

    If this issue is true, and IW can still fix this to make Ghosts 1080p on XB1, then I could care less about the problem.

  • Batman

    Xbox one is cheapier in Brazil(HALF OF THE PS4 PRICE!!), So I guess I will have to face this problem

    • MrHawkeye1996

      Why does the PS4 cost more? I didn’t know about this.

      • rert

        MS is building the bone in Brazil, while Sony will import it. And the Brazilian government charges ALOT more for imports.

      • Batman

        2000$ friggin american dollars in Brazil!!!

    • TheShadowReaper

      this doesnt make any sense.

      • Nope

        …yes it does? He said that the Xbox One is cheaper in his country, so he’s going to get that and have to face the problem of lower resolutions. Reading comprehension, folks.

        • TheShadowReaper

          no it still doesnt from the standpoint that Xboxone has the same prise everywhere except Brazil.

      • Batman

        PS4 in Brazil costs 4000R$ Brazillian reais.
        4000R$ = is something like 1950$ american dollars

        Xbox one in Brazil costs 2200R$ Brazillian reais
        2200R$ = is something like 1000$ american dollars

        • TheShadowReaper

          hmmm…did Brazil made a contract with MS or something?

  • Jonathan Gray

    If Activision is indeed working a day one patch of some sort, or in the coming weeks, then it’s not much of a problem to me anyways.

    • ttk

      You can’t make a patch to change resolution. You clearly know nothing about anything.

      • Jonathan Gray

        True, I don’t know much about resolution stuff. I say “if” because of what that NeoGAF quote stated.

        “Activision is very hard at work trying to up the resolution. Whether this comes as a day one patch, or a day 100 patch, or what… I don’t know.”

      • Nope

        Yes you can. There are tons of high-resolution patches out there for various games.

        • re

          You are thinking about things like high resolution textures in what not. Once a game ships at 720p, the only thing you can do to get it to 1080p on consoles is to upscale.

          • YnotNDalton

            Lol no .. resolution can be changed very easily … the thing thats hard to change is the resolution of the textures..

          • Cena

            You have any idea what you are talking about? Once a game is released on a console at 720p or whatever, that’s it. That’s what it will be. You can release a high res texture pack like BF3 did, but YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE RESOLUTION on consoles.

        • TheShadowReaper

          you can but that doesnt mean its easy. it takes a lot of effort cause you have to reprogram parts of the game from scartch, which means that they cant do it. no matters how many patches Ghosts gets on Xboxone the resolution wont change.

      • YnotNDalton

        Yes you can

      • Wrong

        I love it when people with no understanding of game development start shouting off like they know everything.
        How do you think the game is able to run at SD resolutions, like 576p as well as 720p? What they made the game twice to run at two different resolutions?
        Fuck no, the video output is just another variable and the engine is able to scale everything correctly. Something that could definitely be patched in if they optimise the game to the point where it will run properly at 1080p.
        So good job there buddy – It seems the person who clearly knows nothing about anything is you.

  • iSwedishVirus

    This is just very confusing to me, mainly because we know that games can run at 1080p on the Xbox One and it’s wierd that IW hasn’t been able to up the ressulution to 1080p on the Xbox One. But like the article says it’s not 100% confirmed, however if it’s true I’m sure that IW will try to make a day 1 patch for it, if not then fine. Both 720p and 1080p looks great anyway! It would have been worse if it was 1080p vs 480p…lmao.

    It’s also really wierd how IW/Activision is make Ghosts looks better on the PS4 when they have a contract with Microsoft…maybe this is their way of saying “goodbye” to MS? lol probably not 😛

    • renene

      The only confirmed games running at 1080p so far on Xbone are Forza, Killer Instinct(I think, not sure on this one), and NBA 2k. All 3 of those games require very little effort to run compared to games like Battlefield and CoD.

      • darkflamemaster

        unfortunately Killer Instinct is 720p

        • renene

          Seriously? What a fucking joke. That’s literally a 2D game with fights set in small rooms. Wow.

    • xx420xx


    • Austin

      I think it’s illegal to gimp other versions anyways, I’m getting a ps4 but apparently its because of the lack of tools, basically stating they are not ready to release this console just like how they released the xbox 360 to get ahead of playstation and what happened? RRoD happened. they are rushing this console again, as you can tell, SONY had them this time.

    • YnotNDalton

      It all depends on the game and how graphically intense it is.. of course the xbox one is “capable” of running 1080p just like wii u is.. but a game like cod with so much going on and post processing… makes a difference…

    • Assassin5150

      My bet it’s because they are having problems getting the bandwidth they need because of the esram is tricky to work with. I see the game coming out on xboxone @ 900p 60fps or 1080p 30fps. The ddr3 will rear it’s ugly head in a few years. Because texture count and size will continue to grow. Something will have to be sacrificed for the games to run smoothly on the xboxone in the future be it resolution, fps or texture detail.

  • Brandalf

    I recently upgraded from a 720p resolution monitor to a 1600×900 res monitor. That’s less of a jump than 720 to 1080 and there is a massive visual difference between my old and new res. I think those of you that can’t tell a difference may want to get your eyes checked. Hell a lot of PC gamers won’t game below 2560×1440 resolution these days and I would be laughed out of the room by those guys at my lowly 1600×900 res.

    Oh well, as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters 🙂

    • Marshall

      I think of it like this, as long as I don’t have the best graphics, I’m fine. Once I get the new graphics I can’t go back. It is the same with Apple products with and without a Retina Display. For me at least.

      • Devin Wolfe

        Don’t get me started on Apple products.

        • Marshall

          Haha, I’ll shut up about them… 😉

    • TheShadowReaper

      well a lot of PC gamers such as myself dont game below 1080p. 1440p is kinda an exaggeration, i dont think that many PC gamers use that res these days. ofc there are a bunch of them but they arent the majority thats for sure. well, the Xbox and PS wars can continue as long as want to, all they have to do is to keep releasing games for the PC too. if they do that, we PC gamers are the winners of this conflict.

  • Caleb

    I’m getting the PS4 and I agree that this would be an idiotic reason to choose one console over the other. What it really comes down to is how good your TV. I could have a PS4 and be Ghosts on an HD Tv but if someone with Xbone is playing their 720p ghosts on a better HD tv than me it doesn’t really matter.

  • Frosty

    I don’t understand why this is a big deal (^.^). The difference between 720p and 1080p is barely visible, unless you look at them with a magnifying glass. Honestly, PS4 users can say all they want about 1080p, but when it comes down to what matters. I’ll have Titanfall first. 😉

    • rer

      Then why don’t you stick with the 360? Why are you paying $500 for a console if you don’t even notice one of the bigger advantages next gen should have?

      • Frosty

        Rather than getting into a fanboy debate, over gaming consoles, I’d rather say. I don’t expect my next-gen games, this year, to differ that much from current gen. I’m buying my console for the future. The difference in 720p and 1080p isn’t enough to break my heart. Trust me,when your playing the game, its not gonna be the quality that makes the game fun/good.

        P.S. Unless your reading articles everyday, you’re never gonna know. 😉

        • rer

          Right, so if its not the quality that makes the game fun or good, surely you can stick with the 360, right? Look, we are going to be stuck with these consoles for 8 years. I’m going with the one with more power, that will have better looking games for longer, and for cheaper.

    • Austin

      Then you never played a pc game, 1080p is clearly visible than 720p, and im getting ps4 but titanfall doesnt even come out until next year, so have fun waiting for 1 game because thats what xbox ONE has.

    • YnotNDalton

      It depends on the size of the tv man… hdtv’s that are 47 and higher especially 55 and higher it makes a big difference… smaller tv’s not so much

      • Frosty

        People that aren’t competitive cod players wouldn’t know this, but the lower the resolution of your TV, and size. Makes a huge difference in how good you are. The response time lag, in general, that comes with high res/size TV’s is ridiculous. This is why for me this isn’t relevant, as I’ll have my monitor set to 720p regardless.

  • renoneno

    Honestly, aside from how big of a deal this really is, I think the worst part is how MS has decided to not only stay silent about this issue, but that it is actively forcing people to remain quite on these issues. Between the initial attitude they displayed when announcing the Xbone, to how they are handling this problem, I think not only is it a mistake to get this console on launch, but that it is downright retarded. They seem fine lying about issues, and bringing them up only when forced to. Couple that with reports that the day one patch they plan to release is bricking console and it’s more and more obvious that the rumor that they weren’t going to release until 2014 until Sony 1upped them makes is sadly true. Guys, don’t buy this console day one. The odds of a new RRoD situation is very true.

  • REP

    Xbots is dONE…i said it before and i’ll say it again. They lied
    about everything and a manipulator. They changed policy because they
    screwed up w/ the system architecture…they had to increase or messed
    w/ the specs to catch up w/ PS4. They dodge questions and refuse to be
    real….and that fucker named Nelson…God i can’t stand looking at
    him…all of these lies and can’t be real w/ the fans is the reason i
    left them long time ago when PS4 debut. Now they can’t do games at 1080p
    LOL…that just go to confirm that Xbox One is inferior to PS4. They
    should change their name to Xbox720…(an upgrade from 360).

    Ryse: 900p

    COD Ghost: 720p

    BF4: 720p



    COD Ghost and BF4: 1080p

    you wonder why a twitter said “you will be surprised at the resolution
    between Xbox One and PS4” regarding BF4? Well, 1080p vs 720p is no
    match…that is a shocker and it is a surprise right there. He clearly said one version of the game is better than the other.

    • Devin Wolfe

      Well that’s just your opinion isn’t it.

      • Austin

        not just opinions, facts, but fanboys will stay with their xbox one, basically this is saying that in years time, xbox one will so inferior to it that they will lose so much sales, expect ps4 sales to launch even years from now

        • Devin Wolfe

          “expect ps4 sales to launch even years from now”

          Where are they launching to?

          “not just opinions, facts”

          Facts based on things not 100% confirmed? That’s a new on on me.

  • coolwhhhip

    I have tried to hang in there with the xbone, but this is too much. They clearly need to just stop, admit they let executive meddling get in the way, and just delay the console until next year sometime. They won’t though.

    MS is joining the Wii as another “family” style console. Clearly a new and intentional direction for them that just needs to be accepted. I am glad that Playstation still has a home for serious console players though. They will be rewarded for it.

    • Brandalf

      I’ve said this many times. The Xbone simply isn’t a gaming console. It’s an entertainment system. Gaming, sports, movies, fitness, etc. It’s meant to be more than a console and it has lost a lot of it’s appeal for a lot of gamers because of that.

      I get that they’re trying to appeal to a broader audience and that’s fine but the core will move on to PS4 or PC and forgo Xbone I think/

      • coolwhhhip

        I was planning on going with xbox again based on the generation of 360 and the online network, but they’ve lost me now. This is such an enormous fail.

        • Devin Wolfe

          Remember the word “may”.

      • Devin Wolfe

        This is why I don’t really fit in with the gamer crowd as a lot of them think they should be handed everything on a silver platter.

        • Brandalf

          Not sure what you’re getting at, Xbone tries to literally do everything and that’s why many hardcore gamers are put off by it. They don’t want everything the Xbone does shoved down their throats, they just want to play games.

          Xbone is for the mainstream casual gamer that can’t justify spending $400-$500 on a striclty gaming focused machine. Nothing wrong with that, there is a place for all types of gamers in my eyes. Please elaborate on your point.

          • Devin Wolfe

            “hardcore gamers” “casual gamer”

            Terms I don’t subscribe to.

            “They don’t want everything the Xbone does shoved down their throats, they just want to play games.”

            Then don’t use those features simple as that.

            My point being that as I’v gotten deeper in the gaming community it comes off as children that are spoiled and if there are things they don’t like they throw a tantrum.

          • Brandalf

            There are hardcore and casuals in all forms of entertainment, hell in life period. Terms may be different but concept is the same. That’s like saying you don’t believe in social drinking or smoking.

            Casual gamers do it on occasion with friends or family and buy a couple mainstream games a year. Hardcore gamers are the gamers that play several times a week and buy lots of games, even the games that might go under the radar, etc.

            Here’s the problem with that Microsoft doesn’t give players the option. Don’t want Kinect 2.0? Too bad says Microsoft. You’re gonna pay that extra $100 for something you don’t want or need.

            Nobody is throwing a tantrum, they just aren’t getting an Xbone, that’s not immature. That’s the beauty of being a consumer, you have the control over your money and as a group can make or break a company based on how you view their practices or products.

          • Devin Wolfe

            “There are hardcore and casuals in all forms of entertainment, hell in life period. Terms may be different but concept is the same. That’s like saying you don’t believe in social drinking or smoking”

            I don’t see anybody as hardcore or casual but i also have a mostly indifferent view of the world.

            “Casual gamers do it on occasion with friends or family and buy a couple mainstream games a year. Hardcore gamers are the gamers that play several times a week and buy lots of games, even the games that might go under the radar, etc.”

            I just chalk that up how much money, time and responsibility some one has.

            “Here’s the problem with that Microsoft doesn’t give players the option. Don’t want Kinect 2.0? Too bad says Microsoft. You’re gonna pay that extra $100 for something you don’t want or need.”

            $100 is not that much money now ( a friends F150 takes that much for a full tank).

            “Nobody is throwing a tantrum, they just aren’t getting an Xbone, that’s not immature. That’s the beauty of being a consumer, you have the control over your money and as a group can make or break a company based on how you view their practices or products.”

            People in this forum are getting very upset over such a small issue. You can buy what you wish but when you state it in the manner that some of the comments are you come off as a child.

          • Paul Thomas

            Well I hate to break it to you but they do exist. You seem like a casual gamer, which is fine, but don’t get upset about being classified as something. Otherwise you’d just going to stay that way. Also your responses and a few of FluXuate are opinionated. So there isn’t a need to argue about them.

            “I don’t see anybody as hardcore or casual but i also have a mostly indifferent view of the world.”

            FluXuate has you on this being classified is just a part of life. I get where you’re coming from but just chill.

            “I just chalk that up how much money, time and responsibility some one has.”

            Yea but what FluXuate was referring to was what one does in there free time, not all day.

            “$100 is not that much money now ( a friends F150 takes that much for a full tank).”

            I can tell you that just because your friend takes a 100$ for a full tank of gas doesn’t factor into the argument. I know people who want a Xbox One that would prefer to not have to shill out 100$ extra for a feature they’ll never use. That’s what FluXuate is talking about.

            “People in this forum are getting very upset over such a small issue. You can buy what you wish but when you state it in the manner that some of the comments are you come off as a child.”

            I’ll give you several people are, but not every one of us are whining about it. Whether their causal or hardcore not all of us in one group or another are complaining.

            So FluXuate does have some points that he’s right on. I get where your coming from, but still he’s got you in some places. Also FluXuate I do agree they are trying to do too much with it, but I think it’ll be good for casual gamers and it’ll have some success with the hardcore gamers.

          • Devin Wolfe

            “Well I hate to break it to you but they do exist. You seem like a casual gamer, which is fine, but don’t get upset about being classified as something. Otherwise you’d just going to stay that way. ”

            The term “Casual Gamer” as its widely used now is starting to become a derogatory term. And it takes a lot for me to get upset.

            “I can tell you that just because your friend takes a 100$ for a full tank of gas doesn’t factor into the argument. I know people who want a Xbox One that would prefer to not have to shill out 100$ extra for a feature they’ll never use. That’s what FluXuate is talking about.”

            I was getting at that $100 is nothing anymore.

            “I’ll give you several people are, but not every one of us are whining about it. Whether their causal or hardcore not all of us in one group or another are complaining.”

            I said people which means many things.

            “So FluXuate does have some points that he’s right on. I get where your coming from, but still he’s got you in some places. ”

            Never said he didn’t.

          • Paul Thomas

            Ok fair enough. At least you know how to word an argument.

    • Nope

      “Call of Duty Ghosts may be 720p instead of 1080p”
      “Yeah, OBVIOUSLY it’s not a proper gaming console. Not like my superior Playstation 4 that EVERYONE should love.”

  • Sherpa

    I really hope IW does make a similar game mode to Zombies. Just a
    opinion, but I’ve always favored IW’s games over Treyarch; but their Zombies mode is just awesome. That’s the
    only core feature I felt IW lacked-since Treyarch always beat IW in
    selling more copies of their game. 4 player co-op without a doubt is really fun. So if this mode is 100% confirmed I will be super “excited” *Tmart’s voice lol.

  • Unit

    I feel bad for the gamers, not for microsoft.

  • Noxiosus

    Why do graphics matter?

    • Brandalf

      Why don’t you still play your NES or Sega Gensis?

      • Devin Wolfe

        Minecraft is very popular.

        • Brandalf

          Minecraft is one of the exceptions. I’m not saying graphics are the end all be all but they do matter, depending on the type of game you’re talking about.

          • Joshwoocool

            I cant play my gensis/sonic 2 because of needing 2 cords.Also the whole Graphics thing is still in a rumorish category .Also this still reminds me of the golden crap question.

    • Edward Zhang

      If I can buy Ghosts for PS4 / PC rather than XBox One and get the same game with better graphics, why not?

      Your argument works when one game has better gameplay, but we’re talking about the same game here – they’ll have the same gameplay so why not have better graphics?

  • EJPettit

    No one would be able to notice if it was running in 1080p or 720p. Frame rate is the concern, I’ll happily take 720p and have smoother performance until it is optimized. I would like to see if there are any frame rate issues with the PS4 when numerous effects are going off.
    It all goes back to the Kinect to me. Cut that out and redistribute into performance. I don’t know anyone that uses a Kinect, or will use one.
    There’s a clear cut winner in terms of performance (the PS4). In 3 to 5 years both will be far behind the current-gen. The joys of console gaming.

    • Dion Abbott

      LOL no, there is a big diff between 720P and 1080P, it’s twice the detail. You have to have a eye disease to not see it.

      • YnotNDalton

        Big diff on bigger tv’s… 47 50 inches plus… not a big deal on smaller tv’s below that

  • Blaine

    The difference between 1080p and 720p is actually quite large. Upscaling 720p to 1080p helps a little bit but it’s a still a big difference. The PS4 has more powerful hardware, but the difference in power between the two systems is not really big enough to explain such a big difference in resolution, especially when settings and frame rate are the same.

    Either way, it’s safe to say Xbox shouldn’t have gone so cheap on the hardware. Ryse also had to reduce resolution and visual settings. Haven’t heard that about any PS4 games yet – in fact Sony demands all PS4 games run at 1080p.

    • DanDustEmOff

      BF4 is supposed to run at 900p on the PS4

    • Michael F

      Microsoft restructured as well, xbox division is now part of a more general department, and less so focused on gaming, gaming, more like multimedia do it all unit, but they are also pushing the KINECT hard, so its pretty costly for them as it is, but remember Donny Mats banter of “If you live in a submarine, I would imagine its impossible to get internet, if you cant get online, we have an offline device, thats called the Xbox 360”, they seem to have a stark contrast in attitude compared to when the Xbox 360 launched. Seems like arrogance to me, like when the PS3 launched. I love to look back on the E3 of 2005-06 and how they presented it. It was so bad.

    • IonComet

      Well it’s not resolution but fps that has had to change like Killzones singleplayer runs at 30fps due to limitations

    • James Republican

      Im sorry but your clearly an obama supporting Low information person. Why would a console capable working for a 4k tv not be able to run 1080p. 4k is 4 times better than 1080p. Its clearly not the hard ware but the software.

  • SoulTaker

    Is there any real difference between 720P and 1080P? I don’t see any difference to be honest…

    • YnotNDalton

      Depends on the size of your tv really… below 40 inch your good… getting up to 50 big difference in the two

  • ip x Warrior

    Coming from an Xbox Fan : PS4 > XBOX ONE

    • Indeed

    • IonComet

      Wait so how are you still a Xbox fan? Just Saying

    • James Ham

      Im sorry but look to the future and see which console has big market games as exclusives. We already are getting titan fall and halo, while watchdogs is canceled. Whats your launch game to be hyped about?

      • Skeletor

        Titan fall is only a timed exclusive what is the problem with waiting a few months when you have a load of other great games and halo is always over-hyped sure it’s a good series but it looks terrible compared to most other games. I don’t see the point in defending something if it just makes you seem stupid.

  • MattM1974

    It’s funny how people forget that despite PS3’s power advantage over Xbox 360, games released on both in 2006/2007 had a graphical advantage on Xbox 360. This was simply due to devs struggling with new hardware. I attribute this to nothing more than that. Clearly, the rolls are reversed this gen. Sony learned from PS3s early development difficulties, but MS went a different direction. It’s going to take devs a little more time to master. Plus the fact that IW is working with a completely outdated engine doesn’t help. You’re sadly mistaken and naive if you think this is a sign of things to come.

    • Meow

      The PS3 was harder to use AND better. This time around, not only is the PS4 easier to develop for, but its also more powerful. So no, roles are not reversed. MS has both negatives this time around. Weaker, and harder to make games for.

  • Sadat Kasaija

    It’s a shame to say the least if indeed this turns out be 100%. Clearly MS is aware of this and what it could mean for success and they’ll adjust accordingly but for now no matter whether or not it matters, it’s going to hinder them in some way. It’s the next generation people an impact much needed.

  • iAmEFFeX

    I’m picking up the PS4 version, so I’m not really sweating this. However, it IS poetic justice after all the early DLC and contracts that Microsoft has had with Activision all these years. HOWEVER, I do feel for XBox One consumers who will be getting a lesser product on such high end hardware. I don’t really blame Activision or Infinity Ward, but there’s something drastically wrong going on with this console that they can’t seem to figure it out. These aren’t the only developers having trouble either. I hope they get it right though, because I would hate to see this generation get held back visually because Microsoft couldn’t provide multi-platform developers the proper tools.

  • Jim

    Hi guys, if I have a 720p TV and am buying XB1 does this matter to me or not?


  • AcePhoenix007


    • YnotNDalton

      Lmfao.. thats the whole point of upgrading and next gen systems man from the beginning

    • Edward Zhang

      But the gameplay is the same on both consoles, so why don’t I get the one with the same gameplay but better graphics?

  • Don Keedick

    Is there anywhere I can get a PS4 still? Im definitely cancelling my xbox preorder. What a let-down.

    • Joe Vicious

      Cancelling a pre order over unconfirmed rumours?

      • ORB1T4L

        And for 1 game…

        • Don Keedick

          I don’t really want Kinect anymore either. Plus BF4 is higher res on ps4. Those are the two games I play the most so they make a big difference to me.

  • LukeBlackburn

    WiiU is 1080p so why isn’t xbone?

    • YnotNDalton

      Because wii u games are far less graphically intensive.. they may look artistically better but have much smaller texture files.. much less post processing and the such

  • Enrique Cisneros

    david a’s new tweet states cleary they dont have a x1 or any of its games

  • YnotNDalton

    The devs and tech savvy ppl have been saying this was gonna happen all along but no one would listen……

  • jejeje

    You can play cod ghost 1080p on xbox connect the ps4 to xbox and that`s it.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    You could put a 720p screenshot next to a 1080p screenshot and from the naked eye you will barely be able to tell the difference. It’s seriously not a big deal lol.

    • Ed

      on big tvs, it is a big deal. that’s why 1080p tvs are more expensive than 720 tvs. it really does make a difference on tvs 40″ and up.

      • Assassin5150

        exactly that why you don’t find 32 inch tv’s with 1080p. I can tell a difference on my 65 inch tv when I upscale from 720p to 1080P. and there is also a big difference when viewing 720p up scaled to 1080p and watching a 1080p stream

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is better. Its 1080p.

  • ORB1T4L

    So, Battlefield 4 runs at 1080p/60fps and CoD is rumored to run at 720p/60fps ? I don’t believe it. It makes no sense at all.

    • YouAintGotTheAnswers

      I’m confused cause Dice reported that they were trying to get the PS4 to run BF4 1080p at the same frame rate as the Xbox One. Meaning Xbox One was out performing for w.e reason. I believe there just be something different in the Xbox One reason that’s why.

      • ORB1T4L

        I think that it must be easier to make a game run at 60fps with 720p resolution than maintaining the 60fps rate with 1080p resolution. But I’ve seen a video explaining the potential of the eSRAM, and with that, the Xbox One is perfectly capable to run any game at 1080p, I just think the devs don’t master this thing yet so that’s why some games are running at lower resolution on Xbox One. But I have hope that they will patch it somehow when they can use the eSRAM correctly.

  • Goten

    The fanboy wars continue to rage on…if there’s anyone out there who can hear me at this point in time, fight on! Don’t let them get to you…lol

  • Ed

    i really don’t think the point of people making a big deal about it has anything to do with the 1080p resolution, really. i think the issue is… why is it so hard for them to make it 1080p for xbone? is it a reversal of circumstances, like between the ps3 and xbox360? is the esram making it any harder for the developers like the cell did for ps3? if this turns out to be true, i won’t say it’s a huge deal, game wise, but it is in the very least a bit troubling for microsoft, in my opinion.

  • jooker-jr

    If ghost can’t run at 1080p on the XB1 how about cod 13 or 15 ??

    But still these are all rumors so maaaaaaybe they’re false

  • jooker-jr

    If the xb1 can’t run cod on 1080p how it will run 4k games ???

    Both the ps4 and xb1 support HDMI 2.0 and 4k displays

    • iwantthegold

      Its gonna be like the Xbox 360, Every Xbox 360 can output up to 1080p including games but the games are upscaled to 1080p. So its gonna be like the X360 but with 4k resolution. Its gonna upscale Games up to 4k. I think its pretty bad since some games can’t run at 1080p. If it had the power of the Ps4 then it would be alright but since some games run at 900p-720p, then you will see a lot of jaggies compare to a game upscaled from 1080p to 4k.

      • jooker-jr

        We have to wait and see

  • monkey0203

    so does that mean folks that the poor buggers like myself that have pre ordered an an xbox one can hope that activision is working on a ppatch to fix this ?

  • iwantthegold

    720p? BF4 runs at 720p and that needs more power than Ghosts. They should of made Ghosts it at least 900p instead of 720p. Oh well hopefully it looks good

  • exeterman2

    Oh dear.

  • This is why I love PS4.

  • Elmer Martinez

    Call Of Duty Should Just Die Its The Same Thing Every Year Idk Why People Get Hyped If All They Do Is Take Away A Game Mode And Add A New One CoD Just Stop…

    • O-W

      Why you on charlie intel for then?

    • How Do I Type Properly?

      Keep Bitching Casual Fag Go Back To Your Ghey Fagville And Keep Picking Up Your Ghey Crops It’s The Only Thing You Ever Gonna Do.

  • Kyle

    Wow, Sony is starting to FINALLY get stuff from Activision, the way it should be!

  • ThatGuySconter

    My TV only has 720P and that will not be getting upgraded for a year or two so it won’t make a difference to me but whoever is responsible for letting it go out at 720P should be shot or stabbed….well maybe at least set Riley on them!

  • Puup

    Cod ghost leaked footage here go check it out here,!!

    • burn in hell spammer

      keep spamming you filthy spammer

  • Bill E Weaver

    XB1 is strong enough to support 1080p, the kinect 2.0 captures 1080p so the hardware has to be adequate enough to support that format. Plus Activision has already said the xb1 ghost looks amazing on 4k tv, try upscaling 720p/900p to 4k and say it looks amazing, go ahead we’ll all wait.

    • Bill E Weaver

      Plus forza is native 1080p/nba 2k14 and a few other games. Ryse is 900p but has 85k polys per character that was downgraded from 150k compared to killzones 40k at 1080p. If xb1 has twice the polys than ps4 flagship game and runs at 60fps that pretty impressive.

    • asdasd

      are you on drugs?

      • Bill E Weaver

        No, but since you take what neogaf says as evidence which is a prosony forum as fact you are the one apparently on drugs. It’s common sense, you don’t supply a device that captures 1080p, and not have the hardware to back it with. As well as the other 1080p native games xb1 has. Plus killzone is 1080p but has a 40k poly count per character. Ryse was downgraded from 185k to 85k poly count, so it has more than twice the polys as ps4 flagship title. Carmack/kojima/and the founder of resident evil already stated that the difference in MINIMAL, so where is this 50-30% difference. I have yet to see it with my own eyes, and I went to the Atlanta xb1 tour and played for myself. Plus the 1080p kinect scans your face and applys it to a kinect sports game, meaning that game supports 1080p, and if a kinect sports game can do it, Ghost can easily do it.

  • ScOott

    Can some one please tell me what the difference is between native 1080 p and upscaling 1080p ?

    • $2755294

      Native 1080p means rendering is done at 1080×1920 pixels or roughly delivering a real ~2 megapixel image at whatever frame rate it is running at.

      Upscaled 720p is 720×1280 ~1 megapixel image plus a bit of blurring from the scaling process to a 2 megapixel image so the scaler in your TV isn’t used which in some cases can be really bad (a ton of blurring).

      Special post process filters can help but in the end the image will be a sorta HD image. For reference 4K is ~8-9 megapixels and SD is 0.3 megapixels

      480p is 01x or is SD (grainy)
      720p is ~03x better than SD (Smoothish)
      1080p is ~06x better than SD (Smooth)
      4K is ~28x better than SD (It looks butter smooth)

      Human perception would follow a ~10x improvement being really readily apparent which is why some people don’t think HD is that “HD” but the difference between SD and 4K images is pretty obvious. Viewing distance and visual acuity matters as well as if your eyes or distance blurrs a image it doesn’t really matter how high resolution it was at the display if your 100ft away or are legally blind.

      1080p is pretty much the standard currently so running native to that is expected for a current day system.

      For PCs 1080p is the most common display according to steam’s 2013 hardware statistics survey with over 31% having this resolution. For TVs 720p is consider budget and 1080p is considered the norm as well.

      • ScOott

        I’m not going to pretend I unsterstood all of that lol.. So if xbox one is upscaling it to 1080 p and ps4 is native 1080 p would you be able to tell the difference with out using a microscope?

        • Vibrators

          The difference is massive. No way you’ll miss it dude.

  • Derrick Wingler

    Nothing in this article confirms anything. Its all still rumor from IGN which happens to be infamously biased towards Sony. I’ll believe it when its ACTUALLY confirmed

    • Keshav Bhat

      IGN didn’t report this. A former IGN employee has stated the facts based upon what other major sites are saying.

  • JohnClark_R6

    Titanfall. That is all.

    • Ed

      “That is all.” is spot on.

  • The 720p is here to stay “according to a Microsoft dev” about 6 months ago not just for ghost but as far as the line up goes all games but Microsoft is working on a software update to scale it up to 1080p at launch, but it will never be native which not sure if you would notice a difference or not with the scale up guess one of those aliamartns can do there “break down videos” maybe we can see it then, I’m being facetious I could care less!

  • Myke Fletcher

    Legit question, why would the 360 version be 1080 but not the xbox one?

  • Tech Wizz

    In other news….

    Battlefield 4 just confirmed to run at 900P on PS4 720P on XBOX ONE…

    LoL at Xbox fanboys!!!

  • TrollHachem

    PC , Gonna Play at 4K 😀

  • Toby Vigers

    This is NOT TRUE it is all only rumors, Mark Rubin himself said that the ghosts will run at 1080p on the xbox one at eurogamer and in an interview to the official xbox magazine.

  • CodGhostXD

    From what i have heard yes it will be 720p but they will release a patch later which would promote it to 1080p win win situation xbox1 just gets it late sry

  • Man won’t you just love how that one tree looked when you get shot in the face?

  • 720p isnt a bad res

    Is this really an argument? Call of duty is bought for its competitive multiplayer, not graphics. Why is one console running at 1080p And another not be a huge issue. Most people probably dont even have a 1080p TV. this shouldnt be a deal breaker for people. More like a minor difference that you wont notice.

  • Zuher Slenderman Tatli