We’ve just been sent an image of the back cover of the Xbox 360 Ghosts box, and as you can see from the listing, it says max players are up 12 online.

Now this is the first time a Call of Duty game has said that on the back. Black Ops 2 says 1-18. Now why is this a big deal? Well it seems to confirm that Ground War is not returning for Ghosts on current gen only. It appears that next-generation consoles will support up to 18 players, while current gen only 12.

The image also shows that the instal space required on your hard drive will be only 3GB. A user who has the game has stated that it took him only 10 minutes for the entire install to complete.

SOURCE:Β @Slav_on_my_Nob for imageΒ (Thanks for the tipΒ @NoahJ456 and @LiamFTWinter!)Β 

  • Charlie Val

    lol 12 players?

  • Lightning1432


  • M MHD


  • And this kids is another reason why you need to buy Ghosts on Next-gen.

    • Lightning1432

      I would get it on next-gen but me and my family are broke.

      • Devin Wolfe

        I’m getting it for both when the PS4 and Xbox One drop.

        • IonComet

          Why both? That’s 120 dollars

          • Connor Williams

            Plus the price of the consoles. That’s 1120 dollars. Stupid rich people.

          • BillGates

            Stupid poors.

          • Connor Williams

            I was being mostly sarcastic, but I see what you did there… πŸ˜‰

          • IonComet

            OMG Bill

          • Devin Wolfe

            I’m not rich at all.

          • Simon

            Blowing over 1,000 dollars on not only one but two consoles is definitely considered rich, or spoilt rotten.

        • mile104mc

          What’s the point? It’s going to be 99.9% the exact same.

  • M MHD

    hhhhhhh fuck 4 xbox T=T

    • Lightning1432

      You would have sex for an xbox? That’s what I read at least.

  • Derrrp

    Garbage. It should be 1-18 on CURRENT and 1-24 on next.

    • platinumwarrior121

      agree,which they added more players on each team

    • TheOnlyOneUndone

      Only if the maps get bigger, picture a 24 player nuketown equivalent. I think the map Turbine should be considered small.

      • DarkScyth

        Then go play Battlefield. Not only is Turbine one of the worst maps period, it’s also the maximum size a map should be in CoD. Ideally maps shouldn’t even reach that size.

        • Batman

          Turbine is the best map, but BO2 wasnt made for it, thatΒ΄s why it sucks.

          Turbine would have been awesome in MW2 or BO1

        • Batman

          If you have played the best good old cod the maps were all like turbine, and they were better than anything MW3/BO2 has to offer

    • Christ,imagine all players use c4…

  • i am!

    Thumbs up if you’re excited for ghosts πŸ˜€

    • Lightning1432

      I’m so pumped that I could just punch the cashier in the face before release and ask them to get me a copy.

    • Im SUPER EXCITED for ghosts!

      • Lightning1432

        Are you THIS excited?

        • More

          • Lightning1432

            Ok then are you so excited you could jump out of a plane?

          • jooker-jr

            Of course πŸ™‚

      • Names Django

        Ready to shit in the enemys yard??

        • Already done that..uh it was a relief

          • Lightning1432

            Uhm you should also keep down your anger/rage this is what you look like when you are mad. Scary D:

          • Then stop corner camping

          • John

            Haha nice Riley ,i will call you every time in Ghosts MP πŸ™‚

  • M MHD

    w8 4 ps3 ghosts ^^

  • Drag

    that sucks

  • IamQuark

    wtf 12 players ? !!?!?!!?

  • M MHD

    i think it is wrong it will be 18 if there is wargame

  • TheDarkWaypoint

    Well with cod I never saw a reason for 9v9… :/ it doesn’t work for me.

    • janez

      In a game like black ops 1 it works great. Most maps play better.

  • M MHD

    or because dedicated server they made it 12

  • platinumwarrior121

    all i play is ground war,people camp to much on team-death match,i plan on picking this up on the 5th for ps3 then upgrade to the ps4 edition

  • Random Dude


    • lame

      Is boring

      • Lightning1432

        I’m going to get both but most likely BF4 for Christmas. Only reason I am getting both is so that I could have 2 variations of an FPS game. A sort of simulator, then a faced paced arcade game. ALTHOUGH I will play COD a ton more πŸ˜€

        • Random Dude

          Hahahah you are so mad.
          First of all, It’s not BF 3,5. Tons of new features etc, 24 gb download on Origin, an hour or so with fiber, if you play correclty and the objective you will find enemies . AND BATTLEFIELD is NOT A SIMULATOR. Arma 3 is a simulator.

          • Random Dude


          • Bigi345

            installs don’t mean a thing

    • U Like EA Microtransactions?

      Enjoy battlefield 3.5.

    • Misogynist

      I would have installed Cod Ghosts in the time it took me to find an enemy on BF4

      • Batman

        DonΒ΄t be so dumb, have you ever played 64 player BF match? dude its just more frenetic than CoD

  • Drag

    i Dont play GroundWar anyway so its ok for me

  • Max

    Only Two Player Extinction?

    • lMattW

      Locally yes. Online up to 4.

      • Keshav Bhat

        I wouldn’t say that.

  • Drag

    Co-op only 2 players?

    • Thats in the row for offline, second row is for online. Where glare reads it should be “Coop 2-4″ players”

      • Plok

        Real pitty that 4 player splitscreen is gone.

  • The Flash

    wait so infected with only 12 players now?

    • Grigori


    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      That’s dead.

      • The Flash

        if your referring to infected last time i checked its not and is one of the most popular gamemodes of mw3

        • Abe

          No Tactical Insertions have been reported in Ghosts. I’m curious if infected will be near as good as it is in MW3.

          • The Flash

            they might be added just for Infected, they know how popular the mode is and it seems to have been warranted one of the main gamemodes in IW games from now on

  • Roxas3510

    Obviously this looks like Ground War will only be on next-gen, this doesn’t mean they’ve completely gotten rid of the game mode (or any 18 player playlist). If any of you guys were here a few days ago, the PS4 box leaked and it says 2-18, so calm down.


  • BattleNex

    Good portion of the community crushed right there lol.

  • Dish sushi

    Aaaaah I want this game

  • MuffinButtin

    Who’s Getting Ps4??

  • Drillz

    Thats some fucking bullshit! How the fuck are they gonna take away the more advanced 9V9 lobbies on current gen systems. Fuck outta here with that shit.

  • RazR

    1-12 really doesn’t make sense. If more demanding games can do 24 players why does ghosts only do 1-12 on the xbox 360. (Btw I don’t really like ground war)

    • mac

      Can you imagine 24 people on fricken nuketown

    • Brandalf

      Because the map design of COD doesn’t support that many players these days. COD4 maps for the most part could properly support 24 players before it became a clusterfuck.

      MW2 could have as well surely. BO1 possibly….MW3 and BO2? LMFAO no

  • seba

    dedicated servers… lmao.

  • Daza

    Will there be online splitscreen then?

  • Franko

    The gametypes I usually play are 12 players, so this doesn’t change anything for me.

  • coolwhhhip

    Death of the support slave abusing MOABmentators!

  • Franko

    Also, why do they have preorder bonuses? I didn’t preorder Black ops 2 and Nuketown and the back of Ghosts on this pic says it includes Free Fall. Just to hype it and get preorder numbers I guess.


    3GB vs 49GB good god… maybe the generational difference is bigger than they’re saying

    • Batman

      Or they are just being idiot and not developing the game smaller

    • Brandon S

      It’s just cause PS4 is gonna be 1080p native. That requires a shit load of space.

  • Stick Man

    So I’ll have 1-18 ground war day one on PC right?

    • Brandalf

      Pretty much guaranteed

  • Ed

    people need to learn how to take better pictures.

  • ip x Warrior

    β€’ NO EMP (SUPPORT)
    β€’ NO JAVELIN


    • Lightning1432


    • AcePhoenix007

      LOL “cross map knife lunge”
      I lost it there XD

      • ip x Warrior

        if u played mw2 or mw3 u know what i meant..

        • AcePhoenix007

          yup I know exactly what you mean. can’t wait for it to happen in Ghosts anyways XD

          • ip x Warrior

            No.. there won’t be lunge in ghosts u will have to be very close to the guy to cut him. Not as much as bo2, Black ops 2 knifing was just hilarious and stupid at the same time

          • AcePhoenix007

            At least Infinity Ward is smart unlike Treyarch and their “secret weapon ‘Vonderhaar'”

    • Batman


      • ip x Warrior

        (there will be quickscope in ghosts) *

        • StraightEdgeAtheist

          Not as a good as it was in other games through.

          • ip x Warrior

            I played Ghosts and trust me, it’s still easy to Quickscope. It’s different but duable.

          • jooker-jr

            If u can quick scope on bf u will quick scope on ghosts

            And quick scope on bf is that hard

      • Plokijuh1229



      • ip x Warrior

        Max kill streak is 15 in assault ***

    • abe

      NO MORE TACTICAL INSERT CLANS – I wonder how many high ranking clans will be going out of business without the ability to spam their spawn trap/camping gimmicks.

      • ip x Warrior

        And i also wonder how booster are gonna boost now πŸ˜‰

    • Jeremy Jackson

      What about:
      -Danger Close,
      -Support(in general),
      -Deadeye perk,
      -is Blast Shield and Tac resist gonna be like Treyarch versions or MW3 blASS shield pro
      -is Eavesdrop gonna be like MW3 sit rep pro and also not be countered by dead silence
      -Off the grid corner campers
      -motion sensor
      -campers leaning around corners
      -are these maps gonna be like MW3 maps
      -is respawn protection coming back?

      answer or comment some of those for me πŸ™‚

      • Hello Rockview

        In Ghosts Sitrep Pro is called Amplify and you will hear Dead Silence users, which I think is a mistake.

        • Jeremy Jackson

          Well if that’s true.. then that’s garbage. Here come the Turtle Beach max volume Amplify campers. smh

      • Bigi345

        People who played it said the maps are way bigger than BO2 or MW3. Like MW2 style maps
        There’s a jammer killstreak
        We still kinda don’t know what does danger close do in this game, Nothing has been confirmed.
        Deadeye is a bit double sided when about being OP or not

      • ip x Warrior

        Don’t worry dude, Danger Close and Dead Eye are very well balanced, didn’t heard about motion sensor yet, support is a good thing, people hated supported because in mw3 it was very unbalance but this time in ghosts they focus support on real supporting killstreak, nothing lethal. There will be camper in EVERY games. MW3 were ok. I hope blast shield and tac resist are more like 3arc, blast shield sucked.

      • jjohn

        Nothing wrong with leaning around corners. It would the same as head glitching I suppose.

  • jimocar

    its beacuse of the dedicated servers it would be more expensive f it were for more players, so they just allow it for next gen

  • NiftyGam3r

    I cried when Samantha dies in I am legend… And now ghosts wants to bring back those feels again with Riley πŸ™

    • ip x Warrior

      Samantha die ? Spoiler much -_-

      • NiftyGam3r

        That movie has been out for ages if i spoiled it for you you must live under a rock

        • ip x Warrior

          Oh i thought you were talking about samantha from the easter egg in black ops 2 zombie -,-

          • NiftyGam3r

            Lol no samantha is the dogs name in the movie

    • Damnit FRED!


      • NiftyGam3r

        Lol that part had me cracking up

  • zTrueFear

    2 Co-op for the campain, 1080p on x360?

    • Mike

      That just means the 360 will upscale it to 1080p, the xbox one version will also state 1080p on the box, this is not the native resolution.

  • AcePhoenix007


  • omar_soft

    “For best experience play on 720p OR HIGHER ERESOLUTION” Does this mean 1080p?

    • Primey_


    • ichantz

      It says 720p, 1080i, and 1080p for 360, but not on Xbone

  • IonComet

    From the maps we have seen 6 vs 6 seems alright due to small maps

  • ip x Warrior

    Did anyone else notice that it said “Bonus Map included” on the case ? This probably mean that everybody will most likely get the Free Fall map ?

    • Jacky Liang

      Interesting point.

    • Guest

      My guess is they got it from a retail store that doesn’t offer pre-orders but still does a midnight event. Last year I got BO2 from my local Walmart, they don’t offer pre-orders but I still got Nuketown 2025 since I was there at the midnight event. Will post a picture when I can.

    • Guest

      My guess is they got it from a retail store that doesn’t offer
      pre-orders but still does a midnight event. Last year I got BO2 from my
      local Walmart, they don’t offer pre-orders but I still got Nuketown 2025
      since I was there at the midnight event. Will post a picture when I

    • Brandalf

      My guess is they got it from a retail store that doesn’t offer
      pre-orders but still does a midnight event. Last year I got BO2 from my
      local Walmart, they don’t offer pre-orders but I still got Nuketown 2025
      since I was there at the midnight event.

      EDIT: Here’s a pic of my BO2 case.
      EDIT 2: Oops posted it twice hehe.

    • Luis

      same shit happened last year. it will likely be free to download for everyone like nuketown remake was.

  • Tyrant Era

    i see 1080p there D:

  • Edwin Abing

    this sucks, me and my friends usually played groundwar full party

    • Luis

      You’re probably the type of player that ruins cod. full party fag boys.

  • bsktballmsu1

    wait so do you have to have 3GB to play or is the 3GB just to install the game to make it run smoother and not make as much noise on your xbox


      It says 3GB required to play game πŸ™‚

  • Rehelp

    but i loved ground war …

    • ip x Warrior

      Well you can go back on older game and play it !


    well of course current gen was going to be dumbed down a little bit but if the maps are the same size and i can do splitscreen online with my friends im happy oh and if it does not run at 60 fps im going to FLIP OUT

    • ip x Warrior

      Call of Duty will ALWAYS be 60fps.

      • Rainbow dash

        I like your call of duty ghost picture ip x Warrior

  • TepidBlack

    No GW on current gen? Ha, go fuck yourselves. I’m not buying a $500 piece of shit that’s already inferior to the PC I built for the same price a year ago.

    • Jason Mars

      Sure sure. PC must be a price of shit if you built it for $400

      • TepidBlack

        Nice to see that you can’t read, as I clearly said “$500”, not “$400”. And I have a HD 7870 GHz 2GB, FX-8150 and 8GB DDR3, so if you consider that a “price of shit” (it’s piece, by the way) then the Xbone must be on another whole level of shit.

        • Jason Mars

          Why would you be comparing it to the One and not the ps4? Is it because the PS4 is more powerful and cheaper so your shitty comparison wouldn’t look so stupid?
          You made a computer without a motherboard, HDD, PSU and Case? That’s hard to do.

  • Jake Hamm

    free fall comes with game

  • s

    Online multiplayer 1-12…. No online split screen then :-(????

    • Brian Murana

      it says coop 2 right on it

  • George

    Eh, the Wii U version could probably benefit from having some modes taken out. Was rather disappointing to find that absolutely no one on there plays League in Black Ops II.

  • kugel

    3GB will take us like 10 minutes to download, because splinter cell blacklist was 7gb took me like 30 minutes though i had 8mb internet speed doesnt depend on your internet

    • Devin Wolfe

      The 3GB is on the second disc.

    • Mastershot1

      It’s also a install not an download

  • Bigi345

    like Download and install or in the disc only need to install? is it basically the 3GB ver of the PS4 install?

  • ip x Warrior

    It’s funny that it said: 1080p on the back of the xbox 360 back cover and the xbox one can only run it a 720p ? Stop foolin us Microsoft

    • ONE BAR

      1080p could also just be cut scenes… since it also says 720. I really hope the MP for X1 is native 1080p though.

    • Vibrators

      It’s UPSCALED 1080p. The Xbox One MAY have native 1080p.

  • taylerblazze

    I don’t know if it means anything. But it says “Co-op 1-2” Does that mean the campaign is co-op?

  • MnD2155

    Can we install the 3gb installment on the xbox slim 4gn module? Please reply me if we can, then i won’t need a 250gb, if i can’t then i have to buy one tomorrow.

  • Andrew

    Also the Infected mode also have 12 players on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U have while Xbox One, PS4 and PC have 18 players (well some PC have 12 players if only they upgraded the PC system or something).