Well, the long rumored Extinction mode has just been revealed by a user who has got an early copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Imgur user smtkz has posted an image of the new mode, which is reportedly unlocked via completing the first five missions of the campaign mode.

We will not be posting any more images of this mode as we don’t want to spoil any more than we already have. Only 9 more days folks… 9 days.

  • curi0us

    Glad to know it does in fact exist.

    Hope there’s a code that unlocks it directly like in Black Ops where you could unlock ‘Five’ through the PC.

  • Guest

    i’m actually glad they made it to where you have to complete the campaign to be able to play this mode. You can tell IW put alot of work into the campaign.

    • MetalSaint

      I completed Each CoD Campaign I really like the story 🙂

      • I like the cod2 campaign the most 😀

        • CoDforever

          I think im the only one that absolutely loved MW3 campaign ..

          • Absolutly not.

          • Jason

            Was the best for new cod players.

          • specktor

            you were probably the only one that played it haha when i heard it was a sequel to the mw2 campaign i knew then i wouldnt play it haha i loved waw campaign and bo1 campaign stayed away from bo2 campaign though really stayed away from bo2 itsself haha but i love treyarchs zombies and campaigns but infinity wards multiplayer but thats just my opinion

      • Misogynist

        I wish they’d make the campaigns as fun and replayable as the WaW ones though

        • Grigori

          I love the black ops 1 campaign!

        • Ritemis

          Honestly, U cant really compare Treyarchs cod games and IW cod games… they are good in their own way 🙂

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        BO1 campaign was the best.

        • Amauri

          It was just a copy and paste of 80’s movies scenes, is realy unoriginal but many people doesn’t know about this , so they think it’s awesome.

          • Batman

            Wut? Are you dumb? Really? Just die

        • Fagit

          No way man, MW2 was far superior (remember, opinions people)

          • Batman

            MW campaigns are shitty, its just go somewhere kill some guys, go elsewhere kill more guys and them we get rid of the boss in the end

          • Dave Michael

            Except that feeling when you see the US and the White House under attack. Some of the best moments in a campaign of this entire generation I had during the MW2 campaign. BO1 campaign sucked, with the whole brainwashing thing.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            You clearly didn’t get did you lol. Kids these days. It’s not exactly brainwashing, he was a sleeper agent.

          • Dave Michael

            He was brainwashed to BE a sleeper agent. Mason was brainwashed without knowing it to respond to the numbers broadcasts.

            Generally, a sleeper agent is fully aware of what they are doing. They are placed in another country with strict orders to live a normal life and not do anything until they are contacted. This wasn’t exactly the case in Black Ops, because Mason never knew he was a sleeper agent, because he was brainwashed.

            And apparently being 28 is a “kid” nowadays? Huh, go figure.

          • Emre

            even more sad if you are 28 years old. And still play video games everyday hmm sad.

          • Dave Michael

            How’s that sad? I don’t play EVERY day, but I have a full time job, a 14 month old daughter, I spend time with friends, and yet I still find time to sit down for several hours on the weekend and play some CoD. I’ve loved video games since the late 80’s with my NES, and they’ve been a huge part of my life.

            So yeah, I guess it sucks having a hobby I love that I get to do while I relax at home on my couch. So sad…

          • specktor

            not sure how being any age and playing games is a bad thing i mean it doesnt make sense i work 50+ hours a week and at shift schedules im 22 with a wife and 1 year old i spend time with them and play games as well as dave michael they love watching me play again im just confused on how it is considered sad

          • ben wills

            mw1, mw2 and bo1 are all amazing

            waw has no story
            mw3 was boring as hell until SPOILER soap dies
            bo2 was one of the worst written things ive ever seen before. so nonsensical

          • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

            Until u make your own game thats one of the worlds most popular….dont judge it…its all the same just a different way

          • ben wills

            thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. i actually cant believe what i just read

          • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

            no it isnt ….yall people just sit here and criticize the game that they put work into

          • ben wills

            I don’t want to waste 60 dollars on a game that’s bad. I’ll criticize it to make it better. As a consumer it is a businesses responsibility to make a good product for consumers who are buying it. I don’t mindlessly hate products, I hate them (or love them) for a very specific reason, a reason which I state to make future titles better. I like skill based games, like the first Black Ops and World at War. I want to earn my kills, I want to deserve what I get, not have revenge spawning or die because of a terrible net code where I can’t see my enemy before I die. These decisions were terrible because you don’t earn your score and you don’t earn anything. It’s just playing a game and tossing in a RNG for your score. It’s brutal design, and I do not want to play that as a consumer.

            Going back to story. To be engaged in a story it needs to make sense. Black Ops II was lazily written by David Goyer, who obviously knew nothing about the first game (even though he was apparently a consultant on it). As a result, characters weren’t written remotley as they were in the first game (Hudson), plot devices made zero sense (the whole Menendez on the the USS Obama), and it was a giant mess (you start by rescuing Woods, but its completely unrelated to how he got out of Hanoi or lived. Then they start explaining it but just stop then go on). Plenty more examples, but it is incredibly sloppy and ultimately terrible. I doubt he put much work into it at all, because it is truly difficult to screw up as bad as that, so I’m going to criticize it because it was my money, and it was my fandom that they took advantage of. That does not fly. Grow up.

          • lolcakes

            mw2 sucks and so does bo1 lmao

        • Dave Michael

          MW2. Easily the best.

      • Xecho

        God damn it. Look what you started down there you started an arguement.

      • p.i.m.p.player47

        I think black ops 2 had the best campaign so far Mw2 is the second best

        • ben wills

          gameplay wise: bo2 the best
          story wise: bo2 the worst

    • Guest

      Same, especially with so much work put into this one ! (new story, oscar award winner writing it, new characters etc and A DOG !)

      • Captain Obvious

        Oscar award winning writer? So what? Black Ops 1 and 2 were written by the guy who Co-wrote The Dark Knight Trilogy. There’s always new characters, and we all know the dog will die at the end.

        • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

          dont say that

    • Grigori

      Only the first five missions and then you can play it

      • Guest

        really ? Have any proof ?

        • Grigori

          It’s up here ^ in the article -_-

          • Guest

            whereeee ? I think im blindd lol

          • Grigori

            >>> Imgur user smtkz has posted an image of the new mode, which is reportedly unlocked via completing THE FIST FIVE MISSIONS of the campaign mode.<<<<

            This is from the article above

          • golferboy321

            Thanks Jesse. They should read the article before arguing about it.

          • CoDforever

            It was edited.

          • golferboy321

            Ok. Thx for letting me know. The guest should’ve read it after the reply though.

          • golferboy321

            Even if you do have to play the whole campaign, I’ll love playing the campaign and extinction. (And multiplayer of course)

      • CoDforever

        I think that the first 5 missions will encourage people to finish the enitre campaign, assuming that the first 5 missions are amazing ofcourse.

  • SatanicNosferatu

    http:/​​/​​m.imgur.com/​​a/​​FCK8Q All leaked images of extinction here…

  • Guest

    Here’s the guy on reddit if anyone wants spoilers http://t.co/BIr1UrxifD

  • ORB1T4L

    Everybody is posting the same link… what’s the point ? Trying to grab upvotes ? Once again, what’s the point ?

  • Someone
  • I have a feeling this post is going to reach a CharlieIntel high in comments

    • alex

      Way to curse it. Now look what ya done hah

  • David Sync

    Oh my sweet baby Jesus

  • Grigori

    Awesome! Zombies but than with challenges! can’t wait! and CharlieIntel, i really would like to see more pics about extinction here 😉

  • Guest

    Imgur.com wasn’t working for me, so take this instead :p https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pv3egxe5mkwtxzw/55GipVE3jU

    • Aaron / #TeamAZZA

      Thanks for using my dropbox.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    WOW, looks freaking awsome! Can’t wait 🙂

  • MuffinButtin

    I Hope That Extinction Isn’t Like Dead Ops Arcade On Black Ops 1

  • Cagri

    If i buy the 360 version can i get the ps4 for 10$?

    • Nick


      • Luke

        Did you just made a reply to your own question, answering it?

        • Grigori

          Hi there, skywalker :p

          • Luke

            May the Force be with Me! Hi.

    • ip x Warrior

      If you buy the 360 version of CoD u can switch your 360 version for a
      Xone version for 10$ But u can’t cross platform, u can’t go from a 360 to a ps3 or a XONE to a ps4.

    • Josiah Johnson

      Try to find someone in your area that wants to go from ps3 to xbone, then trade them and it will cost $10

  • Bigi345

    For those who played this already, are the aliens bipedal? And do they use weapons other than the expected melee?

  • Guest


  • Tommyperyea

    now xbox one is going to get the cool dlc early

  • Lightning1432

    I’m pumped as hell Survival mode from MW3 AND a zombies like mode CONFIRMED? YES PLEASE.

  • Codfather

    Yesssssss!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the game

  • CallOFDUTY
  • Grigori

    I love the guy who puts these pics on the internet (no homo)

  • Adam

    Can you post a clear picture of the back of the #CODGhosts case? Thanks. 🙂

  • Jrocka

    COD 247 on facebook has a shit ton of pics of in game Extinction and MP!

    • Nathan Chappell


  • See, this is what’s wrong with the internet of today. The thirst for information is higher than the want to be surprised. I guess its too much to ask that Extinction would be a secret until the game’s release.

    Think about it.

  • CoDforever

    There are now four main game modes ! Campaign,Multiplayer, Squads and EXTINCTION !!!!!! So stoked !!

    • Guest111

      Don’t forget about Survival.

      • ListerStorm

        What theres Survival?

        • Jon Cameron

          There’s a Squads mode that’s basically survival. 3 separate modes where you kill waves of enemies. First mode = 20 rounds, second mode = 40 rounds, 3 mode = infinite rounds. You can level your weapons in this mode. Whatever weapon you’re using, if you get a hitmarker on one of the bots, you gain XP for that weapon. When the weapon levels up, your gun gets better stats like better damage, etc. Crates also can be found at random times that provide different weapons. Double tap the button you use to pick up the weapon in the crate in order to change it to something else. AI becomes progressively harder the further you are.

          That’s all that I know about it.

      • JDawg

        Survival is a sub-mode within the new Squads mode, it isn’t considered a major mode like Campaign or Extinction.

  • snapax

    this looks crazy fuckin awesome, but charlieintel, if you guys get bored you should really update the weapon list cause i feel like its really out of date cause we have actually gotten a lot of info on new weapons

    • Keshav Bhat


      • a

        Peeps on CoDWiki have some info

  • snapax

    btw i feel like that guy who got the copy should learn how to use a camera better

  • Toxic

    Guess I was right all along and I can bet for any money, that he hasn’t got the game actually yet. Firstly because, the game it self is in Final Release date 2 unless he is playing a broken game, which is a Q&A job to do.

    • CoDforever

      No, you still arent right. We still dont know how the gameplay feels like.

    • jordanxbrookes

      What do you mean by Q&A? Question and Answer or Quality Assurance?

      • Brandalf

        I’m sure he means quality assurance but Q&A meand question and answer. So I’ll just say “Yes”

  • Grigori

    “Imgur user smtkz has posted an image of the new mode, which is reportedly unlocked via completing the first five missions of the campaign mode.”

    So only the first five missions!
    But im still gonna play it till the end

    • Offstar

      This guy is going to get his ass sued guaranteed he leaked a secret mode that Infinity Ward put in as a surprise. I think dev’s should make a patch that has to be downloaded before you can play a game and only release it on the release day it would only be a small one like 1 mb or less but would stop people from releasing things like this.

      • Grigori

        But with this little leak some people will buy the game because of this mode. And by this guy it’s confirmed! All i have to say is Thanks!
        And Infinity Ward had a teaser ready so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.. Now waiting for a trailer!!

      • Avery Horton

        You think he did this on his own? Activision does this on purpose to create hype. Do you honestly think they would give this guy an early copy without knowing he will leak info. This is how this industry works, they have to keep the hype train going all the way up until launch. And I guess it’s just a coincidence that he leaks this pic and then IW puts up a teaser for the same mode on Instagram? Use your brain man.

        • Offstar

          Well when someone preorders games they sometimes get it early so… if he got it early and put the pics out infinity ward would have to put out information in whatever form they think of.

  • ip x Warrior

    Is it like zombie, were you can play 4 players ?

    • CoDforever

      Yea that was in the original leak

  • ip x Warrior


  • alexander kinder

    It’s just like world at war zombies in that sense. U hada beat the entire campaign not just first 5 missions. But im glad iw finally stepped out of their shell with this game as a whole.

  • Well 9 days are pretty long, if you have stupid school ;(

    • alex

      Actually school will help it go by faster

      • Lightning1432

        Agreed these weekends just make it go slower T_T

  • Adam

    In game screenshots and stuff – WARNING SPOILERS – http://imgur.com/a/FCK8Q

    • Dave Michael

      How is pictures of dead aliens spoilers?

  • Jeremy Jackson

    I actually loved Black Ops 2 campaign the most. I’m probably one of the few people that played through it multiple times, so I could get every scenario to happen. My personal favorite was when you let Farid and DeFalco live and they face off. I always enjoy beating all the campaigns on Veteran too. It gives me that old-school COD feel, back when the games were actually difficult to beat i.e COD 2

  • Dave

    Fuck yeah! Time to kill some space bugs!

  • NiftyGam3r

    Campign?! Thats what you people are talking about? Heellooo extinction rumors are answered how about we talk about that !

  • James Stoubas

    i like cod and i also like movies with aliens=best game ever.

  • AcePhoenix007

    ONLY the first five missions? That seems simple.

  • Offstar

    It’s kinda sad Infinity Ward included a secret game mode and the internet ruined it.

  • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

    Based on what the loading screen looks like…

  • ErrorL15

    I honestly liked waw and bo1 campaign the most

  • Colt 1911

    Hell yes! Now just please be 4 player co-op and a good replay ability and i’ll love it!

  • Oxify
  • Ryumoau

    Yay! Thank you infinity ward! i knew they were going to wait till the week of BF4 release to reveal the final mode. 😛

  • a
  • ghost_i98

    Made a vid about this mode a week ago!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKIVz8opHNA

  • robert5666

    i thought cod ghost was just going to be another mix of BO1 and MW3 whick its is and now they started copieing battlefield 4 physics i didnt want to get it because of that i thought that was a very bad knock off but then they release THIS!!?!?!? yea i might change my mind to get it

  • Galen

    But I want more pictures D:

  • discouragedinMI

    Just buy BF4 and forget about Ghosts

    • George

      Just go to a website with people who have the same interests as you.

  • nokki00 .

    Arnold “You one ugly mutha #$%”

  • Henry
  • Harry Potter

    Blimey is that a dragon, I had to fight a dragon in the triwizard tournament.

  • nokki00 .

    COD will get better when they start taking out some much air support. I think ghost is going in that direction. example

    Air Superiority (12 kills) Calls in a fighter jet that engages enemy aircraft. To much offense leads to poor experience. Balance it with defense then the MP games gets intense.

  • philip

    Sorry but someone had to do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2d6T5G2rrY

  • Ps3 DonAntonio99

    Everyones talkin about cod campaigns… And im just here waiting for ghosts and bf4 anf ps4

  • Mazthoril

    So you watched the other leaks, but you won’t post it for spoil reason…
    You’re just selfish, that’s it ! Who cares about spoils ! Where there is nothing to spoil ! It’s just a game mode such zombie mode…

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    This is by far the most viewed page on Charlieintel now. Before I said the first thing I’d do is play Hunted. Now? Sprint through the first 5 campaign levels.

  • Pewdiepie

    How did he/she get the game early I want it early yes I like cod

  • bsktballmsu1

    by far the cod4 campaign was the best then waw then they kinda all weren’t as good but by far mw3 was the worst campaign

  • George

    Good, it’s in the game. Now all the obsessed idiots can shut up about it. To me, this mode is nothing but icing on the cake that will be the great additions of the Squads modes and the new story.

    • James K

      Yeah enough of people pleading for the extinction trailer.

  • Jesse

    I will try it but I probably still wont care much for it like I really didn’t care for the zombie modes in the Black Ops series at all.

  • Spoil me sour

    Why wouldn’t you spoil it? People are coming to your site for this kinda stuff

  • Goten

    I don’t care what anyone says…I love ALL CoD campaigns.

  • CodyB44

    Guy on twitter @DanDerps has the game and is twitter little bits about the game and did answer a few questions..

  • Charlie

    Cod ghost leaked footage here! http://www.youtube.com/homeofinfo

  • brian

    Not hyped for the game, just want to rage at something other than black ops 2 xD. This alien shits gay so im not gonna touch the campaing til I see vids of the mode. Hey previous story says I can get a camo and shit from microsoft preorder, but I preordered at gamestop, will I still get the camo and stuff since I got hardened edition?

  • Migl




  • DeonteThomas

    Holy Shit people who have actually played the Campaign’s on CoD. I Love you guys already.

  • Anthony dunn

    Lets face it not everyone liked the black ops 1 campaign or the MW3 campaign they were both not that good but mw1, mw2, and the black ops 2 campaign were really good, but the best to me was MW1 I loved that campaign

    • ONE BAR

      BO1 was one of the better campaigns. COD4 > BO1 > BO2 > MW2

  • alvinchimp

    The trailer for extinction is released now and it looks sweet call of duty ghosts is looking good hope its 4 player splitscreen

  • Aidan

    Sooooo Long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Da Pepa

    9 days and it still feels very VERY far away.
    Add me on Ps3: Da_Pepa

  • Youtube Matt Schlafly