Activision has just posted a small teaser on Instagram about the new Extinction mode.

  • David Sync

    Oh my 8==========D

  • Drag


    • T.E.D.

      you can play squads too.. that is what the AI is for

  • Er mah Gerd :O

  • Adam

    How many players can you have in offline split screen in COD Ghosts? 4 or only 2? Thanks…

    • Mosssy

      4 players offline splitscreen in local multiplayer
      2 players offline splitscreen in squads and online multiplayer

      I’m not sure about extinction.

      • Adam

        how do you know all this?

        • Mosssy

          I have seen the leaked menus online.
          Also thats how all the previous CODS have been.
          I doubt that they would change it.

  • Tomas Brousson

    this is the only reason to buy season pass

    • How is the season pass connected to Extinction?

      • Tomas Brousson

        extinction dlc… like black ops 2 in zombies

  • Lightning1432


  • SmashDog

    Am I the only one that hears “Brains” near the end

    • platinumwarrior121

      i can only imagine how the aliens are going to grow and look like the farther you progress lol

    • Joe nagy

      Yea it does sound like that. Weird.

    • daniiel zamudio

      me too i hear “brains” to the end

    • MuffinButtin

      I Heard It To

    • Huh i heard steak

  • Shooter

    This better be 4 player co-op. If it’s only 2 then i’ll be dissapointed.

  • There we go. 🙂

  • EndiabladoAdn

    Campaign Fishes covert in Aliens haha

  • The Flash

    IW if you want me to buy your game you need to show gameplay of this mode and talk about it

    • TheShadowReaper

      so thats all you have to say? they have shown you gameplay of Campaign, Multiplayer and Squads. FFS the selling point on this game for you is extinction mode? i’m not saying its gonna be bad or has little meaning but seriously now, the game launches in 7 days and now you remembered to care? wtf… o.O

      • The Flash

        dude i couldnt give a rats ass about the other modes, they are of no interest to me, i play COD for zombies which is why right now i prefer 3arc to IW, Aliens is supposed to be IWs answer to Zombies and if they want me to buy it they need to promote it and show it off so i know what im buying

        • TheShadowReaper

          ok. if you say so.

  • ScOott

    Every one watch out we have a bad man on the loose big pow been watching to much Ksi now he thinks he’s a bad black man when he’s a geeky kid get off the web n go kick some ass homi u mad bro ?

  • Harry Potter

    it must be a boggart

  • Misogynist

    What I’ve always liked about CoD over Battlefield is that there’s more to it than just Multiplayer online (I didn’t even know Battlefield had a single player mode). If I don’t like the way things are online I can always go play against bots and maybe even practice some. If I don’t like that, there’s always the SOMETIMES decent campaign to play through. If I don’t like that I can always play Zombies, and now Extinction!

  • Guest

    The user toxic on charlieintel was the first to leak details on this game-mode.

  • Pewdiepie

    It did say brains can’t wait for this game and yes I like cod

  • NiftyGam3r

    Campign, MP, Squads, and Extinction… Dat install

  • Madara

    Might as well give us a trailer since the game is pretty much leaked.

  • Jason

    I love how BF fanboys come and call COD fans 13 year olds yet they come to attack like a 5 year old not getting their Christmas gift.. LOLZ

  • CodyB44

    Guy on twitter @DanDerps has the game and is twitter little bits about the game and did answer a few questions.

  • Pupa

    Cod ghost leaked footage here check it out!

  • MuffinButtin

    I Think That This Mode Is About All Humans Were Killed But 4 People And You Have To Survive From Alot Of Aliens

    • You better go back to school

      Btw: your pic looks damn fugly.

  • Judens Claude

    damn they got campaign, multi, squads, now fucking extinction fucking worth it

  • Jonathan Smith

    i hear brains 2

  • CloudyWolf

    brains & steak…this is shaping up to be a very interesting, if not great Cee Oh Dee experience…if only they were to tone down the min. requirements on the PC, goddamnit…

    • Vibrators

      The min specs are exaggerated.

  • Its Me Chaos

    i hear Brains to

  • eeee

    8=====================D ———————————)