Preordering Ghosts at Xbox One and Xbox 360 at the Microsoft Store and get an exclusive in-game camo, player patch, and reticle. These camos are exclusive for Microsoft Store.

SOURCE: MSFT via @Trollinthunder

  • eeee


    • Devin Wolfe

      Could you elaborate.

  • Manx Mouse

    I preordered mine from gamestop…I wanted to be Simon Riley

  • lMattW

    Do you get Free Fall if you buy a digital 360 version? I’d much rather just download the game than go to a store, but if it doesn’t come with Free Fall then it’s a no go.

    • Gamefr3akable

      Store and you have to Pre- Order. If you just go to the store without a pre-order, then you can’t get it. Either way, you’re screwed.

      • wigliano

        Doesn’t have to be pre-order. It works like Nuketown 2025. First runs of the game will include the map and once that is done they’ll resort on putting it onto Marketplace for Free and make it a mandatory map.

  • Drag

    Ugly Camo

  • Could someone post the link to MS official store, just to confirm those info and image?

    • TrollinThunder

      No link to MS store. On the dashboard, there’s an ad for the season pass, select that, then select the “Free Fall Pre-Order Bonus” Box and that’s the screen that shows up.

      • Oh, thanks! But, sorry, I don’t have an Xbox; I am just a PS player.

        • Xecho


          • Next: ONLY on 1080p; huehuehueBR.

          • Xecho


  • Fading Lee

    Retail dlc is so aggravating :- now unless you buy two copies or buy the camo on eBay or something you’re not getting all the content, on well chances are it would have been a “micro-transaction” anyway

    • Sentrymann

      I get what your saying, and I agree. However usually pre-order bonuses are simply a camo or skin, something like that. In all honesty, it’s not really that important.

      • Fading Lee

        Yeah, it’s nothing I’d cry over but the OCD part of my brain will have a metaphorical itch because of it. 😛

        • Sentrymann

          Pro tip, never play Pokemon then.

  • ip x Warrior

    Where the fuck is going Call of Duty ? one thing for sure is they are not going into the right way. CoD is getting more kiddy 🙁

    • Da_xavier

      Think the camo was more of a ode to old fashioned crime fighting TV shows. Hence the POW!

    • I have no name oh wait here it

      Well… they are making it more of a Sci-Fi kind of for a game that is in 2027 I think. They are going into the right way, but you might as well try the game first though until it comes out since we never saw a gameplay and haven’t since things much. Even the trailer doesn’t show some gameplay, but it looks decent and cool trying to persuade us at best.

      • ip x Warrior

        I know.. Black ops 2 and his sci-fi kid colorful very disapointed me.. hope ghosts will be better 🙂

  • Harry Potter

    I’m in my 5th year at Hogwarts, I’m taking muggle studies its fascinating learning about muggles and their ways without magic.

    • Sentrymann

      Hey Harry, how are your parents doing nowadays?

      • Harry Potter

        Well I haven’t got any of those have I. My godfather sirius is the best thing to a family I’ve got.

        • Sentrymann

          Just wait for your sixth year buddy….

  • ip x Warrior

    Call of Cartoon..

  • Stay Classy

    Lol Microsoft releases their pre-order bonus when everyone’s already pre-ordered from other stores… Nice advertising strategies~~~

  • Marshall

    I was thinking of downloading it straight from PSN, maybe they will get this camo too?

    • HenryDF

      Nah, you’re forgetting about this whole Microsoft exclusivity thing…we might be getting it in a month, but you sure as hell won’t be getting it when you download from PSN on November 5th. It sucks 🙁

  • strika27

    By the image given, it looks an awful lot like the way Black Ops 2 DLC camos were presented: a weapon at a 45 degree tilt (Peacekeeper in Black Ops 2, which is what this looks like). Looks a lot like Black Ops 2. Is it a possibility that this camo is for Black Ops 2, not Ghosts?

    • Hunt HaWk

      What’s the point in that though

    • ip x Warrior

      Nah it’s the HoneyBadger with a ridiculous camo.

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is better

    • ORB1T4L

      We’re here to discuss the game, not to argue on the platform 😉

  • Looks like Party Rock..

  • Liam Reaich extinction mode anybody

    • Toxic

      Oh wait, didn’t I already post comment about Extinction mode ??? And talked details about it ??? Oh wait, I was just lying wasn’t I ….

      Edited: That is what I posted last night earlier … and no-one believed 😀
      Toxic • 13 hours ago
      !!!! SPOILERS !!!!

      Extinction is fun ^-^

      The aliens remind you bit of Far Cry 3 Blood dragons dog minions. They are purple & black and are crawling (like dogs in zombies) and they spit some sort of acid at you. Instead of having unlimited health like normal Zombies, you have a health bar and in order to restore it you have to pick up HP packages. You have to destroy alien eggs. You can find guns lying around and they got light blue glow on them. Also there is a mini-gun and a massive dog look a like alien. Has lots of play-ability and just awesome game mode.
      I understand. But I gotta hunch and a little birdy told me, that there should be some screenshots leaked within week. :O

      • MadMan

        I do remember you saying this and i did believe you haha

      • Liam Reaich


    • extinctionAFTERcampaign

      Here’s an album by Redditor, SMTKZ.
      He also confirmed that the mode is unlocked after the campaign is finished. Treyarch took the same approach for World at War by keeping Zombies a sekret by unlocking it after finishing the campaign.

  • Extiction! More here:

    • HenryDF

      Shit man, this is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing 😀 Where did you find them?

      • ORB1T4L

        Okay so we will have to destroy space bugs hives, we can upgrade a lot of things (characters abilities, team abilities, weapons etc…), there’s challenges and goals… I’m really excited right now ! Like you said : awesome !

      • fkfk

        Someone from Reddit got the game early.

        • ryan

          Yh there’s hackers onit already seen them got the game alrady there’s hacked lobbys i got 1 kill nd got 666666 xp ive seen two people on prestige 2 and a few on 3 im only on 48 then tonight in off to get the prestige edition coz i want the camp n shit so let the game begin

      • Guest

        Check the link, Charlieintel deleted the rest. I guess no spoilers allowed

        • HenryDF

          It’s ridiculous that Ali-A and Tmartn always give CharlieIntel and its users no credit whatsoever. Actually, yesterday Ali-A mention “a new source” called CharlieIntel….pah, this is where he’s been getting all his info for the last year.

          • I remember back before MW3 came out Alia used CharlieINTEL as his prime source, but he gave credit. Until he became famous and started claiming he found the info on his own by doing some “digging”. Everything he is to day, he owes to charlieINTEL. Same with Tmartn

    • Rekone

      caaaaaant wait

    • Gossy

      Hey mate, I made a video about the images. Let me know your name so I can credit you?

    • Well Alia and Tmart made a vid on the images, no credit to dukezap1 🙁 sad face

      • Liam Reaich

        where my cred i posted a hour before you

        • I see that now, but you didnt link to all the photo’s so I guess people needed more proof then one.

          • Liam Reaich

            i didnt want to make a spoiler

          • Spoilers are like candy, as long as they don’t ruin the campaign, then its fine

  • Crenshaw

    Extinction mode confimed pics!!

  • Dextro_Phoenix

    I’m sick to death of this stupid looking camos. Why can’t they just make headshots reward camos like Cod 4 and MW2! This game has the most promise to bring back some of the realism of the earlier call of duty games, don’t ruin by making stupid kiddie looking camos, BACON CAMO!? WTF.

    • ORB1T4L

      Soon : Hello Kitty camo, yay…

    • ip x Warrior

      Nice im not the only one who think that.. bacon,grafiti,cyborg,dragon LOL wtf CoD it’s supposed to be a WAR game. Bacon and War don’t seem to go together.

  • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

    Nice try, Bill Gates.

  • Connor Williams

    Jeez Activision, thought you had hopped off of Microsft’s dick, but obviously not.

  • Ghalo

    Cod ghost leaked footage here go check it out here!

  • Bastian larsen

    That reticle looks like its not That usfull

  • I think this should be the fist indication of in game micro transactions, can only think that there will be weapon packs camo packs and map packs all separate 🙁 I hope that the weapon packs will be part of the season pass but you never know, I have a friend who makes textures for iw he mentioned a compound bow and I don’t see it in the weapon list maybe it got cut!

  • man

    is squads good if so wargame


    that is the most gorgeous camo i have ever seen, makes me want to cry….

  • kris

    I pre ordered it and I haven’t gotten it I don’t know where to dwnld at

  • kris

    where do I download it please tell me

  • epicscopes

    i never got my player patch, or ghost (mw2) head or camo and i got the prestige edition!!