EA’s war with Activision to win over the FPS market has reached a new level today. On the back of every BF4 retail box, IGN’s big quote from their launch trailer is there. You can clearly read it and see it, and EA isn’t trying to hide it.

The quote is:

Frostbite 3 engine and Battlefield 4 put Call of Duty: Ghosts to shame

SOURCE: Joystiq

  • Dave Johnson

    Well, we all know IGN sucks.

  • It’s like they get off on having a childish marketing campaign. They’ve no shame…

    • Scorpion

      Kid’s who argued about who was better, Sega or Nintendo, have carried that into adult hood and now work at EA and Activision.

      • TheShadowReaper

        you mean EA, cause i dont see anyone as immature as EA can get over there at Activision.

      • no. you lose.

        no…wrong….BF is the only one being a douchebag…the COD box will say NOTHING of Battlefield… i assure you. COD aren’t fags like that.

  • RX

    LoL, I think they can’t compare Call of Duty game and Battlefield, because BF has helicopters, jets etc. and it’s more like a simulator, but Call of Duty is fast action game, better for clan wars. For me is Call of Duty better, because in Battlefield You need to spend a lot of your lifetime, before you’ll find someone lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Random Dude

      BF4 is not a simulator, Arma 3 is

      • exeterman2

        He said more like a simulator. Read the comment properly before making conclusions.

      • Batman

        Arma sucks and he said more like a simulator, not a simulator

        • a

          Arma doesn’t suck, it is just you. Also, saying “like a simulator” is a confirmation that the said user thinks that BF4 is a simulator, which it clearly isn’t. Go play red orchestra 2 if you want real simulation.

    • Antics

      Here we go again with “clan wars” LMFAO HAHAAH xD people sound so retarded calling them Clan Wars. especially when they are referring to MLG *competitive matches

      • RX

        I’m just talking about Call of Duty clan wars lol, not about MLG .. have you ever played call of Duty 4 promod? Learn more about that and come back bro.”LMFAO HAHAAH xD”

      • Matt Trumble

        you do know there is a new game mode called clan wars right lol stfu idiot

        • Antics

          Ya and all the MLG pro’s have been laughing at IW for calling it “Clan vs Clan” (not “Clan Wars” like you said). Everyone making a laugh of them for using Clan instead of just saying competitive playlist means it is possible they could change it.

  • One point

    dice and ea feels threatened by the cod franchise,constantly trying to pull publicity stunts to “steal” fans from activision while activision clearly doesnt give a fuck. EA are really showing their “maturity”

    • Mitch

      They are as mature as their community. Where a big part of the CoD community is just playing their game, a big part of the BF community is complaining and bitching about CoD, just like EA.

      • One point

        i just dont understand why developers should get involved in the mindless “game wars”,as a company all they should worry about is pleasing the consumer and getting money.

        • David Brymer

          I agree 100%.

        • ffff

          They seem to get their money, but do we get our playable experience with all the crashing and shit? Fuck the money, give me my gaming expereince i paid 110 bucks for.

          • Robert Clark

            YES! They shouldn’t talk when they can’t fix their damn servers…

        • Dylan Chatland

          EA are the ones in charge of the marketing and all of this stuff, not DICE

        • SeekingSomething

          What the fuck do you think they are doing by adding the quote? You think they only intend to “troll” Activision? Grow up. It’s simply marketing and if you trust IGN as a source of honest opinion then that quote may sway you to buy their product over Activisions. I can’t believe I had to explain this to someone.

          • One point

            where did i say troll or even imply that I though EA were trolling? Your comment is invalid.

      • Derp

        Lmfao apparently you know nothing about the cod community.

        • Mitch

          Yeah I think I do after playing for almost 4 years now… And no, I don’t give a shit about the squeakers playing, since I’m one of the few people who has discovered the mute button. Squeakers are just easy kills. And sometimes, it’s pure fun. Yesterday, party of 4 squeakers in my lobby, blocked one into his corner and let the rage begin.

          • JuggerNaut

            The fact is,that CoD community is shit ,due squeakers and immature players.Is it that hard to go and mute someone and play at peace?Even tho Squekers and raging kids are mostly on consoles. As Pc gamer my self,I rarely hear kids on pc even if I do I mute them and enjoy my game. Everyone blows a huge bubble out of this. Specially Battlefield series fanboys. It’s they’re only “biggest” weapon against us CoD fanboys.

          • CodB3A5T

            All you can do is bitch about are the people who play it cuz u know cod is better!!!

          • JuggerNaut

            With that name bro… You’re not far ahead of those squeakers..

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Tell me why CoD is better, no please, tell me, ALL OF YOU CoD FANBOYS CAN’T TELL ME WHY CoD IS BETTER!? Mabye that’s because it isn’t.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i can explain if you want but i need the ok from you cause if i’m about to throw pure honesty and facts at someone’s face i need them to be prepared.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Please, throw them at me.

          • TheShadowReaper

            ok then, you asked for it.

            note: i wont be focusing on points like gameplay and graphics cause COD and BF are supposed to be good at these two respectively.

            1) ok lets start with game content.

            COD: Ghosts
            – Singleplayer Campaign
            – Multiplayer Mode
            – Squads Mode
            – Extinction Mode

            Battlefield 4
            – Singleplayer Campaign
            – Multiplayer Mode

            COD has twice the content than BF does. one point instantly goes to COD for having more things to do in-game.

            2) lets analyze the modes that both games have in common.
            a) Singleplayer campaign – dont want to sound sold out to COD here but it always had a better campaign than BF. even your fanbase says that you play BF for the multiplayer so i guess point goes to COD? maybe.
            b) here we go, multiplayer – both games have a unique style in the multiplayer component. COD focuses in tight cqc maps with fast paced gameplay that no other game can rival, whereas BF focuses in big maps with vehicle gameplay.

            COD is good at what it does and so is BF, although BF4 has changed its gameplay to be faster just to steal COD fans although i have to say it was a good change, the gameplay feels better than BF3 this year. point goes to whichever you like most.

            3) in-game features and new stuff.
            a) here is the selling point of COD for me this year.
            – create a soldier
            – new engine
            – dedi servers
            there are a lot more like killstreaks, weapons, new maps etc but you’ll probably call them gimmicks or old news so i’ll leave them out. but these criterias will apply to BF4 as well. new maps wont count as “new content” bitch plz. if they dont work for COD, they dont work for BF either.

            b) for BF this year
            – commander mode
            – levolution
            commander makes a return, good for you and levolution is great but Ghosts new engine has that too. not so much of a deal. especially when you say in every damn trailer “with the power of Frostbite 3” yeah we get it, but another game now has levolution too. not so much as BF, of course not but still they are both scripted events. why the BF levolution is “so much better” than the one that appears in Ghosts? Frostbite 3 i guess huh? anyways…meh.

            4) graphics. BF’s strongest point…i guess.
            a) Ghosts new engine looks amazing and i cant wait to see how it will look in 1080p on my PC. with that said…
            b) they should rename BF4 to Frostbite 3 instead. yeah i know, the engine is amazing, the lighting is solid, and the destruction is quite good (but scripted). i guess thats they only point where BF wins COD (even when FB 3.0 is the same thing as FB 2.0 that BF3 has), but its not important, not to me at least.

            BF wins when you want big maps and just graphics. COD will always be the top dog in the FPS genre since on one can challenge the fast paced action it has.
            + i didnt even said anything about Squads Mode and Extinction Mode. BF has only Multiplayer to be kept alive, which is why it dies fast. COD has twice the content this year. is that all that BF can offer us? Frostbite 3 and big maps? lazy in my point of view.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Let’s start with CoD. Althought I understand you point of view, Squads mode isn’t really new, it’s kinda like combat training (way better, since you have objectives now), but with intelligent bots (from what I’ve seen) and the XP goes to your MP characters as well. Yes, The Single-player goes to CoD hands-down, it always has been CoD’s greater side, and it’s probably it’s strongest. Extinction mode is kinda like Zombies and Left 4 Dead combined, it looks fun, and that’s probably 1 of the reasons why I’m getting Ghosts aswell. Multiplayer, well, this is when the game starts to go downhill, the maps don’t seen that interesting (for exemple Free Fall it’s very meh..), the mechanics, there are not so many weapons or things to do (yes, weapons matter because they are the main thing in your screen) animations and hit-reg are the “worse” and here is the part when you shoot a guy and he has time to turn back and kill you, which is just ridiculous (mabye it will be better for Ghosts) the gameplay is outdated and feels the same. Sorry to tell you this, but that new engine, isn’t new, and they actually comfirmed that it isn’t, it’s the same, 1999 engine from Quake III Arena.

            Now to Battlefield. First of all, just because there are a larger variety of modes doesn’t mean it’s better and is not lazy and etc. DICE could make a Co-Op and Dinosaurs mode or something and there you go. Instead they’ve focused on the multiplayer. Only a Battlefield player will notice the difference. The animations on BF4, no MP game has outmached this. There are tiny little details that add to the immersion. The sound is better than every game out there. I rather not talk about the graphics, since it wins hands down. Let’s talk about destruction. (I explain what scripted events really are, if you don’t want to read it, go to the next paragraph.) When a player can activate that, it isn’t scripted, scripted events are certain events that will always happen, no matter what, the campaign for exemple if there’s a guy waiting you for a fight sequence on the other side of the door, you can’t go through him without fighting him, he will always do the same thing, everytime and if you don’t want to fight him, you can’t go throught the campaign. Scripted are things that the players can’t control. Destruction, however is a player-driven event. You activate that event when you shoot something like a rocket, explosives, etc…

            The destruction is dynamic since the wreckage and those tiny pieces are always going to land differently and you can interact with them. The levolution is way bigger than Ghosts “destruction” (levolution is a BF4 thing, so we can’t call it levolution, it even is trademarked, probably) since BF4 has tiny little things like closing doors, cutting lights on a building,raising bollards so vehicles can’t pass through that area, etc. Multiplayer is more ambicious in Battlefield than it ever has been. So that point goes to BF4.

            2. The “new engine” on Ghosts is like the Frostbite 3.0 from Battlefield. Frostbite 3.0 probably was more changed than the Id Tech engine they’re using. BF4 can be very fast-paced and no one can tell you otherwise, since there is even proof. As I said there’s TDM on a small portion of the maps. 32 players is already fast-paced as hell. The multiplayer point goes to BF4 hands down because you can play TDM and Squad DM (just like CoD, of course you don’t have all those games modes, but that’s for the sake of realism) and can play tacticly on Conquest, Conquest Large, Defuse and Rush and if you want a mix of Conquest and TDM, there is Domination. Multiplayer has much more things to do than CoD’s multiplayer has. There are more weapons which means way more work and money involved, since you have to pay for every weapon on the game. And I think that 116 weapons beats the 47 weapons that Ghosts has. Which matters, A LOT. There is more Attachments, more camos, more everything, and more is better so variety point goes to BF4. There is Commander Mode which is intelligent and very tactic. There is no point because that isn’t a BIG difference. There are vehicles, which again, resembles more work and money, every vehicle has different “attachments”, there are fighter jets, stealth jets, transport boats, attack boats, scout helis, transport helis, attack helis, Anti-Air vehicles, Infantry fighting vehicles, Tanks, fast vehicles like the quad bike and the jet-skis and there are 7 stationary weapons. 38 vehicles has far as I can remember. They have to work on every single camo for every single aircraft, landcraft and watercraft, guns and handguns, and soldiers and since BF4 has more than 130 camos, the point go’s to BF4 in terms of customization. Gameplay, NOW CoD never changed the gameplay, while BF changed on BF3 with realistic, motion-captured animations and the weapon handling is so much better on BF because the guns feel both realistic and powerful, which CoD laser-like guns can’t outmatch (they don’t have ANY recoil whatsoever, the gun with the most recoil in BO2 is probably like the gun with less recoil on BF3/4), but that’s a viewers/players perspective, so no point. I personally like to have a weapon that, when it has a high-rate of fire, it will kick me back, for instance MSMC or the Vector on BO2, no recoil whatsoever. There are missions that you can challenge your friends with, which is a big +, at least for me, since I have many friends (I have a clan) and you can create a emblem, which isn’t in Ghosts (but since there’s create-a-soldier as well, I won’t talk about that too much) AND NOW the only thing I want on CoD Ghosts. FO-fucking-V. Why won’t it have an FOV slider, since they are saying that the PC is a big thing for them. They just ashame themselves by saying that. And that brings me to the most important thing about the game, THE DEVS. You See, The devs over at CoD never interacted with the community and here’s a proof from a CoD player, that came to BF, and no, he doesn’t trash-talk about CoD, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LjlVEzrQb4 , while DICE constantly updates the community and interacts with them/us. With a healthy dev-player relationship comes a healthy-better game. And that’s what BF4 is, BF4 is what BF3 should’ve been. And since I wrote the bible here, I’m tired of writting and I leave you with those things. And just so you know, I play better/ have better score on CoD that what I have in BF. But I still like BF way more. But it’s just my opinion.

          • TheShadowReaper

            well its too obvious that you havent really researched you stuff and just talking smack about COD cause half of what you are typing there is wrong or/and incorrect about COD, but i’m too tired to type more right now so i’ll leave it there.

            also on another note: the guy in the video has sold his soul to DICE and EA, its obvious. but what he doesnt understand that this is a Microsoft – Sony thing where because MS has had the deal with Acti to have dlc earlier they also wanted the patches and stuff to be released not on time. you always have to see the bigger picture. go tell him that, he might listen to you since you’re a BF fan.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You CoD fanboys have your eyes closed, and no one can open them. Have fun getting every single CoD up your butthole.

          • JesusYouGuys!

            So i have one point to make. After just coming to this site to get a general opinion and being able to glean nothing from the funyun munching rage monkeys here, I have a question. The BF “enthusiasts” always latch on to the HUGE maps with vehicles being so much better than CQC. Let me lay something on you, do you not use those very vehicles to get to the fray quicker? I.E. the CQC part of the action? So if all COD is missing is that you have to jump on a quad to get to the battle, I’m really ok with it. And I own BF4 and owned BF3. I like it, but you need time with it which translates into having little to no life IMO. COD has always been get on, shoot some faces, leave back to real life. Just me talking here. Have fun raging on this comment.

          • Chris Compton

            of course someone named JesusYouGuys would post a “holier than thou” comment

          • Geust117

            Okay, so I didn’t even read the entire thing because I couldn’t car elsss about this petty squabble both series have for each other (I do find it hilarious and intriguing however to see these arguments) and the one thing I’d like to point out is what you said: “here is the part when you shoot a guy and he has time to turn back and kill you, which is just ridiculous”.

            THIS is what I don’t like about Battlefield. It’s completely unfair. Sure, more realistic, but I’d take fairness over realistic gameplay any day. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten out of a gunfight with someone and then came across another enemy just before my health began to recharge and he kills me immediatly because of low health and he caught me off guard. I prefer when I have a fighting chance. In BF3, this happened a heck of a lot less for some reason, but in BF4 it’s the story of my life.

            What’s more fair: Coming up on someone that you can already go ahead and knife as to block him from retaliating your shots in the first place? Or being able to be shot at, turn around and save yourself if you have better aiming skills than the guy charging you?

            Personally, I’d rather have a fighting chance than be able to get gunned down so easily by OP weapons. And I find it ridiculous that everyone should be able to defend themselves even of the other guy got the first shot in.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            The most important thing about FPS is knowing and working with your suroundings. If you get caught of guard, that’s your fault. I rarely get caught of guard on BF3, I get more on BF4, but that’s because I dpn’t know the maps as well as I know on BF3. But the thing is that jumping 2 meters in the air, turn around and dropshoot isn’t “aiming skills” it’s being a complete fucking asshole that should be banned from the fucking game. Dropshoot is ridiculous as requires no skill at all. Yes, sometimes I use it, but just when there’s more than one guy, or I’m reloading. The thing is, if he sees you first and gets you of guard, it’s your fault and he earns that kill, NOT YOU…

          • Nyte

            Medal of Honour was on top, now it’s finished. Call of Duty is currently on top, and will fall soon. Battlefield will be on top, and you guessed it, will decline as well. It’s a cycle my friend.

          • TheShadowReaper

            well MOH was on top until COD2. COD2 was a great rival to MOH Allied Assault and everyone was playing both. MOH won then next year cause COD3 was quite meh. but when COD4:MW dropped in everyone instantly stopped playing MOH cause everyone was playing COD4. after that MOH did a last try with Airborne where it wasnt as successful they wanted it to be vs COD:WaW and MOH was put to sleep. after that MOH was revived by Danger Close in 2010 and was going against COD:BO. a tragic defeat for MOH occured but they released a second game in 2012 with MOH:Warfighter. after a second tragic loss vs COD:BO2 took place and the franchised was K.I.A. by COD. at least they tried. but they should have knew better to go vs COD when the MOH name was quite old and not known to new gamers. the old MOH gamers had moved on to BF or COD so it wasnt a surprise that the franchise did poorly. and thats a history lesson about a game that COD killed. if COD continues to grow it may kill other franchises too before committing suicide a decade later. maybe BF? who knows. i will be there to witness it though.

          • Mario Rivera

            cod is so good that it forces bf fanboys like you to come to cod websites and try to justify your boring game.

          • Tryyi

            Call of duty isn’t better to make this ever so clearly you can have your game. I can have mine. I in fact am getting both lisening to this garbage. makes me want to get neither. Do you get really offended when people make fun of the game you enjoy? Thats like making fun or getting genuanly angry at somone if they like frappachino’s and you like your coffee black. It is seriously reldiculas.

          • Juztin Hugh

            I can’t tell you why CoD is better, because coming from me it’s my opinion, and everything you’re telling is your opinion. BF4 is fun, it’s pretty awesome and I’ve already beat the campaign + got to level 15 on MP. I do like CoD more though, even though it’s less realistic, it’s more competitive. Yes, the competition goes both ways, like the feeling when your on your last base in rush, but the enemies have 15 lives left.

            CoD feels more.. polished I guess is the word. I like the out of game menus a lot more, I feel more accomplished leveling in CoD than I do in BF4, and I feel like the weapons are just better. CoDs guns are unrealistic in the way that theres a gun for everything. I get killed in a situation and I know I should’ve had the KSG shotgun instead of the other one. In BF4, you get killed by bullets, it’s not so much the gun you’re using, but the class of gun.

            It’s all my opinion, but I enjoy CoD more.
            Oh and EA sucks, grats to them for getting worst company of the year award (Fact, google it)

            If you ever need to find a baby name for someone in India, just get on EA’s live chat. I tried it once and got someone named Arbrashneu who was very unhelpful.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            “it’s their only “biggest” weapon against us CoD fanboys” No it isn’t.

          • JuggerNaut

            Yes it is,in how many arguments i was with battlefield fanboys I always heard that line always.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No it isn’t. BF4 has better gameplay, way more weapon variety, bigger maps (small maps like CoD on TDM), better/bigger customization, better graphics, more players, vehicles, dedicated servers with settings so you can customize it and the netcode is way better.

          • JuggerNaut

            Whoah. That’s soooo awesome.. Dude you came here to compare two tottaly diffrent games.If you want it so badly,alright. Bf4 better gameplay?Don’t bullshit me,everyone haves their taste’s no need to push on others for some it’s totally shit for others not. Way more weapons? As core weapons goes yes,but always they add more with DLC’s and people who don’t buy Dlc’s suffer the diffrence with those new added op guns.(EA mad for money since.. Forever).Bigger maps? Yes because it’s fuckin* uses vehicle planes and shit.One again cutomization,better graphics?(Graphic whore) more players? How can you fucking compensate huge maps with small player count?Dedi servers? Don’t worry CoD haves them too.If you came here to prove that bf 4 is better,you jsut failed for one single fact. EA and Dice can’t even ave a friendly competition with the games.Geez,you battlefield fans getting overrated these days.

          • Choppabro2psn

            no body’s has a bigger multiplayer fan base than cod….

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            League of Legends has probably triple the fanbase that CoD has.

          • Choppabro2psn

            yeah but that’s not bf4, now is it?

          • TheShadowReaper

            you can have as many weapons as you want but when every 100+ weapons have the same sound, the same feel and reciol and the same textures and look where is the diversity that a FPS game should have? COD has not even half the guns but every single one feels different, sounds different, looks different. the COD have diversity when the BF games dont. what is the point in all those guns? just boast that you have them in a game? meh.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You should grow the fuck up. You don’t play BF4, I play it. No gun has the same sound and if you here the same sound, man you should go visit a doctor or something. The fucking guns sound “equally” to each other because the sound comes from the rounds on the maganize, and not the gun itself. For example the M16A4 will sound like the M16A1 and the M4 will sound just like them as well. You should shut the FUCK up before you talk. And have you ever fired a gun? Or listened one??? I have shot multiple, and let me tell you that the sound is almost equal on every single one of them. On BF4 the guns have different recoil. And I like how you talk about diversity in a CoD game. And guess what? CoD doesn’t have diversity since MW2, Black Ops guns had all the same recoil for low, medium or high recoil weapons. The FAMAS and and the Galil have the same recoil, etc…

            The Vector USES .45 ACP, it would fucking kick you to the ground at full-auto = no recoil.

            MSMC = no recoil — the MSMC should kick like a bitch since it’s a compact SMG, it should kick like the MP5K on Black Ops BUT, it doesn’t.

            AN-94 uses the 5.45mm, you know, the same as the AKS-74U But it still has no recoil

            Type 25 = No recoil (The gun doesn’t even exist, it is supposed to be called QBZ 95-1)

            Peacekeeper = no recoil (of course this one doesn’t exist)

            MTAR (doesn’t exist, it is supposed to be called Micro Tavor-21 or MTAR-21 or even X95 Micro Tavor) has massive recoil, but on BO2 it has no recoil.

            MP7 = no recoil (this is probably the only gun that doesn’t have that much recoil)

            Skorpion EVO 3 (uses 9mm rounds) = no recoil.

            And don’t come with that “it’s for the sake of balance” bullshit because it isn’t. That’s why CoD is so bad now. The guns are all the same.

            P.S= Why does the Vector and the Tac.45 have the same sound/damage??? Since they both use .45 ACP? And please, PLEASE, watch this = It’s MrTechnicalDifficult, you know, A COD YOUTUBER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG5jQSedO8M |l| Cry baby!

          • Tony Rambo

            Can I give you a medal my fellow PC gamer?

        • Frosty

          How many CoD players do you hear saying, “Oh how I wish CoD was more like Battlefield.”

          None ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Laser0pz

            Because if they want a COD that’s more Battlefield, they’ll get Battlefield.

          • Xecho

            Or Medal of Honor

          • affliction4

            And we all see how that game ended up XD

          • nate

            Medal of Honour was knocked off the top just like CoD will be and the next game and the next game …

          • Spodermen

            No, they get battlefield if they want to crash every two seconds ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Trollgaming47

            My bf4 hasn’t crashed unlike cod with hackers and lag kills and kids yelling [email protected]

          • Spodermen

            Funny, a lot of those seem to be in battlefield 4, too…

          • spartak2

            How many Battlefield players do you hear saying, “Oh how I wish Battlefield was more like CoD.” goes both ways dude

          • Mario Rivera

            bf players wanted faster paced action running at 60fps and slightly smaller maps. sounds cod like to me…

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No they don’t you idiot! That’s on console and of course they wanted fucking 60 fps, are you mentally challenged, everything that it’s smoother it’s better. We never wanted smaller maps. And if I wanted fast-paced I’d go to TDM Noshar 64. That’s AS FAST PACED AS EVERY GAME CAN GET! E.V.E.R.Y. G.A.M.E.! Not even CoD can take that away!

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah whatever. stick to your sucky game and leave us alone. we’ve given BF4 its 5 minutes of spotlight now its time to move on to Ghosts. if you think that there is a game out there that can challenge COD in fast paced action, then you’re mentally challenged yourself.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Talks the asshole with a naruto character on his pic and never played BF in his lifee, Grow the fuck up. If you like CoD, well, good for you, But BF is better. Just because you like CoD, the world doesn’t have to like it as well.

          • TheShadowReaper

            1st) thats Hei from Darker than Black anime, you illiterate moron.
            2nd) i own BF3 and have played BF4 beta you think i dont know how much fucked up your game is? think again.
            3rd) the world likes COD better, COD is better than BF. period.
            4th) wtf are you doing here? go play your stupid game already, awww yes i forgot, you cant, cause it failed at launch with less than 5 framerate in 90% of PC players. ๐Ÿ™‚

            as i have stated in another comment i can give you many reasons why Ghosts is better than BF4 but i need you to be ready cause some people cant handle truth and facts in their face so well.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I already told you that I’m ready, you’re holding it because you don’t have anything. And if 90% of PC players are having issues, why are most of the servers full??? Oh, that’s rright. BECAUSE THEY CAN PLAY THE GAME WITH NO PROBLEMS YOU FUCKING MORON! Here’s 25 screenshosts of my FPS with BF4 running on Ultra Settings on the most hardware demanding map. The lowest was 49fps when the particles are all falling. Stop bashing the game, since you don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about! —>>> http://imgur.com/v4xxWmJ,VYjJThA,CtTCHpY,h3dhh9u,PyEtM74,zYtV0C0,dqGhk10,xEZ8ObF,daDNyK3,39YWkZ2,Jo3I8aR,u9XPl0h,UOwxPR5,s1pz8FN,MVIzIr0,wGa4y4G,4UwK0Uj,7yB9blI,GprfRah,3Jqancz,Bz8qJV2,2iVD80C,uyOR091,LOJSKWW,z0xVAyb <<<—

          • Siniestro Serr

            my friend don’t talk to this idiots about particles, they won’t understand you, they don’t know what physx is, they a verily introduced to tessellation in COD ghosts, hahahahahaha in the weapons’ sights only hahahahaha verily.

          • DeathTwinky

            hahaha xD !! So true !! Thats a nice swing in the nuts

          • TheShadowReaper

            yes, having an i7 2600k and a GTX570 factory OC rdy being able to play BF3 on high and on extra with 55 fps instead, the Batman series on 60+ which runs on Unreal 3 with special PhysX from Nvidia, no i dont know what tessellation or particles is. no, not at all.


          • strazyyy

            thats nice, now how about an ACTUAL SERVER WITH PLAYERS AND SQUADMATES

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            lol. The funny thing is, that if I actually go to a private match on Ghosts, I will get way worse FPS with everything on the lowest settings. I know. I UNFORTUNATELY GAME THE GAME. 60 BUCKS WASTED….

          • strazyyy

            My friend wasted 110 euros on BF4 and he can’t play it because his preorder got revoked at the last hour before EU release, and he is not allowed to buy it again from Origin. He didn’t get refunded. (yet)

          • DeathTwinky

            then tell ur friend to move his ass, i get refund after about 1 hour when i buy bf4, i want my money back to give change my account and gve my cd key to my brother .. take about 10 minutes.

          • strazyyy

            Also Ghosts’ servers don’t always crash. I heard that DICE fixed it but BF players say it still happens and they’re pretty pissed.

            (I’m actually wondering if you think I’m a CoD fanboy)

          • Siniestro Serr

            At least DICE had the BALLS to release the alpha and the beta not like COD, you guys didn’t even get to have a little taste of your damn game before release date because Activision have you guys hypnotized and all they did was to add a stupid dog with a stupid camera, why? cuz they know that IDIOTS like you are going to buy their fucking game anyways. i feel really bad for people like you COD players, you will never evolved like your game.

          • TheShadowReaper

            so DICE had the balls to change the number from 3 to 4? yeah thats some pretty small balls if you ask me.

            + what are you talking about beta? its the marketing thing for you BF fansboys to get pumped up for your game by playing one map and then seek more like the blind sheep you are. the game couldnt run in day one but it could run fine on beta. thats nice, they put so much effort to this game that the beta is better than the product itself on day 1. gj buying that.

          • Spodermen

            They also added leaning, sliding, new mechanics, interactive enviroments, a better story than bf4, ODIN, and helluva lot better camos.

          • Dannynutdude

            Seems to me you haven’t played the full version of BF4. It’s a major improvement from the beta, I’ll tell you that. BF4 can be really fun without being fast paced, because BF4 has vehicles. If you really think Ghosts is better just check out the reviews at Destructoid and Game Trailers ๐Ÿ™‚

          • John T.

            If Ghosts felt, looked, or played even remotely closely to Battlefield 4, I’d have loved it. Unfortunately, it sucks, and it sucks quite a bit. Too bad, I was hoping for something better.
            Hell, even BF4’s campaign was better than Ghosts’s.
            So please, go to hell with your witless, argumentless, pointless, and ultimately wrong remarks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • TheShadowReaper

            instead of wanting a game1 to play like game2 why dont you buy that game1 instead? its the same thing to me. BF will never play like COD does and thats why it will never be on buy list for that reason. Ghosts’ campaign is miles ahead of BF4. BF4 campaign is a bunch of cliches thrown into a story then made a campaign story. + boring. you can suck a dick. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Brandon Boley

            you’re an idiot BF has never and will never try to compete with how the fast game play of the COD games are. BF has always targeted realism, tactics, teamwork, and strategy. oh yeah and i forgot to mention, you can’t even blow up a paper thin wall with C4 in COD can you? So excuse me while i make a fox hole and snipe your head of 700 meters away because i zeroed my scope like a real marksmen and not a quick scoping wanna be.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i’m not the idiot here. you acolyte @John T. is the moron here. if you see his comment you know what i’m talking about. and who cares about walls blowing up. BF is beyond redemption and has been turned in a cash cow and a piece of shit game, maybe even worse than COD is right now.

          • Brandon Boley

            i will agree that John T is an idiot but you aren’t at all a BF player so lets not judge a game you haven’t put time into, I think both are great, i just hate how physics doesn’t mean close to anything to COD but to be fair i will admit that most of the problems i have with ghosts is that infinity ward has always been giving the series a worse rep seance COD4 they just don’t go for the innovations that treyarch does and when they do its just the wrong one. so I am patiently waiting for next years COD although I will get ghosts to play with my friends because you can play it more relaxed than BF because you don’t have to worry about the enviremnt as much.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i have put more time than i need or wanted to in BF3. and BF4 beta didnt seem to be any better. just updated with weather effects and better scripted destruction (infamous skyscraper) but it seems like a solid game. no BF will ever surpass BF2 it seems and i’m really sad about that and generally the direction that the BF series has taken. i dont like it at all, they are good games, but not good enough for an old BF gamer who knows. they can impress kids with flashy graphics but not us.

            as for COD, IW doing their best isnt enough. while 3arc gives us so much in every one of their games, IW seems to take the franchise 10 steps back, which is a thing i dont enjoy. Ghosts isnt a bad game, but its a lot of steps back in the franchise which i dont like. but Ghosts has its moments even for someone like me. cant wait for the next 3arc game. they never disappoint.

          • Brandon Boley

            I’m happy to see that you agree with me about IW but as you said you played the beta, trust me a lot of issues have been solved from the beta, but yes i will admit that the skyscraper is a terribly animated destruction but I am not a fan of the huge destruction anyways I love that I can create holes in the road or blow a hole in a wall that the other team is hiding behind or to make a path to flank, i think they did an amazing job with the smaller scaled destruction this time around. also I have seen footage of the second assault levelution is way better than the standard maps. excluding the dam because that is just to good.

          • Brandon Boley

            btw are you getting a ps4? because if you are i would like to add you when i get one.

          • TheShadowReaper

            sadly i’m not. although i have the money to buy one i dont have enough to sustain it (5 usd/euros per month for online? outrageous) which is a pity cause it looks gorgeous. you can add me on Steam though: Typhlosion21 is my name. PC ftw, cheaper games, no online pass.

          • Brandon Boley

            I don’t have a steam account yet I’m on a laptop, I am in the process of building my desktop though. I only need windows 8 now but that price is kinda high.

          • TheShadowReaper

            dont get windows 8, they suck. definitely not for gaming altogether. get win7 ultimate x64 bit. i would advise you to download them pirated. i know piracy is kinda bad, but its not worth the money. Microsoft is rich enough.

          • Brandon Boley

            I made a steam account to add you for now but I’m not downloading it yet.

          • TheShadowReaper

            ok then add me. i dont see any new invitations yet. and yes, download it when you are ready, its quite a heavy program and will strain your laptop a lot if it has less than 4gb RAM. so i advise you to download it and be ready for a heavy load on your system or get it after you’ve done building your desktop.

          • Brandon Boley

            I have sent you a few requests my account name is Pro_Critic

          • Spodermen

            BFBC2 Vietnam was the greatest battlefield, and it was an ADDON.

          • TheShadowReaper

            ehh…i dont know. the Vietnam/Cold War setting was made waaaaaayy way better in COD: Black Ops. BC2: Vietnam is good but not amazing. the core BC2 is a good game though. i think of it as an equal game vs Black Ops. and i think Black Ops is the best COD to date so yeah you get the idea. BC2 is a solid game.

          • Spodermen

            To date, the best CoD is actually COD: Online. I have played it, and it is actually pretty good for being in chinese. It has a kind of awesome alternative to zombies mode.

          • TheShadowReaper

            eh…i’m not counting that. its not out on Europe and Murica so…nah. and no, i dont want to play it with 500+ ping, there’s no fun in that.

          • Derek

            Who cares about blowing up walls??? Go play Tetris or something… Of freakin course blowing walls is awesome. Now what? You gonna say flying jets is silly? comon you jealous immature child.

          • TheShadowReaper

            cause blowing up walls in a game gives it so much depth right? *sign* the stupidity level is over 9000…

            edit: no, flying jets is cool, but when the core game is shit flying jets is shit too. thats how it works. and jealous of what? a shitty ass game? sure kiddo.

          • Derek

            It sure does give it more depth. Your mind is closed, and so is this conversation.

          • TheShadowReaper

            gives it depth my ass. it adds a little bit of gameplay but no serious addition whatsoever, since its not a well made destruction anyways. but what am i trying to explain to you, you’re such a fanboy you’re not gonna listen anyway. the close minded individual here is obviously not me.

          • Spodermen

            Realism? Like players magically capturing flags with the force w/o touching them?

          • Spodermen

            BF4’s campaign was worse than Twilight’s (The movie) story.

          • DeathTwinky

            lol yeah go on im not afraid of that dog sh** xD !! and by the way yeah it crash. Like bf3 like bc2 like any one of their bf series at launch cause … u know they have stuff to repair cause, they have stuff to repair lol. They work on something they dont implanted the same graphic the same game mode the same freaking cinematic as mw2 … lol stop closing ur eyes men. CoD is cool but they are freaking thief. If somebody want to sold you a 1995 civic 10000$ and he say that he put a cd player in it and you love civic. I hope you wont be that blind. Come on stop trying to defend your child toy and be realistic.

          • TheShadowReaper

            they have stuff to repair cause they are lazy to fix them before launch. they dont fix them and optimize them before launch cause they only want your money! simple as that. they couldnt give a fuck less about their fans. EA just wants money, and i’m really not sure that DICE wants something else either. they have shown little to no promise as developers and little respect to their fans and buyers by not having the game optimized as they should have. its not only about optimization ofc, oh no! their filth goes back many years with the (re)start of this franchise. its gone downhill since BC2 (after BF2), and it continues to go even more downhill. if COD is a 1995 civic with a new cd player, then BF is a 1996 civic with a new paint job. so much bullshit. the one who is blind here is you. and the reason you are blind is probably Frostbite which isnt that amazing of a game engine either. the same thing was going on with BF3. its launch day was a disaster but it was ok because its BF. nice logic. when COD had a bad launch day with BO1 the world was going berserk. especially BF fans, but when it happens to BF its ok, no problem. right? *sign* just try to take that EA cock you’ve shoved up your ass, but i bet you cant right now cause its too deep.

          • Bob Dabuilder

            First of all, Frost Bite 3 is one of the best game engines up to date, in every aspect. The COD engine has been reused repeatedly with almost zero improvements. Second, they have stuff to repair because they actually created new things that obviously require repairing. I agree that these things should be looked at, and fixed before the release, but EA is not the only company that does this. Bethesda is more notorious than any publisher for unpolished games. And COD is always polished and glitch free, because, well..it’s been like that since 2007. Not every developer is noble enough to delay their games for patching like Rockstar Games(e.g GTA 5 four month delay). And of course EA is a very greedy company, and BF4 is their cashcow, but Activision and COD are no different. As a matter of fact, Activision is even worse, since they never even bother to give their studios enough funding for improving their games. Explains the engine reuseage. At least EA funds their developers more than enough for each game. BF games actually get new things added to them to improve gameplay. COD’s gameplay is always exactly the same, but with shittier maps every year. And not only does COD’s gameplay not change, but everything else such as features, MP modes, Matchmaking, Campaign, and basic settings and spawns ruin the game. A good example is the spawn system and health limit in Ghosts. Terrible work by IW. Treyarch at least works with the scraps their given. IW is just plain lazy.

          • TheShadowReaper

            1) no its not. cause the graphics of an engine is a debatable subject. Frostbite 3.0 is one of the best but in my opinion CryEngine and Unreal kicks its ass really hard. especially in lighting and shadows (which lighting is one of the things that FB is boasting about but its still not the best at)

            2) its not the developer who delays the game. its the publisher. and the publisher of BF is EA. EA sucks and shouldnt get money from you of whoever else. so stop buying every EA game until they realize they need to fix their games. especially BF which is one titles that represent EA as a name yet its pretty bad as a game except FB 3.0 (but whoever gives weigh to graphics in a game cant call him or herself a gamer)

            3) EA is the worst gaming company out there. Activision cant even come close to them when it comes to milking franchises and playing dirty vs other publishers.

            4) why should COD gameplay change? if it changes its not COD anymore. so you can shut up now. if you arent playing the game or dont like the game you dont have the right to talk about it. go play some Shittyfield already.

            5) yes IW isnt at the level of Treyarch, i’ll agree to that – i’m a Treyarch fan myself. still, i dont believe that IW did a bad job with Ghosts. the game is a solid 7/10 and whoever buys it will find himself playing the game a lot more than some hipster critic at IGN would imagine.

          • Spodermen

            Crashbite 3 is horrible.

          • floyd

            ea pushed dice to launch bf4 much earlier because they wanted it to reales before cod ghosts.

          • TheShadowReaper

            no shit sherlock. btw EA can suck a dick.

          • ipaxton

            Face it both games suck neither are good and both are unrealistic as fuck.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Ye, That’s why BF4 is considered by many the best FPS ever made.

          • ipaxton

            Let me guess that’s the 2nd quote on the back of the box of bf4?

          • will no

            Many? Have you even witnessed the reaction to the launch of this atrocity or have you been eating mushrooms?

            I’m a Battlefield fan, I hate cod, but even I have to say that this game is trash. The single player is broken and buggy throughout. The multiplayer is stupid fuckfest with tiny badly designed maps, bag graphics, bugs, terrible game balance, broken matchmaking system, crashes. Jesus Christ, you have to be utterly demented to think this is anything other than an aborted turd of a game.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Well, you’re a fucking idiot that probably can’t play the game, because E.V.E.R.Y. people that I know that play BF, say that BF4 is the best BF game ever. And I’m in a clan. there are at least 100+ people everyday on TS.

          • will no

            Dude fanboy less, please! The technical problems are less now, but.. UCAVs, SUAVs. This series has now jumped the shark trying to compete with Fail of duty.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            My experience with CoD: Ghosts so far: http://imgur.com/IGmM6gX ‘Perfect port with perfect optimization on PC”

            “It’s the best and most ambicious CoD yet!” <—- Ye, my ass.

          • DeathTwinky

            battlefield fan, fuck it. You take that to youre advantage. Bad graphic ??? Game balanced, of course sometime the game are unbalanced its like 64 players men. not 12. Its a bit easy to balnced a game that add 12 player sin it. Wait the next map then move players. Still you cannot claim that cod have a nice team balanced. They just dont have one

          • TheShadowReaper

            here is a man that speaks out of frustration and love about a game franchise that he loves. good, i thought that your kind was exstinct and everyone was replaced by BF fantards. i tip my hat at you sir. and dont worry, there are some of us that understand, not all of us were only playing COD back in the day.

          • will no

            Thank you sir.

            And to add to my litany of failures in the previous post, UCAV/SUAV. Enough said about those the better.

          • Guest

            That can be contested oh wait it is, Arma 3.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            If you’re saying that ArmA 3 is better than BF4, you’re just stupid. DICE could do a way better “war simulator” if they wanted to. 1/2 shots kill with every gun, way more guns, better graphics, better animations, better physics, better everything. As Dean Hall said, if DICE wanted to kill ArmA 3, they just needed to make some mod tools for BF3/BF4.

          • ipaxton

            Oh lord a butt hurt bf fanboi. Do you even know the words you are typing or are you just typing randomly? Might want to do some research before you go spouting off about shit you have no clue about jackass.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/09/05/dean-hall-if-dice-wanted-to-kill-arma-all-theyd-need-to-do-is-release-modding-tools-tomorrow/ Yeh asswipe. You should shut the fuck up. I have ArmA 3. And I know that if DICE wanted to do a war simulator, they would do it 10x better. And no, I’m not saying ArmA 3 sucks. Bohemia just doesn’t have a resources needed to do a fully authentic game.

          • ipaxton

            Arma 3 can do some things BF will never be able to do. First, I can swap out equipment on the fly including scopes and uniforms. Second, I have the power to create my own missions and to share and download from steam workshop. Third, Arma is very tactical base with lots of teamwork evolved, Something you never see in BF. Finally, I’ve had many good times playing arma online with other people and experiences BF could never replicate. It’s apparent you don’t understand/Don’t know how to play arma so do me a favor and others that enjoy Arma…Stick to your arcade shooter.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            BF can’t do that because it wasn’t designed to do that. As I said. IF, IF DICE wanted to kill ArmA. They could do it. Just by releasing modding tools. You’re being a fuckign asshole. When you joined ArmA. You didn’t knew how to play. So you should shut the fuck up. I enjoy ArmA. But Bohemia isn’t nearly as experienced as DICE.

          • Bob Dabuilder

            LOL “IF DICE wanted to kill ArmA. They could do it.”
            Just like their doing a great job at “killing” COD, right?
            They couldn’t kill Arma if they tried. They would just buy off reviewers to say things like “BF blows Arma out of the water” or something, and then very stupidly put it on the back of their game case, giving their competitor free advertising, like they did with Ghosts. I agree that BF4 is a good game(and way better than COD), but it’s far from Arma’s level, and very far from being one of the best fps games ever. Those types of honors are given to games like Halo 2, COD 4, and ARMA 2.

          • ipaxton

            First of all i wasn’t rude in my post, second of all there are better ways to communicate with people instead of calling people names. If you’re just gonna continue that route then i see no reason to respond. Good day to you.

          • TheShadowReaper

            a war simulator is way more than just graphics. the same goes for games as well. both COD and Arma beat BF in this. COD beats it as a game cause it originates as an arcady shooter which is why its so popular and successful and Arma is a way better simulator than BF could ever be thus, BF being stuck in the middle taking it from the mouth and the ass from both COD and Arma. fanboying over BF is fine at least do it at the safety of your own home and dont bother the rest of us.

          • ipaxton

            Oh you mean Arma 3?

          • Willy wonka

            I’d rather have a game that tries to be fun and as realistic as it can be while still being enjoyable instead of a game that tries to be extremely realistic but fails and also fails to be enjoyable. The physics is retarded the vehicles are far to light, when you get shot and die your body just flops in any direction irrelevant to where you got shot from.

          • ipaxton

            You just explained BF4 perfectly.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            That is just idiotic and NOT true! You can watch BF4 animations. They ALWAYS FALL it the opposite direction they got shot. Unlike CoD, where all the animations are scripted and when something explodes, they do a little spin.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No. If you’re saying that ArmA 3 is better than BF4, you’re just stupid. DICE could do a way better “war simulator” if they wanted to. 1/2 shots kill with every gun, way more guns, better graphics, better animations, better physics, better everything. As Dean Hall said, if DICE wanted to kill ArmA 3, they just needed to make some mod tools for BF3/BF4.

          • TheShadowReaper

            if these many are just BF fans then yes but its clear that these guys whoever they are havent played Unreal Tournament, COD, Counter-Strike, Quake and Arma. best FPS ever? BF4 is a disgrace to the genre itself and shouldnt be taken seriously at all.

          • TheShadowReaper

            this is for you and your opinion about BF4

          • DeathTwinky

            you officially get brainwashed !!

          • Mario Rivera

            30fps is life like. 60fps is arcade like. chillax, u bf fanboys get so butthurt its comical.

          • cammanron

            What??? “30 FPS is lifelike???” What sort of life do you live in? My life has no frames. The higher the framerate, the better. The whole ‘the eye can’t ditinguish 30 FPS from 60 FPS’ arguement is bullsh!t. Film is shot at 24 PFS, while video is shot at 30 FPS (with one drop frame every 30 seconds). The higher the framerate, the more we notice it because of all these years of television indoctrination.

          • Tom

            We can only see 30Fps, but feel around 60fps.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You are fucking stupid, holy shit… Our fucking eyes don’t see in fps. And the human eye can catch more the 144 fps so shut the hell up and do some research.

          • TheShadowReaper

            24 frames per second is the life like that a human being has. we can feel up to 60 frames but it only makes a difference in games. btw hint, why do you think that movies run in 24 frames?

          • we the gamers!

            Movies are done in 24 fps because back in the 40’s thats all they could
            do, and when they had the tech to make higher frames, people didnt enjoy
            it as much, also there is a big list of reason you could compile for
            technical things like it takes less detail in 24 due to more motion
            blur, but i digress,. Over all i am reading your comments and you seem
            to like speaking stupid. Why dont u just appreciate that there are
            developers out there making games for your stupid brain to enjoy. Come
            on, Leonardo or Picasso, both are great painters both different works of
            art. If your gonna be a nerd, know your facts, show people your balls have dropped, and dont have gamer tunnel vision( makes people think your stupid!)
            -Sincerely the majority of gamers!

          • TheShadowReaper

            if you’re talking about BF4 being a different kind of art than COD, yes that why it is good as a game, but the reason it sucks is that it doesnt respect its roots which is BF2. COD may be bashed for a lot of things, but it has this one right, whereas these new BF series feels like a cash milking of a spin off piece of shit instead of actually being a BF game. you probably arent above the age of 16, you cant possibly understand.

          • boernaaier

            Are you high or something bro? BF4 has commander mode, which BF3 didn’t have. The maps are WAY better designed than BF3’s,( no more stalemate on fucking maps like metro). The game play is perfect and sexy. If you can’t accept a little bit of change then you sir have a bad case of homesickness.

          • Supericy

            Actually, 24 fps is not the upper limit, in fact, it’s the lower limit. Movies are filmed in 24 fps because that was the lowest framerate they could get while still having the movies look smooth (ie, saving as much money as possible on film).

          • Verrnnon

            WHAAAT?? You are fuck..ing moron. 30fps life like? 24fps as well? hahaha go shot yourself in the head stupid ignorant

          • TheShadowReaper


            20 frames is the least and 100 frames is the most. but our eyes perceive things in 24 frames per second on a daily basis when all we do is sit in a desk browsing the internet, or when just not doing anything spectacular.

            who is the fucking moron of an ignorant runt now you piece of shit? i’m done here.

          • Verrnnon

            24/30 fps is the lowest needed to trick our brains, that’s why the file industry opted for 24fps long long time ago, not because it is life like. So to answer your question, you, you continue to be the fuchking moron piece of shit ignorant, or maybe your brain is too challenged that you vcan only persive 24fps lol

          • TheShadowReaper

            sure whatever. its clear who is a moron and very immature in this convo. just get lost. living as you must suck a lot i guess.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            30fps is life like? What… First of all, consoles suck compared to PC. Just because your consoles can’t handle a game, doesn’t mean it’s the game’s problem. I have more than 60fps on BF4 you fucking moron. And since I play CoD, that means I’m not a BF fanboy so shut, the fuck, Up.

          • will no

            What are you talking about, you think you see shit at 30 frames a second in real life?

            It’s not the 60fps which makes cod arcade like, its everything else.

            People just associate 30fps with realism because most open world games operate at 30fps because of hardware restrictions. With the upcoming gen of hardware, we may possibly see 60fps in stuff like the Arma series. But nobody will say that game is arcadey because of it.

          • Jordan Thompson

            Ur a ‘re re…apparently you dont own a PS4!

          • Gandalf’sSaggyBallsacks

            Hey stop being so immature. It’s just ONE comment and you’re already insulting him. Did he insult you? Unless you’re those kind of nerds who thinks that games are their wife/family. I mean you could have said it in a friendlier way………………

          • Brandon Boley

            says a guy with the name Gandalf’sSaggyBallsacks.

          • Tony Rambo

            Chill out fanboy sorry to offend BF

          • Siniestro Serr

            probably the ones playing on the consoles, but us pc gamers play battlefield to the maximum, i play my battlefield at 1920x1080p 120fps on ULTRA settings, COD players wish to play a game at this level. too bad you guys can’t play your COD at this level, COD doesn’t even have ULTRA settings. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          • SIX

            no that’s just CoD players trying to get a taste of BF… then coming up with ideas to make BF better…

          • DeathTwinky

            nop i dont want that …you are weird. BF is claim by the way its map are huge and fun at 64 player …on 60 fps. I dont where you take your statistic bro… they made close quarters. It was cool and 4 time the size of cod map, still it dont take the fans out of the large epic battlefield. It just make them play another way sometime.

          • SeekingSomething

            You should try Bad Company 2 if you truly feel this misguided. You just described how BC2 took the BF formula and achieved greatness.

          • xSupaScopa

            Actually i do. in some perspectives

          • Roxas3510

            How many Battlefield players do you hear saying, “Oh how I wish Battlefield was more like CoD.”

            None ๐Ÿ™‚

            That can go either way lol

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You idiot. How many players do you hear saying “Oh how I wish Battlefield was more like CoD.” NONE! Battlefield fans want CoD and it’s laziness away from their game, PERIOD.

          • TheShadowReaper

            BF has been way more lazy, especially this year. with COD having twice the content on day one and costing the same price as BF4 then you know that someone has butchered you and ripped you off right there. but i guess you are too blind of a BF fan to acknowledge that.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No it hasn’t. Guess what? BF4 has new vehicles, destruction and levolution at changes the way that the map plays (not that shitty thing that Ghosts has going on with logs rolling and let’s be honest, that is a BF copy), Ghosts has 46 weapons, counting launchers, riot shield, knife and equipment. BF4 has 116 weapons, new animations (character reacts with every bullet he gets hit (reacts differently for Snipers, shotguns, explosives, etc) Commander mode. They have to made a map that is good for every gamemode, which is really hard but CoD wasn’t since there are just 3 flags and 2 objectives to destroy. BF4 has way more customization, way more camos and dynamic water which takes time to develop Guess what??… BF actually has his own Engine that was built from the ground up for BF3 (which is so good and powerful that most of EA games are using it) unlike CoD which uses the engine from a 1999 game (no, Ghosts engine isn’t new, they just changed a bit) and it has new, huge maps are 5 to 6 CoD maps. CoD hasn’t changed since BO. BF has always innovated, but please tell me, what has CoD innovated?

          • Mario Rivera

            you sir are the exact reason why ppl hate fanboys. u really need to calm down and work on your social interaction skills. all those years in the basement playing bf has done u no good.

          • ipaxton

            Cool story bro but you failed to mention how broken Levelution is. How shitty the servers are (sim city anyone?) terrible hit detection, unbalanced weapons, shitty controls, ugly confusing ui, sound cut out, no bullet drop on sniper rifles, no recoil on Lmg. But you still think it’s the greatest thing since slice bread. Yes I agree cod is boring as fuck but why fix something that isn’t broken? It works and people are stupid enough to buy into the bs just like you buying into the ea bs. Let’s face it neither games are even that good and bf4 this year was a half ass attempt just another ea fail.

          • strazyyy

            levolution… do you mean glorified scripted sequences? woah not even games from the nineties had that!

            oh… wait.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Damn, you’re so stupid that you don’t even know what “scripted events” are. Scripted events= always HAPPEN, NO MATTER WHAT. Player has no control over the event. The only scripted event on BF4 is the storm that rolls in on Paracel Storm.


          • strazyyy

            You’re an idiot, scripted sequences can also happen by a player’s actions, for example shooting pillars. Levolution is a bunch of glorified scripted sequences.


          • NuttyTheSquirrel


            Look at your CoD… Best port for PC ever. It even comes with a XBOX controller for PC, damn!

          • TheShadowReaper

            i will have Ghosts in about a couple of hours installed on my PC. just remind me about it and i’ll let you know how much better port it was than BF4. (and seriously if you believe that BF4 is a port from PC to console and not the other way around then i’m really sad for your part)

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            IT IS A WAY BETTER PORT. It’s the best port that PC ever saw. And guess what.
            My experience with CoD: Ghosts so far: http://imgur.com/IGmM6gX ‘Perfect port with perfect optimization on PC”

            “It’s the best and most ambicious CoD yet!” <—- Ye, my ass.

          • TheShadowReaper

            best and most ambitious isnt talking about optimization idiot. its about setting the bar higher than the rest games.

            as for the port its ok on day one. i’m getting a lot of stuttering and low frames sometimes but at least its playable when compared to BF4 which 99% of PC players couldnt even launch.

            you’re just looking for ways to diminish the game, which makes you a pathetic being. COD Ghosts is way more fun than BF4. i played both, i know.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Reddit is full of people saying this game is shit on PC. I don’t see that on BF4’s reddit. And this is BY FAR, way worse launch than BF4’s launch.
            Well, they can really set the bar up… To MW3’s level.


            Who should people believe? A little CoD fanboy who’s pissed because he thinks Ghosts is better than BF4 or a PC game critic known by the name of Total Biscuit/The Cynical Brit, you know, probably the best games critic that PC ever had. Open your fuckign eyes. I know you’re gonna hate on this video, Because you’re a kid, and everything needs to go your way and not the other people’s way. But I don’t give a flying fuck. I’M OUT!

          • TheShadowReaper

            seriously, the Battlelog and EA forums are filled with complaints about BF4 not working or not launching at all and you have to go to a shitty website like reddit to find something about Ghosts? pitiful.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You gotta be fucking idiot. First of all. The BF4 PC version is fixed since they’ve patched it, and the last patch was today. Server stability, no crashes. The only problem now is the netcode. And reddit is the community that talks there. It isn’t shitty, you really have to be an idiot like that? And if you go to the Ghosts PC forums, they’re are complains left and right. NO PC PLAYER CAN PLAY THE GAME PROPERLY LIKE BEFORE! Totalbiscuit gets 40 fps with GTX Titan on SLI. Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!???! BF4 is a way better version.

          • strazyyy

            he gets 40 fps with SLI titan? wow.

            i get 50-60 with a 660 on 4gb of (DDR2) ram.

            edit: scoping makes the game lag for some reason

          • Nyte

            He’s a bloody idiot.
            You’re a bloody idiot.
            All fanboy’s are bloody idiots.
            We all are bloody idiots.
            Now please, everyone just shut the hell up, don’t know why you guys are so uptight about these things because it’s utterly pointless how everyone argues about the “superior” video game.

          • Siniestro Serr

            looks like shit

          • One point

            thats why dice came out with the close quarters map pack right?

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            DICE came out with CQ DLC because they needed to change a bit and introduce the Domination and gun master modes.

          • Siniestro Serr

            they did it because unfortunantly we had some stupid COD players in BF3 who were bitching about the big maps hahaha and they couldn’t get any kills.

          • David Brymer

            I go on Forums and see an equal back and forth between fan boys all the time. I’d say it’s safe to say people have no lives, cause until someone pays me fat cash to argue over a video game, Im just gonna squat on my couch and PLAY whatever I feel like playing. Call of Duty Ghosts looks pretty good, so does Battlefield 4, and to me, theyre completely different experiences.

          • Strangetamer

            Tons. I always wished the game brought back vehicles and put in destructible environments. I could care less about 60fps on console, as long as the game was improved. Cod ghosts looks like it’d run 40fps on current gen on next gen settings. 30fps is fine unless you’re on pc.

          • Siniestro Serr

            none because they can’t open their eyes to see the super power of the frostbite 3 engine, COD is nothing but another ARCADE copy of the previous CODS, in the other side every new tittle of battlefield surpases the previous ones. COD community are not willing to evolve with the new technologies that are using other game engines. open your eyes nomads. i feel bad for you guys, you guys are staying way behind. good luck with your game.

          • Jordan Thompson

            Cod Ghosts is a horriable game. There is nothing fun about it.

          • Jordan Thompson

            Nobody, because the COD franchise is nothing after Ghost.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Lol no. The Battlefield community doesn’t send death threats to the devs when they send a patch. It’s called marketing. A big part of the CoD community compleins about the game, but it’s plays it. And that’s one of the most stupid and idiotic thing I’ve ever seen. People say the game sucks, but still play it. And if BF is better than CoD why would they “hide” that???3

        • choyt80

          Why are you on here!?! Someone take away this douche’s cpu and get him the f*&k off of here

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Douche’s CPU? What’s wrong with my CPU? And why am I a douche? Because I don’t please you? Get the fuck out.

          • choyt80

            Yeah, there is a Battlefield site for the d!ck orgy you’re looking for. Doesn’t look like you’re pleasing anyone with your utter BS.

          • Tony Rambo

            You motherfucking asshole don’t like CoD??? No one gives a fuck! Are you trying to persuate us to buy BF4??? We won’t!
            So get your fanboy ass out of here and go play BF…

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            HAA, fanboy, It’s cute because I have every CoD since CoD 4… The last good CoD was MW2! And BF is better.

          • yes

            you think mw2 was good? well that explains why you think BF is better than CoD

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Yes, MW2 was good, was the last good CoD, and you can ask many people, they will say that it was the best one, CoD 4 and MW2… The true CoD is buried with the innovation that they did back then and with the true Infinity Ward.

          • Sensorbar

            the last good Bf was Bad Company 2 BF3 was absouloute shit i will give BF4 a chance but if its another BF3 no thanks

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            No, Bad Company 2 wasn’t even a BF game. Have you ever played BF2?? I think you didn’t because you wouldn’t say that… Players that started on BC2 hate BF3 because BC2 was never a true BF… Yes, it was fun as hell, and I still play it to this date. But it had almost nothing to do with BF.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah like BF3 and BF4 can be considered tue BF games. thats why i hate both BF3 and BF4, they are a disgrace to their father which is BF2. probably DICE sucks so bad as a developer that they will never reach what EA games did with BF2. thats why these new BF games suck ass for me, cause they cant get even close to be compared with BF2 and if you’re saying otherwise you have sold your soul to EA which is sad if its true.

            that coming from a true BF2 gamer.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            That coming from a true BF2 my fucking ass you motherfucker. EA Games is just EA now. And DICE MADE EVERY SINGLE BF GAME. So you shut the fuck up and stop lying asswipe. They are better than BF2, far better. And their father isn’t BF2… BF2 was great. BF3 is great. And BF4 is considered THE BEST BATTLEFIELD GAME EVER by BF VETERANS (People like me, not like you) AND THE BEST FPS EVER MADE.

          • TheShadowReaper

            you cant get more ignorant than what you are right now. keep living in your bubbles of ignorance, at least it makes you happy from what i see.

          • Tony Rambo

            Ok then go play your all mighty BF4 and stop wasting time in a CoD forum..idiot

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            The only idiot here is you, since this isn’t even a forum.

          • Tony Rambo

            Yeah that’s the problem here freaking faggot stop wasting your time because “the batte has begun”

          • JuggerNaut

            You’re still at it? Geez you don’t know when to give up do you?

      • David Brymer

        Im not a fanboy of anything, so Im always buying both Battlefield and Call of Duty. Truth is, COD has in fact much less inovation and groundbreaking changes from title to title. That’s not to say there games suck, but theyre like Madden NFL, just not enough change to constitute an annual purchase. EA has become stale as well with there shooter, something theyre used to though, especially with there NFS and sports titles. I guess both publishers go off sales, I mean hey, enough people buy a game, why change its sequel? Theyre scared to try new things with fear people wont like what they did.

      • Strangetamer

        Meanwhile, when we’re in game, we actually play the game. We don’t argue about whose mom we fucked last night every game.


        Not really. We just bought battlefield. To all the COD run and gun noobs that dont understand bullet drop or precision timing and just run around with chickens like their heads cut off with no strat or teamwork. You can stay in COD. Of course if you dont want that small RnG atmosphere. Hit up Close Quarters maps in BF3 or BF4. However, least we have the option of whatever style of play we want in Battlefield. COD is just the same shit over and over and over. No thought just point and shoot apparently. Try using gauges and instruments on your HUD for a vehicle to your advantage and talk some more. Oh right, you guys cant.

      • Derek

        Untrue. We must admit the fans are the same. How can you say our community is immature and your isn’t? Both have smart intelligent players, and both have 10 year old immature brats. I think why “us” BF4 fans are “stubborn” is that we clearly know our game to be superior to COD. And like to say poke and rub it into your faces as one day you will open your mind and see it is true. I have had many friends move to battlefield and leave COD collecting dust. I wish for BF4 to be #1 but I don’t want COD dead. Just #2 because it is.

      • Chance Evans

        have you seen the call of duty community its full of little kids always talking about moms.i’m not saying battlefield doesnthave kids i’m saying they know how to be mature. That quote on the back of the game is the common marketing system trying to tell people what is the better game. Call of duty ghost was one of the worst games with its lag bugs and retarded weapons.

    • HenryDF

      It’s reached that appalling point when the reviews of games are being based around how powerful the engine is and how impressive the visuals in-game may be. I know it matters to people, however it doesn’t matter as much as how fun the game might be – I would happily play CoD4 over BF4 any day, and don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed by BF4, but I don’t enjoy it. I can play one 30 minute game, then I get bored of the map.

      It’s pathetic when people argue over CoD and BF, but it’s even more pathetic now that EA have taken this pointless stab at CoD.

      • //[email protected]”””//

        ign gave BF4 an 8 which is pretty low actually…

        • HenryDF

          Their downpoints were the storytelling I think, and that’s what CoD has always been so good at – the thing is, we wouldn’t have the CoD we have today without BF and we wouldn’t have the BF we have today without CoD. The two games work off eachover and eventually they will be extremely similar games; BF will have improved its single player and CoD will have upgraded its MP.

          • you’re a dumbass

            hahaha…fuck battlefield, what the fuck is Battlefield? i’ve never been interested in that garbage. it plays like shit. COD is not dependent on it. if so, please expain, then i will explain why you are wrong.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            It plays like shit? 3 shot kills are better than an entire magazine. AND YOU’RE REALLY FUUUCKING STUPID BECAUSE IF you never been interested in it, how do you know it plays like shit? UHh? CoD plays like shit, no recoil guns and incredible soldiers.

          • choyt80

            Get the f*ck off of a COD site you moron, you’re lost. No one one here cares about your Battlegirl game, this is a COD site you lost douche

          • guest

            / Anger issues? Get out in the real world… go talk to girls. Maybe find a real life friend…(in the flesh) and go see a movie and eat some popcorn. Kids these days don’t know what life is.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I play CoD as well you dirty ass-whore sand-sniffer nut-cracker penis-licker little bitch-ass-motherfucking son of a blue waffle!

          • HenryDF

            You could have just said one of those words and not made yourself look like an absolute asshole :/

          • choyt80

            Oh good, I’m glad your mommy gets you both COD and BF. If I was your mommy I’d make you get your lazy ass a job! However, since your daddy probably left you and her, gaming is your only comfort to hide the agonizing pain.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Ha, I have work, you’re the one who’s getting games with the money you get from X-MAS. See, I don’t need to wait for that, I wor, I have money and I can play whatever the fuck I want. You’re probably the immature here, since you brought the “mom and dad” thing. That’s as low as it gets and I’m not getting that low. You’re already licking the fucking mud, that’s how low you got.

          • JakobsMunitions

            You call people immarute, and yet you’re the one spewing cuss words at people because you can’t think of a better argument. Sounds like an ad hominem argument to me.

            You CAN say you are as old as you are over the internet, but when you can hide behind the computer screen and your only way of comunicating is through unintelligent cursing because you can’t win an argument or you can’t convert people to Battlefied, then people are going to start believing it’s YOU who is the child. Just saying, if you acted mor elike a human than an animal, people might ACTUALLY respect you. And if you just reply to this with more cussing or insults then you’ve only rested my further.

          • Toxic Hogwash

            No recoil? You make me wonder if you’ve actually played COD. Entire magazine kill? If you actually had some accuracy most guns kill in 3-5 shots. Before you bash a game, make sure you know what you’re talking about. I’m not going to bash BF4 because I’ve never played it, and I’m not going to bash BF3 because I only played it once.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I play CoD…. I even play BO2, which isn’t a good CoD game. It is better than some games out there, but it is still a bad CoD game compared to MW2 or even Black Ops… The hit-reg in the game sucks. MW2 you kill the guys way faster, but it takes 3-4 bullets at close-range. That is a screenshot of my stats. I hit people. And I brought the game on another account like 2 months ago, that’s why I’m “so low” in terms of ranking

          • TheShadowReaper

            who gives a fuck about ranking, the main point is to have played the game in order to make a convo and not speculation accusations. and dont talk smack about BO or COD4. these two are true diamonds of the COD franchise.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I never smack talked CoD4 you fucking idiot. Those are the only CoD games Ithat are good, CoD4 and MW2. And no, BO WAS SHIT, UP UNTIL IT WAS FUULLYY PATCHED!

          • HenryDF

            I don’t have to explain, think of it like this – when there is a war, weapons evolve and develop the quickest and become better.

        • xSupaScopa

          IGN is completely biased. The devs of games give IGN money to give good scores. Do not listen to IGN

      • Tony Rambo

        They did last year as well with “Above and beyond the Call”
        Still got fucked up by CoD..BF is a good game but DICE are dicks

        • HenryDF

          Nah, it’s EA that are the dicks – DICE just develop the game, they have very little say in the marketing.

          • Tony Rambo

            Yea whatever bro ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Random Dude



      I love the fact that no BF4 fan boys down voted this. They know it’s true hahaha

    • WasabeJuice

      That comment was also taken out of context, IGN was referring to the BF4 graphics that was using, as always been, supercharged PCs when compared to Ghosts and does not refer to the game as a whole.

    • Wowyanub
    • xXKehzzyKae_

      Can’t we just get along, honestly? Why war with each other? We both have those retards in both of our communities that are always starting shit. I love both games. I dislike how Battlefield players say CoD players are immature, well how immature are you for saying that? Your community has it’s fair share of immature people. I hope Activision doesn’t respond to this, I don’t want Battlefield players getting hyped up. The reason I play CoD is because (this is just my opinion) I think BF is kinda boring, I like the tanks, helicopters and whatnot, but BF doesn’t have what CoD has. A fun fast paced in your face action. I only play BF when I want a break from competitive players. When I wanna relax.

    • nate

      Activision knows their day’s are numbered with BF4 and other big releases .. I enjoyed CoD up to BO 1 … I own all CoD games past mw1 and finished every single CoD game … If Ghosts is anything like any of the previous CoD games I will be let down again and battlefield 4 is totally amazing @ ultra graphics, gameplay is amazing, maps are amazing !!


      IGN made the comment. Not EA or DICE. Idiot.

      • One point

        dont you think i know that fucktard? It doesnt matter who made the comment,it was still DICE/EA who put the comment on their damn game case.

    • DeathTwinky

      lol yeah, steal fans of a franchise thats steal your pocket … i think its fair. at least bf try to make the game more this and that they got iniattive and they earned there hard work money, but cod do the same thing years after years implanting what, a new dog !?! seriously. You get brainwash men thats it and they have you in their pocket. Stay there by the way you seem to be confortable bein stealing ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • One point

        another idiot,who told you that i only play cod and not bf? I dont even have cod ghosts yet.And if you really think thats the only thing theyve changed then you need to jump off a bridge

    • Driftlegendqc


    • Derek

      EA is stating facts….That’s all. You seem to be upset… Why?

    • BruhMan

      I personally dont want cod players to start playing bf4 at least not the stereotypical ones like the squeaker and stuff, cause then Battlefield will be ruined by them, its already happening when i get killed i get t-bagged.

  • Blastors

    And this is why there is a gamewar going on.
    Sigh Ea, you are so silly.

    • it’s one sided

      It’s a one sided war that COD doesn’t really “fight” … they just sell their game and naturally win the “war” and BF is all BUTTHURT and namecalling. hahahahha

  • Random Dude

    Hahah way to go EA

  • iSwedishVirus


  • RX

    hah, yeah, ARMA is simulator, but I said it’s something like a simulator .. it’s going to be little bit like a simulator ..

  • kieran

    Perhaps EA should stop acting like kids and concentrate on their own games. I love battlefield but I don’t love them badmouthing other games to make theirs look better.

  • Yup a Guest

    IGN was drunk

  • Mitch

    EA is the last publisher who should do these things, since they milk every franchise they own. I was thinking about getting BF4 early 2014 on my PS4, but since they are pulling shit like this they can forget it.

    • Random Dude

      Are you serious, just because of one sentence? lol

      • Norfleet

        It doesn’t take more than a single line to show what the publisher and developers are up to and vastly change someone’s opinion.

      • BF is a shit excuse of a series. And your not allowed to put that on a box and not be a pussy. EA a f**king pussy

        • Random Dude

          trolololol, be happy with your cod game

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Activision is the one Milking the franchises, and while EA has more than 1 big franchise, Activision just has one big franchise, CoD. And all the other games that they release are fucking shit. For istance Spider-man or fucking Walking Dead- Survival Instinct, holy shit that game sucked ass. EA has Sims, SimCity, Mass Effect, Comand and Conquer, FIFA, UFC, MADDEN, NHL, Mirror’s Edge, Need for Speed, Dead Space and much more. The only game EA that they milk is fucking Need for Speed, which sucks ass now…

      • TheShadowReaper

        so in the end you say that Activision milks only COD, but EA milks about 5-6 franchises, yet EA is better cause…i dont know, fuck logic? seriously, i havent seen anyone more stupid, trying to prove that EA is better than Acti. i mean its ridiculous and laughable to death.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          You’re fucking stupid! Tell me what franchises does EA milk you fucking retard?!

          • TheShadowReaper

            all of the above that you mentioned. BF, NFS, FIFA, MADDEN, NHL, Dead Space, Simcity, C&C. and many more. worst money whores in the industry. no one surpasses them at that.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You sir, are fucking reaterded. Battlefield comes once in 2 years, that’s the normal gap between games.

            Command and Conquer 4 came out in 2010, and guess what, C&C 2013 was cancelled because they need more time to work on the game. Yes, that’s milking out a franchise<— You're starting to make yourself look like a fucking retard.

            The SimCity Societies, which was the game before this year's SimCity released back in 2007 <— AS I said, ….RETARTED!

            The first Dead Space came out in 2007. 3 YEARS LATER came out Dead Space 2, in 2011 and in 2013 came out Dead Space 3, which is a 2 year gap in between them. As I said, the 2 years gap is the normal gap between games. And sport game need to come out every year, since teams change, new players appear, dissapear, etc.

            EA is probably the company with the most games. Activision had many big titles, but they either fucked them up out milked the shit out of them. That's why Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk are now gone. Because they milked the shit out of those games and people started getting tired of it.

            Please, please, stop embarassing yourself.

          • TheShadowReaper

            every COD gets 2 years of development. just because it releases every year that doesnt mean it takes one year to make. thats why there are 2 developers making COD, one is IW and the other is Treyarch. each of them gets 2 years to develop the game. and they release when the other team is making the next COD game.

            btw it doesnt need to release a game each year to milk it out. Dead Space is the best example of that. Dead Space 3 is probably one of the worst and most boring games i’ve ever played and thats because EA didnt let Visceral Games any development freedom and made it just a generic piece of shit game. thats what is milking, not releasing a game fast but making a game a generic shit in order to appeal to the big mass of gamers. whereas COD doesnt need to do that cause it already appeals to the masses. thats the difference between EA and any other publisher. thats why they suck and are the worst of the worst.

            the franchises that Activision has just arent in the trend anymore, not the “cool” thing to do anymore. same as many EA franchises like NFS. still COD will probably always be the “cool” thing to do.

            please for your sake, stop. you just showing how ignorant you are with each of your comments. your ignorance about the gaming industry amuses me.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            http://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/how-do-you-define-milking-game-franchise-28900405/ ONCE AGAIN, YOU MADE YOURSELF LOOK STUPID, PLEASE READ WHAT “MILKING” MEANS and I can quote multiple of these answers:

            Calvin079: “…Heavily milked: CoD and Pokemon; and there isn’t a series that I like that has been milked to the extreme.”

            WarTornRuston: “Yearly updates with no innovations or improvements. Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, COD, Mario Party, Ratchet and Clank.
            Some games like Halo, Killzone, Twisted Metal get lots of updates also but at least they try diffeent things with the franchise. So I would not consider these milked. Over done maybe for the money, but not milked.”

            doubalfa: “lots of releases with not much change between them as some always mention call of Duty is a good example, also activision milked dry both Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, MArio Party went through some heavy milkage last generation” <— Just what I told you before!

            Heil68: "Guitar Hero and COD."

            Vickman quoting Calvino079: "I don't think pokemon is milked…since it usually takes around 4 years in between each main game in the series.To me a milked franchise wouldn be a game that is released every year,is a main game in the series,and has fairly any changes.
            For example COD is 100% percent milked you can't deny that, and Final Fantasy since now Square just makes rpg's and slaps the name final fantasy on it, they kind of ruined it…final fantasy isn't really special anymore like it was in the 90's when it hit its peak with FF6 and 7 9 was really good too, but then after 10 they started milking."

            Legendaryscmt: "I would say yearly releases without too much change."

            Lionheart08: "Oversaturating the market with Spin Off titles, aka Guitar Hero."

            mems_1224: "see madden and call of duty"

            vashkey: "Releasing games in the same series very regularly."

            Yup, you are those types of people that think that they're always right. ALWAYS, but guess what? That doesn't work with be man. Nope. And you just made yourself look stupid, AGAIN!
            "please for your sake, stop. you just showing how ignorant you are with each of your comments. your ignorance about the gaming industry amuses me."

          • TheShadowReaper

            thats personal opinions. while i respect them i think they are completely wrong cause there is more to milking than what meets the eye.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Now it’s about opinions, because before it wasn’t, you know, when you though you were right. Milking means exactly what they/I/everyone says it is. No innovation and yearly releases. And there are more than just 2 dev teams working on CoD, Raven Software, Sledgehamer, Neversoft, IW and Treyarch. Ghosts has 3 dev teams working on it. If it isn’t revolutionizing the FPS genre, then they’ve failed. Since there are multiple studios working on different parts of the game.

            (Example —>) Raven Software and Neversoft doing Extinction, and Sledgehammer and IW doing Multiplayer and Squads. I want Ghosts to be “the new MW2” (since I’m buying it). I want CoD to go back to their original base with “unbalanced” guns and everything. That is one of the points why CoD is boring now, every gun has little to no recoil and balanced guns, which make them the almost same gun with different models/skins. The problem for Battlefield is that the consoles are in it’s path and the game sucks there because consoles can’t handle the game. If there were no consoles, I guarantee you that BF would outsell CoD. Just look at the sales on PC. The max of players playing BF3 at the same time was 75’000+ players. While Black Ops II had 30’000+, that’s double the players. Am I’ll rest my case here. I find BF way more fun, better and overall a way better experience.

          • TheShadowReaper

            consoles arent in the way of BF at all since BF is a console game with PC graphics. and thats why it will never go back to its former glory (BF2).

            as for “no recoil guns” and “reskins” thats what BF does these days. every COD guns feels unique and is unique.

            as for yearly releases, COD innovates more in 1 one year than BF innovates in 2 years, which is sad. although you’re not clever and open enough to accept it.

            and here is the main problem with you BF guys, you bash on COD yet your game isnt better either, if not worst. with little to no innovation every year, BF rivals COD yet claims it “innovates” with just adding a layer of graphics onto shitty gameplay. oh the irony…

          • Duke of hazard

            How about 3.
            Are you just a straight up EA fanboy or a complete fool?

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            You’re a fucking idiot. 2 year cycle is the normal cycle between games. Milking a game is fucking releasing a game yearly without many changes. http://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/how-do-you-define-milking-game-franchise-28900405/ I can’t see anyone mentioning Battlefield. Just CoD. Yes, EA milks some games, but they milk the game that gamers don’t play. Playing FIFA, or Madden doesn’t make you a gamer. Your just the normal crowd. The normal consumer doesn’t give a shit about FIFA releasing every year, they actually want the game to release every year, and it makes money, so they milk the game. But Activision milked games that the average consumer would probably never buy. They milked dry Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk. They just have CoD to support them. And STILL they haven’t learned the lesson. Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk are GONE for a reason. Yet you don’t see FIFA, Madden, UFC, NHL, etc selling bad, do you? NO, because they will always sell. I can’t say the same thing about CoD thought or BF for that matter. But CoD really needs to step their game up and innovate. Starting by making good ports and not crappy XBOX versions for other platforms.

          • Duke of hazard

            Cod take 2 years to develop you idiot. Alternate developers and congrats, you linked from a website whose community ALWAYS bashes on Cod no matter what happen.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I KNOW IT TAKES 2 YEARS! But that doesn’t mean shit, since every year there’s a new CoD. That’s called milking a franchise. Need for Speed is been milked as well. And there are 2 (or even more) dev teams working on those games. And you CoD fanboys ALWAYS, but ALWAYS say something to NOT look bad. In this case the game itself. Just fucking accept that CoD, from the beginning, was milked. They made CoD1, huge success, CoD2, huge success. Then Activision saw that the franchise had potential and just started milking the franchise, just like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk. When Guitar Hero III came out, it was the thing, it was one of the best games ever made! They started milking the franchise, boom, it’s now gone. Same thing with Tony Hawk, they were selling well. Then the ‘Skate’ franchise appeared, they started milking it because they saw the potential of Skate, so they thought that they needed more copies of Tony Hawk so they could stay on the top of the Skate games. They were wrong and just like Guitar Hero, the Tony Hawk franchise vanished. The thing is, if CoD doesn’t step up their game, it will happen the same thing. It just didn’t happened because most of the people that buy CoD are the same people that just play FIFA, MADDEN, etc… The average consumer, not the gamers… Yes, there are many “gamers” in the CoD community.

            And since you don’t like Gamespot, because “they bash CoD no matter what” here’s some links. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/346979/features/10-most-cynically-milked-franchises/ <—- The first is CoD.


            http://www.thatnaijablog.com/2013/05/most-milked-gaming-franchise.html <—- Again, CoD is the first.

            And guess what. Activision released 15 Hero games (Band Hero, Guitar Hero, etc) in just 2 years. 2 FUCKING YEARS! Please tell me, TELL ME, how the fuck does EA have milked franchises and Activision doesn't. They're both money whores. EA is the worst company in the world because it's much bigger than Activision. Way bigger. Activision is a breadcrumb compared to EA. The world turns around money.

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    BF4 is garbage. Just head to their forums and read the complaints. Many players are getting 5 fps or lower on PC.

    “Ditto on this, my campaign is completely unplayable, I could play BF3 perfectly well on Ultra and get great frame rates, I get on BF4 tonight and get greeted with COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE frame rates, I didn’t expect DICE to re-release the Beta… “

    • Random Dude

      So watcha doinon that forum

      • NOBODY likes you

        NO…so whatcha doin HERE…stupid-ass hypocrite?

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      You are completely stupid. I was getting around 30 fps on the BETA with everything on low and off. Now I get around 80fps on High. Around the same framerate that I get on fucking BO2 because that game is un-optimized as fuck and if the guy is getting those frame-rates that’s his problem, and not the game. It is highly optimized and he probably didn’t get the new drivers.

  • Brandalf

    People still take IGN seriously? That site goes with the wind. On COD release they will give the game a shining review and within 3 months post an article about how they think COD needs to be revamped or is getting stale. I stopped reading IGN reviews/articles years ago. Destructoid is where it’s at! (Even if the commenters are terrible hipsters)

    • One point

      lol also ign gave bf4 like an 8.3 or something im not sure..I dont undertsand

      • kieran

        They gave it an 8 on consoles but an 8.5 on PC because the multiplayer is better and obviously so are the graphics. Cod usually gets a 9 and then they will bitch about it later on

  • Knives

    BF and CoD remind me of a high school scenario where CoD is just going about its business and BF is constantly on its ass about how how it’s gonna get CoD after school. Twats. As the Ghosts reveal trailer said “Soldiers stand against their enemies, but ghosts haunt them.” Stay losing sleep BF.

  • LOL

    Shame on you dice
    Battlefield 4 is the most f**king game i ever see

  • Misogynist

    Because graphics totally make a game better than another right

    • Mitch

      PC ELITEST SWAG420 /sarcasm

    • Brandalf

      Depends on what you prioritize in you games. I like both pretty visuals, good storylines and good gameplay but gameplay is more important to me.

      COD and BF are honestly two completely different types of games though, so I really don’t understand the comparisons other than EA wanting to cut into that COD pie.

  • EA and IGN are idiots! Everyone knows that!

  • hiyaa

    Thats actually free promotion to COD if you think about it.. Dumb EA Dice.

    • hiyaa


  • BF sucks

    The graphics can be the best in the world but that’s when low fps will kick in, consoles cannot handle this good graphics, getting bf4 is a consoles deathwisj

    • VAQnotVAG

      Yea although it was just the beta, I was extremely unimpressed by the graphic quality. Framerate, fogging, AA, pixelating, glitching, were all so obvious that it really distracted from the gameplay. I’ll look at it again for xbox1/ps4 but it will be a rental first.

      • BF sucks

        On next gen consoles like xbox1/ps4 it would be fine as the specs are better, but if ea are releasing a game on old gen consoles that barely run whats the point?

        • VAQnotVAG


  • xStarChild

    Well that engine does makes call of duty graphics look bad but that engine doesn’t make a fun game

    • Shardlotte

      This needs more attention.

    • SeaSaltSora

      Thank you!

    • It is not only sad Battlefield 4 did this, but after the fact that CoD developers wished them good.

      • God, Battlefield is becoming so overrated nowadays.

        • Random Dude

          No, Cod is

        • try-hards

          not really, they are just trying wayyyyy to hard. making celebrities post BF4 as their facebook status just for attention, and shit like this on their box….it just makes them look like fat ass douchebags!!! i laugh at their desperation.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Nah, they, deeply, just want the game to dissapear. They don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves, it’s always been like that, and the world is not going to change… They just said that because it would seen rather harsh to trash-talk about BF.

        • Crimson Chin

          I’m sure they want the game to disapear, wouldn’t you? It’s called competition, but some people can be good sports to compensate and some people can be very immature and unsportsmanlike to compensate. There are different ways to handle competition. You pick the side you follow, don’t let them. Lol I find it ironic that most use the argument “The kids just talk shit all day on COD” and stuff like this happens pretty much every month. Remember the bf soldier punching the dog lol. Life Lesson : Mockery will not make anyone love you, just reminds them why they love someone else.

  • Soarnox

    The said fact is that yeah maybe Call Of Duty is getting a little old, but that’s really besides the point if you look at sales, every-time EA/Dice tried this “OH Battlefield is better than Call Of Duty Bullshit” all we can do is stand on guard and laugh at dice for releasing a BETA because they NEED to bring out there games/game before Call Of Duty comes out. But here is the lingering issue with that dice, when you rush something like Battlefield you get a terrible Launch that Battlefield 4 is. And BEFORE you down-vote me yes I have a copy of Battlefield 4 but it’s on the 360. and with what the PC player’s are saying http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2955065217446677445/ even on the Xbox 360 Version there is terrible lag spikes even on the multiplayer! and WTF is up with this day one 119MB update dice, that tells me right there that your game is incomplete.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      I like how you talked about it and the game wasn’t even out. And no, BF4 launch was better than some CoD launches. For instance Black Ops. Holy shit Black Ops launch was probably the worst launch on the PFS history.

  • Nex

    I don’t get why everyone freaks out about the developers battles between one another. Companies competing and trying to win over the other have always been in this world, stop acting like it’s new.

    • Mac

      But usually the devs themselves dont get in the war, mainly the fans and websites. The devs should worry about there own game and making it the best they can.

    • Mitch

      It’s pretty rare that Dice does this. I don’t see Microsoft saying that Gran Turismo is shit because it’s current-gen, unlike Forza which is next-gen. I don’t see FIFA and PES shouting at each other?
      The most stupidest thing a developer or publisher can do is lower themselves to the level as the retards in their community, and EA and Dice have done that.

    • VAQnotVAG

      Well it’s not really the developers who are fighting, it’s the marketing department of EA

  • HybridFx

    I love how they write words like these and then they make a interview with Executive Producer of Ghosts – Mark Rubin and act like it’s the best game ever made.

  • Dextro_Phoenix

    I’ve never posted hate about these two games however I think this is very unfair, a lot of people enjoy both games, “shame” on all the haters who create this divide.

  • Unit

    Wow, this makes me NOT want to buy the game. Battlefield fans like to claim that the COD community isn’t mature, but the damn developers and publishers of their game aren’t even mature.

  • Batman

    WOW Thatยดs too agressive, so agressive that I will be taking Ghosts first

  • Batman

    If Battlefield is so superior like that them why they are always worried with CoD?

    • Not enough premium buyers.

    • John Sotiriadis

      You are right,if battlefield is so nice game why the devs wrote that in the box

  • django 2

    jesus knows best

    • horrible spelling?


  • Frosty

    EA and the battlefield franchise will never out sell Call of Duty, until consoles can actually handle battlefield. In my opinion if consoles didn’t exist Battlefield would sell way more copies, and likely out sell CoD. Maybe on next-gen, people will finally be able to experience the real Battlefield. Until then no one really wants to play a game that cant support more than 24 players, on maps that were meant to hold 64. On a side note, I hope they don’t plan to beat CoD with another Medal of Honor. (^.^)

    Note: Battlefield 4 on Xbox One and PS4 supports (64 players)

  • Sentrymann
    • Rai

      Indeed it does.

      Mark Rubin:

  • gc

    battlefield 4 is bad , stinks , doesnยดt sell good , bye .

  • Cryp

    Tbh I don’t even like the graphics of bf, let alone their gameplay…
    I tried playing bf many times, but kept going back to cod. Bf makes me dizzy haha

    So cod all the way for me!

    • knut

      I thought I was the only one getting dizzy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • John Sotiriadis

    I am COD fan but i think that battlefield 4 is better from ghosts,i mean the have done more work.Better graphics,gameplay,animations and new engine.When i see ghosts videos i am wondering where is the new engine,i known there is a big difference from bo2 but they should done more.Anyway,i am both excited about bf4 and ghosts but i think that is not nice to put these words in bf4 box.I dont know what activision is going to do about it.

    • Brandalf

      Having owned BF3 and BF3 premium and also playing the BF4 beta. There is very little different between BF3 and BF4. hell they even use some of the same exact weapon models from BF3 in BF4….

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        They used like 2 or 3 weapons. And while CoD: Ghosts has 47 or 48 weapons (counting equipment, knife, riot shild and launchers) BF4 has 116 weapons, which destroys CoD: Ghosts. They didn’t change it because they’re models from real weapons, please think, use your head.

        • Brandalf

          It’s a lot more than 2 or 3 weapons. But I’m not gonna be bothered to go and pick them all out, they didn’t even bother to make more detailed textures for them. Also there are many different variants of the same firearms, there is no reason they couldn’t use different variations to keep things fresh.

          Also more weapons doesn’t mean a better game, all it means is more weapons that feel similar to one another and it makes the whole game feel convoluted. The less guns there are the more unique each one is capable of feeling. So while BF4 may have a lot more weapons, I guarantee you Ghosts will FEEL like it has more variety because each weapon is going to play distinctly different. Which was another problem I had with BO2. That’s another discussion though.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I fucking hope so! But CoD guns have been shooting laser-beams since MW3… But no, Every gun in BF4 feels different.

          • Brandalf

            I’ll respectfully disagree

    • Shardlotte

      When I look at BF3 and BF4, I, too, am wondering “where is the new engine?”

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        When I look at MW2 and Ghosts, I, too, am wondering “where is the new engine?”

    • VAQnotVAG

      Activision will do nothing. They don’t need to.

    • Misogynist

      Wow! I didn’t know you got to play CoD Ghosts already!

    • Tony Rambo

      Activision isn’t going to anything because they are more mature than DICE and without that bullshit Ghosts will come on top for another year Yiannare!

    • TheShadowReaper

      BF4: Sigleplayer Campaign and Multiplayer Mode.
      COD Ghosts: Singleplayer Campaign, Multiplayer Mode, Squads Mode and Extinction Mode.

      where is this “more work” you’re talking about? all i see you talk about is graphics and animation which are part of the Frostbite engine which they have been using for 4 years now. its the same thing, yet you judge COD about its graphics. at least warn us and say that you’re a retard that has no brain and only cares about graphics in a game and not actual gameplay and game content.

  • YoStabbaStabba

    In regards to MP, the Battlefield series look awesome and sound great – way better than CoD. But the gameplay IMO is just clunky.

  • Brandalf

    I just realized the back of the BF4 box looks nearly identical to the back of the MW3 box….

    • Romert

      dude the Battlefield 3 box looks the same as the Battlefield 4 one, remember that BF3 came out before MW3

      • Brandalf

        Black Ops,BF3,MW3 and BF4 all have the same back of box design….trippy

  • Shooter

    EA and DICE are just acting like childs and from what i’ve seen, most people are pretty annoyed with the BF4 release. Also the graphics on Ghosts are good for a game that’s not about the graphics. COD has always been about gameplay first and graphics second. While BF is more about graphics and then gameplay second. I’ll take gameplay over graphics any day.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      No it hasn’t, BF gameplay is better than CoD gameplay. I can actually kill someone without having to put another mag on the gun, because the hit.reg is good on BF. When you wrote that shit, the game wasn’t out, So obviously you were lying. Good way to make you look like an complete asshole.

  • Rekone

    this is so unnecessary

  • Cryp

    One thing I don’t understand is that people keep complaining about the fact that cod needs a new engine, better graphics etc, and at the same time those same people state that cod4 was the best cod and that everything has to go back to basic… what is with that?

    • Shardlotte

      You can go back to basics with better graphics and a better engine.

    • Misogynist

      To be quite honest, those are kind of like the people that say Pokemon Red and Blue were the best.. probably because those games were so simple and now the games have gotten so complex that they can’t keep up with all the new stuff.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        No, CoD 4 and MW2 were the best because they were fun and playable. Why to you think MW3 and BO2 sucked ass??? And CoD was never complex, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

  • Press to Start

    Go left go right go high go low BF won’t even get close to COD sales

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    BF will only get played because they had to release it before Ghosts comes out. Next week it will be all about Ghosts for a few months anyway. Both games will stop being played once Titanfall is released anyway. Enjoy your week BF!!

    • VAQnotVAG

      I honestly dont think one week was enough time for them to “steal” COD fans.. they should have put it out either a month earlier or a month later. Between GTAV and Ghosts there isn’t any room for BF4 in that short of time frame IMHO

      • TheShadowReaper

        who gives a fuck about GTA? seriously now. GTA had its month spotlight, everything has its spotlight until COD releases. after that you can wait for about 4-5 months for COD to go a little bit cold to even think about releasing a game, especially a FPS game.

        • VAQnotVAG

          well, um gee.. 29 million sales in six weeks I’m pretty sure people give a fuck about GTAV

          But I do agree with you that 4-5 months would have been a lot better time for BF4 to take any sort of chunk out of COD’s userbase

          • TheShadowReaper

            well 30 million is good. but not outstanding. its one of these games that worth noting but nothing so amazing, not for me anyways. i was playing GTA like crazy back in the day but now it feels dull.

            yeah BF4 has nothing on COD and now that “BF4 and Frostbite puts COD to shame” i’m pretty sure even their fans are disgusted by their greed and shameless moneymaking. EA and the BF franchise, or generally any EA franchise, are doomed.

          • VAQnotVAG

            Are you for real? 30 million IS outstanding. GTAV has trampled every COD sales record to date. For example BO2 in it’s first two weeks only did 7.4millon sales, yet in less than two weeks GTAV had over 11m. I love COD as much as the next guy, but come on, facts are facts buddy

          • TheShadowReaper

            yes indeed i just saw. GTA5 is the first game in these 4 years of COD reign supreme which actually beats Black Ops II and every other COD on launch date. now thats a first. i wonder how bad Ghosts will beat that thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • James K

    They did this before in Bad Company 2.

    • Chris Mason

      You mean the comment about heartbeat monitors? That was funny, and honestly not this bad.

      • James K

        I wasn’t talking about that.

        I’m saying that EA did this before on the back of the Bad Company 2: Ultimate Edition copy. They labeled a quote from a reviewer that Bad Company 2 is better game than Modern Warfare 2.


        Personally I don’t have a problem with this type of jabbing. In fact, I like it because it’s kinda humorous. It’s nice touch to highlight the competitiveness of the two franchises.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Ha, BC2 better than MW2? Good joke.

        • Chris Mason

          To each their own, I guess. I’d rather have a superior developer than superior marketing. You can only polish a turd so much before everyone else sees it for the turd it always was.

        • maybenxtime

          Im a BF fanboy, but saying BC2 was better than MW2 is complete and utter bullshit

  • Chris Mason

    I was honestly going to purchase BF4 and Ghosts. After seeing this, after the elegant words used by Mr. Rubin, I think I can cross BF4 off my list. Oh well, there’s still watch_dogs and Titan fall to look forward to. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And that’s all I have to say about BF4

  • It will be kind of funny when some of those same BF4 boxes are sitting on shelves next year selling when the next COD is ready to release and all of the sudden BF4 is talking about “shaming” a year old game.

  • Jon Cameron

    Didn’t Dice or IW state that they’re not trying to outdo the other series and wish them the best? If it was Dice who said that, then this is incredibly ridiculous. If it was IW who stated that, then “what the fuck, Dice?”

    • Chris Mason

      It was Mark Rubin who said it.

      • Jon Cameron

        then what the fuck, dice?

        • Keshav Bhat

          You know, what’s even sadder, is that ATVI gave IGN a whole week of exclusive Squads content to receive this back.

          • Chris Mason

            Know what? I didn’t even remember this. Thank you for making my disgust even more justified. Haha.

  • Do they realise that they are using a trademarked name that they don’t own and are therefore not allowed to put that there? ACTIVISION SHOULD SUE THEM!

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      They can quote whoever the fuck they want to.

      • It’s EA, they’re pricks, what do you expect

  • Mista Rehab

    IGN gave it a 8. the main story takes 3 & half hours. the game is broken you cant even invite your friends to the game until your in it. well played EA

  • jordanxbrookes

    And yet EA are the worst rated company still.

  • jordanxbrookes

    BF4 has a new game mode called Defuse, and guess what, its Search and Destroy from Call of Duty. EA knows BF can’t compete with Call of Duty. FACT!

    • TheShadowReaper

      yeah but COD has copied SnD from the classic Counter-Strike game mode, so that doesnt counts.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’ve never played Counter-Strike so I wouldn’t know, but thanks anyway.

  • Drillz

    I dont give a shit about BF. Im still gonna buy COD every year.

    • Well said bud! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Manx Mouse

      well put my friend.

  • jordanxbrookes

    IW & Activision > DICE & EA

    • NuttyTheSquirrel


      • TheShadowReaper

        yep, anyday, anywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ThatGamer

    byt ign gave battlefield a 8 on ps3 and xbox 360 and a 8.5 on pc and if they give ghosts a higher score then that comment by ign makes no sense

    • Misogynist

      An engine does not make one game better than another, so who knows

  • Brad

    I dunno bf4 is pretty fucking badass…

    • TheShadowReaper

      not here, not in this website.

  • TheShadowReaper

    they spelled “EA has NO SHAME” wrong.

  • Poplur33

    The only one is shamed is ea for posting that.. Their game is garbage

  • NiftyGam3r

    This is very amusing and shows how EA and dice are insecure about there game taking shots at COD in the other side activision laughs at their futile attempt to get activisions attention. EA should focus on their game and stop trying to take shots

  • ScOott

    Big pow really needs to get a life lol if b.f is that amazing to him y is he not on it ? I’m sure it’s out now … You mad bro at the end of every comment also makes you sound like an even bigger twat (if that’s possible) good luck in life mate sounds like your going to need it

    • TheShadowReaper

      its not his fault. he probably cant run it since it is one of the most disastrous launches in the history of FPS games.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        The most disastrous launch on FPS history was BO. BF4 had a smooth launch, you didn’t even play the game you motherfucker.

        • TheShadowReaper

          go read the BF4 forums. you’re in the lucky 10% that can play BF4 without problems. the rest are getting stutering with 5 frames or less or cant even launch the game. its pathetic.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Well, then the whole fucking world must be playing, because there are like 1000 servers ALWAYS full!

  • DemGamez

    No Battlefield 4 for me I guess…

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    Yeah, Battlefield is full of people who think Battlefield is the only good FPS and hate ever other shooter, mainly CoD, and then there are the PC Elitists, who exist only on Battlefield :l

    • TheShadowReaper

      yeah i really wanna see what a BF4 elitist would answer if you asked him what happens now that DICE pooped on him and his elite PC. speechless probably.

  • Manx Mouse

    CoD and BF are two different games…sure that they’re war games, but CoD is a arcade, and BF is a war simulator (or so they say), but EA shouldn’t be saying all that it makes them look stupid…thats personal opinion

  • Tom

    In my opinion,CoD is better.Bf4 is awesome but it is a copy of bf3.I ll go with CoD this year.Also what EA did was unnecessary because we all know who will win at the sales battle.Plus ign took it back when it saw the complete game (sp,mp,co op)

  • SoulTaker

    Competition is good for business this is just one of the things EA is doing. I don’t get why people complain about the BF vs COD series two different games. If I feel like having some fun after a long day I’ll play some COD if I feel like playing a slower paced game I’ll go to BF.

  • Seth Parmer

    Maybe in the graphics area… Call of Duty will always have the better Campaign, Community, and Online.

    • Manx Mouse

      well said!

    • Frogy

      Online, community you have to be joking dude i love Cod but thats just not true

    • awwww tears, cute

      awwwwwww thanks :}

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Nope,CoD has a better campaign and Co-Op

  • Manx Mouse

    Call of Duty fans! can i get a HOORAH?!

    • Oorah

    • dumbasses!!!! wow SMH

      it’s Hoo-rah with an H…dumbass….LOL you have no idea what you’re saying and either do the faggots that liked yours and zombielakehk21’s comment….pffffft all of you guys are total idiots.

      • Manx Mouse

        I am so terribly sorry sir! You want me to fix it for you?

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        You’re trying to be a fucking smart ass but just failed, you fucking idiot.
        Hooah – Army
        Hoorah (Oorah) – Marines
        Hooyah – Navy SEALS

  • Josh

    It’s only there to make the BF fans feel good with themself. No COD player will see it, so they’re not going to gain any more players.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Yup, that’s why I see many,MANY CoD players saying they are going to buy BF4 isntead of Ghosts. ERP!

  • dotflowing

    Well, I can’t actually understand what is happening on EA. They are actually rated as the worst big game company, so putting this quote on the box will just make everyone (besides fanboys) look down on them. I can’t see this other way than EA desperately trying everything they can to reach the top again.

  • Stick Man

    IGN: Gives BF4 8.5 on PC (meaning it cant be better on next-gen), new hope for Ghosts.

  • alex

    I like battlefield as a game but damn this is worse than BF fanboys bashing cod on a cod article. Childish actually

  • der riese

    i like where this is going! Cant wait to get both to judge for myself!

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I think the best way for IW to respond is with a reasonable, well thought out answer that says they don’t mind a little friendly competition, and they wish the best of luck to Battlefield. This will make EA look like assholes.

    • Xecho

      It already does.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Even more*

    • BF is fucking gay as FUCK

      in my opinion, if IW just ignored it, i would LOVE it. they are being bullies, looking for a rise out of making COD mad. IW would just be classy not to rebuttal. and give them any attention, BF deserves no attention.


    Shots fired! Shots fired! Bang bang!

  • Duke of hazard

    EA takes shots at Activision when they’re doing their own thing.
    BF fans constantly talk shit about cod all day.
    How in the hell is the cod community still the only community getting lashed at for immaturity?

    • StraightEdgeAtheist


    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Because you guys send death threats to devs when a patch comes out.

      • Duke of hazard

        At least we don’t kill people just to get a game. GTA 5 anyone?

  • Alex

    I could be wrong but I thought that Activision hasn’t let anybody review Ghosts yet and if that’s the case how can IGN talk shit about a game they haven’t reviewed yet that’s just unprofessional but mostly retarded

  • steelernate

    lifetime call of duty fanboy, got battlefield 4, Its actually a really great game and I will still continue to buy my Call of Duty ghost on launch day, ro quote a famous sixty’s icon “can’t we all just get along”

  • Goten

    Honestly, I have lost all respect for EA and DICE. I was ACTUALLY considering buying BF4, but with all these marketing attacks on CoD (for no reason!), now I am not. It’s ridiculous! Like Activision gives a flying fuck. What the hell did Activision and Infinity Ward do wrong? I remember a few months ago Mark Rubin said that he would like to see BF4 succeed, and he wished them well! I don’t know who’s more mature now, EA or the Battlefield fanboys themselves! Lol at IGN though, they’re the most biased retards ever.

    Wooh, finally got that off my chest…Bring on Ghosts!

  • killermaching

    Battlefield is still scared co is gonna win because we have a bigger community and we a lonewolfs i like getting credit from what i do not from others

  • ohhh shit just got real…

  • TheShadowReaper

    hey guys, since we saw EA’s true face yet another time, dont forget to ignore Titanfall which launches on 2014 early. if you want we can go to a room chat all together and ignore it together! dont buy EA games, even if its so tempting that you wanna slap yourself with Nutella in your face. just dont do it. spread the word that EA sucks a dick and buying their games works against us gamers instead of favoring us.

  • Ded

    I’m sure the “kids” will get pulled in by this method of marketing.

  • Jake Rega

    And by posting that on their box, EA and DICE made themselves look like competitive assholes. NOT a good move imo.

  • coolwhhhip

    I hope Activision never says one bad thing about EA or Battlefield.

  • CoDforever

    Call of duty should just change its marketing slogan to “that game that doesnt take 5 minutes to find sombody” LOL

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      That’s the only thing that CoD fanboys can say about BF, it makes me laugh because it actually doesn’t. You can spawn on your squad mates and if you’re playing on console. Please, but PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP and get a PC, because that’s the full BF experience.

  • Matt Trumble

    omg just shut up and enjoy both games lol they both have pros and cons its immature to have a war about fucking video games just buy them and play one is it that hard

    • Jackobeeno

      THANK YOU!! Finally someone around here that has some common sense!

  • Kenny Alexandre


  • Kenny Alexandre

    Really tho

  • Trigger Happy

    EA still thinks that their game is better than CoD: Ghosts. lol
    EA’s a bunch of wannabes.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Cod Ghosts

    Shots Fired

  • iAmEFFeX

    Every time I see something about this, I think… EA is really insecure. Every chance they get we hear about how they are better than COD. Meanwhile, COD developers just talk about how excited they are about their own product and don’t even mention BF4. It’s business though, always a little ruthless, especially with this much money on the line.

  • Over

    COD is a hand job but BF4 is a full on relationship…. that is all.

  • Jason

    Go home EA, your drunk.

  • As Ghosts will outsell BF4

  • some1exampe1

    ign really? all you have to do to not to score a ten on that site is to force them to buy their own review copy by not sending them a free one.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    As a Battlefield fan, this disgusts me.

  • BoundedGabriel

    With any competitive business, there is a pattern of the underdog always stepping on the leader in order to gain advantage. This is shameful, pathetic, and embarrassing. Let the games speak for themselves.

  • George

    I feel like this is more suited for Bravo Intel…

  • Delta-7

    wow can’t believe ea stooped so low

  • David

    idc what people say but BF4 is way better game than Ghosts.

  • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

    Because BF fanboys/players aren’t bitchy enough…

  • Joseph

    I just got BF4 and just noticed this. This quote will not stop me from buying Ghosts, nor like it any less.

  • arcane_jackal_01

    Jesus Christ, everybody on here is bitching about what is better, CoD or BF4, but very few are addressing the issue that EA has taken a pointless swing at CoD Ghosts! I had a copy reserved of both games but am now only gonna get CoD. Im not gonna give my money to a company that feels that they have to sink so low to sell games that they openly insult another franchise, and on the back of the game box for that matter. And for the record the devs for bf4 have openly said that they arent very good at storytelling. 1 more reason to go with CoD, a history of a great plot.

    • lolwut

      no, actually EVERYONE is talking about that….idiot

  • Ascending Legend

    To be frank, everyone is entitled to their opinions even if it means they have to pointless put down another game/company. Regardless this is only the reviewers opinion and nothing else.

    • TheShadowReaper

      still its quite shameless to have on your game pack written down another company’s product and putting it down. it just shows that you are insecure and cant use any other means to collect consumers which get you very low.

  • Choppabro2psn

    IMO all dice seems to care about is graphics because the game is terrible with their glitchy crap…I’m sorry but I’d rather earn my 30 killstreak as opposed to camping a spawn base and hopping in an incredibly tedious-to-fly helicopter or jet. fuck off dice, infinity ward has been doing this awhile, along with treyarch. no way bf3 is better than ghosts….oops, I meant bf4, sorry they’re the same thing.

  • Ed

    EA sucks.

  • Lorhelm

    awww heck no!! i hate that mess…all games have their ups and downs..plus BF controls are just weird

  • Shaggin4ps4

    I used to like cod, i bought bo2 and got all the dlc for it. But the more i played the worst the cheaters got. That was on the xbox but, when i played bf3 on the ps3 i never ran into any cheaters. That was one main reason why i will not buy another cod game or the xbox one. I am getting the ps4 and bf4 though and if you played the beta for bf4 you would understand why it’s a better game. They changed alot for bf4 and what did ghost changed? They got a dog. GAY!!

  • Brandon

    How much money did EA make will BF4 on the first day of release(I know it was released yesterday)? If EA didn’t really say how much I’m guessing BF4 didn’t do very well…

  • Emre

    they do this so the cattle youth will slander at each other.

  • froggy

    Cod fan, your own game creators said that the only reason that you guy have more player that is because its kids( immature kids) that they don’t consider you guys as gamers SUCKS! The only good cod was Mw2 after that all of cod games when to S*it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JohnClark_R6

    Lol. This debate is laughable. Not even close to being the same type of shooter.

  • hiphiphurray

    they are both great games……..battlefield is a game were you need to make plans and work with your team……..cod is a game were you can feel like chuck noris and earn kill streaks, but in my opinion, i prefer battlefield. but that is nothing to get angry over. its just a game, so you people out there cursing over this, chill out.

  • Ihaveaname

    Whats the point of arguing for against? Im a Battlefield fan, I personally enjoy the multiplayer in BF way more than CoD ever since i picked it up and its just proven to be the game for me. But thats just it, its the game for ME, just like cal of duty is the game for others. Different people want different things, and trashing another games fanbase or playing style isnt going to make you game any better and its not going to make your fellow fans seem any smarter. Besides, who the hell wants CoD fans playing battlefield and who the hell wants BF players playing CoD? You cant translate the gameplay from one game to another, Im incredibly greatful that I dont come across a ton of quickscopers in CoD, and im sure a ton of CoD fans are hapy they dont have to deal with “campers” as much as they might in BF.

  • BF4andGhosts!

    its stupid to even compare BF4 with COD yes there FPS but there completely different games BF4 is a realistic shooter as cod is more of a arcade shooter should never compare the 2 they are both great games and im sure most of the gaming community plays them both!

  • Guess Who

    FUCK COD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats what i say

  • brap brap

    k I’m just gona say this much.

    I have been running cod4 and 5 servers for the past 4 years, not just playing the games =). I own all cods except mw3 and I’ve given all a chance.

    CoD is very boring for me, the gameplay is linear and there is not enough ingenuity from the developers, they lost my interest some time ago now.

    I’m not one to bash cod because I’ve taken from (and given back) a lot to the COD community, within reason, but my time there is done. lol I won’t be buying ghosts unless it receives truly stellar reviews from many I know.

    battlefield4 I happily preordered, I loved bc2 and bf3 was damn awesome).

    just to say this also, people keep talking about how nothing matches COD in fast paced action, k so the movement is very different in both games and it’s not hard for cod players to argue that as a prerequisite for fast gameplay cod games seem to tick many of the boxes. play bf3 @120fps like me and the movement can be very fast paced in battlefield too, go noshar canals 64 players or CQ DLC 64 players. so really this argument isn’t as strong as you might think =). and from my experience of bf3 there are many ways to play this game))). even without vehicles believe it or not! :0

    just one last point, and this is honest truth. when I first played bc2 I found the movement sluggish and the game annoyed me tbh. I was only used to cod movement. had the same thing with bf3 but in reality I just wasn’t used to the movement. @ high fps bf games offer a very fluid movement, the timing is different no doubt, but that’s just something you learn with time boys :).

    ps I’m not trying to sell anything here but I’ve earned an opinion as a loyal cod player for many years :). the cod series deeply disappointed me whereas bf has impressed me a lot =).

    k peace. =)

  • Josh Rowell

    Im Glad they have game wars! it brings competition between the two companys which makes them both try even harder to out do one another! which in turn creates even better games for us to play! yes they are both shooters but there also two different games! let them do as they please! it just means they are going to try harder to make there game better! which is better for us!

  • Jasper

    Wait… So what’s so great about call of duty again? I really don’t know anymore

  • Specs Gaming

    Is that a link directly to buy Bf4 on CoD website?? yup it is. lol u guys need to calm down. Bf4 and CoD are completely different games with different gaming experiences.

  • Jake Rega

    In the end, BF4 was overhyped. Campaign was absolutely pointless and broken as fuck. The multiplayer is only fun to play with a squad of friends; while I think the levelution (1 of the most retarded gaming terms in existence) and level design are pretty frickin cool, it plays A LOT like BF3, which I got bored of over time. I’ll be lenient and give this a 7/10.

    P.S.- DO NOT GET IT FOR CURRENT GEN SYSTEMS!! It looks like utter shit on them!

  • Bruce Dickinson

    cod series are arcade-like games, battlefield is a real pc game period!
    which one is better? it depends on the preference BUT! technically battlefield is superior to any cod, easier to play? that’s cod

  • Joe

    It’s not on the back of mine. (UK)

  • Hooves

    This is about as classy as a youtube comments section, congrats everyone!

  • mike

    Sorry but Bf4 is not that great sure blowing things up is coo but the unreal killing display is bad. It sHOULD never take entire clip to kill. Sorry but COD GHOST is for me. Its bad cuz I’m in division 1 in all categories and still don’t like it

  • Siniestro Serr

    Please compare this video recorded directly from my GPU using shadowplay technology 1080p @ 60fps on ULTRA settings, to your COD ghosts and let me know wich game looks better.

  • Dylan Chatland

    Yet IGN gave CoD Ghosts a better score than BF4… such garbage how IGN are consistently CoD fanboys

  • Dimo

    Strange,on my box this is cut off.

  • kunaldo

    I own both games so my opinion has some value. I love both games but COD was better in my opinion! Heres why,

    really guys? In Cod ghosts, a falling skyscraper IS A MAP! (Free Fall)
    yea because preventing a terrorist in the future and saving America (Bo2) Is EXACTLY LIKE a resistance in America against South America in an America where the country IS ALREADY screwed over, real original BF fans! Even IGN says its freshly original
    Fishing in Baku in my opinion was a REALLY GOOD mission! BUT ever since I played the begining of Cod Ghosts, it made Fishing in Baku looks like child play
    It looks amazing, I give that to you, but it screws up the map afterwards so there isn’t anything that comes out of it thats useful.

    There’s is ALWAYS something for each player in COD especially with the new Squads and Extinction! However in Battlefield, the game will completly screw you over. Oh yeah, campaign wise, what difference was Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3? I mean you still have to stop dictators rite? COD’s campaign put Battlefields campaign to shame.

    On the back of the Battlefield 4 box, it says that IGN says it put COD Ghosts to shame, well after it came out today, COD got a better score than BF4,

    I’m sick of Battlefield fans explaining tht cod is crap but not say y battlefield is better, Ghosts is better than you think and I’ve experienced both games,

    • MidianGTX

      CoD is genuinely crap. Doesn’t matter how much you bitch.

  • hi bob


  • Pskit

    The new call of duty sucks ass and the new battlefield does royally kick it’s ass

  • sethshoultes

    This has got to be the worst game in the series. The multiplayer is horrible and the spawn system is completely broken. I shouldn’t have enemies constantly spawning behind me or spawning me in the middle of the enemy team.

    The squads was a good idea, but the AI is EXTREMELY difficult and can you with one shot. While it takes most of a clip to kill one AI. If you are faced with more than one AI character, at one time, you’re done.

    The multiplayer game play is way too complicated and the maps are way too big. Again, one-shot-one-kills for the enemy, while I (and everyone on my team) has to put MULTIPLE shots into the enemy before the enemy is killed. Even on hardcore the weapons are not balanced at all and we are required to put multiple shots into the enemy before they are killed.

    Waste of my hard earned money!

  • Kenny Fucking Powers

    I loved the battlefield prior to bf4 but honestly bf4 is trash. I have lost levels, the servers constantly crash the game freezes on certain maps loading screens. It pisses me off that I wasted money on this game…. I bought COD ghosts as well and so far have not regretted it. It has never crashed, once the host connection failed but oh well. I haven’t had any real problems.

  • Mr. Sensible

    So, I Googled COD GHOSTS Hoping to find an article on multiplayer tips, and much to my chagrin, I discover this comment thread. I have got to say, I don’t know what demographic this site appeals to, but you guys are, without a doubt, the most heinous typists. I can not even call you writers, that’s (ooh, an apostrophe) an insult to the craft.

    That aside, your unusual predisposition towards bashing one game over another is utterly bizarre. Stop acting like cave-dwelling primates and just enjoy one, or both, like sensible people.

    Feel free to whine over this all you like. I do not plan on returning to read what the next sophomoric tween insecurely retorts with.

    Take care, and please stay in school.

  • damian

    EA need to get a grip, and here’s a quote for EA “battlefield sucks”. I really don’t know why they are trying to steal players as if there games were accually any good then they wouldn’t need to. enough said end of discussion lol

  • king oli

    Battlefield 4 is the shit I’m getting it today for the ps3 , i Had chance to play cod ghosts and it fucking looked horrible the graphics everything about it look sucky , lol I think black ops 2 is better than ghosts

  • Gam3God

    its funny how most of BF’s haters have never played BF. Most of Cod’s haters have played Cod. with that being said, I have BF4 and Ghosts. I also have BFBC2, BF3, COD-MW 2&3, COD-BO 1&2. BF3 might actually be better than them all. Ghost might be the worst. BF is like socom (not 4) Cod is like Goldeneye. You dont have to use 1mg of brain power to play COD (like need for speed) just go go go. BF is like… Metal gear in comparison (stop, look, think, act) I also have ps3 and 360, and PS3 is the better console. kids and the mentally challenged like COD/360. BF/PS is for grown, intelligent men.

    • Gam3God

      you cant even accurately compare the 2. COD VS Halo maybe or Farcry. Battlefield vs Mag or Socom, hell even ghost recon. COD is very cartoony. BF is like a real time war simulator. I enjoy playing COD when I have company, thats why I say its like goldeneye. a bunch of in the room shooting it out. I’d rather play BF by myself online and zone out. Maybe blow a hole in a wall or knock the whole building down

  • Matt Watterson

    And there was me thinking IGN was actually a Sub-Division of Activision ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Tyler

    I am I the only one laughing at some of these cod fanboy comments then closing the web browser, and going to play BF4?

  • Jeremy

    I don’t understand why people argue about which game is better, it’s all personal preference. If everybody like the same thing food, music etc then the world would be a very boring place. Trying to tease someone about a floor in the game that they play is just pathetic nothing is perfect and it doesn’t make a you a fucking hero especially over the internet.

  • Karl SE

    Fast fast fast like kids playing laser tag
    like 60 kids on sugar with add and out of control
    no fun at all, just fast
    I now hate bf4, and long for the days of bf2 and 1942
    bf4 should slow down and be somewhere in the middle of cod and arma
    cant believe I paid 90 for this kids crap
    the only thing that was good was the campaign

    the bf’s and cod’s are now just a waste of money

  • Majorfoley

    Both companies are the same, and im going to state facts why im getting tired of both companies

    Cod: ghosts is one of the ugliest games of the generation. 6GB of RAM are you freaking serious? It looks exactly the same as all cods from modern warfare 2 onwards. They claim its on a new engine, it doesnt look like it to me they still havent properly fixed the anti-aliasing, and no FOV options. And for those bitching about those on EA bitching about COD. Its the same in reverse, trust me ive played both games and i hear both complaining about each other.

    EA’s problems. Battlefield 4 is what Battlefield 3 should have been. Levolution is more a gimmick than anything else and yet, battlefield 4 has less system requirements than COD, yet looks a lot better, has vehicle combat on larger maps requiring more usage from hardware. However it looks the same as the frostbite 2 engine, just with a few added gimmicks. And then while running dedicated servers most of the time on launch the netcode is still bad and we have to wait on patches just for it too be fixed.

    Both companies are as bad as each other, they are now re re-releasing the same games over and over. And you know who’s to blame?

    All of us. Because we keep buying these games that are pretty much just a re-release every single year.

  • CaptainAwesomer

    I guess I’m a FPS whore, I play both… Although I’m skipping this CoD because the screenshots and gameplay videos don’t look as impressive as the ones from BF4.

  • Scraggly Puff

    ea games puts battlefield to shame.

  • lui858

    cod players are just like play station people they don’t give new thing a chance.
    i was a cod fan until i started playing bfbc and i have every game after that. yes cod has a crazier and bigger story mode but u pass that in one day and you don’t play it again. i always give cod multiplayer a chance but its always the same. and i don’t know why cod fan don’t like vehicles call of duty 3 had tanks in it and people can sort of control a helicopter in ghosts, why is it bad that bf has real vehicles you can jump into and move around in.

  • Zeph

    Yes, Call of Duty: Ghosts is the most shittiest game to be released.
    Battlefield 4 puts any game to shame, fuck Infinity Ward.

  • Theupsetgamer

    ….i just read the comments to remind myself what i’m a part of…

  • WordupEAsucks

    EA are idiots for “taking aim” at anything.

    If the game is cool, people will buy it. Ghosts was not going to change that fact.

    So much effort and focus wasted on “beating” another game to market – Introducing an urgency of competition that DID NOT ACTUALLY EXIST, which led to rush, bugs, an upset community, and probably a host of missed features as well that we don’t even know about.

  • CasuaL Crayola

    I use to be a cod Fanatic. And the first time I played Battlefield 3, CoD Fellbof the earth. I couldbt care less,about that game now.xD and Battlefield 4 is under my Christmas tree.

  • CasuaL Crayola

    Fell off*

  • CoD sucks

    CoD goats is shit, serves them right. CoD has nothing to say back

  • gtaplayer

    gta iv>bf4 and cod ghost

    nuff said

  • SzaraQ

    I miss times when I could play both franchises without worrying about ridiculous arguments and silly fandom wars.
    Wait, I still can x)
    IMO, COD is for playing a few quick matches after a hard day, BF is for hour-long derping with friends.
    They ARE shooters, but different shooters.

  • pabloski911

    it seems activision is threatened by other companies look how they changed the sales numbers so anyone could see they failed

  • Imm Jaqo

    Is it just in USA because i’m in Australia and that quote isn’t there.. http://imgur.com/WlfQMGC

  • bf4sbetter

    So I’m playing battlefield yesterday right? just along the road in rogue transmission and a helicopter flys straight at me so I jump hold X next thing I know I’m over a base raining hell on the enemy I check the left and the last thing I see is motherfuckin jet hitting me in the face. CoD was fun when I was 14, but not anymore.

  • Robert Clark

    It’s funny how all Battlefield does is freeze every damn second… Engine 3 sucks ass till they fix the slow rendering and awful frequent crashes…. They shouldn’t be talking crap about Ghosts just cus they butt hurt and aren’t as good…. I like both BF4 and Call of Duty Ghosts but when it comes to a reliable time killing game Ghosts wins every time.

  • Robert Clark

  • codblowsitstrue

    Cod is for kids, fat girls and pedos lol

    • Spodermen

      I have seen plenty of those on BF4.

  • Derek

    Battlefield 3.5 is better than COD 1.9 !

  • asss

    screw cod ghosts it wont work for tons of computers . sell me the damn ps4 with it for $60.00 a HOLES

  • caleb

    You guys are so fucking stupid were talking about games not only that who gives a shit what the human eye can see and last of all NO GAME IS BETTER IT’S OPINION YOU MENSTRUATION FOUNTAIN BATHERS! Carry on

  • jo jo

    All I gotta say LEVOLUTION BABY!!!

  • Spodermen

    Funny how all these battlefield fanboys come to this site to bash Call of Duty: Ghosts instead of playing their “superior” game…

  • Trollgaming47

    Don’t get me wrong I like cod but it takes no skill it’s filled with small kids and no strategy must I remind you 2 shots to the head and your still running that’s cod in bf123 and 4 it takes skill teammates and strategy that’s part of why it beats cod

  • kyle

    Damn I never seen so much COD fanboys on one page before..

  • OptionalLemon

    Just fuck off already EA.