Infinity Ward’s Senior CM Tina Palacios has stated in an interview with OXM, that the studio currently has no plans to make a Modern Warfare 4 at this time.

That’s not to say that Modern Warfare is gone for good, however. “I can say that our focus and only focus is on Ghosts right now as it is, and we have no other plans at this time,” she went on, adding that “when we were creating Ghosts, we really got inspired by Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, just by how he looks.

“It made sense for these soldiers we have in Ghosts who want to hide their identities would have the same masks and face paint. I think it would be safe for me to say that just knowing the characters from our previous games didn’t have a backstory, that’s what really pushed us forward. We thought we need to really establish that.”

Rumors have been circulating that Sledgehammer Games is working on a sequel to MW3, although nothing official has been discussed about that studios future games or plans.


  • Jon Cameron

    My god, this is like the eleven-hundredth time I’ve read this statement.

    • Gelena Somez


    • wtf? weirdo

      wtf? stop reading it over and over, then!!! turn off your computer and shut your eyes before you go insane.

  • HenryDF

    Good. Not because I don’t like the MW series, but because:
    1) It finished. How can you expand on MW3? I was quite happy with the ending to be honest, it rounded things off nicely. Although Soap and Yuri died, that sucked.
    2) IW now have a whole new franchise to play with, now that they’ve got Ghosts.
    3) Let Sledgehammer do something new – the original plan was for some sort of adventure CoD, which I think would be awesome.

    • Misogynist

      They’ll call it Modern Fourfare

      • ORB1T4L

        Or Modern Non-Sense

  • Bf4 sucks squirrel nuts

    I’ll put money down that in the next few years there will be a mw4 don’t matter if it’s sledgehammer games or infinity ward there will be another even if it’s the last, Aslong as they don’t go doing the futuristic crap black ops 2 did

    • Nat Psn J-b

      how would they go into the future with MODERN warfare?? key word : modern

      • Jack

        Just to let you know, Modern Warfare is set in the future as it is…

  • 10th anniversary for Call of Duty… Nothing yet…

    • Lightning1432

      Wish they did a COD4 remake for it but oh well.

      • Umm… It’s the 10th anniversary right now…

        • Lightning1432

          Woops my bad heh lemme rephrase that.

        • mrjiminycricket

          It’s not 2017 yet dumb fuck

      • DanDustEmOff

        Maybe for CoD4’s 10th year anniversary.

      • Tierer

        Just leave COD4 alone. Let it die in peace. It will risk screwing the game up

  • Batman

    MW is finished

  • MichaelBolton

    I got excited because I thought they were referring to a remake of COD4:MW ;(

  • django

    But i want cod mw13 to come out !!!

  • Of course there wouldn’t be a COD:MW4 – that would just be one gigantic debacle of confusion between COD4:MW…

  • Poplur33

    It would be cool if each game had 3 years to work on instead of 2. Iw-ghosts, gayarc- blops, sledgehammer- mw4 or something else after

  • jordanxbrookes

    I wouldn’t mind if there was a Modern Warfare 4. It would be interesting to see how it would play out.

  • cwatz

    MW seems done to me. I dont know where the story itself can go. They could obviously change up the characters and some other stuff, but at that point its not really part of the MW series anymore.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Long story short they wanna see how good ghosts develops within the community and how popular Extinction will be. If it is a success IW rolls the ball with Ghosts, if it fails, the go back to MW to regain momentum

  • Guest

    It’s sad that it’s got to this point, but it shows how they are trying so hard to get more players.

  • Misogynist

    Just upgraded my PS3 Hardrive from 40 to 60 Gig, I’m so ready for Ghosts!

    even tho 10 days later I’ll be getting a ps4 anyway

    • gumbie7

      You should have saved your money and put it towards a new console.

      • Misogynist

        Don’t worry, that Harddrive was free. A friend gave it to me and I found no use for it up until now.

        • gumbie7

          Oh, that works then. I had to do quite a few side jobs to get the money for the ps4. Can’t wait for ghosts and the ps4!

          • you WHORE

            blowjobs, weren’t they? YOU WHORE!!!

  • Stop being fanboy
    • Ballin Like A Sphere

      It says Sorry, the requested page does not exist.

  • Shooter

    Good. The MW series finished off nicely and I don’t want them to make a fourth one. Now you’ve got Ghosts and you can expand on that series if it’s good.

  • Ryumoau

    I personally hope they don’t revist the MW series. I didn’t like MW3 at all, and as more time passes, MW2 didn’t have that great a campaign mode either.

    I’m glad they started fresh with Ghosts. Hopefully Ghost’s campaign will feel standalone like the first Black Ops felt, but they could expand on it with a sequel if they want.

  • wutitdo

    I’ve been playing cod games since call of duty 4 and in my opinion modern warefare 3 was the best. I am extremely disapointed in ghost cuz that shyt sucks. So much anticipation that its results were awful.

  • Rorke File

    I still want an answer about Ghost and Shepherd, Shepherd was veteran he could survive that knife.