has just revealed that a new live action Call of Duty TV ad campaign for Ghosts will air this Saturday and feature top notch celebrities, including Megan Fox. The ad is meant to highlight squad members as they get caught up in some action in Sin City, Las Vegas.


The new spot, “Epic Night Out,” follows the same general creative path as the earlier spot—unexpected celebrity cameo, potent music, flashy action that mimics the emotion of playing the game—but brings new insights, new toys and a new tone supplied largely by a Frank Sinatra soundtrack.
“Each year we want to shock and awe our audience and the world,” said Ellis. “And we feel like this is the best work we’ve ever done.”


Early on, the creatives stumbled upon the Sinatra track “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die,” which put them in a Rat Pack mood. Part of the game is set in Vegas as well. So those two things “almost led us to the storyline,” said 72andSunny chief creative officer Glenn Cole. “It will be a night out in Vegas, you and your buddies having a great time. Crazy shit happens, and you wake up the next day and go, ‘Holy hell, that was the best night of the year. Let’s do that again!’ Which is just like playing Call of Duty with your friends.”
Indeed, in the spot, four friends race around Sin City, battling snipers, tanks and choppers before finding themselves in other parts of the world and beyond. (They’re briefly transported to the Arctic and to outer space, among other locales.) At one point, on a Caracas rooftop, they run into Megan Fox. “How you doing?” one of the guys asks, acting cool. She pushes him aside and blasts a hovering robot out of the sky. “Great. Thanks for asking,” she replies. (That’s almost the sum total of dialogue.)
The Hangover was clearly a reference point. Said Cole: “The story arc of ending up at [Mike] Tyson’s house at 5 in the morning and some crazy shit’s going on—our equivalent of that in the spot is, ‘Wow, are we in space having a gunfight? Awesome!’ ”
The scripting of individual scenes involved “a matrix of things,” he added. They had locations in mind that would capture the scale and scope of the game. They had specific vehicles and guns they wanted to highlight. “And then, we were looking to build personality moments and connections between our guys,” said Cole.
At the end, the four guys walk triumphantly in front of fountains at a scarred casino as the tagline appears: “There’s a soldier in all of us.”

SOURCE: Adweek via @xMaccabix

  • TheShadowReaper

    gonna be sweet.

  • Matt Trumble

    so is it like back ops 2 ad because that was sick

  • €€€€€€€

    Sounds like the best ad they’ve made!

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  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Explosions, Vehicles, and Megan Fox.. Is Michael Bay directing this ad?

    EDIT: Just read the article, there’s robots too. lol

    • Cell

      It’s a good combination.

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      she’s also going to be buck-ass NAKED too.

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    Looking forward to it!

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    Suprise! is still my favorite

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    I hope they’re wearing masks at some point. I don’t know, it just fits…

  • SeaSaltSora

    Oh, and Megan Fox? Makes me wish there was a female Ghost member…

    • BEWBS

      you do remember girls are now in COD: Ghosts, right??????!!!! i almost forgot!! remember boobs now in COD multiplayer?

      • SeaSaltSora

        I know about them in MP. But I want at least one in campaign.

  • Gunna be hard to Beat black ops 2’s. Robert downy jr. and FPS Russia. Not to mention Quad copter drones, hellstorms, horses, tomahawks, and zombies. But this does have Megan fox, Il wait and see before saying anymore.

    • George

      So many people have forgotten how great that ad was, I haven’t 😀

      • Hey MW3 I thought had a pretty funny ad.

        • George

          Don’t even remember what that one was

          • It was the noob vs. vet commercial.

          • George

            Don’t think I ever even saw it.

  • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

    Wait whoa whoa whoa…. Eminem makes the songs then Megan Fox in the ad…. IW Just take my money

  • InterSS

    Someone is currently streaming Ghosts, they will play Extinction and Squads (on PS3)

  • Shooter

    Megan Fox? “throws money at screen”

  • Rated-R619

    Megan Fox ?! J’ACHETE !

  • Misogynist
    • Nice find bro.

    • It’s not as impressive as it was.
      Anyway, is it PS3 gameplay?

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    • TheShadowReaper

      yeah they definitely “removed” qs in this game. oh well who cares, i have grown to accept it so its ok.

    • Sentrymann

      At least it’s not quite “MW3 omg what even just happened speed” ah well.

    • Da_xavier

      thats pre patch gameplay lol. on the 5th when it gets patchef no more qs.

  • EndiabladoAdn

    Who cares battlefield 4 is out!

    • Paul Thomas

      And none of us care.

    • And it only got 8/10. also Campaign has been given a 4/10. Game sucks

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      yet you are on a COD website while your game is out??? wtf you faggot. LOL

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      Lol no thumbs up.

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    Dont Pay Megan Fox…pay a Nerd to BAN ALL HACKERS 24/7 and We’ll be happy!!!

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      but…Megan Fox bans all hackers 24/7 while giving great head.

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    Hopefully they don’t show her man thumbs.

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      You got me thinking about that “She’s Got Man Hands” episode from Seinfeld now… lol

  • zTru

    Guys, legit Extinction mode gameplay, no troll:

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    There better be an option for my soldier to look like Megan Fox. You reading this IW? Put it as a microtansaction and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

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    Sounds legit.

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    Chainsaw & ARX160

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      CROP man. CROP.

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    I preffer AC/DC…

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    Hopefully she can act better in a commercial, then she did transformers. ^.^

    -Still nice to look at though 😉

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    I just looked transformers yesterday, lol but damn megan fox was hot in that movie, but now she just looks not as good anymore, anyone agrees ?

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    … not sure if I’d consider megan fox “top notch”

  • Rodbaker

    This guy shows lots of gameplay, but it has no sound
    Havent watched it all, but at least some of unseen maps are shown