GameStop has just uploaded an exclusive trailer which shows off the new game modes found in Call of Duty Ghosts. At first it seemed like old footage but there’s some new footage of the new maps about halfway though.

SOURCE: GameStop YT via DW247

  • Choppabro2psn

    sweet add me at ChoppaBro2 PSN if ur getting this…I’ll be on at around 1-2 am after midnight…yknow installing and junk

    • SuperNova

      Its only going to take a few minutes. It’s only a 25mb download for psn users 😀

      • Choppabro2psn

        add me

  • HenryDF

    I swear this is basically just extended footage from the Multiplayer trailer, apart from Hunted? Aside from that, Hunted looks a bit disappointing – I was hoping that you had to scavenge and get guns off the ground rather than guard care packages…

  • Sentrymann

    It’s mostly rehashed footage from the other trailers, the end is interesting.

  • Erebdraug

    When Ghosts first got announced I wasn’t all that hyped for it, even when a few details got leaked and even when they started going more in depth about it all I still wasn’t hyped that much. The past few details I’ve seen (perks system, more in depth with Extinction, weapons, and this) is what got me actually looking forward to Ghosts, I still wouldn’t say I’m hyped up for it or excited, but at least I’m looking forward to playing it now.

    • Louis

      I feel the same way! After the last 2 CoD’s haven’t had much hyped for them since MW2 was released. Ghost looks awesome now and I’m more excited to get away from sit-rep pro and LAG Ops 2.

  • Francisco Robles

    What about the game mode Grind?

  • Sparks

    Disappointed there is no grind gameplay, I want to know more about this gamemode…

    • Mitch

      This is pure my speculation I have from a screenshot, so don’t take this as the 100% confirmed truth: every team has it’s base, you go around kill enemies and take their dog tags just like Kill Confirmed. In the bottom right corner, you have a counter of how much dogtags you’re carrying, bring them to the base and score the amount of points equal to the amount of dogtags you have picked up from enemies.

      Just my guess.

      • you are a genius

        oh wow that’s awesome… YOU HEAR THAT INFINITY WARD??? lol

      • Sparks

        Interesting. Sounds like a KC and CTF mix

  • BF fanboys are so mad!

    wow…i ALREADY see so many Battlefield faggots in the youtube comments section for THIS video…those guys seriously have nothing better to do EVEN WHEN THEIR ALMIGHTY GAME IS RELEASED NOW. pathetic pieces of shit. when ghosts comes out you will not see me anywhere besides logged into Xboxlive playing Ghosts… for fucks sake…

    • HenryDF

      To be honest, you’re almost as bad as them dedicating your Disqus name to them and coming onto this site to rage about them like a pathetic little shit. What do you want? Given the amount of BF players that we’ve had coming on here recently, I think everyone’s tired of them raging, let alone somebody taking this way, way too far. Why are you raging about them? Do you want us to care about your hatred? Do you want us to back you up? You’re as bad, if not worse than some of them. Just go away if this is the best contribution you can make to the site.

      • CoDforever

        Lmao, i disagree. How is he as bad as bf trollls/fanboys ? He’s just pissed that bf fanboys take control of cod videos comment section EVERY TIME, even now when their game is out. They spend more time shit talking about cod and how BF is so much better rather than playing it. He’s a guest and you can only type 1 comment with a guest name, so he changed to that.

        • HenryDF

          And I’m pissed of with the immature 10 year olds in THIS community coming onto sites dedicated to CoD and moaning about BF fanboys – no one cares. I’m so fucking tired of people not realising how hypocritical they’re being – take a look at some BF videos, there are plenty of CoD fanboys letting out their rage in the comments there. We’re no better than they are, and they’re no better than we are. Why can’t people be mature and not make comments like that guy did in the first place; it’s sheer immaturity that’s made this “war” so bad. Don’t you realise that?

          • CoDforever

            LMAO cod fanboys on bf videos are NOTHING compared to bf fanboys on cod videos ! are you a fanboy of some shit ?

          • HenryDF

            How would you know? You’re a CoD fanboy yourself, what are you doing watching BF videos? I mean, don’t tell me you’re not a CoD fanboy, just go back and look at all the stuff you’ve said.

          • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

            Im not going to lie. I been dedicated to CoD Since Mw1…… I PLayed some others but battlefield is actually awesome. CoD Graphics Are Wayyyyy Better But U Cant Drive Tanks And Fly Helicopters In CoD. Unless Its A kill/Score Streak. The Maps Are A Little To Small For Me. Battlefield Maps Are Huge And Realistic… BF4 Is Actually Tight I Never Met A Game Where U Can Ride ATV’s Up Elevators.People ONly Do That Because They Dont Like Trying New Things U Should But I KNow Ur Not..Im Going To Get Ghosts But Until Then Ill PLay BF4 Or Gta V

          • gumbie7

            Why did you capitalize every first letter of every word in the last half of your comment? Just curious. To your point about driving and flying vehicles…that does not draw me to a game in the least, in fact that is one of the reasons I hate BF.

          • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

            Idk its sum i do when i text people

        • Josh

          I don’t actually see COD fans all over BF videos commenting, it only works the other way. The truth is BF player cannot get enough of COD LOL

          • Guest

            Don’t you guys realise that there are very few people who will be a dedicated “BF player”? People ask why these BF haters buy CoD and why they play it at all, but there have only been 3 Battlefield games from which these players could have come from, whereas with CoD there have been 10. It’s not a matter of them choosing a side, they’re merely people who have bought CoD at some point in the past 10 years maybe once, maybe more, and simply haven’t enjoyed it. There is no such thing as the “BF player”, just as there is no such thing as the “CoD player”, they’re just immature people who decide to go and try to stir up conversations by saying that they hated the CoD game they bought or saying that they hated the BF game they bought.

          • MrGladiator20

            Theres actually more battlefields. I have an old Battlefield Modern Combat on my PS2. I like it because its a classic, but it doesn’t match up to the current CODs

          • HenryDF

            There are more BFs overall, but in terms of current gen, I think there’s only been 3 main titles as that guy said.

      • Henry DF needs a dictionary!

        PLEASE LOOK UP HYPOCRITICAL IN THE DICTIONARY. CLEARLY i was just a guest, which is why i get to create a one time use name… and also you don’t fucking know how to read.

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        • HenryDF

          You’re looking too deeply into it…I’m not calling you a hypocrite in concerns of raging on videos, I’m basically calling you a hypocrite because you’re raging…about raging. Sorry if you read it the wrong way, I didn’t mean to imply that you were raging on BF vids. If you look, I was trying to make people realise that as a community we are being hypocritical because there are people from this community who are raging on CoD vids, and yet we’re complaining about them doing it at the same time – I wasn’t directly calling you hypocritical in any way, I’m not sure where you got that idea from. I’m sorry if I used hypocritical in the wrong way/context, but my point still stands. You’re raging about raging, what makes you any better than one of “them”?

          • HenryDF can lick my DF

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          • HenryDF

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        • Guest

          It’s funny how no-one tries to ignore the abuse and get over the fact that fanboys are out to defend the game they’re so loyal by to their last breath (or even troll). Maybe if we all had thicker skins, instead of cowering behind our screens and acting so immaturely you would see fewer arguments, all of which may be debated through sophisticated english and not through unnecessary swears, racism and homophobic slurs

    • campionite

      so fucking true bro @ BF fanboys are so mad!

    • Caleb

      What our gt? mine is walmart phones

  • Shooter

    I’ve seen gameplay of all the maps now from someone who was streaming the game.

  • Josh

    6 days to go, it’s going to be EPIC.

  • ArcanePRo

    at 1:36 in the list you see infected!!

    • ip x Warrior

      ya we know that infected is in ghosts..

  • CoDforever


  • Diego Diniz

    I’m Brazilian. Can I Pre-order COD Ghosts on Game Stop??? I want this MW2 Character. I try to put the game in my Cart at Game Stop and this message show up:

    Sorry, your cart contains an item which you cannot purchase at your location. Please remove the item to checkout.

    What we recieve if we pre-order on steam???

    • Tony Rambo

      Diego there are 2 ways to get the Ghost mask in the game.
      1)You buy either Hardened or Prestige edition if you want some extra stuff of course
      2)Or else you buy the season pass which gives you all the dlc the day they come out plus a code you can use to download what you want and some extra stuff
      I have preordered the Hardedned Edition so I’m getting all of these things 😀

    • Tony Rambo

      Uhmm sorry i 1st saw your comment and then watch the video you are talking about a different thing..sorry I can’t help you with that 🙁

    • you look strong

      you have to pre-order it from the gym. LOLJK but try searching ebay for a random person selling their PC DLC code for the mask once the game is out.. unless PC does not do the DLC codes?? . As for gamestop not selling it to Brazil…FUCK THEM

  • Louis

    I hope these modes go for Core and Hardcore players not like “gayarch” where they only give Hardcore player like 4 choices and rotate them out. I like how IW gives the HC players just as much modes as Core players. Just hope they stick with doing what they did in CoD4, MW2/3

  • Fading Lee

    I’m going to be pissed if they make c4 beep/show danger indicator when placed…. triple nerf is unnecessary

    • Outlaw

      That is the I.E.D. It’s basically replacing and fixing the Semtex. This one has the beeping countdown but you cannot throw it as far. People have complained about the Semtex for a while and they’re finally fixing it.

      So in short: The C4 is still silent and the Semtex has been replaced by the I.E.D.

      • please sit back and learn

        i.e.d. is a proximity mine… it’s nothing like the semtex because they dont explode unless something is near it… like a claymore or bouncing betty.

      • Just call me gaben

        The equipment you’re talking about is called the “canister bomb” high damage but short throwing range.

      • Fading Lee

        Thank you for the info I was unaware they changed the semtex

  • iliekpizza

    Ugh I wanted to see infected

    • Mitch

      What did you want to see? 11 people camping together on a building while one guy keeps running into them while dying over and over again or boosters?

  • Work hard Twerk harder

    Wow, hunted I’ve never seen before and am very curious as to how good it will be. I can see the larger maps will be great for it already 🙂

  • Tony Rambo

    I’m so excited about Hunted and as an SnD player I’m hyped for Search and Rescue
    C’mon Tuesday hurry up!!!

  • campionite

    Whys there no ground war? 🙁 lets start a campain to get it back in please

    • Brandalf

      There’s no groundwar on current gen because with all of the new tech added to Ghosts they had to make some sacrifices such as 4 player local play as well as maxing out the modes at 12 players. The current gen consoles had a good run but they are dinosaurs now and I am impressed what devs have been able to get out of them. There is ground war on next-gen and PC.

  • Jake Hamm⚾

    im ready for sum dedicated servers not as much lag now

  • NiftyGam3r

    I swear the guy speaking at the end sounds like tmartn o_O

  • Noxiosus


  • ccrows

    I’m excited for Ghosts, and I give them credit for trying new game modes, but I’m sure that the majority will still be playing TDM, FFA, Dom, and Search. IMO KC and Infected are the only recent modes that the community actually supported.

    A moment of silence for Demolition, HQ, and CTF – you guys had a good run…

    • Phil Withers

      Im seriously pissed off that they’ve kept S&D, FFA. TDM. 3 of the most boring campy style gameplays and taken out Demo, HQ etc. Looking at the new gametypes im not impressed, Blitz looks the best out of them all. Cant believe they’ve made Infected a fulltime gamemode!!! What a pile of crap.

  • GodGuy10

    Do they have the party modes like gungame?

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    What gamemode is Grind?

  • Fallout_Rebel

    I could see blitz being a competitive mode for mlg colombus

  • Nathan Melville

    Hunted looks like it has some potential to be awesome, with the random weapon drops it’s going to be chaos