Activision’s Community Manager has confirmed that the 3GB install for Ghosts will be only for the campaign mode. If you plan on playing multiplayer, then you will not need to install this at all.

Ghosts will require a little space and time to install its single-player campaign data. This should be less than 3GB of space, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve either cleared space or you’ve got an appropriate USB flash drive ready.

Ghosts will play on an Xbox 360 with an internal 4GB flash drive – just use that built-in storage space for the installation.

Amirch also confirmed that the Free Fall bonus map will not take up much space – it’s only 250MB download.

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  • ip x Warrior

    First ! NO !!!

  • Duffnez

    PS4 Sucks, hahah xD

    • akording2my50cal

      ps4 and xbone have a 5oogb hard drive so thats nothing

      • Brandalf

        The game has a 49GB install on PS4. If that’s indicative of what’s to come on next-gen the 500GB HDDs won’t last much time at all.

        • Toxic Hogwash

          Well, remember, the old Ps3’s only had 20 GB at launch. I expect they’ll get north of 1000 in a couple years.

          • Brandalf

            True enough, not that is will matter much for PS4 users considering you can replace the HDD just like you could with the PS3. The Xbone I am going to assume will work like the 360 did where you will pay absurd prices for an Xbox branded HDD.

            When I had my 360 I avoided that issue by buying a 360 HDD casing and putting a normal 2.5″ HDD in it 😉

        • Thoughtful Discourse

          I don’t get why HDD space is such a concern on next gen. When you finish a game just delete the install. I had a 20 gb XB360 for years an never had a problem with HDD space.

          • Brandalf

            Because that is a pain in the ass and shouldn’t be necessary. Consoles are about convenience and that isn’t convenient in the slightest. Hell I don’t even do that on my PC without backing the games up first for quick reinstallation. Maybe the next-gen will have a backup feature.

          • Thoughtful Discourse

            I can see your point, I guess for me I consider it a part of maintenance for me devices. I regularly delete shit off my phone, tablet and computer that I don’t use regularly. Even today I traded in Arkham Origins and bought AC4 and the first thing I did before I installed is deleted the install of Arkham off my HDD and I have the GOW3 250gb slim. I’ve never used more than 75 gb at 1 time since I bought it.

          • exeterman2

            But I often want to go back and play a game again. Or in a couple of years time might think “oh that game was fun, I’ll pop on that for a bit”

        • Jaxon

          You do know that it is mandatory to install the game on Xbone right :/

          • Brandalf

            ….Okay. And? Both next-gen consoles require mandatory installs….

        • akording2my50cal

          if im not mistaken,wow that sounds nerdy, ps4 and xbone have cloud saving so you dont take up all of your hard drives memory , though you do have a point there, if cod takes up that much just imagine what the even more realistic games take up like bf4 and watch dogs

          • Brandalf

            AFAIK the cloud saves are going to be like Steam where you settings and game saves save to the cloud and not to your HDD. Which in all honestly is nice in case your system crashes but doesn’t save much space at all.

            Don’t quote me on that though.

          • akording2my50cal

            “Don’t quote me on that though.”, that exactly exactly what my teacher said to me in lectures last week, made me laugh.

  • Names Django

    Well at least it’s only the campaign lol

  • Fadhlur

    That’s not much. I can confirm that the PS4 version requires 49GB of installation.

    • SydWyndr

      Big deal you are referring to next gen games. I’m sure on the xbox one it will require a lot more memory than 3gb. I am assuming that you are a PS fanboy and therefore you probably do not know the details regarding the xbox, but it seems that xbox one will require a lot of space, maybe not 49gb, but more than 3gb.

  • Lawfulmaxhavoc

    After midnight release, no install!!!!

  • Grigori

    I am just getting it for 360

    • Yeezus

      Cool story bro

  • antonioad14

    so you have to install 3gb if you want to play extinction?

    • omar_soft

      im not sure, i dont think so though. sounds like it would count as MP

    • SydWyndr

      I heard, that extinction is only unlocked after either completing the campaign or completing the first 5 levels of the campaign. either way base on what i heard you will need to download the 3gb. hope this helps

  • Shooter

    Can someone tell what what the two dics are for? Is one for MP and one for SP?

    • jordanxbrookes


      • Shooter

        Well i’m going straight to the multiplater.

        • Lawfulmaxhavoc

          Me too!!!

        • Raacso17

          And this is why IMO you are retarded. I seriously never understood why most people don’t even notice the campaign! COD campaigns are brilliant, and I’m pretty sure Ghosts campaign shall be indeed brilliant as well. In my case, multiplayer will be the last thing I’ll play, as I’ll begin my Ghosts experience with a great animated cinematic campaign. 🙂

          • agb96

            Don’t know why that makes a person a retard. I’ve have played all the campaigns and the only one iIwould play again was MW2’s. Alot of people buy the game only for the multiplayer and the campaign is just an add on to them and whats wrong with that or makes them retarded

          • Raacso17

            This is the point, not playing the campaign is retarded, and I also did highlight that it was my opinion…

    • akording2my50cal

      you mean disc , if you actually meant “dics” i think you your on the wrong site bro lmao jk man

  • Keelan

    Do we have to install anything if we just want to play multiplayer?

    • Batman


  • ccrows

    Hoping to see some new pics about the new Free Fall map soon… 🙂

  • shaniqua

    do we have to install campaign to play ghosts? i just wanna play multiplayer

    • akording2my50cal

      think its mandatory bro, i mean according to my calculations , lol

  • Levi

    Will you be able to play Ghost on the xbox 360 4g slim? I know you can’t play battlefield 4 without a bigger HDD.

  • Fathom

    Guys, i got digital copy from Microsoft Store on 360, SOMEONE needs to tell me why i didn’t get my code for freefall to download in my e-mail?

  • Diamond Fire34

    I liked a lot until I wanted to play the campaign and I downloaded the campaign. Now it won’t let me play anything, it just gives me a black screen.HELP!!!

  • Carly89x

    I can’t download the campaign disc when I try to do so It says it has lost the storage device when I have a 320gb Xbox tried a flash drive aswell . ??? Any suggestions

    • Lisa Harrison

      My sons got this problem…did u sort urs?

  • therealocho420

    I have a 4gb 360. It seems that i have lost 1gb of memory somehow. I have basically field stripped the internal memory down to necessary 512 mb of system info in order to load COD Ghosts Campaign. after all of that it still only shows i have only 2.4 gb of memory available. I cant find anything else to erase or move. I will get an external memory but in the meantime, does anyone know why i would be missing 1gb somewhere? has this happened to anyone else?

  • kayla smith

    i got so happy to get black ops ghost untill this happened waited a week for bullshit and i deleted everything for more space and it said still no space