Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has just confirmed that Call of Duty Ghosts will be running natively at 720p but, upscaled to 1080p; on Xbox One, and will be a native 1080p (not upscaled) on PlayStation 4.

Hey, been on the road last couple weeks so haven’t had a chance to update, but wanted to confirm that for Xbox One we’re 1080p upscaled from 720p. And, we’re native 1080p on PS4. We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both. Still on the road, but glad to see the great reception to Extinction. Can’t wait for next week’s launch.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin

  • Classrobbie

    We could see that coming tbf, We knew that it would look better on PS4, Just want to know if most games will do this and if so is that going to be a good selling point for the PS4

  • I have a feeling the Microsoft and Activision agreement is going to end soon…

    • Not if Micro$oft pays more

      • LENNOX vg


      • Arnošt Kensei

        I hope not…They can screw theirs asses now..

      • jooker-jr

        But $ony can pay them

        • IonComet

          No, if they could then they would own dlc rights

        • mile104mc

          Activision is big enough that they can just quit pleasing either company and please the customers by releasing DLC the same time across all platforms.

    • HenryDF

      It’s all about on which console CoD is going to succeed more – with the current gen, it’s been Xbox that CoD has done better on, the 360 was released a year early and therefore was more successful . However, as is very possible now, CoD is going to succeed and make more money on the PS4. I’m not sure when the Microsoft/Activision contract expires, but yeah, I’m pretty sure Activision will be having some meetings with Sony in the near future…

      • Matt Trumble

        they renewed the contract last year and ps3 had better specs than xbox 360 and cod ghosts has more preorders for xbox one than ps4 the only correct info in this paragraph is the fact that xbox 360 came out first lol

        • HenryDF

          I’m not talking about Ghosts, I’m talking about the future. I’m talking about 7 years worth of CoD games. If Activision based every single marketing decision they made on pre-order figures, I doubt they’d be as successful as they are.

          • IonComet

            They do base their marketing decisions on COD like any other company

          • Mario Rivera

            ps3 finally surpassed xbox 360 in sales in early 2013 despite 360 releasing a year early. very few ppl know about the ps3 coming back to win the console war.

        • Master Troll

          Whats your point this is about 1080p and next gen consoles and sadly the xbox one doesn’t really have much to do with either

      • ONE BAR

        How is it obvious? MLG is going to stay with Microsoft. Also the preorder numbers are nearly double in favor of Xbox…

        • HenryDF

          You’re getting that from what, one website? I’m guessing VG Chartz? Firstly, that’s USA only. Secondly, Xbox has double the amount of current-gen pre-orders, which is understandable. But when it comes to next-gen, Xbox has just 29,000 more. And that’s US only, as said before.

          Look, pre-order figures now are hardly a fair representation of the performance of CoD over the next 7 years.

          • MrGladiator20

            Also its very hard to tell… Some websites could use a general survey, lets say 1000 random people. Out of those 1000 700 say they will get the game. 100 said they will preorder it. When asked for the console 75 said Xbox 360/1 and 25 said PS3/4. They then could have multiplied that by whatever, lets say 5000. Then they could say Xbox is destroying the PS in preorders however their survey was only in a small region but not the whole world. The same could happen to the PS in other locations.

          • ONE BAR

            I’m not sure I understand where you are going with this. VGChartz isn’t survey based.

          • HenryDF

            I don’t think VGChartz is survey based?

          • ONE BAR

            No, but saying that something is obviously going to happen 7 years from now with no real basis of facts isn’t exactly a good argument…

          • IonComet

            I like how you correct this guys “mistakes” but you don’t takein your conspiracy about the 7 years of COD

          • Martyyy

            aus and nz sales favour ps4. xbox sales have almost dropped 40%

          • Mister UK Gamer .

            Worldwide PS4 have passed XBOX One preorders!

        • Martyyy

          lol they will change once they realise how shit microsoft are. microsoft dont care about anything but money

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        I hope not. I’m also pretty sure that the Xbox is the vastly more popular console, and thus will sell more copies of Ghosts. But I could see them making the PS4 their primary console. Seems like it’s easier to do more.

        • Liam Reaich

          vastly is so wrong over 80 million sale for ps3 over 79 million on xbox 360 so ps3 is got more sales in general

      • Martyyy

        i agree. one day xbox players will come to there senses. there just to stubborn to realise.

    • Microsoft is willing to pay more, so I doubt it on a very high scale.

      • In 2-3 years when Call of Duty will be graphicly even better, the XB1 will need to run it on native 720p, which either means they will need to release a new console or put better specs on the current one or Microsofy will pay more so Call of Duty’s engine will be the same so the XB1 could handle it.

        • They’re going to improve the specs of the Xbox One obviously Microsoft is dumb but not that dumb.

        • Shardlotte

          The Xbox One isn’t underpowered like you’re making it out to be. It’s just the fact that their internals are new and not fully utilized. This is similar to how the PS3 first was. The Xbox One is perfectly capable of 1080p, it’s just that IW couldn’t use it perfectly. I’m sure future CoD’s will be native 1080p on it.

          • Da_xavier

            Your just reaching now. Sorry but the X1 is just a inferior console compared to the Ps4.

        • Batman

          Xbox one can handle 1080p easy.

          But however if this is the case, with 720p resolution it will have the best graphics anyway

          BF4 on Xbox one > PS4

    • Guest

      Doubt it. Sony’s still losing money with every PS4 sold until at least the beginning of 2014. They won’t be able to afford DLC on PS4 first if that’s what your saying.

      • golfnugget

        And where exactly do you get your information from? Sony is not losing money on sales of their console.

        • guesty

          yeah they are losing about $50 with each console sold

          • IonComet

            And you add up their millions in debt

          • guest

            they might lose money from the ps4 alone but from all the games people buy they make a lot of money from the ps4

          • IonComet

            Yup, it’s usually that one game you buy with your console that provides a profit

          • golfnugget

            Some evidence to back up this claim?

      • noah

        Thats the dumbest thing i think i have heard any fanboy say andgood job posting as a guest

    • Roxas3510

      I wouldn’t take this as a sign that things aren’t going well between them, it may just be a hardware limitation.

    • Jason

      Probably coming from a Play station gamer, Microsoft will always have dlc first in call of duty’s and everybody loves xbox one, there’s nothing you can do about that.

    • Master Troll

      Yeah especially since ms and ea are playin favorites with each other with free fifa copies and titanfall/respawn (infinity ward’s enemy) don’t think activision was too thrilled

    • Mister UK Gamer .

      Its about time, microsoft are money hungry assholes, I really feel that DLC should be released same time for all consoles

  • xbox

    LoL r.i.p xbox one

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Some people are too arrogant to accept this. Their only defense is that they get DLC early.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    How? Cod isn’t even a graphically intensive game, yet it’s running at the same resolution and frame rate as BF4 on Xbox One, which we can all agree looks better. Very confusing. At least X1 players get DLC early.

    • MJrolla07

      Cod WASNT a graphically intensive game. Have you seen the system requirements?

      • TepidBlack

        Yes, they are horribly bloated and clearly more the result of shit optimization than actual demand for hardware.

        • TheShadowReaper

          shit optimization? you can run these games even on a potato, maybe on low but you can! have you seen the optimization of BF4? even a GTX670 with i7 3770k cant run it right now until they patch it. learn your stuff then come online to be a bitch, BITCH!

          • ByeGhosT

            I have nvidia 7050… i can’t even run cod4 and i’m sure my pc isn’t a potato

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Like i said, Cod NEVER WAS a graphically intensive game. While Cod does look good, especially Ghosts, I’m surprised to see that it runs at the same resolution and frame rate as BF4 on X1, but BF4 looks better in every conceivable way in comparison to Ghosts.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I’m pretty sure the X1 is powerful enough to run Cod at 1080p. Maybe it’s the development tools and/or the lack of time to make use of the hardware. Looks like the PS4 version is the way to go if you want the best visuals from a console. I’m sure the next Cod will be 1080p on both X1 and PS4.

      • golfnugget

        Did you even read the article?

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          Yes i did…..

          • Roxas3510

            “I’m sure Cod will be 1080p on both X1 and PS4.”

            Are you sure you read the article?

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            Oops. I mean’t to put the next Cod will be 1080p on both next-gen consoles.

          • Roxas3510

            Oh okay, that’s understandable.

          • Idiots

            you are both retarded. first, battlefield sucks. second, you both eat p**** for dinner. and third, you both have loose va j js

          • Roxas3510

            Shouldn’t you be in school?

      • Derrick Wingler

        According to the reviewer that first revealed that it was going to be 720p on the X1 its exactly what you just said. Its not a hardware issue (as every sony fanboy insists) but rather is an issue with the software tools provided by microsoft and it is something that can be fixed. He even suggested that it may well even be something that can be patched (though that would seem unlikely for Ghosts if Infinity Ward has confirmed it will not be native 1080P)

    • Aaron

      I agree… It’s strange that BF4 and Ghosts will run at the same native resolution. There is so much going on in a battlefield game, and not much by comparison in a CoD game. These consoles haven’t even hit store shelves yet, so next year we’ll probably get a clearer picture of what these things are capable of. I say they’ll both get a lot better, which is great news for gamers.

      Now on to the 720p versus 1080p thing. I believe that bf4 footage should make everyone realize that difference is minute, and it probably won’t even matter. The xbone version isn’t the final version, and the ps4 version probably isn’t either. They are both going to be incredible.

    • Jon

      BF4 looks better on X1? My God the blind fanboyism…

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        BF4 on X1 looks better than Ghosts on X1. I’m not a fanboy, i love both game and plan on picking both Ghosts and BF4 on PS4, i’m just stating the facts. BF4 has alot more going on than Ghosts does while still running at the same frame rate and resolution of the latter. I’m sure the X1 is powerful enough to run Ghosts at a higher resolution than 720p. When you have Cod running at the same res and frame rate as BF, then there is a problem.

        • Ren

          BF4 also looks better on PS4 then X1. Notice a pattern?

          • Derrick Wingler

            It might look negligibly better on the PS4 but the current build of the PS4 version has been confirmed to be very buggy, with objects that randomly drop out of existence and serious frame rate loss at times, While the X1 build runs perfectly. PS4 may be better for graphics, but the X1’s faster processor and DDR3 RAM is better for games not running like shit.

          • Paul Thomas

            Mind telling me where you’ve seen either next-gen version being played? Otherwise I think you just full of it.

          • Derrick Wingler

            There is a side-by-side comparison video thats been floating around for a while. You can clearly see in the PS4 build (as the top comments on the videos were very happy to point out) that rocks and other objects in the environment just disappear. Also this is based on information from a reviewer who has played the PS4 build and pointed out the disappearing objects and the frame rate issues on the PS4 build

          • MILF Fuker

            what do you guys not understand. it is more about gameplay than it is graphics. yeah we don’t want pixelated shit, but i’d still choose a game 100% on gameplay given that it doesn’t look like either of Derrick Wingler’s or Paul Thomas’ moms.

          • Nathan

            lol Are you serious? The PS4 has the better processor…ffs

          • Derrick Wingler

            The PS4 has a larger processor with a slower clock speed than the X1’s. Try not being such a fanboy and learn the facts. Neither is really “better” just better at different things. PS4 is better for graphics, the X1 is better for smooth gameplay. Simple as that.

          • Mister UK Gamer .

            You are having a laugh arent you? The X1 has lower specs all over than the PS4

          • Derrick Wingler

            Obviously you don’t know the actual specs then. The PS4 has more processing power, but the X1 processes faster. This means the PS4 can handle intense data loads (like heavy graphics) better, but the X1 can run games more smoothly in general as it processes light data loads much better than the PS4. The same applies to their RAM, GDDR5 is better for large data loads, DDR3 is better for quickly processing light loads. I’m assuming all you pay attention to is pro PS4 propaganda and/or your new to the whole “computer hardware” thing if you didnt know that

        • Zpr4y

          FOR F*** SAKE MAN! CONSOLES HAVE CAPPED FPS THEY CANT GO OVER A CERTAIN AMOUNT! Pleas check your information! The pc can change that in settings but consoles have programmed settings that cant be changed without rly going into the files! The consoles are powerful to play bf4-CODGHOST on OVER 60 fps and the consoles dont let the games exceed over 60 fps and thats WHY both games play at same fps! Hope you read this and understand!

  • Conceptx2

    Problem with ps is they don’t have the exclusives… Sucks wish they did


      Yeah but no- ps have tons of exclusives- probably more than xbox

    • Mario Rivera

      this comment is so dumb, microsoft only has about 3 exclusives ppl actually care about while the sony platform has dozens…

  • Yeahh Bitches

    Yeah bitches, PS4 ftw.

    • HenryDF

      Are you related to Jesse Pinkman?

      • //[email protected]”””//

        No They just share a common intrest in the blue…

        • HenryDF

          Ah, ok 😉

  • Well then…

  • One point

    im a complete idiot when it comes to the technical side of games,but its says thats its 1080p upscaled from 720p. Does that basically mean that the xbone and ps4 will both run cod at 1080p?

    • Primey_

      Native means that the game is designed to be full 1080p. Upscaled is when something that is 720p (or something else) and they stretch it to 1080p.

      They both run at 1080p but the Xbox One is stretched and not true 1080p

      • One point

        oh right thanks!

      • So still both 1080p?

    • Look at a 720p video on Youtube and make it fullscreen against a 1080p video on fullscreen.

      • One point


  • Cyber-Ninja
  • Will there be an option to put it to the resolution it was built in either on the console or through the game itself?

    • ArcanePRo


  • Chris Mason

    If Mr. Rubin isn’t upset about it, I don’t see why I should be. PS4-preferenced consumers? Enjoy getting something special over XBOX1-preferenced consumers. Hope it makes up for Microsoft timed exclusive DLC.

    • ff

      The “special” thing PS4 gamers are getting isn’t some little piece of content, or a map a week early, it’s a game that runs and looks better. If you own a 1080p TV and are buying Ghosts on X1, you are getting a significantly worse looking game. Not some slightly better textures, but a straight up huge difference.

      • Chris Mason

        Have you seen a side by side comparison of PS4 Ghosts and Xbox One Ghosts? I only ask because I am not a tech-minded person and spouting specs to me is like Greek as far as I care. Can you honestly say that the difference is major? I play on a cheap (by relativity) Vizio 55″ LCD HDTV. I usually run 1080p but had to run 1080i when using a capture device. I didn’t notice anything signicant. And to my flawed understanding, if the game’s engine was optimized for native 720p, going to native 1080p might be… taxing.

        • ff

          If you own a 55″ TV, the difference between 1080p and 720p will actually be very eviden. Jaggies(jagged edges and lines), everywhere.

          • Chris Mason

            I told the Mrs. that I would need to purchase both next gen consoles, copies of Call of Duty Ghosts for both and either an HDPVR or an HD Potato. Her response? Ask which kid I planned to sell to accomplish that. -.- Women.

  • vanguard

    Could Care less truthfully. The game still looks amazing on xb1 not worried about it at all.. Besides the videos of xb1 and ps4 running bf4 side by side the xb1 look better.

    • aaa187

      You’re in denial. I see.

      • vanguard

        No I’m not look at the videos and facts.

        • Mario Rivera

          the ”facts” just told u that the ps4 version runs at a superior resolution and yet u still deny…

          • vanguard

            The facts show that it might run at 1080 native BUT the xb1 version will run smoother and still have the same or better quality.

          • Assassin5150

            they already showed the ps4 kept closer to 60fps @ 1080p than the xbox did at 720P.

          • vanguard

            No sir you are incorrect. The ps4 last I read which was this morning they were having fps issues running at 1080

          • Ahmazin

            The digital foundry comparison was flawed and they apologized for messing it up. Go watch Jack’s Review:


            He said both games look good, but the PS4 was obviously graphically better. to nearly everyone at the event. He even said the PS4’s multiplayer looked better than the Xbox One’s single player, which is rare. The Xbox one will be fine on a 720p TV, but since I’m going to be playing on a 60″, there’s just no way that BF4 will look better on the Xbox One than the PS4. Sorry.

          • Guest

            Stop being so in denial and accept it. You’re making yourself look silly.

      • Batman

        Graphics > Resolution
        Xbox One graphics > PS4 graphics

        • Arnošt Kensei

          BS…Just mad fanboy….Graphics < Resolution
          Xbox One graphics < PS4 graphics

        • aaa187

          Even after facts, you still find ways to spin the truth?

          Gotta love fanboys like yourself.

        • The Real Batman

          AAAaaaanddd the PS4 graphics are better, sooo

        • Roadripper55

          You’re just mad cause the PS4 is overpriced where you are….

    • Classrobbie

      How do you know it still looks good on the X1, both IW and IGN have shown all their content on PS4 does that say something, Now we know why they have been showing X1 games on PC at conventions, IT JUST ISNT POWERFUL ENOUGH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • vanguard

        Look at the extinction mode dumbass its on xb1 do you not look daily. Lol all the pony’s think its less powerfull but wait who has 300k servers ? .. Oh I know what you will say next but Sony has ded servers but they don’t have 300,000. Then ms tried making gaming better by going to DRM which I for one was totally for 1mil percent but a bunch of whiney people that don’t think straight freaked out causing the 180 .. That is the only reason this console has had the recent issues because they had to re do the whole structure to make it work without drm .

        • SeaSaltSora

          Quit your bitching. What’s done is done. Buy the console you like and fuck off. Fucking kids bringing this console war shit to CI… >.>

      • George

        Haven’t been able to tell either way because video quality on everything has been horrible, we’ll never know until the game comes out.

      • Have you forgot the fact that maybe they were still working on details for Xbox One at the time.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I agree with the fact it doesn’t bother me because both consoles are great. As for IGN’s side-by-side, I don’t really see a difference. BTW aaa187, he’s not in denial, he’s just being the better man than you.

    • ff

      BF4 on Ps4 runs at 900p, and features better AA. The reasons those screens you are referring to look worse is because Digital Foundry messed up the recording, and admitted it.

  • Blue Hernandez

    Mark Ruben=Super Troll. Nice work.

    • ip x Warrior

      Rubin. at least write his name properly.

      • Blue Hernandez

        No troll deserves that privilage……………….no troll…


    …and the console wars find their way to a call of duty website…

    • dw

      What war? All I see is a slaughter.

  • Mario Rivera

    i’d like to see xbox fanboys try to use activision favoritism as a selling point for drm box one now lol

    • lol

      Pony’s don’t even know the truth. You do know the ps4 was set to release with DRM and the eye for 499? Until the back lash unfortunately Sony pusstation wouldn’t put thier foot down and stick to the DRM and make gaming in the long run so much better. They said oh no we can’t have people hating us let’s throw ms under the buss and set console gaming back another 8 years. But you still cheer oh ours is much more powerfully …. Imagine how much more power they could have if they woukda stuck to their guns ? But you pony’s keep cheering lol

      • Guest

        There was no backlash – they’re still considering the bundle, as well as a PS4/Vita bundle. They haven’t set console gaming back at all – if anything, Microsoft has with the Xbox. I’m not sure where you’re coming from – whether you’re an Xbox fanboy, a PC fanboy or just someone who decided to have a go at someone for making a fairly valid point – but your argument is patchy.

        • lol

          Talking about the back lash on ms for DRM . the ps4 was going for the same policy’s till that.then theu dropped it and the eye so they could crush from a marketing stand point

          • golfnugget

            The weakness in your argument is that there is no evidence to support anything you have said. Sony went to the podium before Microsoft and announced pricing and policies before Microsoft. The backlash happened after Microsoft announced the details of their product and people saw that it was much different than what Sony had announced.

          • Alex

            Yes your right Sony unveiled the ps4 first but all they did was show it they didn’t talk about any policies they didn’t even give a price I remember people being upset about that. The xbox one came later but they gave out alot more information in the unveiling maybe a little too much information at first which started the backlash. After that Sony chickened out of all the policies xbox was getting shit on for like DRM for example.

          • lol

            U sir are the only one correct .

          • Paul Thomas

            Still you mind linking us to this supposed Sony DRM that was like the original MS DRM policy?

          • fef

            You are trying to tell me Sony dropped it after the backlash from the Xbone, which was announced after the PS4? idiot.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        It’s called being smart and not making the same mistake as their opponent. If you started a taco stand, and your friend started one too, let’s say he puts cinnamon in his tacos. Nobody liked it, so they went to see what tacos you had. Originally, you had the same recipe, but you change it to please the customers. By the time your friend changes his recipe, it’s too late because everyone is hooked on your recipe.×313-noPad.jpg

      • SeaSaltSora

        Way to be mature. “Pusstation?” “Pony’s?” What are you? 5? Some of you people are pathetic. DRM is done with. Microsoft have “learned” from their mistakes. If what you’re saying is true, at least SONY was patient enough to see the fans reactions and decided to not include the PS Eye and DRM. Don’t get upset because PS4 is more powerful than XBOX ONE. It’s true. Let it be. Just play the system you want to play. People will always talk shit about something you like. That’s just how things are. But be the bigger person instead of doing what you just did. :

      • Dumbass

        Hah. Wow. Sony actually came out and straight up said they WERE going to include the Eye, but they were shooting for a $400 price tag. The decision was made weeks if not months before. Do you have a source for the PS4 DRM? Or are you going off a rumor likely started by a bitter xbot? Sony already clarified, saying the considered some sort of DRM early on, but decided not to. And yes, the DRM MS was clearly sooo gooooood. God forbid gamers expect them to have their shit together and actually have a vision. In 5 years MS could have brought digital games down 10 bucks, WOOO!!!!!!! Oh wait, that is something Sony is already considering and has done before. If you want to see how DRM SHOULD be done, look at steam.

      • Dumbass

        You are an idiot. Not only is none of what you are saying is true, but even if it was, Sony is clearly the better company here. Changing DRM and making the console cheaper without needing a ton of outrage and boycotts is a little better then calling gamers idiots before realizing no one was going to buy the shitbox.

  • Relentless757

    It probably could be 1080p if it wasn’t for all these new things they added.

    • HenryDF

      It could probably be 1080p if Microsoft had taken the time to make their console good, and potentially better than the PS4.

  • Matt Trumble

    the thing is you cant really tell the difference between up-scaled 1080p and 1080p just saying

    • Silvio Fontolini

      Your poor eyesight does not validate the media-first, gaming second decision made by Microsoft in the development of the system.

      I can notice, anyone with 20/20 can no matter how many wikipedia viewing charts you want to bring up (and be sure to avoid the far closer THX viewing charts)

      Rather than invent spurious reasons to lie to everyone about why you are unwilling to switch your pre-order and be heartbroken at lost corporate loyalty, why not be honest and accept that you’ll not change in light of this unfortunate news.

    • Master Troll

      Tell that to a PC player with a 4k monitor or even a 1080p monitor

    • Martyyy

      u would if u had them side by side

    • Martyyy

      upscaled looks sketchy

  • Josh

    That’s really bad considering its next gen, I bet the 360 is 1080p LOL

  • CoDforever


    • MrGladiator20

      They already did.

  • So why are graphics, with a difference on this small of a scale, being debated on such a huge scale. The fact is for me if I love the way the Xbox controller is in comparison to the Playstion’s controller, then why wouldn’t I get a Xbox. Especially if all the DLC doesn’t have a month to be ruined by Ali-a, etc.

  • So what if the graphics are different? It’s still Call of Duty. If you like Xbox then play on Xbox and if you like playstation then play on Playstation. I don’t really think it will matter if that tree looked realistic when you get shot in the face. For real we all like COD here so let’s just put aside our console preference and enjoy the game together!

  • Josh

    What is that map called

  • Chris

    Blah blah blah. Who cares. Just gimmie the fuckin’ game already!

    • Silvio Fontolini

      Who cares? People that spent $100 more on a 50% weaker system so housewives could watch The Price Is Right without having to reach for a remote control. Folk are upset that microsoft abandoned the hard core dedicated gamer in favour of acting as a toll booth keeper for netflix accounts.

      Its a console built around selling you advertising, (what do you think goes in the blank spaces in a “Snap” session or Skype chat.), Not gaming.

      “Blah blah blah” indeed.

      • Chris

        I get what you’re saying but its really only a resolution difference, which you will not notice in multiplayer which is what I care about. & I enjoy all the stuff the XBOX One does that the PS4 doesn’t so It’s okay for me…

        Sounds like you should go get a PS4, bud. You don’t sound to happy.

        • Samuel Fogle

          Why do people argue over consoles? REALLY??? Just enjoy the fucking game on whatever fucking console you get, nobody gives a flying shit what system you prefer.

  • Batman

    Xbox 720 indeed

  • Seriously, dudes

    Imo if someone is canceling their Xbox One pre-order just because of this, then they had made their console choice for the wrong reasons in the first place. Unless they only play multiplatform games and don’t take into account the numerous factors which should affect one’s choice.

    On topic: To me Ghosts being 720p on Xbone vs 1080p on PS4 isn’t that big a deal. I mean, it’s just one game, and one that’s never been about the graphics anyway. But if this is going to be the trend for all multiplatform titles in the next generation, then that’s obviously embarassing for MS and a pretty big weakness for the Xbox One. But I don’t think we should make any final conclusions about the machines’ capabilities at this point of the generation (they ain’t even out yet lol) based on games that aren’t even truly next-gen.

    I’m sure we’ll have a much better understanding of things this time next year. And I’m sure both consoles can do much greater things than they’re doing now, given some time.

    • Master Troll

      You can be the leader of the sheep herd

      • Seriously, dudes

        For me the PS4 was never really an option because Halo > Playstation. I know I’ve made the choice that suits me better by getting the Xbox One. As I said, this 720p thing is obviously a big weakness for the console, if this is to be the trend for all games. But if Halo alone is reason enough for me to choose Xbox One over the PS4, I think I can honestly say that the resolutions of multiplatform shooters really don’t concern me that much. I’m not going to say that I don’t care about it at all. Of course I feel a little sting in my heart when I read news like this lol. 😀 But it’s not a reason for me to consider “switching sides”. 🙂

  • Drillz

    I think Im the only one that doesnt give a shit about the graphics. If they’re good enough to see and understand what you’re looking at in the game. Im fine. Graphics doesnt effect any of my gameplay. I’d play on a 13 inch baby TV if it was only choice, shit.

    • Samuel Fogle

      I totally agree dude. Graphics are nice, but they don’t make a game, a game. There have been plenty of great games with bad graphics. People worry way too much about graphics! As long as its a fun game, I couldn’t care less about the graphics. I honestly couldn’t.

      • Master Troll

        On a next gen console that costs $500 why not just stick with the 360 if graphics and resolution don’t matter?? Keep trying to convince yourself i guess

        • Samuel Fogle

          I don’t play xbox, so I can’t give an honest opinion about their system.

    • gg

      So, care to explain why you are getting an X1? Get ghosts for 360, since the only difference is of course better graphics.


    Infinity Ward seriously opened the flood gates for the “Xbox 720” jokes with this one…

  • BobtheCactus

    Stop. Fudging. Arguing over what console is better. They are both great, get that through your head. If you want motion control, go with the Xb1. If you want a cheaper pure game console, go with the PS4. Or maybe you’re like me and have owned every Playstation and have been really pleased, so you’re sticking with it. Or the same thing, but with Xbox. Seriously, what do you care what someone else is spending their money on. I’m sure that everyone would be happy to have either console, if they gave it a chance.

    • Shardlotte

      People want to form a sense of elitism over other people, and the only way they can do that realistically is by insulting people who don’t share the same views as they do. In this case, it is the ownership of the PS4. It’s stupid and childish, really, but that’s just how people are nowadays on the internet.

  • Henkrol

    Pc stay the best at graphics and optimization :):)

  • omar_soft

    so does that mean lower quality for xbone? im not sure what up scaled means? so basically they just enlarged the picture for a quality loss?

    • Re

      That is what up scaled means, yes. It’s literally taking the picture, stretching it, and that’s what you get. Native 1080p means it will look as good on a 1080p as it would on a tiny 720p tv.

  • Mastershot1

    I still play on my xbox in standard definition, I could care less

  • Rai

    Ya know, honestly when I hear things like this confirmed it bugs me of course, and it makes me question whether the xbox one will continue to push out 720p cross gen games throughout it’s life span, or if this will just be a problem for games like Bf4 and Call of duty Ghosts (Launch and What-not). Logically, launch games will not look or play as well as future games that come later. Devs of course won’t be able to use the full potential of the hardware of both systems in the beginning of their life cycle. We saw that last gen.

    Of course the xbox one can produce 1080p Native games, but these cross gen games, so far of what we’ve seen aren’t. It is up to the developers yeah, but even so the PS4 dishes out Ghosts in Native 1080p, which gets me to worry about the xbox ones hardware. No doubt the PS4 has better hardware (Not denying it), but I watched the battlefield 4 comparison video the other day…. ACTUALLY Let me rant about that for a quick minute!!

    Bf4 video comparison rant- First!!! IT’S ON MUH FUCKIN YOUTUBE!! Which I get it’s the most popular video site and all but still!!! And it appears from the Q&A found on Eurogamer, that they screwed up the video capture settings, but still uploaded it for the world to see ಠ_ಠ Some other people said igns video was messed up, as well as others. Idkkkkkkk. Maybe they didn’t find out until they….Fucki-


    Back on topic- I watched the comparison videos and I saw that they looked very similar, but if you looked closely enough, you’d see the details in the PS4 version. PS4 had noticeable motion blur, Anti Aliasing, and something els I couldn’t put my finger on, which turned out to be Ambient Occlusion. Research dem words if you don’t know lol. It was confirmed that the xbox one was missing ambient occlusion, and it will be there at launch using the same algorithms as the PS4 and Pc, not sure about AA.
    If they fix these things, then I mean….I won’t really be able to see a difference besides some minor detail most likely.

    ANYWAYS: Knowing the resolutions of the Xbox One are inferior to the PS4, it gave me doubt of course. When I saw the footage, and learned the Xbox one build didn’t have these features yet, I mean….It’ll be barely noticeable (for me anyways)
    All the rash of the resolutions, framerates, etc for the Xbox one, do worry me.

    But it’s not just about graphics and resolutions (THOSE ARE NOT TO BE PUT ASIDE OF COURSE) but i’m excited for the Xbox One because of the Experience it will give me! It’s preference, but I prefer Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising Fan, and Titanfall (Current laptop can’t handle Titanfall).
    I’m excited to see what the Kinect will bring to the Xbox One. as well as the online infrastructure, including what the cloud will bring to the Xbox One: (Cloud benefits actually in detail):

    Not bashing on you Ps4 Fans or anything, it’s just what i’m excited for about the Xbox One. I’m in it for the experience. And tbh I am worried about the hardware, but I love what they’re doing with their online infrastructure, excited for Kinect, the games are those I prefer, etc. The overall Experience man!! Not getting it at launch though, it’s a new system. Dem bugs you know >_>

    Just my rather large 2 cents about this situation as an xbox one fan. Enjoy whichever next gen console you get peeps.

    • Rai

      That was a lot more than I thought it was.

    • Master Troll

      All trolling aside you can expect to see this same 720p resolution issue with titanfall and destiny they might be able to get it up to 900p but I highly doubt it the same person who started the cod 720p rumors that eventually came true said the same goes for titanfall

      • Rai

        It depends if this is just an issue at launch. I’m skeptical. As the top comment points out: Why is Ghosts running at the same resolution Bf4 is on the x1. It could be drivers, it could be InfinityWard, it could be the hardware itself, etc.Just kinda odd.

        • Master Troll

          It’s not an x86 problem they don’t port games anymore for next gen its a hardware problem MS is not gonna come out and say yeah were having problems guys you got to read between the lines they lied to you by saying its up to the devs like dice and iw would just make a weaker version for no reason it might be the dev kits there shit its direct x its garbage and holds back innovation

    • Martyyy

      i agree get what you want, depends what games ur into. for me its ps4. xD cant wait

      • Rai

        Yeah it’s all in the persons preference. Hope you enjoy the ps4!

  • Austin Kellogg

    could someone explain the difference between native 1080p and upscaled 1080p?

    • Hey

      Upscaled means its 720p zoomed in and native means its pure 1080

  • mile104mc

    This is just sad for Microsoft. I was going to buy an Xbox One but now I’m waiting. Already ordered Ghosts for the 360. Let’s see what happens next year with the next COD. I hope it’s 1080P on both consoles.

  • fires

    What I want to know is, does it look good on current gen? if anyone has played transformers 2, and seen the ps3/xbox360, compared to the ps2/wii downgrade, id be dissapointed.

  • Master Troll

    M$ dun goofed!!

  • I think that people saying how graphics basically make the game are just looking for a reason to get the PS4. Lets face it guys the fact is graphics really aren’t that big of a difference at the current point in time. Along with that I feel the controllers that Xbox produce have a better feel and grip to them then PS4’s. To top that Xbox gets DLC a month early, and the truth is after a month Ali-a and etc. Youtubers have ruined the whole map pack.

    • Master Troll

      You guys will say anything to convince yourself at this point ill take 1080p over dlc anyday and the controllers nice but the DS4 looks legit

      • I think I’ll go ahead and keep with gameplay over graphics, but spend your money how you wish. All I know is I can’t wait for Titanfall to come out.

        • Master Troll

          Well if your not that Into graphics whats the point of buying a XBone over the 360 just saying they both will play games in 720p especially titanfall 720p

        • Dextro_Phoenix

          There is literally no point in you upgrading then :L

          Microsoft fans during current gen: “Xbox 360 has way better graphics than your shitty broken ps3.”

          Microsoft fans before next gen: “Graphics don’t matter.”

          • I never heard that, only system I EVER heard that about was PS3.

  • mile104mc

    What about the Xbox 360 and PS3?

    • 720p

      • YouAintGotTheAnswers

        No, they play on 600p at 30 fps

  • Yoshistough

    Why are their so many XBONE fanboys here? You guys do realize that the ps4 had double the amount of pre order sales after Sony smashed XBONEs weak presentation, and is currently beating the XBONE by 200k, right? Why do you all even try to argue with the PS4 supporters? Microsoft is a weak, shameless company made up of idiots that thought they could scam consumers with bullshit and then started to copy Sony and changed most of their policies, etc. Ex-360 owner turned into a Sony consumer.

    • shockle

      I heard Microsoft didn’t call their system Xbox 720 because they knew that they may be forced to do so many 180’s on their policy for example DRM and hardware specs once Sony revealed their superior system/specs/DRM policy or lack there of that they feared the headline “Microsoft does 4 180’s with their Xbox 720” LOL.

      Think about it, since Sony revealed their system and specs microsoft has rushed to simply try to be on par, they 180’d on their drm policy, they overclocked the xbox GPU from 800MHz to 853MHz last minute so ps4 didn’t outrank it so badly, they apparently changed the hardware so much after the e3 reveals that software company’s were having to push back their game releases due to Microsoft tweaking the xbone hardware so much.

      Plus if xbone was 30% more powerful in terms of raw power then Microsoft and their fanboys would be screaming it from the rooftops just like they did with the first xbox against the ps2. this cod ghosts 720p on xbone and 1080p on ps4 is just the start of how the ps4 will out shine the xbone. and how sad that Microsoft kept this secret for as long as they could with the embargo on cod ghosts on xbone’s review what a joke.

  • Imventing

    Sony = better hardware
    Microsoft = Better Software.
    Im fine with 720p, i dont play on anything bigger 30′ i wouldn’t see the difference between the both regardless.. People just like to hate for no fucking reason and they dont even represent the company. I’m still getting xbox one becuase xbox live will always be better. I just care for online gaming. If you’re just choosing a console base on specs thats fucking stupid.. get a console you know you’ll enjoy. Xbox has its own definition of next gen and its not based off the specs. if you want something with good specs go get a PC or some shit. For console gaming its really innovative to be able to have access to multiple features while playing a game. It took sony 8 years just to add party chat, but they had blu ray first. catch my drift. What does pre orders statistics have anything to do with me deciding on what console i want to buy? People really have stupid opinions on why they want a ps4 others dont even have a reason and just hop on the bandwagon. The only possible reason i could understand is the price difference that even drawed me to the ps4 but i thought about it and did my research. I’m not a fan boy i own both a ps3 and 360 and my ps3 collects dust because online gaming isn’t even up to par with xbox live.

  • shanafan

    I wish Rubin would also clue us in.. or those who care enough.. what’s the resolution on the Wii U?