Watch the first gameplay footage from Free Fall, a downloadable bonus multiplayer map for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Pre-order at participating retailers and get the map that drops you into a shattered skyscraper on the brink of collapse.

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  • Hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


  • Nathan

    Reminds me of Die Rise…

  • Shardlotte

    See, IW? This is MUCH better than wire frames.

  • HenryDF

    There were way too many pre-order bonuses from way too many different retailers… Ghost, camos, Free-Fall, themes, avatars, posters. Activision should have just kept it simple and did what they did with Nuketown 2025 last year – that was on every pre-order copy, with no exclusivity to GAME or Amazon etc. I’m hoping that this is gonna be available early next year for those of us who didn’t buy at GAME (in the UK), it looks really good.

    • JuggerNaut

      If ur a pc gamer,pre-order on steam and you’re set with the map and other bonuses steam offers

      • HenryDF

        Nah, I’m console. There were about 5 different bonus options to choose from, but I literally couldn’t be bothered with any of them and I’ve preordered from PS Store, and luckily that means I’ll be able to play at 12:01am, I guess that’s the bonus Sony had 😀

    • Vitor De França Lorega

      It’s just a bonus map… and a bonus always have an end ;D

      • Mitch

        It’s not a ‘bonus’, it’s cut content from the game, and then put in as a pre-order map. Lots of game do this stuff.

  • Rusty Breaker

    because Shanghai Building is too mainstream xD

  • SoulTaker

    Can’t wait for this map to be free just like Nuketown 2025. :p

    • Nathan


      • SoulTaker

        Can’t a guy joke around?

    • Josh

      Nuketown became free in April, so I’m guessing it’s going to be the same for FreeFall.

  • y9ungc4p

    about time IW shows us how Free Fall is gonna look in the game

  • Why the hell would they fight on that skyscraper

    • Vitor De França Lorega

      For Xp… Because Xp worth the fight hahaha

    • HenryDF

      Idk…how the hell are they supposed to get you up there?

  • George

    Looks awesome. Too bad Wii U STILL doesn’t get these things! COME ON IW! >:(

  • Justin MD
    • I dont like the new S&D bomb sites, you cant hide behind them when planting/defusing as cover. Kinda disappointed in that

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        Not fan of them either, what where they thinking.

      • Da_xavier

        Makes you have to think more then. Waaa you can hide now lol. Step your game up then.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox
    • mountkarma

      best map in game

  • Your turn Battlefield.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      They already had their turn. The game is out. They have tons of levolution. What’s your point?

      • You are looking quite familier.

      • Mitch

        Because of the picture, I thought you were one of those weird guys who talks to himself on the internet…

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    This really looks like a cool map, sad the wii U players can’t get it though!

  • Shooter

    Will I be able to get this map if I go down to GAME on November 5th and buy it without preordering it?

    • Mitch

      Pure luck, depends if they still have Free Fall editions.

  • Hoss

    Well this looks like gimmicky bliss. Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Drago

    watch 2 months later it will be free for everyone

    • alex

      If its even that long… people that pick up the game on release day will probably get it to. Last year I didnt preorder BO2 and I picked it up at wal mart at midnight. And I got it

  • mile104mc

    Much better bonus than Spawn Town.

    • Choppabro2psn

      lol ik right…more like spawn trap 2025 killstreak

    • Mitch

      Calling it: Treyarch’s next CoD has something like Nuketown 2045

  • Samuel Fogle

    I pre-ordered this past Monday and they told me they were no longer doing the free fall map! I was like “WTF?????”

    • Mitch

      Maybe they’ve run out?

  • Luke Earl

    Looks amazing can’t wait

  • Josiah Johnson

    Wasn’t impressed, just looks like any other map

  • Brandalf

    This is hardly worthy of being called a gameplay trailer considering how we see literally less than 20-30 seconds of ACTUAL gameplay. Still nice to see the what the map is going to look like. Tuesday can’t come fast enough!

  • armedscissors

    cant wait tfor november 5th for duy of ghost! saw the rad preview here the curiosity also comes to the price 🙂