Infinity Ward has just released a one minute audio recording that has Hesh (aka your bother) where he discusses training, covering your brother’s back and being able to leave whenever he wants. Listen to Brandon J Routh Hesh discuss life growing up in the post-apocalyptic USA…

SOURCE: Infinity Ward Soundcloud

  • LegitCryptic

    It sounds like story is big in Ghosts im so pumped

  • david

    Hmmmm this has me interested 🙂

  • Josh

    He has my back does he? Let’s do this on veteran then!

    • Don’t forget me

      • Josh

        Who could forget you! You’re a member of the team, not a piece of equipment or backup. We’re in this together! LOL

        • Grigori


      • RileyWolfimposter

        Or me.

  • Stick Man

    I actually like how they didn’t tell us more details. These small hints really build up my curiousity meter.

  • Ghost

    Hesh, my nigga

  • Gc

    Kinda like morgan freeman with pain in the stroat!! Haha

  • NiftyGam3r

    So who were those retards arguing as the sound file progressed? Lol

  • Elvedin

    Can’t wait for ghosts! Looks like the best cod campaign yet! FASTER TUESDAY!!!

  • Francisco Robles

    I have a bad feeling Riley and Hesh are gonna die 🙁

    • Toxic Hogwash

      Of course they’re gonna, that whole “emotianal attachment” thing gave it away. 🙁

      • Jacob Jones

        Actually they don’t I know the ending and none of them die!

        • Toxic Hogwash

          Wow man, thanks a lot, wtf. I wanted to avoid spoilers.

  • y9ungc4p

    did you know that Hesh is Superman

  • hitachi

    the only thing i have a disagreement with in ghosts is why they got the guy from that got awful superman reboot as the celeb voice actor Stephen lang is fine in fact i think he would probably be who i would choose for Elias walker but Brandon frigging Routh i mean come on!!!

  • golferboy321

    Sup guys. Found some offline play on “prison break” and shows some examples of how quickscoping hasn’t gone. It’s not in english, but it’s good gameplay:

    • golferboy321

      I’m not that upset about it. Just wanted to point the map and quickscoping out. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE RELEASE!

    • y9ungc4p

      I bet Mark Rubin is gonna takeout quickscooping in the next patch

    • Brandalf

      My guess is either it’s not gone or it will end up in the same situation as BO1. People that played the game before the day 1 patch though quickscoping was back, after the day 1 patch it was pretty much impossible to quickscope. Until of course later patches when it was brough back in….kind of.

  • kugel

    cant wait getting ghosts today for 80$

  • Moeen

    Random but it seems like you need to get 9-10 kills in a row to get the specialist bonus

  • Josh

    People are live streaming Ghosts multiplayer on twitch tv now!

  • NiftyGam3r

    Any news on the Ghosts app?

  • NiceTryTho

    Can we get more content like this? Are there more audio files from Ghosts? Anyways thanks for this post I literally listened to it like 30 times.

  • Ryumoau

    Brandon Routh? as in Superman? Awesome! 😀

  • Logan N Hesh

    Funny because at the end Logan gets Hesh’s back and saves him they think rorke is dead but isn’t and they’re both weak and Rorke drags logan away from hesh as he is screaming logan and after the credits you wake up in a cage somewhere in a jungle