Activision were kind enough to send us Call of Duty: Ghosts Hardened Edition (excluding discs) for us to take a look.

Below is a gallery of everything included inside the box, and the bonus digital content you’ll be receiving on November 5th.

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  • Josh

    It’s not really worth it, this year hasn’t been as good as previous years

    • Brandalf

      The last time hardened was actually worth it was MW3 IMO. It was actually a value.

      • Choppabro2psn

        no just….no

        • Brandalf

          I never said MW3 was a good game. The hardened edition was a good value for what you got though. Pretty much everything that you are getting with Ghosts this year but for $20 less.

          • Ya I paid $95 with tax for MW3. and $140 for Ghosts. and im getting less

          • Cathal Brugha

            I got Hardened Xbox 360 Ghosts for 65.99 on amazon, bitches!!!! Can’t wait to blast some gobdaws!!!

          • Mine would have been cheaper, but Im getting mine imported for an extra $20 from the US Gamestop, I live in Canada. I could have gotten free shipping from amazon, but then I wouldn’t get Simon “Ghosts” Riley. So your missing out BIG TIME

  • Soundtrack? Did you get the soundtrack with it?

    • Manx Mouse

      There’s a code you put in and you can download it to your iTunes or whatever

    • Cathal Brugha

      Yeah, I believe it is Survival by Eminem, which was in the Multiplayer Ghosts trailer:

      • What? I meant the game soundtrack that was made specificlly for the game.

  • That Guy

    Raven helped create COD again? Oh joy….

    • Ugh That Guy again…

    • Wowyanub

      It was Sledgehammer Games that fucked up CoD Multiplayer not Raven Studios…

  • HenryDF

    DLC in 2014, I guess they’re sticking to the normal schedule then.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Their going to be copying Treyarch’s beautiful DLC schedule, especially now that there is extinction, it would on make sense to do so.

  • Predator132914

    Cool… I guess this what I will get on next Friday!

  • i did

    Thumbs up if you got the harden edition!

    • Jenny von Falkenberg

      I got a hard on edition!

      • Vikerii

        Jenny? Genital fail.

        • Jenny von Falkenberg

          Ha! Lady boner, dude.

          • Heartache xx

            Jenny you got a beautiful face, I would love to hold you tight while our lips lock together. I would tell you how beautiful you are while looking you deep into your eyes.

          • Jenny von Falkenberg

            I am currently thinking about participating in Movember, so it might tickle a bit.

          • Heartache xx

            Honestly you make my heart stop. I don’t think I have seen anyone more drop dead gorgeous. I would give you anything.

          • Vikerii

            I think the only thing you give girls is the creeps. Wow.

          • Heartache xx

            I’m playing dumbass, She’s very attractive, but do you think anyone really talked like that? ._.

          • Emre

            dirty nerd go watch porn deluded fool

          • Names Django

            U upset kid?

    • Hardened Edition > Prestige Edition

      • Liam Reaich

        y even

    • Have Gotten every Hardened Edition since MW2’s

    • mckevstah

      Nope. It went up form like £60 to nearly £100. Fuck that

  • ThatGamer

    i will have my hands on you very very soon hardened edition

    • Heartache xx

      Me too

  • Adam

    Is this the Xbox 360 version?

    • Keshav Bhat


  • Atrocity

    Thumbs up if you got hardened edition for PS4

  • A confused man

    Do you get the season pass ?

    • Cathal Brugha

      In the hardened edition of Call of Duty: Ghosts, you get:
      Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass
      Free Fall Dynamic Bonus Map
      Paracord Strap
      Collectible SteelBook
      DLC Player Patch, Card and Background
      Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Soundtrack (I believe to be Eminem’s Survival which features in the trailer.


    Im getting the Erection Edition (Hard on edition)

    • ORB1T4L

      Yeah I bet you’re compensative for some reason, I still can’t figure what it is but I’ll get to it soon… I know it’ll be easy task.