We’ve just been sent images of the Call of Duty: Ghosts playlists that will be available at launch. As we reported earlier today, the Ghosts MP servers went live, and with that the playlists have been revealed.

To start, there is no ground war. This doesn’t mean it won’t happen on next-gen, but for current gen, it’s absent. It should also be noted that there is no Search and Destroy.

You have 3 main options to chose from, Standard, Hardcore, and Clan vs. Clan. We already know what the standard modes are.

For the hardcore players, there’s only 3 modes:

  • Hardcore TDM
  • Kill Conformed
  • Search & Rescue

For Clan Vs Clan, there’s 2 modes:

  • Clan Team Deathmatch
  • Clan Objectives

The Standard modes are:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Cranked
  • Blitz
  • Search and Rescue
  • Infected
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Domination
  • Hunted
  • Free-for-all
  • Team Tactical

As IW has said, the playlists can always be changed, and there can be more added.

  • JuggerNaut

    They should add demolition! WIthout Demolition CoD isn’t CoD at all πŸ™

    • Antics

      I wouldn’t go that far but it is fun to play every once in awhile.

    • Emrah Avvurur

      No it’s not, you can live without demolition, unless you are a spawntrapping tryhard.

  • Gizake

    No SnD im hearing aswell

    • Yea there is Search and Rescue instead of SnD

      • Raioya

        I saw some SnD gameplay on Stonehaven yesterday. Search and Destroy is still in this game, unless they JUST patched it out. :/

        • Hoss

          Lol no. There’s no way they removed SnD from the game. It IS in the game, but they didn’t put it on the launch playlist. I’m assuming cause they want all the SnD players to try Search & Rescue.

        • ccrows

          It may be only a Private Match custom game for now…

        • Tony Rambo

          The gameplay you saw was in private mode πŸ™
          SnR looks awesome as well but why they take the best and most strategic mode out of the game?? :,(
          I’m crying over here :,(

    • Toxic Hogwash

      *cries* That was the best mode ever. Wait, will SnR have bombs? If so that wouldn’t be as bad… :'(

      • Siftblade of Rivia


    • HenryDF

      There is Search and Rescue rather than SnD – it’s basically identical, apart from the that you can now rescue your teammates by getting their dropped dogtags after they die. If an enemy gets them first, then the teammate is eliminated.

      • Josh

        Doesn’t hat mean you could be “rescued” multiple times or is it just once?

        • Tony Rambo


        • HenryDF

          I’m not sure, sorry.

      • casimirrx

        How on earth is this ‘basically identical’? How are you supposed to clutch a 1 v 6 game when the 6 can just keep reviving each other? I am trying to return Ghost and go back to Black Ops 2. Huge disappointment. Similar to opening a present to find a lump of coal at Christmas.

        • HenryDF

          I meant identical in terms of rules. There are no changes to times, no changes to planting bombs etc. I’m kinda amused that you’re making such a big deal about one game mode, when there are about 8 more to try out and have fun.

          • casimirrx

            I am sorry if I came off snotty to you… it was certainly not my intention. I agree there certainly are different modes to try and have fun. With that said II feel cheated by the last minute disclosure from Activision that SnD would no longer be included. They certainly knew well ahead of the release of the intent to omit it. What reason is there not to make the disclosure public until the last moment if not to limit the potential backlash in sales? Particularly considering the game is typically nonreturnable once opened? Why not simply add targets A & B to Kill Confirmed and get rid get rid of that lesser played and arguably less fanatical playlist keeping SnD intact?

            I will also admit that I am a SnD purist (fanboy) recognizing that it has long been observed by the forums that SnD “is considered one of the most difficult game modes to master due to the lack of respawning” and as a result the need for tactical play that the other playlists dont have. It is also noted that ‘no spawn’ objective games such as SnD “capture, some of the highest-skilled, most devoted shooter players in the world”(ie Counter Strike). By perverting SnD as they have they have effectively neutered the game, leaving it homogenized for the masses while showing a complete poverty of caring for their loyal fan base without a whisper of common sense or transparency. Jeez whats next? No more dollar menu at McDonalds?

          • HenryDF

            I understand what you mean, I never played much SnD but I was equally annoyed when I saw there was no Headquarters. I think Activision told IW to aim for noob-friendly game modes, given the amount of new players that might be starting given the console. There is a huge need for a difficult gamemode, rather than a kinda glitzy gamemode like Blitz – it’s really enjoyable, but there is still a lack of SnD.

    • Im pretty sure I saw leaked gameplay of it on HashdTV. Might be next-gen only, because nex-gen can handle more playlist modes

      EDIT: Private match only πŸ™

      • lolwut

        Private Match only.

    • Tony Rambo


    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Eh. I prefer Search and Rescue. It’s just SnD v.2


    Yea where the hell is demo?

    • Jon Cameron

      Who the hell actually wants to play a gamemode destroyed by mediocre spawns?

      • Brandalf

        Spawn trappers.


        Yeah. I guess but Demo was a blast in Mw3.

    • Aodhan

      Demo is gone and I dont know about FFA. Maybe you need to rank up to get FFA unlocked like in CoD4

      • Emrah Avvurur

        No, he’s in a party, remember? You can’t play FFA with a party


    SnD will be there. They would NEVER even think of taking that out.

    • Primey_

      It’s not there. I was watching a stream of the game and the guy went to the playlists. SnR is though.

      • Antics

        SnD is in normal playlists just not hardcore

        • Primey_

          Yeah and it’s not there on hardcore or normal.


            Wow. I wouldn’t think they would take out SND. The community is huge on SND

    • Batman

      Search and Rescue is kinda like the same thing

  • Aodhan

    Here’s the Stranded Gamemodes

    • exeterman2

      Why is FFA locked?

      • Vordb

        Probably because he was sitting in a party with someone else? He being whoever screencapped this, I mean.

        • exeterman2

          Oh yh, I forgot about that. Surprised at no mercenary tdm

  • EndiabladoAdn

    Another reason to not buy that crap game

    • HenryDF

      Another reason for thinking that you’re a massive dickhead. Please, go and play BF4 and waste your time in a way that won’t affect the rest of us, rather than what you’re doing now.

    • Robby Mulvany

      Oh yeah? So you’re saying you can play SND in Battlefield 4?

      • Batman

        Yes there is an SND mode in BF4

        • Robby Mulvany

          Randomly spawning bombs on a map where you resapwn after you die is NOT “search and destroy”

    • Emrah Avvurur

      Another reason to not be on this site. Another reason to be on another site.

  • Wow this is lame. Not even Domination in Hardcore and no CTF, Demolition or Hardpoint in Core. All of the freaking modes that I enjoy the most.

    New game modes are great and all but this is ridiculous.

    • HenryDF

      Hardpoint was Treyarch, and it’s only been around for a year…I wasn’t getting my hopes up to be honest.

      • BudEagle26

        Kill confirmed was first in MW3 and then was in Black Ops 2 so there is no reason why they shouldnt have Hardpoint

    • Emrah Avvurur

      In hardpoint, people waited outside the hardpoint for other people to get in the hardpoint and surprise attack and get all those points for streaks, that’s why hardpoint whasn’t fun at all, it only was fun in league play.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Demolition = spawn traps.

  • ip x Warrior


  • rabjam

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no demolition hahahahahahahahahahahahaha no spawn trap for u fuckers ..

  • Chris

    Hopefully we will see Hardpoint and Demolition added at some point

    • Robby Mulvany

      Oh god now.

  • No All or Nothing, I loved that gamemode πŸ™

    • ip x Warrior

      IW went for “Nothing at All”

      • Yeh, they don’t even have HC S&D (not that I care), it looks like they have not that many game modes ATM…

        • HenryDF

          New playlists can always be added, but I agree :/

    • George

      all or nothing?

      • Emrah Avvurur

        A MW3 knife-usp only community gamemode

    • Emrah Avvurur

      I agree, where are you straightupknives?

  • Harry Meredith

    Poor selection where is CTF or even Domination
    If they were to pick a new gamemode to go in I would have preferred Blitz but oh well.


      CTF is now Blitz.

  • Cyber-Ninja

    WOOP WOOP, My 3 favourite game modes, let the fun begin!!! ;O)

  • pissedOffHCgamer again

    no HC DOM???? didn’t anyone learn anything from BO2 launch and HC community was pissed off? HC DOM was crazy popular in MW3. Why are the HC gamers shit on every game? Maybe I’ll leave my pre-order at GameStop.

    • Anotherpissedoff gamer

      I was very annoyed to go home and find out that HC DOM had been taken out. If this is not patched back into the game then i and all my friends will bet getting rid of it and going back to BO2

    • Yogabagaba

      CoD has turned to crap. HC mode is much better than standard, I agree.

  • HCgamer

    Very pitiful HC playlist. Very disappointed. Thought something would have been learned from the pissed of HC community after Lag Ops 2 left out HC Dom. Very popular game mode in MW3 and BO2. It’s a core basic game mode that needs to be included. Also cannot believe Demo isn’t in the game.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    Meh, Ground war was dead anyways. The silver lining here is, if there is no ground war on next gen versions as well, it means its max 9v9 instead of 6v6. The hardcore playlist is too small though.

  • Sam

    No SnD and no demo πŸ™

    • lMattW

      They included SnD as a private match option, I don’t know why they didn’t include Demo and all the other modes in private as well.

  • Choppabro2psn

    demo was fun at times but than……spawn trap city came into play

  • ahmedt361

    Wtf there is no party games

    • Emrah Avvurur

      Party games are owned by 3arc

  • Robby Mulvany

    This is a smart move by IW. What was the least laggiest COD game? COD4 – mainly because the less game modes you have the more quality connections you can get into. When they started doing 30 playlists at launch it killed the smaller modes. You’d try to play a mode that only had 500 people in it and get into a game hosted on a horrible connection.

  • Fetterlein

    R.I.P ground war.. you will be deeply missed

  • YouAintGotTheAnswers

    They better add ground war back it was like the 3rd most played game mode.

    • Emrah Avvurur

      ‘3rd most played gamemode’

  • Sparks

    Missing gamemodes which I think will be added by lauch (Tuesday);
    Grind – New gamemode, no idea why this isn’t there aready
    Not quite sure what IW are thinking atm, but possibly more to come?

    • Batman

      I have seen some grind already, it is in the game. And it looks awesoem

      • Sparks

        I’m desperate to see some grind gameplay

  • Louis

    That sucks Hardcore players get shafted once again. Hope they add more modes and keep these too!

  • Batman

    Seens good enough because this time they are really doing well maps that fits into the gamemodes, not just some shit demolition on nuketown if you know what I mean LOL

  • Louis

    That sucks Hardcore players get shafted once again. Hope they add more modes and not rotate them out like Lag Ops 2 did.

  • Josh

    No search and destroy, that’s disappointing πŸ™ but there are a lot of new modes which I’m hyped for.

    • campionite

      Dude Search and Destroy is in the game.. all they did was tweaked it and called it “Search and rescue”

      • Josh

        Yes that’s not search and destroy then is it? Although I do think its available in private match

  • Darkyi

    Team Tactical, maybe there is SnD. Maybe itΒ΄s just for current gen but for pc and next gen are more modes. CanΒ΄t wait anymore πŸ˜€

  • too many TDM-based game modes.

    • T

      Casuals LOVE TDM.

  • Anyone know whether Clan vs Clan is considered a Core or Hardcore variant? I know it is listed by itself, but how does it play? Does it have a HUD or is it more like HC? What about damage/health? I really want more details on that.

    • Raioya

      I’d imagine it’d be a lot like League Play is. c:

      • And that is very unfortunate as that is core. I don’t understand why they make clans play certain game modes such as core or hardcore and not allow it to be played either way. Very frustrating.

    • lolwut

      Not hardcore. Same gameplay, just for clans only.

      The playlists were implemented to give a more competitive feel to clan events and competitions that will be coming in the coming months. Moves it away from disrupting ‘pubs’ when those events are running.

      Limited modes due to limited players, too many modes would lead to bad fragmentations.

      Additional modes can be added for mode-specific timed-events.

  • No Search? πŸ™

    • George

      there’s Search and Rescue

      • Hmm, I guess…I just don’t know if it’ll feel the same. =

  • mikeg

    woah woah woah. this can’t be everything. where is party games?
    i will be so mad if they decide to make it next gen only for infected …etc.
    and no standard SnD just seems so …. lame on their part. why not just throw it in for good measure. competitive matches will never be the same…

    • ccrows

      ReRead the standard modes again, infected is there…

      • Chris Mason

        Infected was IW.

    • Emrah Avvurur

      Party games and wager matches, (at least sharpshooter and sticks and stones) are property of 3arc.

  • ccrows

    Search and Rescue better be good, because removing S&D is gonna tick a lot of people off… (especially since S&D was always in the top 3 playlists)

    • Mitch

      I think it may be good, but I have a feeling it will be a lot of people camping on groups, so they can get their teammate’s tag.

  • Cape6

    Demolition is my favorit game mode, so to not see it listed here is a slap in the face… I will buy the game but go back to black ops 2 after a few weeks due to this. That means no map pack money from me so if u want my $60 add demolition back -.-

  • ..

    Why would they create such big maps and not implement GW in the playlist? Cuz current-gen can’t handle it?

    • George


    • lolwut

      Current gen can handle it, issue is down to easing pressure on the dedicated servers.

  • Marshall

    The SnD is like the 2nd or 3rd most played game mode at all times. A big disappointment in all honesty.

    I bet it will be patched in the future if the community wants it.

    • George

      It’s been replaced with Search and Rescue. No point in having two modes that are basically the same thing.

      • ccrows

        They did have Dem & Search in the past – those were kinda similar…

        • George

          Search was rounds with no respawns, Dem was rounds with respawns. Now Search and Rescue is round-based with the POSSIBILITY of respawning. Compromise.

      • Fuck Search and Rescue

        • George

          Fuck Search and Destroy! It’s just a ripoff of Counter-Strike anyway, and CS is more suited for it. At least Call of Duty is trying to be unique with their game modes.

          • ip x Warrior

            Fuck you George.

          • Plague

            Than go play CS idiot.

          • George

            I don’t play Search and Destroy. It’s why I’m not butthurt like everyone else.

          • casimirrx

            Well lets hope they come for whatever game mode you play most next George.

          • George

            Which is TDM, a mode they’ll never get rid of. And even if they do, I’ll suck it up and play a different mode because I can adapt to change, unlike some people.

          • T

            TDM is gross.

      • MerlinJnr

        Two modes that are the same? well, based on you’re logic, only one of TDM and Kill Confirmed should be on the list as well. 3 HC variants is unacceptable. If they are worried about filling lobbies then at least put in an objectives mosh pit….For the record, I like search and rescue as much as I do S&D, but they are different games, much like Rugby Union Vs. Rugby league

  • ccrows

    TBH I don’t see why they took out Demolition, since they removed Tactical Insertion from this game anyway. People might actually start playing the objective, and not spawn trapping.

    Then again Infected will play differently too now since max lobbies will be 12, and also if zombies don’t have tacs either…

  • Misogynist

    This is boring me to tears and I haven’t even played yet

  • Guest


  • Klavy

    need SnD ASAP

    • Tony Rambo


  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    Oh, so IW is keeping Hardcore Ricochet? That is nice, a good reason not to play hardcore mode.

  • Korflock

    NO Ground War?! Canceling my preorder.

    • George

      oh boo ho for the mode that no one plays

      • Chris Mason

        Except kill whores and YouTubers. I’m not missing it.

    • This was already confirmed jackass stop being the drama queen you are. If you want to play groundwar get next gen cry baby

      • Korflock



  • Elektrobanq

    Ground War and Search & Destroy were going to be the two modes I was actually going to play. I wouldn’t be surprised if Search and Destroy was added shortly after launch, but from what I hear about slimming down the number of players in one game due to dedicated servers, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get Ground War.

    If we can’t get traditional Ground War with 18 players (think that number is right), then IW would do a great service to the community if it created something like an extended-play version of Team Deathmatch or Domination to simulate Ground War. The whole fun of Ground War, for me at least, is being able to play for a long time and not feel the pressure of the clock.

  • Be right back, gotta cancel my pre-order.

  • Emrah Avvurur

    No SnD eh? SnR better be good.

    Thank god team tactical is still in there, lots of fun.

  • Ryumoau

    I never play Search and Destroy because i’m terrible at it. I’ll most likely spend a majority of time on either Killed Confirmed or Free for All.

    • Ed

      I always panic when I am last alive, because I hate that everyone on my team is watching what I am doing. I always end up doing something really stupid, and then have to leave the lobby in shame.

      • Edwin Cortez

        Combat training is the game mode for you then…

        • Ed

          cod player stereotype: confirmed. good for you. dick.

          • Edwin Cortez

            stereotype? is not my fault or somebody else that you choke and then have to rage quit…cant handle a little preassure go ahead, combat training is a preassure free enviroment.

          • Ed

            it’s a d-bag comment. i don’t choke. i’m just not great. i don’t rage quit. i leave when the game is over.

            the stereotype is that in COD most of the time when people talk, it’s to make an a-hole comment.


  • George

    Guys quit getting butthurt, at least half of the removed modes we knew about BEFORE this article. Demolition and SnD have just been combined into Search and Rescue, so it was useless to keep them around on their own. Blitz is pretty much just a variation of CTF, so it was useless to keep CTF around. IW is trying to reinvent Call of Duty, and that entails applying some new unique game modes. There are tons of other shooters to play all those old run down modes on. Just get over it and play a different mode for once.

    • WHCookie

      Search and rescue is a combination of snd and kill confirmed, so by your logic why have they kept kill confirmed? Answer: it’s a fan favourite. SnD is also a fan favourite, so why the hell did they get rid of it?! I don’t play SnD much myself, but I know it is one of the most played game modes in Call of Duty. If IW don’t want a huge community backlash, they should add SnD in the first week of the game.

      • George

        Or people could just play Search and Rescue, which except for the tags is EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

        • WHCookie

          That’s like saying all the people who play TDM should play Kill Confirmed if they took TDM out of the game.

      • George

        Also a reason to keep Kill Confirmed could also be that it isn’t in any other shooter franchise. It’s one of CoD’s unique game modes.

        • WHCookie

          It’s not unique, it’s in Blacklight: Retribution

    • NinjaSaurus

      FFS George, IW must have you by the ball sack. I’ve played SnD from the very beginning and rarely strayed away from it. I, along with others I’m sure, disagree with your “EXACTLY THE SAME THING” BS. Fuck Search and Rescue and fuck you George.

      • George

        If you love Search and Destroy so goddamn much, then why are you playing CoD and not Counter-Strike?

        • Cycovision

          Probably because they’re two different games built for two different platforms.
          If people like TDM so much why don’t they play Quake hurr durr?

  • Craig Steven Brooks Jr

    No Tactical insertion is that true?

  • Prett

    What about pc, is there some info about it? hope hardcores is available for every mode on it

  • Alex

    Even though Im sure IW will add SnD, its a shame its gone. Its a fan favorite. It ALWAYS got picked in MW3some. And I love the communication in it. Even the shit talkers make it fun

    • Guest

      Search and Rescue is basically Search and Destroy, though. Only you can be revived. I think it seems like a better take on SnD, but only time will tell. I could be WAY off, though.

  • YHVH

    Inhale exhale; when the curtain is pulled back all will see the goods are still in the treasure chest. As a gaming community we act so entitled. Entitled to know all, have inside info and feel personally offended when our needs aren’t met; aren’t you excited, excited you have a new series to grind? The race doesn’t to the swift but to the (1) who can endure the longest. If I’ve griped, it’s that ps has always been TOP Tier platform; PS has solid pro nucleus but the the kid everybody wants to be (xbox-gates/inc) paid the bully πŸ™‚ However, we the (PS) unified body finally have cliche’ last laugh: NIKE= we WIN! YAY0_let’s G0!

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    They should replace Hardcore Kill confirmed with Hardcore FFA.

  • Diego Diniz

    What about the Servers?? Will be like Black Ops 2 or Dedicated Servers for PC???

  • campionite

    Why did they remove ground war? what they shouldve done is keep dedicated servers for next gen instead or something. Another thing, people think dedicated servers will automatically make them play better. No. if your internet speed is say less than 5mb then you will still experience the same lag.

  • JohnClark_R6

    Ricochet is horrible. Makes HC pointless.

  • i dont give a damn

    its good to not have a lot of gamemodes

  • Shooter

    Sucks that there is no SnD but atleast Team Tac is back in the game, loved playing that!

  • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

    So competitive guys on MLG circuit will probs have:
    And maybe Domination again

  • Dextro_Phoenix

    Disgusted there is no SND. Team Tactical is awesome but man they’ve messed up with SND.

  • bsktballmsu1

    looks like clan vs clan is going to suck it looks like you have to have a four man party
    and if you haven’t seen the maps they are huge i knew competitive was going to suck in ghosts

  • neca12PT

    i saw a friend of one of the guys who is livestreaming in this site cod ghosts http://hashd.tv

  • Plague

    Just one more thing IW has done, saying FU to the HC gamers

  • kingjamstar

    I seen someone post this on
    twitter: http://gyazo.com/40bb4812d4ace292570466176c585a59
    Sorce: twitter.com/unluckybrah
    Looks like there is SnD? πŸ™‚

  • RileyWolfimposter
  • The Flash

    HC Kill Conformed? lol

  • Cullin S

    I’m actually really happy with most of these modes. Really glad they decided to bring back team tac even though they have clan playlists.

  • ratonCF

    RIP SnD and Demolition! πŸ™

    • BlueBeard

      Demolition is my favorite game type, but thank god they dropped Hardpoint. Search and Rescue is more or less SnD, just with revivals.
      I’m still hoping Face-Off will make a comeback, and preferably sooner than halfway through the lifecycle. I thought i’d hate it, but it turned out awesome.

  • hambone

    Thanks for the article, it kept me from wasting my money. Fuck bullshit deathmatch games, I want Hard Core modes. Not Deathmatch with people who go prone and kill me after I shot them in the chest.

    I’ve been with call of duty since the beginning. Guess it’s time to move on to a game franchise that lets you play something other spray and pray.

  • darkness357

    some please tell me why hardcore players get fucked so bad give us all modes we are not kids let us play what we want. we pay the same amount of money as core players

  • Dylan Opatz

    I think they should put

  • Dylan Opatz

    They should put hard point and headquarters



  • Lucas Porter


  • Basit Ayaz

    Plz add ground war otherwise we will lose fun

  • Matt Denman

    I’m sorry but George but your ass ain’t going to win this war. SnD was by far the best game mode and I’m sure a lot of others agree. That use to be the big thing back in the day with all your mates. Get a team together and crank search all night. I overly disappointed that they wouldnt have put it in on launch. But I’m sure they must be adding it to the playlists.

  • What a joke~

    CTF SND & DEMOLITION are game modes that have to be in the fuking call of duty games!! Basically it just sounds like there’s 5 different variants of TDM to play.. well TDM sucks balls!! Big Balls!! Bring back the game modes that ppl want to play instead of this half assed shit theyre putting in!

  • kingjr243

    They better bring in Ground Wars or its battlefield 4 for ps4.

  • hcplayer

    Are you fucking kidding me no hard core search or dom or ctf I swear every year hc players get fucked while the core pol vet what they want I mean who the fuck even wants to play core when it takes a whole clip to kill someone I pay just as much as they pay fuck cod!!!!!!

  • guest

    This is such bullshit.demolition and search were my favorite game modes! People just like to camp together in search and rescue.of course, I can’t blame them.its the smartest thing to do,but makes the game mode awful to play.come on IW bring back SnD and Demolition

  • Killa Leeroy

    For 3 years now ive seen us hardcore players get screwed over again and again… how can u make it so there is no objective game available to us, just Team camp much, Kill confirmed and S and R.. Some of the core modes have only 1500 people playing them, where as if there was an objective on HC like Headquarters or CTP im 100% certain there would be plenty playing it…. Just seems like this game is designed for children now, hence the 16 rating and the blatent favoritism towards CORE! which is totally unrealistic… im of to BF4 unless theres changes… and thats just like saying im off to play PES over FIFA.. and im sure im not the only one thats thinking this.

  • T

    No Demolition. The best mode, gone.

  • LukeBlackburn

    WiiU 360 and ps3 could’ve all handled 9 vs. 9 but they were tired one night and said “maybe later.”

  • Shawn Balch

    Everyone needs to contact IW to have HC domination created ASAP

  • Guillaume Joannette

    NOOOO!!! I wanted Hardcore Free For All, they failed again to deliver the best game mode!

  • Yogabagaba

    Lame that they only have 3 modes for Hardcore… and none of them are domination or capture the flag.

  • Hellholehomeofthehellhounds


  • WorseBlackwidow

    Pretty Gay there is only 3 Hardcore Game modes!!

  • Ali Baba


  • wes

    3 HC game modes…. what a shock hc players cut short

  • Wissam
  • Douglas Burke

    They need to bring all or nothing back. Geez was that game mode fun. Running around knifing and throwing knifing and getting feeds. To make it more fun take out the shooting and call it something having to do with knives.

  • Douglas Burke

    I hope they bring All or Nothing back, that game mode was crazy fun. StraightUpKnives made it even more fun. Accept when they bring it back, they should take out shooting and call it something having to do with knives.

  • Sup

    Is it that hard to make free for all hardcore? Takes 5 bullets to out some one down in core. Totall crap!