From all of us at Infinity Ward, Neversoft, and Raven, we want to extend a HUGE thank you for all of the support and for participating in Double XP week. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Call of Duty: Ghosts on November 5th, but in the meantime, check out this new trailer for Extinction, our all-new 4-person co-op mode.

  • Predator132914


    • Well done boy

      • Predator132914

        Well said

      • Luke

        4 days Riley, 4 days.

  • JuggerNaut

    L4D style trailer..

  • Predator132914

    Cant wait…. 4 days to go!

    • Batman

      Alot more for me(X1 version)

  • HenryDF

    Aw, what a nice message…please just let Extinction be good though. Please, if there is any God whether he be Thor or Allah, let Extinction be good.

    • Predator132914

      I agree

    • Hatebreed

      It will be, Trust me. After seeing gameplay, it reminded me of chaos from MW3, ALOT “I mean ALOT” of upgrading. and on top of that, there is a story!

      • Only now I’m noticing the woman in the background…

        • 2Pac Forever

          Seriously…WTF. She’s tied up.

        • mile104mc

          What part of the movie?

    • Xecho

      It actually isn’t that good. But that’s my opinion.
      Don’t thumb be down 🙁

      • HenryDF

        To be honest, I’m not immensely suprised. :/

        • Xecho


          • HenryDF

            I haven’t been, so please stop accusing me of it. I respect your views, however wild they may be. The only people who I ever thumb down are people who are being massive dickheads. -_-

        • Shardlotte

          You’re going to formulate an idea of it from one person’s opinion? Not a very good tactic, mate.

          • HenryDF

            Nah, I’m still open minded, but let’s just say I’m not going to be suprised if it isn’t amazing. I’ve seen gameplay, and Xecho’s opinion isn’t the first I’ve heard along those lines. I’m not stupid enough to base an opinion of an as-yet unreleased gamemode upon 5 words, from a guy I don’t know. Please, in the future, don’t assume I am.

  • Mitch

    Looks cool. Also, I love people who go to articles to dislike everything…

  • Well thats 1 character dead… lol

  • Grigori


  • TheGamerBeast

    great trailer

  • Brandalf

    Best COD trailer I have ever seen. Definitely wasn’t expecting a cinematic trailer of that caliber from IW, GG!

  • Manx Mouse

    The alien that took Williams sounded like the TRex from Jurassic Park.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez


  • Josh

    I’ve seen some gameplay on twitch and it’s brilliant but it’s more of a defensive game type than zombies

  • Dave Johnson

    Awesome cinematic

  • Guest

    The nigga always die first, them the funny guy, then there is only the balanced protagonist that kiss the girl by the end of the movie.

    Im not a racist, Im just describing it based on all terror movies LOL

    • Choppabro2psn

      um calling him a nigga because he’s black is ….racist

      • Batman

        He called him as a nigga because Lamar from GTA V keeps calling Franklin as his nigga LOL

        • Choppabro2psn

          oh ol, someone stole. y gta 5

  • Batman

    The black guy always die first, them the funny guy, then there is only the balanced protagonist that kiss the girl by the end of the movie.

    Im not a racist, Im just describing it based on all terror movies LOL

    • Batman

      Just kidding guys

  • y9ungc4p

    by Far I could tell is gonna be alot like Zombies and Chaos but with Aliens, Infinity Ward team needs to make a Story plot of this and DLC maps to see whats coming next, please make it happen

  • Erebdraug

    I can’t wait for Extinction! I really hope it’s not as much of a let down as MW3’s Survival though.

  • mikeg

    mothership DLC would be so sweet. or even going deep into the earth to kill them gears of war style. they can do quite a bit of stuff with this and stretch out the online pass much more with add ons and such. it would be nice if they made a hide and seek mode.

  • Predator132914

    This is why I try to visit this website everyday….. They post leaks and updates as soon as possible!!

  • Sentrymann

    This game made seems to be a strange mix of L4D and Zombies….I like that.

    • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

      Resident Evil also

  • curi0us

    I mostly recognize the song playing inside the truck, and at the end of the trailer. Any idea what it is? It’s driving me crazy.

  • Epicsand

    This dude is posting a campaign playthrough:

    • Ryumoau

      i’m tempted to look, but i want the entire thing to be fresh to me. Black Ops 2 had a great story. In fact the only campaign in recent years i didn’t like was MW3.

      Hopefully Infinity Ward has learned from Treyarch how to make an interesting story.

      • Epicsand

        It looks great so far.

  • Ryumoau

    really like thhis trailer, thought kinda sad that the female soldier didn’t get much focus in it.

  • Elvedin

    I hope in a DLC you can play as an alien. That would be awesome!

    • jooker-jr

      Good idea

    • Jwillzzz

      unless it ends up like turned from BO2

  • Archer

    The background music reminds me of Fallout.

  • Isaac Clarke

    Oh man, I hope this game mode isn’t like Alien Colonial Marines’ multiplayer.