It’s official, the Call of Duty Ghosts MP servers are now online! Like every past Call of Duty, the MP servers are turned on a couple days prior to launch (usually the Friday prior). The servers were actually turned on last night, but it wasn’t till this morning that playlist were added to make games playable.

Why you ask? Well they’re mainly turned on to stress test the servers to make sure everything is smooth once the first copy is sold. It’s also because journalist around the globe need a chance to play the multiplayer portion so they can have reviews ready once the game officially launches at midnight.

Yes, there are a hand full of people who bought the game early because they knew a guy who knew a guy, but that’s a tiny percentage of the people who are patiently waiting for it. Not to mention those people payed an arm and leg to get it. Every year people ask if stats will be reset at launch, the answer is most likely “no” because that has never been done before.

  • Tyrant Era

    The game isn’t even out yet, so why are they online?

    • NiftyGam3r

      So you only read the title and skipped to the comment section -____ read the article it says why


    Cant wait to get my copy TODAY!!

  • Luis


  • Tyrant Era

    how the hell are people getting it early? it’s that fn illegal? it’s also bulls$^#

    • Super_Deluxe

      Chill out, it’s just a few days early. Im sure u will survive.

  • Work hard Twerk harder

    Meanwhile I’m waiting for a PS4 first :,(

    • Sentrymann

      Same here

    • Choppabro2psn

      why don’t u get the p3 copy, play it for a week and a half until the ps4 launches and then upgrade to the ps4 copy for $9.99? ur stats will transfer.

      • Pay $10 to get the game 10 days early? Thats a bad deal.

        • Choppabro2psn

          no no no……not to get it early you trade in ur ps3 copy when the ps4 launches and it’ll only take 10$ to get a ps4 copy, rather than buy it again for 65$. for ps3 and ps4 ghosts comes only the 5th I think and on xbone, like the 15th

          • What I meant was, why not just wait 10 days for the PS4 version and save $10?

          • Choppabro2psn

            because if 10 days everyone will know everything about the maps and game, and completely use it against u….it’ll make the difference

          • PS4 cant play with PS3 i’m pretty sure, I don’t know though

          • Choppabro2psn

            yah but ur stats will change…the same people are gonna be playing….although the 0s4 controller is slightly bigger

          • QFAN

            No worries, Christmas kids will get on later

        • Guest

          Note that the next-gen version is also more expensive

      • Work hard Twerk harder

        For me it’s £10 which is more than $10, and as much as I like CoD I’m going to have to be cheap here

  • ThatGamer

    we are so close ahhhhh dying to play it……only 4 days til midnight launch=D

    • Tyrant Era

      3 1/2

      • TheShadowReaper

        hahah. you’re funny. x)

  • ✯ Nick ✯

    I think it’s fucked up that people get to play online 4 days early and not get reset on release day.

    • NiftyGam3r

      It doesnt matter i mean what are the chances that you will be paired up with one of those guys? The article said is just a very small percentage and is to test servers and journalist to make reviews. So it doesnt matter much

      • bsktballmsu1

        i think he meant in terms of leaderboards but yeah i would rather have a good size group of people test the servers before i get it and anyways would a max of four days play time(if you could actually play for 4 days straight you need to get a life) actually help after people end up playing the game for 30+ days

      • DanDustEmOff

        Knowing my luck I will get one in every lobby I join or some no life that’s maxed the game out by the third day.

    • HenryDF

      It’s such a small amount of people that it really doesn’t matter – their stats will be nothing compared to the people who will stay up all day and all night playing the game for a week just to get good stats early on.

      • Xecho

        “Small Amount” Sir there is 1/3 of the community that gets it early.

        • HenryDF

          1/3? So you’re telling me that out of the 300,000 people that were playing BO2 by Christmas, 100,000 of those players had got the game early? Bullshit.

          • Xecho

            I’m just guessing no need to thumb down. But a whole lot of people have Ghosts already. Not just a small amount

          • HenryDF

            About 10,000 people will have Ghosts early, you can’t seriously be implying that at least 100,000 people have it early? And it wasn’t me who thumbed down :/

    • CHughes

      they do get reset on day one…

    • xxthexx

      seriously does it really matter if people play it early, its a fucking game get over it

  • Adam

    Anybody pre-ordered from simply games

    • Choppabro2psn

      heck no…they take like an extra 6 days to deliver when u pre-order

      • Pick0

        6 days really? mine was shipped on the 3rd and was in my mailbox on the 5th at 10am ..

  • Soarnox
    • Thank you! The guy is raging a lot too!

    • Choppabro2psn

      a chilly a guy yesterday was playing snd on that same map, with gold gun

  • Chocolate wasted

    May the games Begin!-Hunger games FTW

  • Mac

    Any word on how to unlock camouflages?

  • Francisco Robles

    Does anyone know any website that is streaming ghosts?

  • 420party

    Haha how stupid that there is no reset at launch! We can all forget about a LEGIT race to max prestige in this game!
    So annoying to know that the biggest percentage of the world has to wait 4 more days and they can enjoy it right now :/

    • Shardlotte

      Can we stop complaining about this? It’s ALWAYS been like this. Get over it.

  • Diego Diniz

    Sorry my bad english cause i’m Braziliam, but I hope these Gameplays on Youtube have to be Xbox 360 and PS3 because I REALLY DONT LIKE THE GRAPHICS! I Hope this Game do not be Like MW3 was…it Have to be like MW2 was.

    • Misogynist

      Why wouldn’t it be ps3/xbox360… the next gen systems arent even out yet lol

    • Choppabro2psn

      the graphs aren’t THAT bad

    • Yes, they are PS3 / XBox360. No other platform to get them.

  • Rated-R619

    That is a lobby, is there servers ?!

    • Mitch

      You mean like a server browser? No, but it might be added in later, just like the ability to rent a server (similar to BF3/BF4).

      • Jon Cameron

        There is a browser for the PC port. Might want to remind yourself not everyone here is a console player.

        • Mitch

          Sorry, didn’t know that. Thought that would also be added later along consoles (if it will ever be added to consoles).

  • Misogynist

    And of course, the people who got the game early wont get reset. Oh, well at least Team Tactical is back!

    • Choppabro2psn

      no on plays that.

  • Wil those people get banned for playing multiplayer early??

    • ip x Warrior

      No hahah !

  • Choppabro2psn

    my psn is ChoppaBro2 if anyone playing midnight.

  • IfeBakarey

    I like where the Clan Tag is (if that is the clan tag lool), doesn’t look cluttered with the gamertag

  • Shooter

    There is no S&D in public matches, just S&R which is kind of shit. Also does anyone know if there is Team Tactical in public?

    • CakeStep

      team tactical is in the normal playlist.

  • Gambit 11B

    People are able to play it early, and it’s not a bunch of BS like a lot of people on here are crying about. I play it early every year because my sister-in-law is the manager of a major video store chain. Guess what? Video stores get the game in 4-5 days early so that they can test the product and inventory it for rental. Not to mention, developers hand out copies to the media for reviews, and to ‘other’ people so that they can test the servers more realistically before launch.
    And even though these are valid and honest reasons, most of you will continue to cry and whine……well, wah wah wah.

  • Josh

    Multiplayer gameplay on twitch tv, watch now before it gets taken down

  • idefaultzz

    anyone have links for gameplay?

  • Ryumoau

    Hoping this year’s launch goes smoothly online. Though it would be nice if Activision started doing public betas to make sure its perfect. Not sure why they are so afraid of doing that.

  • CI, it’s paid not payed. Payed is not a word.

    • George

      it actually is

  • George


  • razzleghost

    What is the digital download file size for PS3???? Sony PS store says 11.7 MB, it has to be larger than that.

    • Ed

      i think that 11.7mb is the theme that they give you for ordering it. it’s more likely between 9 and 13.5gb.

  • madman

    where are the dedicated servers on all consles?

  • its me

    Any word on dedicated server?

    • razzleghost

      yeah they are on all consoles and pc.

  • drath

    does anyone how the leader boards are sit up

  • Avery Horton

    This is a really ironic article due to the fact that this is the first COD will have dedicated servers, it’s always been p to p, so saying it’s like this very year is actually incorrect because this is their first time launching servers

  • Someone angry


  • Classified

    does anyone know if i preload the game from the ps store. i will be able to play it at midnight no matter what time zone i’m in? because it’s pretty much the same as going to a midnight launch and just going home and playing it?

  • Gambit Arkana

    Syndicate on YouTube has his Xbox account banned til year 9999 for playiny cod: ghost early

  • Wayne Hartmann

    I am one of those “Few” who got it early. The Campaign was amazing, I’ve been playing online for the past day or so. Love the gameplay thus far 🙂

  • OnlyWar

  • Cod_Smack

    There’s rumors going around that players could get banned for playing early for Xbox 360. that true?

  • cooldude012

    It’s a smart move to turn the servers online early. Pity Rockstar couldn’t do that with their GTA V. Instead it had to crash and so many problems as soon as it was open. Sucks the stats don’t reset as this makes it very unfair. Everyone should begin at midnight in their own country instead of allowing those that got it early to have an advantage.

  • poser928

    What will they do about the hackers that are boosting as I type this? Go to youtube and watch some vids of the new game play already hacked. Im kind of bummed I pre ordered this game. I will not be getting it at midnite now no rush to get in hacked lobbys


    i was pissed to see a friend playing earlier today online, and he was playing multiplayer with no fear, so i took to twitter on the xbox support page and pretty much snitched on him along with his gamertag name, i didn’t care because i felt everyone else pain by not being able to play so why him, i quickly got a response from xbox support on twitter and advised anyone from playing before the actual release date, so i suspect my friend will be banned pretty damn soon lol am i a bad guy for snitching? so be it then i can’t have anyone getting a upper hand on me and rubbing it in my face

    • suite

      You’re a fag for this.

      • HUSTLExXxMAN

        u think lol sorry u feel that way

    • Master Troll

      Thats some jealous hater shit your a clown

  • Bruce Li