Activision has updated the Ghosts profiles to reveal a new member, Logan Walker. This is also the character you play as.


SOURCE: Call of Duty FB 

  • a

    Logan, David “Hesh” and Elias. What a family!

    • RiIey

      Don’t Forget about me!

  • Thats my Logan..

    • RileyWolfimposter

      My Logan!

  • whoisbillys

    I remember when people thought each Ghosts member would have their first letter of their name be a letter from GHOSTS, like an acronym. Would have been neat if IW implemented that but at the same time it’d be cheesy as fuck.

  • I wonder if they’ll show Rorke’s face before the game comes out?

    • MeisseN

      Hey you should label this post with “Spoilers”, man.

      • If you read the achievments article CI put out you’d know he was the villian. If not then sorry :p

        • MeisseN

          I mean I know so I said “spoilers” 😛 but anyways it’s not a big deal

    • jgg

      and Almagro.spoilers.rorke is american and is ajaxs administrative soldier.

      • I know everything about the canpaign

        • jgg

          the ending is both epic and horrible elias and riley die in sincity.then logan shoots rorke in the heart .then he and hesh go in a beach but rorke returns and drags logan just like someone kidnaping a child.expecting a campaign dlc or an update to the campaign instead of ghosts 2.knowing activision i wont think it will happen.

          • jgg

            i hope it will have a proper epic ending in the dlc update or ghosts 2.

          • ContraIV

            UMM. Riley doesn’t die.

          • jgg

            did yu play it?in sin city he dies.

          • He doesn’t die in sincity….he’s in the next mission with merrick. :p

        • jgg

          he is a legend.

    • jgg

      it was shown in the launch trailer .he is the one who falls from an helicopter and the one hesh hits with a fire extinguisher.

  • ThatGamer

    were so close to release the servers went up today ughhhhh i want it and i cant wait 4 days thats so close but so far away

  • Pishole

    Is that a nigger? Cool, first time. Now i will probably know how it feels to be confronted with racism all the time.

    • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

      Sorry, no lolz, try again?

    • y9ungc4p

      dude he caucasian, if you watch one of the trailers, you’ll see Logan or Hesh puting their mask on while he got his black face paint

    • Archer

      Did it ever occur to you that he could be wearing facepaint?

  • Xecho

    That’s not Logan. It’s actually someone that’s really close to you. Not spoiling anything. They never show his face. And they never show Logan’s mask. Just sayin.
    Unless you think this is Spoilers

    • SeaSaltSora

      It is Logan. Logan is given the mask after a certain event within the Campaign. You SEE him pick it up and put it on.

      • Xecho

        No you fucking don’t. They never show him put on a mask or be given one. They don’t even show his fucking face. I played the whole entire campaign already and I already know this.

        • SeaSaltSora

          I saw the Campaign too. Calm the fuck down. It’s Logan. He does pick it up off the table after Merrick gives it to him. The mask was owned by his father and Merrick gives it to Logan after Elias’ death and Riley and Merrick no longer join them on the Battlefield. He puts it on before he and Hesh exit the ship. It’s like the 3rd to last or 2nd to last mission.

          • Xecho

            Never saw it.

          • SeaSaltSora

            I’ll be back in a couple of hours. When I get back, I’ll post th link and time.

          • Jim

            You only see him pick up the mask if you play through the campaign on vetran

          • Some dude here

            Actually you can see him put the mask on in any difficulty I should know since i played it on normal and easy to see any outcomes.

      • Xecho

        You want anymore spoilers? I know every fucking thing.

  • Logan

    Spoiler: They defeat Rorke at the end but find out that Rorke never died and Rorke breaks Logans arm and takes him with him saying were gonna defeat the ghosts one by one. Is Logan going to be the new villain like how the feds broke down Rorke?

  • dana.davis

    Did any body known hesh in Logan have a litter sister