MCV has posted a lengthy update on how the original Call of Duty game came about. The team behind Call of Duty was an original studio called 2015, that worked with EA at first. The studio was responsible for creating – back then – the biggest FPS, Medal of Honor.

“Back in 2003, EA had Medal of Honor as the runaway World War II shooter. It was fabulous. That was the product to beat,” says Scott Dodkins, who was Activision’s Euro VP at the launch of the first Call of Duty.
“I think the EA/Activision rivalry was even more intense then. We were really gunning for EA. We were desperate to narrow the gap and overtake it, which Activision eventually did. EA had games like FIFA, which we couldn’t compete with. But Medal of Honor was a genre we thought we could enter. So we were looking for a product that could emulate and beat it, and we came up with Call of Duty.”

Today, Medal of Honor is mute. That game was revived by Danger Close, but the games failure lead to that studios shut down. Now, EA’s fighting Activision with their Battlefield series.

When EA decided to start taking more control over the 2015 Studio plans, the studio wanted to be independent. And Activision was the option that worked.

“The company was potentially going to disband. In a last ditch effort our then president, Grant Collier sent out a signal to all the major publishers in the industry letting them know that the majority of the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault team was available. Within days of closing the doors on the studio, Activision responded immediately with an offer.”

Rieke adds: “We actually got two deals. We had one with EA LA, a deal which we took for about two days, before the deal with Activision came through. Both would involve moving out to LA, but with EA we were concerned that we would be rolled up into EA LA, and that our team identity would go away. That was the ultimate swaying point for us deciding to go with Activision. Activision had four or five different studios in the LA area, which all operated like they were independent. And that was what we wanted.”

Thomas continues: “Activision offered to deposit money in the account within hours and fund a project for over a year, with one stipulation: The right to purchase the company for around $3m and we had to sign that day. Let’s just say they got a very good return on investment.”

And, back then, the first Call of Duty game was actually called ‘MOH Killer’ until they could come up with the name.

“The project was actually named ‘MOH killer’ until an official name could be found. We were focused more on fun than success, with the idea that if it was fun, it would be successful. We were just going to make a great game, and do the things better than we did on previous projects.”


  • Brandalf

    Huh, interesting stuff.

  • CoD: Battlefield Warrior.

  • Misogynist

    They.. really did kill MoH


    • TheShadowReaper

      by RIP you mean Rest in Pieces? correct?

      • Archer

        To make it even more cruel: Rot in Pieces

  • TheShadowReaper

    we pretty much knew that stuff but we didnt knew the details. its nice that they released this info after all this time.

  • That’s so funny because they really did kill MOH. XD

    • And then it got resurrected and killed itself.

      • Tyrant Era


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        On the money. MOH should be revived as a WWll style Battlefield.

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          I dislike Battlefield, but I will buy that.

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        More like EA

  • BF is MoH idiots

    [email protected] who don’t know Battlefield is just MoH in disguise. They use the same everything, just with a different name. They also do the 3arc and IW switch and release a game each year. They knew they could get away with it cause gamers are so fucking stupid that all they had to do was change the label, point the finger, and hype. Too bad it backfired, even though it is exactly the same as bf, Warfighter looks almost like a carbon copy of BF4, they couldn’t get the sales because they didn’t know IT WAS BF(lol). Dat irony is so fahnny. I’ve even seen people say battlefield wasn’t released since 2011… when war fighter came out in 2012, but no one saw BATTLEFIELD and went straight to any other “CoD killer”. Shit, the MoH after Bad company 2(Great game before BF3 shat all over the franchise with it’s graphics whoring, hate mongering, and shit game play that bandwagoners brought.) Was EXACTLY THE SAME as bfbc2, but that just refused to admit it. Either battlefield is shit and they know it, hence why MoH sadly died, or they are just bandwagonning on the label as usual. Gamers are so predictable it sickens me.

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      ik all of that

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    and now EA is foucusing on making BF successful and not fun, that is why they are failing but still fooling many stupid gamers

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      But BF is fun :O

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        Not that fun

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          It’s only as fun as you make it~

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          CoD > Battlefield, but Battlefield is still fun

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      It’s also funny how EA said they care about all their franchises when MOH was put on life support after warfighter due to lack of funding from EA and rushed development……. so sad and warfighter was a great game

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    first with EA, now against.

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    does that mean IF titanfall is the cod killer than CoD will end up like MOH is today .. ?

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      yeah probably. Titanfall looks sick

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        It looks great but i dont want it to kill cod ..

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          For the first titanfall probably not as it’s an exclusive

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            vince zampella said that titanfall isnt a cod killer on bravointel

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        cmon bitch. vince zampella said that titanfall isnt a cod killer on bravointel

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          He said that but it might happen. He was being nice but it could very well happen. I do not want it to happen though

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      the original infinity ward team killing their own creation now in the hands of another developer with the name they once bore

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    Very interesting article. I actually had no idea the rivalry between EA and Activision was around this long.

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    EA is killing BattleField on their own. Bf3 was a good game, not great, but lots of fun. It definitely shat on old BF games though, and a lot of BF Vets(me) were pretty disappointed. Then you look at BF4. A slightly prettier BF3 with microtransactions. CoD doesn’t need to kill BF, because EA will force Dice to kill it. There was a BF fanboy the other day who honestly thought it was Dice’s decision to add microtransactions. LOL

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    You think 10 years from now, we’ll all laugh about that CoD thing that used to attract all the gamers? Or better, in 10 years there will be a new piece of legislature about the right of all people to have access to CoD.

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    i remember that map on this screenshot 🙂 god used to play that game endlessly
    wow i didn’t also know this, i always like moh (those old 3 ones) wow so people that made those made the cod huh hmm,

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    And MoH killer did it’s job.

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    Everyone says how Infinity Ward is all at respawn. It’s true for the most part, but if you check cod wiki some of IW’s current top guys were from the original 2015 team that made Medal of Honor Allied Assault. I know there are only single digits or a dozen left from the cod 4 era or before, but they still exist people. A lot of websites say that there are zero from original infinity ward. That’s not true. Also, I love ghosts and it’s the best cod since call of duty 4: modern warfare. I didn’t like MW2 or MW3 infinity ward.

  • pulseimpact

    And in all of this halo was #1 on xbox live (halo 2/halo 3) and killed itself.

  • Travi$ The ACTavist

    My only comment is, if you think it’s so easy to create a “pro” shooter and not have it lean on one corporation (i.e. Microsoft and Halo, Sony and Killzone, both good game but I would love for KillZone to be on XBOX360 and/or XBOX1) and be at the top of selling worldwide (If i’m right COD is 1st and BF is 2nd) with the “minor” changes you speak of then you do it yourself. I’ll take what I get because demanding and complaining isn’t going to get you nowhere unless you are actually in the position to do something about it.