You can now start pre-loading Call of Duty: Ghosts on Steam. The game is set to unlock Nov. 5th. The file size is estimated around 27GB (update: file size is less than originally stated), so pre-loading will definitely be a benefit.

Visit the Steam store now to preorder and to start preloading.

SOURCE: Steam via @L1nKas

  • Gamarra02

    its not 50gb, what a lie -.-

    • Primey_

      50GB was a rumour and was said to be false.

      • Gamarra02

        We need download Campaign to play Multiplayer, like Black Ops 2?

        • aaa187

          Yeah, two separate launchers.

          • LENNOX vg

            yeah don’t no if i like that or not

          • Nicklovesgames

            It’s always been like that since CoD4 I think, but it’s only on PC.

          • LENNOX vg

            yeah it is

          • Jon Cameron

            He’s asking if we need to download the campaign in order to play the multiplayer, which we don’t.

    • Keshav Bhat

      We’ve updated our post respectively. Thank you!

    • Sawmane2

      I know on several other games that the download may say one thing but once you start playing for a while the file size is way bigger than the download. I’m pretty sure when they say it takes 40gb, it will take that much once its installed and your playing it.

      • Devin Wolfe

        True this is uncompressed once its installed it’ll expand to 40-50GB

    • El_MUERkO

      that’s the compressed download, what it will install to could easily be 50gb

  • aaa187

    It’s 21gb on my end. Currently downloading.

  • RFX


  • HenryDF

    It feels so close now, I can’t wait 😀

    • Jon Cameron

      I don’t work today or tomorrow, so those two days will go by quickly. I work Monday night unfortunately. It’s going to blow.

  • Guest

    I don’t know where you’re getting 40GB from.

    Multiplayer is 21GB
    Singleplayer is 7.5GB

  • zHaKy!

    I bet no one’s gonna hit the “Cancel pre-loading” button at 99%

  • Auptyk

    The 50GB was a rumor so this could be standard.

    Its also remotely possible that since this is a pre-load to alleviate pressure on the servers opening night there are large chunks missing… I say remote chance because you would think they would only leave out a couple hundred MB at the most… but you never know. Most likely the rumor was simply wrong.

    • Devin Wolfe

      They leave out the games EXE file when you pre-load.

      • Jon Cameron

        .exes aren’t really that big in size. Yes, some .exes for non-games are big in size, but typically for games it’s all the separate files in the folder that equal the overall size.

        • Devin Wolfe

          I was getting at that they leave the EXE’s out when you preload and at midnight they ship out an update to the game with the EXE so you can play it

  • JuggerNaut

    It will be,you’ll see!

  • JuggerNaut

    It is 50 gb ..

    • DIV1D3

      I’m getting only 31.7 Gbs. 24.2Gbs for Muliplayer and 7.5GBs for Single Player.

    • RoKaGeR

      if u started the call of duty ghosts first ,. it will download the singleplayer and multiplayer ,.:D ,.

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for Gamestop to give me my product code so I can preload…

    • dbdchristopher

      same here

      • TheCheeseWeel

        do they do that with CD copies, or digital copies?

        • BlizzardGiratina

          Digital copies, for a physical copy the code is in the box.

    • TheGamerBeast

      yeah does gamestop give the download early to preload or no cz i asked they said it will be available on NOV 5 so if anybody knows please tell me

      • Epic JDUB

        Just got off the phone with GS and they have no intention of giving us PC users a pre-load, in-fact every person i spoke to had no idea what i was talking about. One manager told me she would be calling back due to the fact that she had to call another store to find out what i was talkin about. This is so typical, the PC community gets crapped on again only this time its in the store.

        • Chad Eugene Rash

          It’s only for the digital version.

        • asd

          You bought a physical copy? You don’t get to pre load.

      • dbdchristopher

        the steam code was released on the 2nd

  • IamQuark

    tnku for telling me that so fast 🙂 Charli Beast

  • Brandalf

    Where did the screenshot from the article come from? Ghosts is 28.4GB and Ghosts -multiplayer is 21.0GB according to my downloads page, same for one of my friends.

    • Brandalf

      Apparently if you start the campaign first it will also download the MP, which is why we have the discrepancy in sizes.

  • SuperNova

    Any know any additional details on the season pass for ghosts?

    • Nicholas Carabin

      If by “additional details” you mean what it comes with, then yes. The Season Pass comes with 4 map packs. It is advised to use the code for the Season Pass, and do not buy the map packs separate, for you could be paying for each full price.

  • HDLie
  • Stick Man

    My multiplayer is 24.2gb in size?

    • Could also depend on the area you live in

  • TheGamerBeast

    yeah does gamestop give the download early to preload or no cz i asked they said it will be available on NOV 5 so if anybody knows please tell me

  • MetalSaint

    Can someone upload the files please I didn’t pre-ordered it from steam directly :/

  • MeisseN

    All of my friends are getting different digits in terms of gamesize (some 7.5GB+19.9GB, and mine is 156.8MB+28.4GB), but this game will be ~28.5GB I suppose.

  • fsdgasdg

    do we know if they game is going to be unlocked on midnight or do we need to wait until 10am in the morning? 😐

    • Jon Cameron

      For PS3 it’s midnight if I remember correctly, so probably midnight for us as well.

      • JuggerNaut

        Steam says it will unclock in 2 days 20h. so do the math

    • DIV1D3

      Depends on where you live. It’ll be the exact same time for the world but cause of where you live you might get it a 10am or 10pm. You can always just check when it is activated on steam. For me it activates at 4-5am on Wednesday.

  • omid

    hi any one upload me this pre-load file in any server ?

    • omid

      help me

      • MetalSaint

        same here I want the preload files because I will get the key before the game release a day

  • Raf

    Hey, im wondering if we are gonna get to play early by preloading or if we get any bonus things for it

    • Jon Cameron

      Preloading is literally only preparing the game to be able to play the second they tell Steam to let the game launch.

  • Luke

    It’s magic. Some of us get around 28GB, some 40GB. Some weird stuff.

  • Diego Diniz

    Sorry my bad english cause i’m Brazilian. But i see one guy talking about “FPS cap at 60 on PC”. This is real information???
    Why thay cap the FPS at 60??? I have a 144hz Monitor and I want to Play COD Ghosts with 120 FPS…

    • JuggerNaut

      Dude,you’ll get your 120 fps if you turn off Vsync.And natively with Vsync on you’ll always get 60 fps because CoD engine runs on 60fps.

      • Diego Diniz

        My Monitor is 144hz and when I turn Vsync ON the fps runs at 144Hz on Black Ops 2.
        On MW2, they cap at 91 FPS!

        • JuggerNaut

          In any case you will see when the game comes out few days left

    • Zpr4y

      Just turn off V-Sync like every other game, and if they have a cap Frame-Rate setting then just set it to unlimited or 180 or whatever the pre settings are! Dont worry! ONLY consoles are capped! THOU if your CPU or any other hardwares in your pc shuts the game down because of overheating or something like that… Then put V-Sync on or try settings Frame-Rate cap to 60-120-150 and test different graphics options! Could also be a drivers problem! But since you have a 144hz screen i guess your hardware is pretty hardcore gaming stuff eeh?

      • Diego Diniz

        Not THAT Hardcore.
        i7 [email protected]
        8GB Corsair Vengeance cas8
        Gigabyte P67a-UD5
        EVGA GTX 760 SC
        Corsair 750W PSU
        BenQ 24″ inch XL2420T 144hz

        • Zpr4y

          Thats kind of an epic pc! XD your not gonna have a frame-rare or visual graphics issues with that PC!

          • mrwinnie

            You know that your eyes can only ready at 90-110 fps right. Anything over is a waste. When you go to the movies, that frame rate is 30fps and there is no video lag there that you can see. By having v-Sync on, you hardware life is longer, and you screen will not get the rip effect. You Should ALWAYS run with v-Sync on.

          • apoe

            You are clueless.
            1. Vsync does not magically extend hardware life. Even if your system is putting out 1000 fps in a game, capping it to 60 has negligible impact on the lifetime of your components.
            2. Vsync will always add minimum 1 frame of input lag. At 60 fps, vsync adds 16.66 ms input lag, which is very noticeable for people who normally play with it off.
            3. Who says your eyes can only read “90-110” fps? Eyes do not see in frames, and there have been so many BS myths about this. Some say you can’t see more than 24 (which is nothing more than a standard for movies), others 30, 60, now you say 90-110…
            4. The reason 30 fps looks smooth on TV shows is because real cameras will have motion blur, and there is less movement than in FPS games. Games are also interactive, thus lower frame rates make controls feel more sluggish.

  • Alex

    Would someone upload their pre-loaded copy to a website? Would be pretty useful, thanks!

  • IcemanDL

    So I found out why some people get different file size numbers. Actully my numbers were 28.4GB for single player and 24.2 for multiplayer. and the reason this is the way it is is because many files are actually shared between the two. I downloaded them separably (like on steam i downloaded single first and when it finished i downloaded multi) and when i did this when i started downloading multiplayer it started off at like 85% already completed. meaning many of the files were already downloaded with singleplayer. Idk why the numbers are different but the Actual file size is around 20gb for multiplayer and 7 for single. NOT the 50 some rumors have said

    • MetalSaint

      Thank you for this info!

  • mckevstah

    YAY!Mines all preloaded and ready so i can play at midnight,.. oh wait. whats that? It doesnt unlock until 6pm in the UK? YAY! thanks steam,. i fucking love you! >.>

    Last time i have buy a new release for Steam. Fuck you steam.

    • Plutoniium

      Maybe because midnight in the US is a different time in the UK?

    • balls187

      Sucks, but don’t blame steam. Its the publisher (Activision) that sets the unlock time. 🙁

  • InFeRNoooo95

    I think it depends what language its in for the file size, coz it needs different language packs. when dlc comes out it always says different file sizes for what language its in

  • FellingtonDC

    I preloaded both the single player and multiplayer fully done with 28.4 g’s of download and now once i start up multiplayer i have another 28.4 g’s to download…..

  • MrFail

    it is 50GB alright. have to download the motherfking MP 24GB again.

  • apoe

    Ghosts is trash on PC at moment. Massive amounts of stuttering (my system runs BF4 on ultra at 60+ fps at all times), very widespread problem. Feels like every third frame is skipped by the game. Bugs in MW3 that were not in BO2, are now back in Ghosts, such as random mouse sensitivity jumps as well. I feel like the people behind MW3 made Ghosts and completely skipped everything that BO2 did right.

  • evilizer

    Will i need to download both Singleplayer & Multiplayer to play the MP ? or only downloadign the Multiplayer work???

  • AuroraUnit313

    I pre-loaded the game and it went fine, but as soon as i try to launch it, it gives me a fatal error saying that steam must be running, but it is running…
    Can someone help me please?

  • bcwatson

    So… I just bought Ghost at Target. Got it home and am now installing it. I see it has 4 discs in the package, so why is Steam saying it will now download all the files? Why doesn’t it install from the discs and update whatever is necessary over Steam? I can only d/l 10 gb (satellite internet) before my download speed is cut in half…

    • bcwatson

      Just found out how to do it!

      You can install it from the retail discs via this method.

      Log in to Steam and click on Library.

      Right-click on the game, select Delete local content, and confirm.

      Insert the first disc into your computer.

      Close Steam (Steam > Exit).

      Press Win + R to open Run

      In the Run window type:

      “C:Program FilesSteamSteam.exe” -install E:

      Replace E: with the CD/DVD drive you are installing from if is not correct.
      Replace C:Program FilesSteam if your Steam installation is not in the default location.

      Press OK. Steam will launch and ask you to sign in if you do not have your password saved. Your installation should continue from the disc.

      It’s the official Steam method of installing a game from retail discs that would normally install via Steam, so it works for any game in this category, including many Call of Duty games, most Valve games, and other Steam-enabled games like Civilization 5.

  • montgal

    Be careful, the game still has a DirectX detection error — even if you have upgraded DirectX or even have DirectX on your PC. Steam and/or Activision should address this issue as soon as possible before its reputation is tarnished.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts MP for me is 25 gigabytes.