Infinity Ward has just posted a new blog post that describes all the classes that are part of Extinction mode in Ghosts.

Weapon Specialist

20% more bullet damage.

The Weapon Specialist focuses on one vital task: destroy as many aliens as possible. The extra bullet damage really comes in handy when dealing with heavily armored threats or when fighting back a swarm of smaller enemies. Weapon handling continues to improve as the Weapon Specialist gains levels.


25% more health.

The brute of the group, Tanks stand at the front and take hits that would otherwise knock out other, more fragile classes. The extra health lets you play more aggressively, getting into the thick of things and coming out alive. Additional levels further improve the Tank’s health in addition to their lethality.


Provide armor for the drill and earn more bonus cash.

Without a functioning drill, your team will have a very difficult time progressing. The Engineer offers much needed protection to the team’s drill, incredibly useful during moments when you get overwhelmed. Drill maintenance and trap efficiency improve as the Engineer gains levels.


Revive allies more quickly.

When things go wrong – and they will go wrong – the Medic’s there to pick up the pieces and get the team back in fighting condition. Fast revivals can mean the difference between success and failure, and an active Medic can help turn the tide of an intense battle. The Medic gains faster movement speed and powerful healing abilities with additional levels.

The most successful teams will consist of a variety of classes, using different abilities to best compliment each other and adequately defend against the alien horde.

SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • LegitCryptic

    First but who cares.. not me
    EDIT: to make this comment meaningfull extinction sounds better each day

    • eeee


      • LegitCryptic


        • XxWARLORDxX

          Stupid people these days.

          • LegitCryptic

            I know right like what kind of name is “ShadowsReviews” He must be super ga- Oh wait… thats me

          • XxWARLORDxX

            My comment was right.

  • Sentrymann

    Medic sounds best, I like playing support.

  • PeLLi

    Well that’s definitely a step forward! This whole mode seems to promote proper team work rather than splitting up and trying to “train” by yourself like what happens in Zombies (most of the time at least).

    Ghosts is looking more and more appealing, even to someone like me who has been playing a lot of Battlefield over CoD! I will definitely have to pick up this and BF4 once I get a PS4 😀

    • NikkaNokking

      BF4 is nothing special, i myself are like you and have been playing BF3 over COD for a long time, surprising since i’ve been a COD player since COD3, but BF4 is BF3, with new maps, a new lean feature and a more detailed battlelog. i regret the money i spent 😛

      • Avery Horton

        We’ll then what is COD every year? If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Why would dice change a game that was so good? They wouldn’t. It is more than a reskin, there is a lot more to it, but to complain about BF4 and only having to spend the $60 once every two years vs. every year for the same exact COD is beyond ignorant.

        • HenryDF

          There were more changes between MW3 and BO2 than there were between BF3 and BF4 to be honest, let alone the difference there is between MW3 and Ghosts, which is huge. The advances made in CoD over the last two years compared to the advances made in BF… I’m gonna list some.

          -That little menu in the bottom of your HUD with fire options etc.
          -Lean feature
          -Small changes to classes
          -Confusing CaC revamp
          -Improved Battle Log
          -Apparently graphics have been improved, though I can’t see a massive difference – they were already really good in BF3 to be honest.

          -Huge perk system revamp
          -Maps are now dynamic
          -Extinction mode
          -Lean feature
          -Slide feature
          -Create a Soldier
          -Clans massively improved
          -Squads mode
          -Noticeable graphics improvements
          -Technological improvements that Mark Rubin loves to talk endlessly about.
          -Massively improved AI

          I’m sure I’ve missed some points on both, but even so, the changes over two years for CoD are far bigger compared to the changed over two years for BF.

          It’s ironic that you call people who buy CoD every year ignorant, when you’re being completely ignorant to the fact that there’s a 2 year development cycle. As much time gets spent on each CoD game as there is spent on each Battlefield game.

          You’re probably going to find faults in the differences that I’ve noticed between BF3 and BF4 because you probably have played it more than me. But likewise, I could probably find faults if you list differences between MW3 and BO2. We’re both gonna be wrong somewhere, and to be honest, I would rather be wrong than be a hypocrite. To go calling CoD the same game each year is far, far beyond ignorant.

          • Samuel Fogle

            Bravo sir! Someone else who recognizes the “development cycle” that is in a CoD. People forget there are two developers, Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

          • HenryDF

            I’m suprised more people don’t realise to be honest, given how whenever it’s a Treyarch year all we hear about it “Treyarch announce new DLC” and when it’s an Infinity Ward year “Infinity Ward announce new DLC”…it’s a bit strange if you don’t realise to be honest.

          • Avery Horton

            Like I said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If they graphics were so good in bf3, why would they change them? I don’t disagree with you about changes ghost has made but they had a lot to fix, that’s why it seems like such a leap, but besides the pick 10 system, most of the cods since cod 4 have been fundamentally the same. And by the way, levolution is a gigantic technological leap, especially with the events happening in multiplayer

          • HenryDF

            I realise that Levolution was a massive technological advance, but even so, I’ve been playing BF4 and it’s just a bit boring to be honest – it’s impressive the first two or three times, then it’s just something that you expect to happen halfway through a game.

            The thing is, it is far more ignorant to assume CoD is the same game every year than it is to buy CoD every year – because, ultimately, as much effort goes into each CoD game as there is that goes into each Battlefield game.

          • Avery Horton

            Well that’s exactly how cod is, you play the maps a few times, rank up and then after a while it gets boring, every fps is like that.

          • HenryDF

            I was talking about the fact that Levolution just gets boring, I wasn’t denying that every map gets boring after a while – that’s what DLC is for.

      • Work hard Twerk harder

        If you enjoyed BF3 though, and BF4 is just like BF3 then there shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless glad people are going to enjoy Ghosts

    • HenryDF

      BF4 isn’t amazing. If you enjoyed BF3, you’ll enjoy BF4, but it really has no special “feature” apart from Levolution which itself is quite disappointing. If it’s the gameplay you enjoy (ie. the big maps, the vehicles etc.) then you will really like BF4, but it has nothing over CoD in terms of a variety of things to do. Ghosts has so many new and exciting features that even someone new to the franchise can make the most of and enjoy.

  • Francisco Robles

    I think I’m gonna like the Engineer the best.

  • David Sync

    I can tell I’m going to have to be Medic .-. I’m always the only one who can revive people without issues

    • HenryDF

      I’m always the one who just ends up HAVING to revive people because my other teammates can’t be arsed to :/

  • jordanxbrookes

    Well Extinction seems to live up to Treyarch’s Zombies, Wonder how Treyarch will make a come back after this?! 🙂

    • Avery Horton

      The only way is if the totally change up their game like IW has. They will have to create a new universe as well as change some movement styles and probably a new world for zombies too. IW realized they can’t keep making sequels of the same game, look at mw3. They can’t do BO3, no one will buy it. It would be cool if they made another WW2 game or something cool like that. A nice little throwback to COD’s roots

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i dont know, medic kind of seems underpowerd. i mean yea, its cool to help out my teamates, but you dont earn anything besides speed, i think i will stay with tank or weapon specialist

    • Samuel Fogle

      You will be kicking yourself once you got far in the extinction mode and you desperately need a medic to heal you.

      • TheCheeseWeel

        well if someone else would like to be the medic, that would be cool, im just not gonna be the first to volunteer to be the medic

  • SuperNova

    Anyone know any additional details about the season pass?

    • ip x Warrior

      What do you want to know about the season pass ? It give us 4 DLC.

      • SuperNova

        Map names and what they look like?

        • MeisseN

          IMO it’s way too early for these infos to be revealed…

        • HenryDF

          Map names? Ahaha, we don’t find out about them until about 2 weeks before the map’s release.

  • Biff Ibkus

    Can you use your custom character in Extinction, or is it pre-determined characters like in Zombies? I’d love to play as Simon Riley in Extinction.

  • Alien Fucker

    I like this a lot

  • OnlyWar

    Can’t wait to play COD in 1080p on PS4… Too bad the Xbox One version is only 720p

    • Biff Ibkus

      There won’t be any difference. There isn’t even a difference in PS4 and XO BF4, so don’t expect one with CoD. Grow up and accept the fact that both systems will be great and stop taking shots at the competitor. Remember child, competition is good for business.

      • Sawmane2

        1080p will look better than 720p. And i don’t have a dog in this fight. I am a pc player.

        • Avery Horton

          Not necessarily, if you play on a screen smaller than 32″ then you can’t tell the difference between the two sitting at a normal distance away. Unless you play on a gigantic 65″ + TV (which I hope you don’t), then sitting a normal living room distance away, there will be no discernible difference between the two resolutions, only when you step up to 2K or 4K resolution is there any noticeable difference.

          • Sawmane2

            I am talking about consoles. I play on a screen of 720p but on a console people use their TV’s which are most likely 1080p. And you can tell the difference it’s a pretty big difference if your looking a crisp clear image. And for the record 1080p is roughly 2k.

          • Avery Horton

            Get your facts straight before you open your mouth man, the 4k means 4 times the resolution of 1080p and 2k means twice the resolution of 1080p, and unless you sit a foot away from your tv, you cannot tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a normal size tv. Yes it might look better if you sit closer, but from a normal living room distance away, your eye cannot tell the difference. You won’t see a big change until it is twice or three times as many pixels.

          • Wd

            If you have a TV any bigger then like 20 inches, the difference between 1080p and 720p is rather noticeable. Stop talking bullshit. It’s not up for debate, it’s a fact.

          • Avery Horton

            It’s larger than 32″, if you are sitting a normal distance away you can’t see the difference!


        1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels

        1280 x 720 = 921,600 pixels

        Upscaling = creates blur.

        Native is ALWAYS better. LCD’s have physical pixels. Rendering 1:1 means the picture is tack sharp.

        This isn’t rocket science.

        You aren’t doing yourself a favor by denying the facts. Buy the best product, not what brand you the commercials for.

        On that note. PC is the best product. Sorry PS4 fans, you came close; but not close enough.

        • Plok

          We know that PC is the most powerful product, yes, but consoles have key components that makes it sell.

          1. The ease of using one in the living room

          2. The game quality over time (doesn’t fall behind as quick due to optimization)

          3. Playing with friends on one console

          I’m not reasoing that the consoles are better mind you, just pointing out why people like them and how for many they are the best product for what they value in their gaming experience.

        • Biff Ibkus

          Well, those giant pixel numbers sure have a tiny impact….Many people think BF4 looks better on XO (not saying I do, but still)…Stronger doesn’t always mean better. PS2 was weaker than Xbox, but did better. Xbox 360 weaker than PS3, but looked better. So far, I haven’t seen any evidence of the stronger console being the better choice. I’m not denying the facts as much as I am looking back at past experiences.

          • James

            Reason PS3 looked worse is because to take advantage of the hardware a lot of coding was NEEDED, which took too much time, so cross platform games looked worse on ps3 but games such as uncharted looked AMAZING.

      • Mario Rivera

        competition is the reason why gamers arent stuck with those nasty drm policies microsoft was trying to impose… ps4 scooping up all the sales made them get their act together

    • Sentrymann

      I myself have already pre-ordered Ghosts for PS4, but come on, we can be a little bit more mature than this 😉

    • TheShadowReaper

      ok now, thats funny. thank god i am on the PC and i dont have these kind of war issues between consoles going on. having to choose just for one game is a bad thing.


      Have you heard how the XBOX ONE graphics upscaled? Of course not.

      • HenryDF

        Upscaling creates blur, everyone knows that…but yeah, his images is pretty inaccurate.

        • XxWARLORDxX

          Well actually the new upscale feature doesn’t, everyone knows that, and yes I can tell a ps4 fanboy posted this photo.

          • HenryDF

            Just as I can tell that you’re an Xbox One fanboy 😛

          • XxWARLORDxX

            No, I’m just a fan, a fanboy is someone who shows an inaccurate picture with the ps4 at 1080p and the xbox one that says 720p, but is like a potato, that’s a pathetic fanboy.

    • stokes1510

      Just another idiot who this that gaming means having better graphics, well its not its about gameplay and that’s final……
      playing games since saga megadrive where no one cared about graphics

  • calladoody

    This is like the COD 4 zombie mod! Awesome!

  • DemGamez

    I’m getting Ghosts on next-gen, feels like a long wait. :/

    • OW MY BALLS!

      PC is better than next-gen and that’s coming out Nov 5.

      ; )

    • TheShadowReaper

      if you are playing FPS games as i do why wait? get a powerfull PC that will last this whole gen + the next gen, play every game on 1080p and you can even get Titanfall if you want it but cant have it on PS4. if you’re not so much in the PS4 exclusives, get the best product, get a PC.

      • DemGamez

        I’m a Sony fanboy. I have all their gaming products (PS’s, PSP’s, PS Vita, etc.). I love the exclusives and I play other games not just FPS. But thanks for the suggestion anyways. 🙂


    Rorke doesn’t die and drags away Logan and leaves Hesh behind. Riley gets shot but doesn’t die. Logan and Hesh’s father dies. There are mutliple endings. Have a good one.

  • Archer

    Hypno-Knife here I come!

  • TheShadowReaper

    tank and weapon specialist look like the roles i would fall in love with. cant wait.

  • Predator132914

    Ok people some of you may be hatin on this new Extinction mode, but give it some time! After all, some of us werent sure we would like Zombies when we first knew about it, but now we play it most of the time. Who knows? Give IW a few years and maybe they could turn Extinction into something…well, great. 🙂

  • MeisseN

    Call of Duty: Ghosts with Extinction put Frostbite 2.1 and Battlefield 3.5 to shame.
    – IGN

    • TheCheeseWeel

      where did they say that

  • MeisseN

    Sounds a little like bank heist jobs in PAYDAY 2. One of my favorite games this year 😀

  • Grigori

    Hardened edition for 360 😉 who else??

  • Gc

    Well , just a question guys , so i now that the aim assist will not be on the snipers , but smg or assault rifles etc. Will that get aim assist ? Please react !

    • aaa187

      There is aim assist on the snipers.

      There is aim assist on every gun. Without that, the game would be incredibly hard to play do to sticks not being the best method for playing an FPS. Aim Assist fixes that and is critical every time.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Has anyone else heard about the Xbox One having adverts in game, I’m not getting Xbox One but this is just absolutely atrocious.

  • Justin MD
    • SuperNova

      Is this even possible yet?

  • Ingloriosbasturd

    I don’t get how people argue over the two. I honestly haven’t played battlefield but it seems like the only thing they have in common is that they are a FPS. To me BF reminds me of delta force black hawk down from the trailers I have watched and that game was awesome. If I had more time as a gamer i definitely would get both. Ever since I became a dad the quick nature of call of duty has became a lot more appealing. Look forward to seeing you guys in ghost

  • Ryumoau

    hope extinction mode is really fun. kinda disappointed that there may not be a story for it though, like there is in some of the zombie modes.

  • Mathew McGuire

    Okay firstly XBOX is always better then PS4 we don’t give a fuck about the graphics XBOX is always better.
    Secondly PCs suck we don’t want to play crappy PCs I want to play my XBOX on a 100 inch flat screen you noob. Also using your mous takes no fucking skill.
    BF4 sux balls ill never touch that crappy game ive seen people revert back to GTA V on the first day telling me ”it sux”.
    I am a real professional 28 year old gamer im sick of hearing 10 year old kids comments , and im telling you how it is PS2 was great until XBOX romped it.
    Nuff said, as for the game… COd always lasts a week or to if lucky…. but still better then battlefield.

  • BugedRun

    Does weapon speacialist improve sentry damage?

  • XxkilarkxX

    I love em both!!!! Their both their own style of game.. When i get board with one i play the other.. All the time!!!! Both great games!!! How can u even compare!!!!???