Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces a brand new Co-Op game mode called Extinction. With the launch of Ghosts just 2 days away, we’ve put together a list of everything we know thus far about this new mode.

  • Aliens are transverse – they attack from the walls, rooftops, from all directions
  • Took the team 4-6 months to get the engine to be able to support the “3-D like” world that Extinction puts you in
  • FPS Base defense mixed with Survival type modes
  • Class leveling – separate from MP
  • There are 6 items in your load outs: Class, Pistol Type, Ammo Type, Team Support, Strike Package, and Equalizer. Four of these are accessible from the directional pad on your controller.

  • Within the load outs, each of the items unlock at certain levels.
  • As you play Extinction, you earn XP – this XP is separate from XP earned in MP.
  • For every hive you beat and for every challenge you complete, you earn Skill Points. You can spend these Skill Points on the load out lines. You can buff each of those classes incredibly.
  • There’s an MK32 grenade launcher – if you buff it up enough, it can shoot fire, or the death machine which can shoot incendiary ammo.
  • Ammo and Support class are deployable – meaning you can place those on locations to help your team as well.
  • Here’s and example of a support feature: Feral Vision – the screen highlights out the aliens location

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 1.09.06 PM

  • There’s also scavenging – there’s items hidden around the maps in random places.
  • These items can benefit the team when trying to complete the match. For example, there is the trophy system that helps you protect from enemy projectiles. There’s also a hypno knife, which if you kill an alien with that, the alien will become an ally. Propane tanks, death traps, electric fences, gas traps, fire traps, cash, and attachments as well.

  • You can have up to four attachments on your assault rifle.
  • There’s also sections divided up in the classes – four different ones: Weapon Specialist, Tank, Medic, and Engineering:
    • Weapon Specialist
      • 20% more bullet damage.
      • The Weapon Specialist focuses on one vital task: destroy as many aliens as possible. The extra bullet damage really comes in handy when dealing with heavily armored threats or when fighting back a swarm of smaller enemies. Weapon handling continues to improve as the Weapon Specialist gains levels.
    • Tank
      • 25% more health.
      • The brute of the group, Tanks stand at the front and take hits that would otherwise knock out other, more fragile classes. The extra health lets you play more aggressively, getting into the thick of things and coming out alive. Additional levels further improve the Tank’s health in addition to their lethality.
    • Engineer
      • Provide armor for the drill and earn more bonus cash.
      • Without a functioning drill, your team will have a very difficult time progressing. The Engineer offers much needed protection to the team’s drill, incredibly useful during moments when you get overwhelmed. Drill maintenance and trap efficiency improve as the Engineer gains levels.
    • Medic
      • Revive allies more quickly.
      • When things go wrong – and they will go wrong – the Medic’s there to pick up the pieces and get the team back in fighting condition. Fast revivals can mean the difference between success and failure, and an active Medic can help turn the tide of an intense battle. The Medic gains faster movement speed and powerful healing abilities with additional levels.

Images via GameSpot video

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      It’s nothing like survival or zombies. They are both round based horde mode gametypes while Extinction can be completed and it requires team work aswell. You get challenges you can complete in Extinction to earn more XP and bonuses. I agree that Zombies will be hard to beat but we’ll just have to play this for a good few hours until we can find out for ourselves.

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  • I think you should be able to have a class, and unlock different things in the classes, such as new guns and perks and such, but you should have to use skill points to level up the classes everytime you start a new game, not carry over all the skill points you use because it wouldn’t be fun if you were fully upgraded every game.

    • Hey

      You start right back at the bottom every time you start a new match. You level up through experience which unlocks whether you could have shock ammo or incendiary ammo, but you have to earn the skill points to max out the skills each time you go into the game.

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      You have to either get to level 5 in multiplayer or beat the first four levels in campaign to unlock it. Once you do either, or both, it’ll show up on the main menu under Squads.

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