Infinity Ward has just revealed another member of the Ghosts squads, Russ Keegan P.

[nggallery id=597]

SOURCE: Call of Duty FB 

  • Those eyes tho

    • Really?

      • TheShadowReaper

        Woof for me boy.

      • dylan

        woof 4 me too plz

  • Guest

    This guy in the trailer has the most resemblence to MW2 ghost

  • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

    “those eyes though”
    it’s like none of you have seen tactical visors before.
    wait, this is the COD community. I should expect no more than stupidity

    • Just because i don’t know some kind of tactical visors I am stupid? You should call yourself stupid.

      • Viiperzz

        Ha lol ;-).good on you son

    • HenryDF

      I would have called them binoculars rather than eyes, but just because I don’t realise what they are doesn’t mean that I’m stupid. I’ve just learnt something new from you – thank you for letting me know that they are tactical visors, but it doesn’t make me stupid that I didn’t know.

    • idiot above me

      how ignorant can you get…

    • JuggerNaut

      It’s not really visors too.. It’s most likely night vision gogles

    • Dave Johnson

      You have been following this forum, so you are actually saying you are stupid right?

    • Average Joe

      There call Nods… (Night Observation Device)… before you call someone stupid why don’t you know what your talking about… Tactical Visor,,, Really? Ignorant Twat.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Good job.

      • picktu

        nope NVGs

  • Grigori


  • ArcanePRo

    Guys look! 15 more secret camo’s! !

    • REr

      Awesome camos. Where did you get this?

    • HenryDF

      Thanks for sharing mate 🙂 These could be like those unused camos they found a while ago in BO2 (like the lightning one), but I hope they’re unlockable in some way. Also, I’m holding out for some awesome DLC camos.

    • Is that an MP5SD? Anyway it seems too fake, it looks like the same image in all of them.

      • Bowinkle82

        is his name keegan russ.. or russ keegan . argh

      • K7

        its the K7 one of the pictures has the name.

    • idefaultzz

      its fake

      • Guest

        Its real, you can make custom camos (no one knows how yet) and those images were in the games coding I belive

      • Xecho

        Defaultz! Do you go on

    • Nicholas Adell

      either its fake or Infinity Ward absolutely sucks at making camos

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        That gun’s not even in BO2, so how could Treyarch suck at making these camos.

    • Sentrymann

      First and last ones look pretty cool.

    • Bowinkle82

      seems legit

    • Xecho

      You can get those camos by unlocking them by Clan play

  • SeaSaltSora

    Merrick = New Price (Seen some of the Campaign. Not spoiling anything.)

  • Jacky Liang

    That looks so goddamn bad ass I’m not even kidding.

  • Josh

    He reminds me of…..Russ “spider” Keegan

  • Sentrymann

    He’s my new favorite.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    This guy is an alien. He has four eyes. lel

  • Bowinkle82

    does he have four eyes too lls

  • James K

    Yeah so who’s the moron who DDoSS this superb site?

  • Xecho

    Keegan = Soap Mactavish
    Rorke = Commander Shepard
    Logan = New Frost

    • Xecho

      So these are the masks they belong to
      Hesh doesn’t have a mask just face paint.
      They never show Logan’s mask.

      • Xecho

        Never actually showed who Elias’s mask is until now. Scratch that name on top of Team Leader’s mask.

        • Xecho

          This is Rorke

          • jgg

            i knew it.

    • jgg

      logan==new frost

  • Stay Classy

    haha, four eyes xD

  • OnlyWar

    xbox fans leaving for PS4

    • OnIyWar

      I like the warm feeling of sheep between my loins.