The Call of Duty Ghosts launch party in London is almost under way! The festivities and gameplay will kick off at 12:30pm PST (3:30pm EST, 8:30pm GMT)

We’re currently on site and will be bringing you photos of the event some time tomorrow! In the mean time, you can watch the live stream here:

  • HenryDF

    Gonna be watching all of this, only 5 and a half more hours to go guys! 😀

    • ArcanePRo

      its says 1:54:00 to me?

      • HenryDF

        5 more hours to go until Ghosts 😉

        • ArcanePRo

          ohh ofcourse, i have to wait till 29nov than the ps4 release in europe and i will murder this game!

          • HenryDF

            I’m doing the £10 upgrade, so I’m gonna try and get in two weeks of play because I’m gonna trade in my PS3 before the One launch. Been playing Ghosts for a few hours today though and it’s sick, you’re gonna love it 🙂

          • XxWARLORDxX

            I assume you got it early? I myself was invited to the call of duty tour, went gamescom and got the XBOX ONE DAY ONE EDITION WITH CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS PRSTIGE EDITION. Only a rare amount of the COD community got it.

          • HenryDF

            Wow, congrats, sounds awesome 🙂 Yeah, my copy only arrived this morning, I haven’t had it for a week like some people. I’ve only played it for about 6 hours altogether, it’s such a good game though, I’m so impressed. Reminds me of a mix between MW2 and BO2 to be honest.

          • XxWARLORDxX

            I rate every CALL OF DUTY 100%! Except pc or ps2 exclusives like finest hour, COD classic or the big red one only the MAIN 10 that are part of the series. Even MLG the number 1 greatest gaming website rated them all 100% so it will definitely be awesome.

  • Marshall

    I’m sitting in school wishing I could watch this and OpTic’s live streams. I live on the west coast. It is 10:43 AM. I can’t wait any frickin longer.

  • Work hard Twerk harder

    I envy you guys and gals who will be playing this. Instead, I get a exam which i should definately be revising for, oh and I get the game once I have a ps4, which seems to be quite a while from now :,(

  • Pietertje

    Funny, it’s now 19:50 on my clock.

    Regards from holland bitches

  • Josh

    Only a few hours to go

  • please post again

    Hey Charlieintel, why don’t you update your other sites anymore? I mean BravoIntel and NextVG.