YouTuber Tmartn and Prosyndicate have just uploaded brand new gameplay video that was captured on the Xbox One. Check out the vids and let us know what you think about the graphics in the comments below!

  • JuggerNaut

    Gaymart again.. 🙁

    • MrHawkeye1996

      And how is he gay? Are you trying to hide your true feelings towards him?

      • Ooooo

      • JuggerNaut

        Yeah,would want to apply some vaseline to his bum hole babe,would you consider threesome?

    • Jake Rega

      Just watch it muted. It’s 1000 times better

    • Aaron / #TeamAZZA

      It’s funny how he has had a Girlfriend for months…

    • Jacob Jones

      Seriously I am sick and tired of kids like you making fun of youtubers again he gots a girlfriend how could he be gay? Your logic makes no sense!

      • JuggerNaut

        Kids? Oh you must be old enough to call me that. WHy do you jump to conclusions whenever you see word gay that I assumed his sexual orientation in any way??

  • MrHawkeye1996

    Xbox one gameplay looks fine.

    • JustFag

      You do realize youtube can’t even output 60fps? Let alone actually showing you the difference between 1080p and 720p. Go watch that Killzone Shadow Fall downloadable video they have. Then watch the same clip on youtube at 1080p It’s almost a new gen level of difference. I could show you Ghosts on PS4 vs Ghosts on 360 on youtube and you would likely have a hard time noticing a graphical difference. Youtube sucks for stuff like this, don”t be ignorant.

      • shanafan

        Says the guy who hasn’t played either game.

  • It looks fine to me. Still going the PS4 route though

  • James K

    Man, this lag is almost unbearable

  • All i can say is that there will be a sequel to Ghosts 😀

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    What’s up with the glowing shit everywhere. I saw it in Extinction, that’s acceptable because it’s aliens. But this, wtf. What’s next, glowing dogs?

    • Johnny Neat

      Seems like they went full retard and made it without a doubt an arcade shooter, sigh.

    • Zpr4y

      It’s a FCKING g gamemode! Retard! Wanna go realistic! Join the real army! Trust me! There will be NO glowing enemies! It’s a gamemode! A survival gamemode in a first person shooter! Sir… I think you just went fully retarded!

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        So you think enemies should be flying squirrels and instead of guns we should have waterballoons. I mean, it’s just a game, right?

        • Zpr4y

          WHAT! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? NO? It’s a FCKING GAMEMODE! WHY do you gotta go so far to water baloons? Man you cant play a single game can you? Cuz every game isn’t realistic ENOUGH for ya! ITS A GAME AND A GAMEMODE! NOT FCKING DORA EXPLORER! Please you gotta think man! A gamemode in a game where the enemies are glowing light Blue… SEEL THE GAME! BURN IT! I just played the story and it’s AWESOME (far away from done!) played a little bit of EVERYTHING and you gotta go and join the army since your fat ass doesnt allow these glowing enemies! Go and join them! See if it gets more FUN?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Actually I love unrealistic games. I played tons of super exaggerated gams and totally fictional games and I don’t complain about realism. In fact, I knew for a long time COD is an arcade shooter and not realistic. I’m not complaining about realism. Why does IW have to hold my hand while I play? Why do enemies have to glow? What’s the fun in seeing enemies through walls? Why can’t care packages (I know they’re not care packages, but I don’t know what to call them) have a symbol over them to indicate where they are instead of glowing through solid objects. Point is, I like it as long as it’s fun. But it’s not AS fun when I can see through objects. And what’s up with you and joining the army? Just because I don’t want to see through solid rocks means I want to go join the army? If I wanted realism, I would play Battlefield and not be on this website. I’m a COD fan, I know it’s not realistic, but glowing shit is stupid (especially through walls). I get it, bla bla bla, it’s a gamemode, that’s not the point. The gamemode is survival, not God. I want to struggle to survive, not be an all-powerful being with the superhuman ability of seeing through walls.

  • Roger over and out

    I can’t stand the sound of this kids voice!

  • Sentrymann

    It doesn’t look as bad as all that, although the video lag was insane. 11 days…11 days…11 days…

  • HenryDF

    Does anyone know the purpose of that little orange bar on the side of the EO-Tech?

  • noah

    should have named it xbox720 with them last gen graphics

  • MichaelBolton

    Looks outstanding! Can’t wait.

  • VAQnotVAG

    gawdamn the scopes are amazing in this game! I don’t care much for the glowing EVERYTHING but I probably won’t play this game mode much anyway

    I also like how you can jump on rooftops. Seems like the last few COD’s you’ve been limited on what you can jump on

  • Tyrant Era

    This game is going to be amazing!!

  • Batman

    WOW The difference is huge from current gen to next gen

  • George

    Didn’t know you could get on top of that cabin on Whiteout :3

  • 720p