Infinity Ward has posted another new audio file, this time with Capt. Gabriel Rorke, another member of the Ghosts squad.

AUDIO FILE: Interview with Capt Gabriel Rorke regarding combat & loss.

  • keenio

    first! :p

    • keenio

      is there actually anybody who thinks the audio files are interesting?
      (No offense given)

      • alex

        The one with hesh’s dad was. How the brother followed in his footsteps in the sand

  • Mitch

    Rorke, you bastard!

  • Tyrant Era

    Rorke I think is the guy that messes with the ghosts

    • Xecho

      It is. But I ain’t saying anything else.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Kinda sounds like sheppard from mw2.

  • Xecho

    This is Rorke ladies and gentlemen.

  • Wtf

    What the fuck, people? Stop with the story spoilers already. I haven’t even received the game yet and I already know half of the plot thanks to people on this site. I thought people here were better than this. Even the slightest hints about stuff can totally ruin a story.

  • Crap game

    This game is actually crap