Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to launch tomorrow (already out in some countries) and the game is being tampered with by hackers. Reports are coming in that there are XP lobbies, name tag hackers, wall hacks, and even high jumps.

We’ve reached out to IW and they’ve said the team is aware and fixes are being worked on.

@MinnesotaBurns actually had a chance to interview the hackers to ask how and why they’re doing it. Check out their response below:

SOURCE: Polygon

  • Tyrant Era

    im still buying it, hackers are trash. but IW will mess them up

  • That’s okay, I didn’t want to have fun in Call of Duty anyways…

    • jgg

      yu said yu like ghosts.

      • HenryDF

        He was being sarcastic.

        • jgg

          lol xd fuck him.

          • That is nastyyy

          • jgg

            yu are nasty in no mans land.

    • BudEagle26

      Notice how all treyarch games have distinctly lower amount of hacking than IW games. I really hope IW can do a good job fixing this. I hope it will also be better on next gen consoles.

      • Malt Mickey

        Um [email protected]… the MOST hacked cod on consoles. Blops1 hacked, but not badly. MW2 hacked badly on PS3, not at all on xbox. CoD4 somewhat hacked on both consoles. Blops2 hacked the release week. MW3 hacked the release week. Both are mostly hacker free on consoles (the vacuum on Blops2 & the AC130 gun on MW3 were pure fuckery). IW’s lag comp was pure shit when MW3 came out but hot fixed it to be playable right off & then within 2 months sorted it out. Blops2 lag comp was pure shit when it came out, kinda fixed it, and left enough so that broken camera angles were the name of the game & roaming hitboxes were all the rage. I like all the CoDs & BF up to BFBC2… BF3 was meh, BF4 i won’t bother until they fix what’s going on with the PC version.

      • Earl

        Just let the hackers drive these companies into the ground I don’t like them but if they show how garbage these games are and how well “dedicated servers work” infinity ward will have to raise the cod bar from copy and paste to god like overnight and that is when I will return to cod.

  • HenryDF

    Don’t these sad, sad people have any better way to spend their time? It’s absolutely pathetic, they can fuck off and go hack BF4 for all I care. The game hasn’t even been released yet.

  • Manx Mouse

    Stupid hackers have to ruin everything.

  • Zarky

    As long as IW notice this and are trying to get it fixed as fast as they can.

  • Don’t worry everyone. These hackers are like 0.000000000000001% of people playing cod… (i know its too much but still) Most of them are just having fun in custom lobbies, and if someone will hack in normal matches, they will be banned fast.

    • HenryDF

      Um…they’re evidently not. I’ve been playing Ghosts for about 6 hours today, and I saw about 4 or 5 people with name hacks and there was one jump hack lobby. No XP hacks luckily, but it’s already a problem before the game has been released and I find that a bit depressing to be honest.

      • – Simba –

        which rank are u now?

        • HenryDF

          Only level 13, been playing a lot of Squads with a friend rather than full on MP. MP feels amazing though, the whole game feels a lot like a combo of MW2 and BO2, it’s really good.

          • Epicsand

            Do you have an early copy?

          • HenryDF

            It arrived this morning to my complete suprise. Not really that early compared to some people, but it was still fun to get in some early play.

    • Soul Fragment Inc

      Really i highly doubt it.

  • Tony Rambo

    I hope Ghosts won’t be a hacker paradise in PC like MW3

    • Vikerii

      I’m one of the few that aren’t getting Ghosts until I hear how IW is dealing with hackers, especially on PC. You are right about MW3 being a hacker’s paradise. That was absolutely ridiculous on PC. Treyarch and pcdev were good about keeping them down in BO2 for the most part. Hopefully IW takes it seriously this time.

      • Tony Rambo

        Even though BO2 was not my favorite CoD, I have to say they did an amazing job considering hackers but seriously if the same thing happens then IW just doesn’t give a shit about the PC community…yes we are not as big as the xbox community but apart from which platform we are playing on we all want to enjoy the game 🙂

        • HenryDF

          I never saw one hacked lobby in BO2, nor was I ever in one in MW3. I’ve clocked about 5 days worth of play on both, I’m not sure if I should have seen a lot.

          • Soul Fragment Inc

            well i’m glad you haven’t or unless your one of those so called hackers out there. playing a fool lol.

          • HenryDF

            I really haven’t, I’ve been in plently on MW2 though. Some of the ones with jump hacks can be quite fun actually 😛

          • xSupaScopa

            Except if you do not have commando pro… lol. you jump and fall damage to your death. 🙁

          • xSupaScopa

            I was only in 1 hacked lobby. It was a fun hacker though. He made us all run fast and have bottomless clip so it didnt ruin the game. Everyone was having fun but when they do this 10th prestige shit it bugs me. Cheating bastards

          • Vikerii

            In those cases, the playing field is level since everyone has the same superpowers. I don’t like them, but at least it’s still fair for everyone. My biggest gripes were the selfish jerks that use hacks to gain advantages over the other players.

          • xSupaScopa

            I agree.

          • Jason

            I was in a hacked game on ghosts. Now I’m prestiged and I have to start all over on another squad member. This is such bullshit

      • Robert Dexter

        Its def a hackers paradise with no bans in sight..

    • Malt Mickey

      Name one game that isn’t a hackers paradise on PC????

    • kettle84

      too late it already is, and wouldnt say as mw3. but more like waw

    • Manda Syahreza Anugrah
  • Primey_

    This happens with every call of duty and it’s fixed quickly also the cheating is never very wide spread. It’s rare.

    • hackers2die

      rare? ghosts top 500 so far are all hack scores..i couldnt be bothered reporting them all as im wasting my time, they wont get banned because it equals £££££ to the companies who sell them, banning hackers will lose them money

  • BudEagle26

    “my routers fine. I always win cuz IIII AAAAM a COWBOOOOY!”

  • Don’t you worry people,IW and me will take care of these lill fuc*ers

    • ORB1T4L

      I hope so, I don’t wanna see thousands of stupid assholes when I launch the game on november 22 ! I wish they have a dead switch fot these bastars, like it’d reset their stats and ban them from public matches for a month 🙂

    • Vikerii

      For MW3 in PC, hacking was so bad and IW support was so lousy that a regular player (not employed by IW) created his own app to report players. He ultimately pulled it because he was getting threats. Then almost a year later IW created a patch that would try to keep hackers in separate lobbies from legit players. Take a guess if that worked or not.

      • As long not everyone has hacks im gonna keep playing cod on pc 😀

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Really? hacks before the game is even released? Come on IW… just ask Treyarch to help.

    • Connor Williams

      I’ve seen tons of hackers on BO2, so that won’t work

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        Nice sarcasm. There was definitely no hackers before and after release of BO2.

        • xSupaScopa

          There were hackers just no malicious ones

          • Malt Mickey

            Yes there were. The vacuum hack was totally bullshit… mostly seen on PS3.

          • xSupaScopa

            What is that? I play Xbox so I haven’t encountered it.

    • Super_Deluxe

      That’s a bad idea. They might accidently show them how to break the camera angles or over power the pistols.

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        IW already have broken the camera angles. You can’t see people when leaning which is pretty bad, they need to patch that asap lol.

        • Malt Mickey

          You see them… just their head. The animation is hilarious actually. Some spots you can lean and almost do a 360 degree spin… that has to be fixed.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Yeah, but at least their not invisible like at first. Glad they fixed but I find it funny+scary when I see someone leaning, looks weird lol.

      • Malt Mickey

        LOL yeah. Everyone gives failarc a really hard time, but if they had supported Blops2 and fixed more of the fuck ups in it, the game would have been very good. I hated it and loved it for different reasons. At least IW got the perk system pretty sorted out, made specialist less of a superhuman strike package & made the target finder what it should have been in blops2. If IW fixes a few things & updates the game should have a good year lifespan. If not, it could die from bullshit like blops2 did (compared to previous cods that is… but still stronger then BF3… SMH).

        • Super_Deluxe

          Exactly. But for some odd reason, Van thought pistols should be powerful than most guns and LMGs should have no recoil. If he’d atleast listen to the communities feedback, he’d have most of these problems solved and the game would’ve been better. I guess catering to the competitive community was more important.

  • George

    Every single game in this world has been hacked, every single one.

  • Guest

    On Next gen there will be dedicated servers so they won’t be able to host lobbies like this

    • Woot

      There are dedicated servers on current gen too bro

      • Mitch Barnett

        Then why do I get host migrations and cannot connect to host messages?

      • dfbvdsfebv

        No there’s not.

    • Malt Mickey

      It’s not so much the mod lobbies as the actual hackers & yes you can hack a game that uses dedicated servers. Case in point, BFBC1 & 2, BF3 & 4. All hacked with aimbot, wallhacks and god mode.


    Lol. I feel like its always Xbox that gets hacked first.

    • ORB1T4L

      Unfortunately, yes, but it’s fixed for all the other platforms as well, so, is it a good, or a bad thing, personally, IDC, I’ll get the 2 consoles and the games on both of them, just not gonna get the season pass for the PS4. JBH, DWI.

  • ThatGamer

    are you kidding me why get the game and hack then ruin it for others my god selfish pricks

  • Epicsand
  • jeff

    hackers are all dumbasses

  • Soul Fragment Inc

    No offense but cod is always a hackers paradise or a hackers playground. Stuff like this will probably never cease or even end because those hackers out there will always have an ultimatum and find another way round patches. I am sorry to say this but those cod fans should get there money back for a game that is ruined already. and i am also sorry but its not that i don’t have faith in the devs lol, its that regardless of what happens, anything is possible.

    Cod is one of many games i love playing mainly because my friends play cod. thats it but other than that. BF4 is where i might stay if cod continues to carry the cockroaches that are hackers.

  • C.B.

    I thought dedicated servers would prevent this? Have they not been activated or what? If so when?

  • Soul Fragment Inc

    Its Activision and all the other console companies job to prevent this from happening and IMO I believe these companies can do much better on preventing mods or anykind of hack possible before launching there system to the world.

    Those so called geniuses should rot in jail over it IMO. Destorying our fun because they think its funny and that it is helping other people, oh pleeeaase if it was helping us, you wouldn’t destroy the game or its fun for anyone else for that mattter.

    This is what we do since most of us are true COD fans report report report and the reporting never ends because its a continuous war between us and hackers. One of these day, those so hackers will hack everyone GT,ID and Controll it all. So we might as well just bend over and take it up our backside lol.

  • Guest

    Please dont post a black ops 2 video talking about another game thats just annoying.

    • Guest

      He can’t post Ghosts until midnight tonight. Didn’t you listen to the video?

  • Gc

    On which console on the picture is it already hacked ? , i bet that IW will do something , i am sure and hackers ? 20 % of time you will get those people in lobby’s ! IW i know you will fix it !

    • Derps

      Considering one of the lobbys gamertags say P_S_3 in it, im guessing its ps3.

      • idefaultzz

        its ps3 look beside create a soldier its the X from the ps3 controller intstead fo the A from the xbox controller.

    • Soul Fragment Inc

      your really faithful i’m proud of you, but i think Activision can do better than just fix it, they can prevent it from happening again and other such hacks like it. We know theres going to be other types of hacks out there on day one that’ll ruin it for me and everyone else lol. I am sorry, but the faithful have become faithless.

    • Guest

      obviously xbox

      • travis

        are you dumb? the ps3’s x buttom is on the create a soldier tab. last time i checked you don’t press x on 360 to advance screens

  • Emre

    fat nerds (cattle)

  • seba

    GG Activision.
    Hackers 5-1 Activision
    The only COD that wasn’t hacked for a long time, since COD4, is BO1. But it’s now hacked on ps3… It was good while it lasted. lol. Every COD gets hacked no matter what they do to prevent it.

    • Batman

      BO1 still not hacked on the 360.

      • Soul Fragment Inc

        it is so lol. you just haven’t really noticed.

      • Archer

        A few days ago, I was playing Der Riese and this guy teleported us to round 2036 or so. Needless to say, we died before we even saw a zombie.

      • Malt Mickey

        Yes it is. Just not as apparent as it is on the PS3.

    • CoD2? Never saw a hacker

  • Soul Fragment Inc

    But sometimes fixing isn’t enough, and to many others we feel that Activision and The Platform companies can do much better in preventing Hacks Of Anykind.

  • Batman

    These hackers really sound dumb

    • Batman

      When IW finally does everything right, the hackers ruin it

      • Soul Fragment Inc

        your right on that, but hey really, IW and activision can do better than that.

  • DaffyDubz

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate playing with hackers as much as anyone, but dealing with hacks is easy, you do 1 of 2 things:

    Get good, and put up a fight (the reason they hack is because they suck at gaming, so they’re not that hard to beat)

    Or just leave the lobby…

    Just don’t be one of those gay little brats who calls everyone a hacker, although some people might hack, not everyone who is better than you hacks… (Although I gotta say, it is an ego boost when people call me a hacker lol)

    Can’t wait for Ghosts to drop! (Always PC!)


    • Malt Mickey

      I see the reason to play PC for BF, but not for cod. The population on CoD is so infinitesimal on PC… hell there’s usually more ppl playing old CoD’s on console then the new one on PC. No reason to buy CoD for PC… just play CoD4 star wars mod… that’s it. LOL


    Dude wtf why hack it you idiots #IMACOWBOY

  • George

    I’d really prefer not to go into my first game of Ghosts and be in a hacked lobby that brings me to full level immediately. I would be SO PISSED.

    • Samuel Fogle

      It would certainly take the enjoyment out of it. I am with you on that.

  • Josh

    Paha it’s on the xbox lol

    • Guest

      It’s on ps3 bro

      • Josh

        You must be a xbox fan, look closely you see the xbox buttons to reload and climb.

  • AcePhoenix007

    AAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA this is both sad and funny

  • ip x Warrior

    Why don’t IW just hire some hackers and give them money to help them with security ?

    • ORB1T4L

      Because it’s too mainstream and it costs a lot of money ? IDK, but I agree with you, it’d solve a lot of launch problem shits, I can’t bear game hackers, they should be hanged (on the servers, just as an exemple, not IRL, it’d be… too much).

  • ORB1T4L

    No shit, like we didn’t know it would happen. I don’t care for colors and stuffs, but it’ll be a problem when you’ll wanna play the game… in 3 hours (Europe, it’s not a planet BTW, it’s a continet for those who don’t know shit)

    EDIT : I end it like I start it : with a failure !

    EDIT 2 : I mean, one hack is an open door do soooo much shit, deal with it ? Nope, report it ? Yep.

  • OnlyWar

    no hacking on PS4

  • Drillz

    GTA can forget about that 500k they promised us cause I’ll be playing Ghosts all the time now. Fuck em.

  • Jack S.

    This is why CoD is bad.

  • Deym

    Banhammer incoming.

  • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

    Well, that escalated quickly!

  • Diego Diniz

    Sorry my bad english cause i’m Brazilian, but Some Guys are Playing before tomorrow with Chinese VPN. They talking that the Graphics on PC is bad, nothing “NEXT GEN”… Someone can tell me IF PC version will be the same as PS4/Xbox One or the PC version will be the same as Xbox 360/PS3 ???

  • bsktballmsu1

    okay i think IW should make the game and once it releases treyarch should fix the game cause ghosts is gonna be hacked as fuck

  • Hakaka
  • exeterman2

    This is ridiculous. Why actually ruin it like this? I don’t mind if you have speed or jump hacks in a private match(heck I used to do that with people) but doing it in online mp is childish and stupid.

  • pedroyaya

    im already tenth got it last night before release and i get cod points every kill or dog tag pickup winning

  • lawluck1

    Sad part you dont have to hack you can packet flood lag switch mod controler and theese are far more common then anyone wants to admit it still cheating and as long as cheating is cool it wont go away

  • lawluck1

    There are tons of cheaters in bo2 have you notice the k/d latley i have been seeing 3,4,5 and even some 7’s and 8’s you can use elite to give yourself 17 perks packet flooding is the newest one mod controlers are everywhere it is a cheaters dream just like all cod games

  • Gage

    Its so stupid because I got in one of those lobbies and now I’m 10th level 60 and now its a waste of time to play b/c I can’t rank up

  • Im_So_P1553D_0FF

    Absolutely shocking !! I was playing ghosts (In the race to top 100) not doing too badly. Me and my friend decided to play domination… It throws us into a game, and almost instantly there was two people running at me so I instinctively shot at them, I killed one and got killed and that was at the point where my friend said “S**t its been hacked, they are super jumping” so I was like wtf, pressed back and could see that my score from one kill was 9999, so instantly I backed out, and realised I Was level 58 from 14 after one game, my score was stupidly high (over 1 million). and its completely ruined all the fun, I wanted to play the game to see how high I would get but instead I will probably be one of the people that gets reset and will have to do it all over again, (which I wont be doing). All i did is join an online game get one kill and leave so watch out everyone if you want to keep your legit scores.

  • your mom

    game is already hacked, sad pathetic losers sitting in moms basement, with no skills, and cant get a job or a girl… I love to embarrase hackers in game when they cant get there hacks to work around me…lol

  • GodzOfTheArenaTV

    This is INSANE! How is it that TreyArch was able to handle this issue, but InfinityWard now has this issue they have had with all their games? This is just nonsense. Crazy how people get online to either play for fun or competitive and their experience gets ruined because someone come in with their mods.

  • laggin dude

    lag comp back it sucks

  • meek

    I got pushed into one of these lobbies (auto level 60 after 15 kills)

  • Malt Mickey

    Minnesota Burns fakes all of his videos… don’t take anything he says or anyone in his videos says as truthful.

  • Malt Mickey

    LOL watch the gameplay… it’s set up as all fuck.

  • deush

    Just played a match in which you could jump extremely high. After leaving, my rank was maxed out at prestige 60. Every time I make a kill I get a squad point. Multiplayer is now fucked for me and article on activision says they are not able to do anything about your rank (probably just not willing though). Seems that it is pretty clear that your rank has been boosted if it took under 5 hrs to achieve that level. Maybe if they had not released the exact same game with a different title the hackers would not have had such an easy time. If anything, I think this is proof that very little has been changed with this game.

  • BombVoyage93(xbox360)

    just stop complaining and keep reporting hackers. you wont be effected if you report a hacker. I believe the 3rd strike on a hacker is permanent ibn ban. one thing I really want taken care of is campers. they are the ones ruining gaming.

  • Anonymous

    You have a problem the flash your using is a trojian I can see everthing your doing thanks noobs

  • Imacop

    This should be a legal matter. They think they are untouchable. Should be made an example of. Charges and fines. Criminal prosecution. Reported so law enforcement will track them down. Really wouldn’t be hard. These kinds of people are smart tech wise but really are stupid if they think they can’t be located. Anyone who does this kinda thing should be afraid.

  • Diamond Yovillian

    Yeah this bullshit is going around I’ve un-knowingly entered a few and they gave me ranks I don’t want. Help? Could I get banned or anything?

  • jacklad

    Been playing ghosts and its already full of hackers and I cant report them f**king rubbish,bf 4 here I come no more COD for me again!!!!

  • Daniel

    I just ran into a hack lobby (well it wasn’t until I saw a speed hacker jump in) he had no clip and seemed to teleport where ever players where. What was odd is that the lobby wasn’t hacked until this speed hacker came in and then all of a sudden the lobby has infinite ammo. I ended up leaving the lobby but when I went to another game everything seemed normal until I noticed I had some permanent hack on my fucking game. Which means no matter how many times I turn my console on and off the damn hack wont go away. No the hack isn’t a speed runner hack but it is rather more along the lines of getting a squad point every time I kill someone and even die. Also note the speed hacker when he joined the lobby no one else had the speed hack shit only him. Now I don’t feel like playing this thing because of the hacker problem.

  • Daniel

    I think the reason why people can hack this shit so much is because it’s Id tech 4. You know how many people made mods for doom3? Tons. And seeing they are using the doom 3 engine (modified heavily) it just makes it easy for hackers to get into it. Since Id tech 3 with quake 3 arena we have had hacker trash in servers. The point I am maki is that anyone who is good with ID tech 4 and worked with a game prior to call of duty ghosts (doom 3) they will know how to fuck everything up for everyone else. Also seeing Id tech 4 has commands for no flip and shit on pc, I would not be surprised if some ass thought it would be gun to add the shit in infinityward took out. I just hope they fix crap before we see all of call of duty ghosts turn into call of duty world at war.

    • James Cole

      I saw somewhere the engine is from quake 3. Not trying to be a smartass, I could be wrong. Anyway on ps4 in australia the hardcore community is very small right now and hacking is definately a major problem. There are 2 clans in particular (#1SA) and (Hkrz) that are well f*cked. Everyone knows and all the reporting is falling on deaf ears. Now they all run around without clan tags coz nobody will play them. I wish IW would listen.

  • Jhan Ortiz

    I got moded when going into a can i stop it?

  • Superfuzz

    Thanks for the great video (audio actually), Keshav!!! Props to you calling them out. Hackers, boosters, cheaters, exploiters, etc should have their own lobby where they can cheat to their little hearts desires. So frustrating when I get into a lobby with them. The XP boost doesn’t bother me, bc it doesn’t effect my stats — but going against someone with aim bot or under the map on Freight affects my KD…then if I back out bc I don’t want to be in a game with him, my W/L ratio is affected.

    I just reported TWRocker (PSN) for going 64-2 on Freight. I told him and he said he wasn’t cheating, just glitching. Smh. Red_Neck57_Deer (PSN) has aim bot too. So frustrating.

  • IcE06302013

    so what level do I have to get to to prestige?

  • hatyehackers

    poor server for ghost to stop hackers just had LUIS xXx 350z come into afew matches at 10th per all perks unlocked n bragging how he sees it for 10 bucks followed n games couldnt find him when on my team 30 n 0 games didnt seem to care if any1 reported him

  • Hello-Hackers

    it should be Money Back Guarentee if hacked, instead not doing a shit….


    If they would have made dedicated servers then we could get rid of them OURSELVES, but its the same with the last few, don’t think they are smart enough to make dedicated ones…LOL!!!!


    Theres a place to go to report players at the end of every map, on pc gameplay, where you can report players and it don’t work. Ive had hackers tell me, [ get used to it you cant report me idiot ! ]…….Theres no where to get rid of these people.. LOL, I almost called them players…I have played this game since its release and day by day itsetting so bad that you cant enjoy playing…I think once people see that theses hackers cant be controlled, SALES will stop….Maybe that’s what it will take to put a fix in place!!!!!!!

  • shaz

    i play ghosts go off the game come back on and my stats have decressed am i getting hacked? its happend twice now.

  • BloodyKeepsake

    Heres a hacker for you, he was bragging the other night how he setup a hack lobby, and he’s got everything unlocked on Ghosts and like 2000 squad points. His gamertag is Sgt Bumwhiskers on xbox 360.
    His clan Alpha Lions has been boosting by having guys take off their clan tag and get on the other team and running out in the middle of the map. Big time losers! Wish someone would deal with this kinda crap.

  • jmz332

    haha those hackers are still threatening through ddos attacks? haha how lame.

  • Don

    Im so sick of hackers in free for all!! Really” thay make the game suck!! There’s got to be away to kick them off or even take there membership away!! If there game gliches 10 times kick them or something!!!?? Make me not even want to play

  • Zac H.

    Dumbest hackers I’ve ever heard. So they are so stupid they think that someone would pay 5 to 6 hundy for a console another couple hundy for games and controllers but not 150 for a recording device. Thank you Burns for exposing these POS. I hope your work actually bust these garbage players but the sad thing is Activision won’t do their part

  • Walt Cole

    Instead of us having to deal with these stupid jackazzes anymore. They need to make it where if you block someone they can no longer join a lobby you are in. Then when they run out of lobbies they are stuck either playing fair or playing custom games with their hacks.