Beachhead Studio has officially released the new Call of Duty app for iOS, with an Android version set to release soon. The new iOS app is available now worldwide. It’s also been released for Android customers too. 

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The Call of Duty® app provides a new mobile/tablet experience designed to work hand-in-hand with Call of Duty®: Ghosts and provides several personalized features during and beyond your play sessions.


Compete in Call of Duty® Clan Wars
– Battle for territory against multiple Clans with locations on the Call of Duty® Clan Wars map tied directly to Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer game modes. Earn exclusive in-game bonuses by dominating your opponents, including additional soldier customization options and bonus multiplayer XP. Each Clan War takes place over a set period of time, giving you multiple opportunities for your Clan to win.

Enhance Call of Duty®: Ghosts Multiplayer with Second Screen Functionality
– Sync your device in real-time to Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer game modes
– Edit your Call of Duty®: Ghosts squad pre-match, swap loadouts between spawns and view post-match results.

(Note: Second Screen only available for iOS 6.0 and higher on iPad with support for iOS 6.0 and higher on iPhone/iPod touch coming soon. A Wi-Fi connection is required to utilize the Call of Duty® app’s Second Screen features.)

Join, Create and Manage a Call of Duty®: Ghosts Clan
– Join, create and manage a Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan from the app. Communicate with Clan Members via the app’s Clan Chat feature to coordinate playtimes and gameplay strategies. The Call of Duty® app also includes a robust Clan Emblem Editor, so Clan Leaders can create and customize their emblem.

Experience Call of Duty®: Ghosts On the Go
– Stay up to date with all the latest Call of Duty® news and events, check your career stats, and use the app’s Rally Up feature to notify friends that you’re ready to play.

Australia: here

United Kingdom: Here

  • Shardlotte

    It’s always fucking iOS first WHAT ABOUT ANDROID DAMMIT.

    • Poplur33

      Y do u even want the garbage app

  • Pewdiepie

    BRO FIST!!!!

    • Ali-A

      Hey guys, it’s Ali-A back again to suck off Vonderhaar!

      • Jack S.

        So true.

  • Terranova_D

    Hey guys, do someone have the same problem on pc?

  • Jack S.

    Yeah, but on BF4 we can actually take command of the battle.

  • Emre

    i got problems with the: GHOSTS INSIGNIA DIGITAL PACK it says the code is not valid. any solutions?

    • OMGitsALiGAY

      jerk off to Tmartn videos, that usually fixes my problems

      • amplif1er

        Made me lol

      • Emre


    • Ask Activision support.

  • Pewdiepie

    Me to Ali-a

  • NiftyGam3r

    Man i just know that there are going to be so many faults with this app… Hopefully it is a better experience then elite was for bo2. Up until now i still cant customize my loadouts with the app

  • Uberutang

    Steam integration for the app not yet availible. Sigh.

  • Wheres Canada! Gawd hurry up


    the android version is not compatible with my android 4.3 HTC One??? then what the hell IS it compatible with??????

    • tom

      yup strange… not compatible with HTC Desire S either…

      • Ross

        Not compatible with a Sony Xperia U either, not the greatest phone, but more than capable of a running poxy app that only does stats and information

    • Jay Lewis

      Same here! Wtf

      • Xan Akira Nishiyama

        I can confirm that it is compatible with a DROID Razr Maxx HD with basic root

    • lMattW

      Me too, Nexus S.

    • Bull

      Samsung Note 8.0 and Infuse are not compatible either… so what is it compatible with?

    • Tjcjr88

      Same phone same problem. So the most current models aren’t supported but shitty phones still running Gingerbread can? Ridiculous! Anyone have the .apk so I can see what the hell the deal is?

    • COD fanatic

      dude i have a LG lucid and im getting same damn notice

  • suffoc8

    Not compatible on galaxy note 2. They found another way to fuck something up.

  • Knives

    Not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus? Or is this a region lock thing? I live in Jamaica

    • Mic

      Not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus and I’m in the states. Activision acting like they got the app out on time even though it sounds like 90% of android phones can’t download it.

  • Incompatible with the Galaxy S3? Seriously?

  • shah

    fuck that what about Symbian or even Windows phone? Ppsshhhh..

  • Ps3 DonAntonio99

    I cant find it 🙁

  • joeeeee

    What about windows….

    • adrian

      not compatible with nokia lumia

  • Louis

    What version of Android is the app made for? I have 4.2.2 and it says not compatible for my DROID MAXX!

  • Charlie

    Not compatible on galaxy note 2…why????

  • Dark

    workin for anyone yety

  • Dark


  • campionite

    not working on galaxy tab 3

  • princerihky

    what y’all bitching for? It doesn’t even appear on my iPhone. Dx

  • filc

    It’s not on Android! WTF?


    found a direct download on zippy for the android .apk and it runs fine on my android 4.3 HTC One. So why does the play store say it is not compatible with my phone??

  • NockinNikkaz


  • Steven Suttles

    too bad that all my devices are incompatible

  • Danny Dnb Redfern

    the app is not compatible with a sony xperia T its only a year old and has a big HD screen so why wont it work

  • Guest

    they could atleast make a pc version app

  • Danny Dnb Redfern

    just found a windows 8 app in the store that will do 🙂

  • Matt

    Not working for my Asus 7 HD and it runs om android 4.2.2 awesome….will it ever work

  • Jake Granado

    How do I update it on android??? If u want it for android go to then find docs ,press on it ,download it.install it,but it won’t let u play on it ,buzz I have to update it and I don’t know how, and it won’t let me