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Here are all the loading screens for all the multiplayer maps that are on the disk with Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you preordered from participating retailers, you will have gotten a 15th map – Free Fall.

Thanks @LiamFTWinter 

  • Pewdiepie

    BRO FIST!!!

    • Samuel Fogle

      Pewdiepie is an annoying commentator.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I can’t play until Nov. 22nd. Next-gen better be worth it

  • Alex Davis

    All of these maps look pretty interesting. Hopefully more snow maps and classic maps in map packs.

  • AcePhoenix007

    I like how they have the map out on the loading screen. Very smart, IW

    • George

      It’s probably taken from CS:GO’s idea of doing that.

      • AcePhoenix007

        still smart though

    • blue girl.

      Me too, you can kinda get a look at how to plan your attack.

  • que?

    Wait, so there’s only two teams? Just Ghosts and Federation?

    • Idk, I kinda like that. Less confusion for pro players. Plus, less worry about in game dialogue. The Militia from BO2 were very loud and distinguishable, whereas others were quieter.


      The only reason there were different teams in previous COD’s was so that the way the characters looked would match the setting of the map, now that you decide what your character looks like and it doesn’t change there is no point for more than two teams

      • George

        What this guy said exactly.

      • Edwin Cortez

        but the voice of the announcers like in MW2 were the best. it was good, since then everything is dull. the brasilian militia, the Arab Opfor, the Rangers, Seals, TF141 and the Spetznas… lets hope COD one day return to the epic voiceover.

  • Jacky Liang

    Sovereign is definitely my favorite so far (I’ve played for 2-3 hours). All the maps are huge.

  • JKB98

    Any idea on what happened to the ‘dynamic’ loading screens we heard about when Ghosts was first leaked?

    • George

      They were just fan-generated rumors, most likely.

      • Rob Schneider

        Nope Drift0r said it in his video, that video got pretty much everything correct..apart from the dynamic loading screens

    • I REALLY wanted that rumour to be true, but alas it was not 🙁

    • TheShadowReaper

      “dynamic”? didnt heard about that. can you explain?

      • Ascending Legend

        Somthing like rappelling down a helicopter into the map

        • TheShadowReaper

          yeah that would have been sweet. i guess you can play Titanfall for that? ehh? i guess.

          • Ascending Legend

            I wish. Could have ridden a dinosaur into the jungle map, but nooo.

          • TheShadowReaper

            lol, relax dude, you’re playing COD not Turok. 😛

          • Ascending Legend

            Im just joking lol

          • But I’m not.

  • Samuel Fogle

    1 hour left boooyyy!

    • mund

      I still need to wait 4 more hours

      • Ascending Legend

        Lol, down under got the game like 20 hours ago.

  • Archer

    Is the Sovereign map in space?

    • Ascending Legend


  • George

    FINALLY! :3

  • The maps are too big…

  • platinumwarrior121

    Only good people who rush and have good K/D request me PSN-HeavensWarriorr

    • Ascending Legend

      Back foul creature! Back to the void from whence you came!

  • Not seeing to much dynamics on the maps. I would have liked if Flooded actually flooded half-way through the match


      I know, like that one map in BO2. I wished they had water knee deep in certain areas, so when you move fast people can hear you.

  • Kunuaka

    We need more dark / night maps =(