The official Call of Duty: Ghosts Soundtrack has been released on iTunes today. The soundtrack features 35 songs composed by David Buckley.

  1. Main Theme
  2. Ghost Stories
  3. Rorke Files
  4. Loki Combat
  5. Infiltration
  6. Tower Battle
  7. Sin City
  8. Santa Monica Beach Invasion
  9. Computer Hack
  10. Enemy HQ
  11. Threnody
  12. Space Suicide
  13. End of  the Line
  14. Severed Ties
  15. Clockwork
  16. San Diego Burning
  17. Atlas Falls
  18. Space Enemy
  19. Odin
  20. Gathering Intel
  21. No Man’s Land Battle
  22. Trench Run
  23. Stealth Kill
  24. Liberty Wall
  25. Brave New World
  26. Northern Andes Mountains
  27. Birds of Prey
  28. Federation Base
  29. The Hunted
  30. Struck Down
  31. Ghost Killer
  32. Train Chase
  33. Federation Battle
  34. Legends Never Die
  35. Atonement

The track costs $9.99 and is available now.

  • I want Hans Zimmer back

    • Mark

      David Buckley is just as good IMO.

    • Fadhlur

      MW2 <3

      • Yeezus

        Ghosts > MW2 or any other COD

        • Batman

          Ghosts/BO1 are the best CoD ever

          • Gators Nc

            You sir know whats up.

          • joe

            dont forget cod 4 modern warfare

    • RileyWolfimposter

      Agreed fellow Riley! 🙂

    • ProfileIII

      Hell yes! Bring back Zimmer! Amazing work on MW2!

  • Oh cool. It’s nice that it released on iTunes day 1. Right after I renamed every song correctly as opposed to the source titles, added track numbers to every song, album artwork, and artist name from my hardened edition voucher.

  • Manny18Ply

    Even though i loved the mw2 soundtrack a lot. Ghosts has a really good soundtrack and it gives the vibe that mw2 had and i love that

  • Uzair Chief