A YouTuber has spotted that the a scene in the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign uses identical motions as a scene from Modern Warfare 2. This wouldn’t be the first time that Infinity Ward has reused scenes, but considering Activision’s marketing calling Ghosts a new engine, that seems like a surprise with reusing mo-cap frames.

**Possible Spoiler: Scene is from the prologue or beginning of Ghosts**

SOURCE: Official PlayStation Magazine

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  • Joe

    Not sure if easter egg or copy and paste…

    • Or just too lazy…

    • Shardlotte

      Any other game: “Oh, that’s a nice little easter egg! Way to go devs for including a nod to the previous game we liked.”
      This is the state of the internet right now, and it’s fucking bullshit.

      • Alex Mason

        Plenty of movies do just that like Micheal Bay did it a few times in his movies but when CoD does it for a few seconds you can guarantee the angry pitchfork mob to come out in full force

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          That’s nearly impossible because actors age, game characters don’t. In a movie, you have to do everything from scratch again, every single movie, unlike a game. So if movies use some older mo-caps, we can say that it’s fine. But in games it isn’t, since there’s way less material/work involved. Movies take much more time to develop/make. And you can’t compare movies to games.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        I haven’t seen any other fucking game that used a 4 years old mo-cap on they’re game. And since Ghosts campaign isn’t BIG, AT ALL, it’s just pure lazyness, and if you can’t see that. Well, I’m really sorry, but you are stupid.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Easter-egg my ass. They’re just fucking lazy.

  • Well you know; it takes money to redo a bunch of motion capture for the actual game. They don’t really have that much of a budget when you factor in all the celebrity bull crap, recording time on all of the cheesy live action trailers, show after show after show of promotional things around world. Why put that money towards making a better game when you can just use it to promote the same stuff?

  • xSharperr

    It feels more like a cool little cameo to MW2 more than an actual copy ;3

    • Avery Horton

      Agreed, they knew exactly what they’re doing. With the name being ghosts, and a preorder bonus being ghost from mw2 and the dog named riley (simon ‘ghost’ Riley), they are admitting mw2’s greatness and trying to reignite the cod flame, might not be enough tho…

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  • Mitch

    IW has done this before. The boat scene in MW3 looked awfully similar to MW2’s ending, and in one campaign mission in MW3, you had a building which was an exact copy of a CoD4 building.

    • Work hard, Twerk harder

      The ladder wasn’t there though 😛
      and I believe Tina or whatever she’s called mentioned it was a deliberate easter egg just for the “hardcore fans” who played the whole trilogy, or atleast cod4.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        That’s just pure bullshit. Because if they really wanted to do that, it would be something that all the older CoD players would notice.

        • Work hard, Twerk harder

          Not bullshit to me. My first playthough the game, I got a some de ja vu walking through them doors, so I look back and noticed the same building. Like anyone else who noticed, I hoped for the sneaky ladder to be there to show off maybe a even more clear easter egg, or atleast a well hidden intel spot.

  • Work hard, Twerk harder

    Well… caught ’em red handed there I suppose. I haven’t looked at vid since I ain’t after spoilers, but pic seems to resemble it very well.
    Suppose since motion capturing ain’t change drastically, re-using a scene (or a small handful) isn’t the end of the world, nor is it a good enough reason to sell the game nor let haters repeat it for the next 10 months or so.

    • Brad Portzer

      trust me its not a spoiler, at least not of very much, it happens within 10 minute of the begining of the campaign, and doesnt effect the story. it just shows that a building falls down and injures your character. the ign ghosts review trailer has a bigger spoiler

  • Kinda hoping this is IW taking the piss out of all the people who rabbit on about CoD being Ctrl-C Ctrl-V but I don’t wanna get my hopes up >.<

  • Raacso17

    Anyone else spotted that in the first mission after the prologue, Brave New World I believe it was called, the model of ambulance looks exactly the same as the one that arrives to pick Makarov and his crew up in the mission No Russian from MW2? :O

  • Manx Mouse

    i don’t really care…both games are awesome

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Take a chapter from the developers at Titanfall. Don’t waste time and resources on a campaign at all. Use that time for making the multiplayer awesome. Crazy I know!!!

    • Toxic Hogwash

      Except the campaigns are awesome…

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Ghosts campaign is probably the worse CoD’s campaign.

        • TT-Savage-TT

          You have to have an opinion on everyone’s comment, don’t you?
          One comment: Hey, we get you idea! Cool.
          Six Comments: Who is this fanboy and why doesn’t he have anything better to do?
          Get over yourself, and get over that little idea in your head that you are the one and only Call of Duty player. Hush.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            xD! What if I have? It’s called expression/free-will and we humans have that for a reason.

            And I’m not a CoD, since I don’t even like CoD that much. I like BF better (OMG, NOW I’M A BF FANBOY xD)

        • GodzOfTheArenaTV

          I don’t know about that one. I would have to say MW3 was the worst along with the multilayer. MW2 was not a bad multiplayer. Mods and Hacks is what doomed MW2 multiplayer. MW2 campaign and multiplayer is better than MW3. As mentioned, Ghost campaign is better than MW3 as well.

  • James K

    Talk about cutting corners.

  • Cooter

    I caught that on my first playthrough, but I think it’s just an homage. You could also say Merrick’s beard is a copy/paste of Price’s.

    • Marco


  • curi0us

    To be honest, I don’t see this is as a big issue.

    Motion capturing takes time/money/resources. I know for something as simple as this shouldn’t be a big deal, but you have to think of it as a business expense and how much you’re willing to spend.

    The cost of paper has risen considerably, one reason you don’t see most games that come from EA or Activision have a small book of helpful information. Instead you see a useless pamphlet.

    Hell, look at the Ghosts manual. All you get is just the safety information printed on the back of the game art.

    My point is – Business expenses.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      The thing is that Activision has lots of money. And they’re “Mr Krabsying” the shit out of CoD.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    What are you expecting? All new from scratch type of shit? Campaigns are a waste of time to create when they could of used those resources somewhere else. Activision take a breather from cranking out half assed shit every year!!!!

  • monkey0203

    curious – what planet are you on, business expenses short of money have you read the article on here saying they have just earned 1 billion dollars.. short of money my a$$

    • curi0us

      You do realize Infinity Ward, Activision and all affiliated production companies have to reserve weeks/months in advance to do Motion Capture. Even then they also have to find (or hire) actors to do all the actions from running, climbing, etc. Most motion capture sessions last several hours and a simple fuck up can cost the company money and time for the fuck up. Thankfully this is rare since all motion capture actions are recorded and stored on a local hard drive can be manipulated through an animator.

      So, on top of paying for the expense of motion capture, plus the actors time, you’re looking at a lot of money being used for production.

      And this is just not for videogames, but other forms of entertainment including commercials, movies, and so on.

      Edit – To also add to my post, most companies aren’t willing to shell out money for their own motion capture studio department since they would have to hire specialists. It’s simply easier to rent a studio and get a third party involved.

      Feel free to look at the credits of ALL the Call of Duty games past MW1 and you will see motion capture studios being credited.

      Source – Real World Experience.

  • Larry

    Well, they did do this all the time (recycled reload animations, for example), just that they are often subtle and don’t affect the gameplay.
    However, they did state that this is on an updated engine, which is essentially the same thing they’ve been using with tweaks done here and there, so not surprising really.
    And really, easter eggs? This idea is just silly. If they would include a easter egg, they wouldn’t gone with such approach like this, perhaps a more recognizable ones, this is just laziness.

  • Guest

    Probably not the place for this but….
    Anyone know why some challenges can’t be completed for patches or uniforms/headgear/etc.? Didn’t know i one of the patches messed with the code or if it’s something we’re supposed to figure out.

    • Work hard, Twerk harder

      I ain’t got the game but there’s something like you can only work on the few in that catergory, and then you can have 5 selected which stay with you all the time. Randomly complicated but I think in the next few months we’ll see it bring a longer lifespan to the game.

  • subtekjr

    Either this is a clever homage to MW2, which they’ve tried to model the game closely on, especially with MP, or it’s a copy and paste that could be called the former by people.

  • shiftdog69

    Just change COD. Please. If you’re putting in 4 year old clips into your game, then how can you say it’s got all these ‘new’ features. Same old cod. Same old shit. I was expecting something good this year

  • Know when you judge
  • Misogynist

    I really don’t care lol.

    • FORTI4

      apparently you dont care about anything that is in a way a critic to Ghosts

  • YouHardscope

    I did notice that but, I honestly I could care less.

  • Will

    Who gives a fuck, it’s campaign…” OMG they used the same scene from MW2! Not buying it” GTFO

  • GodzOfTheArenaTV

    Not a Bust, but done on purpose. For those who know the story of the original soldier Riley aka Ghost. Some how ties in with his background. I mean really, they motion captured the whole game with the exception of that one scene and people want to start bugging out and call hash, copy & paste?Really?There are other games that have done the same thing. Taken exact footage from their old game and placed it within their new as a flash back. In this case this scene was considered De-ja-vu of what happen with the original “Ghost” know as Simon Riley. HELL people have Dejavu in real life, why can’t they incorporate it into a video game without people wanting to start a conspiracy?

    • Work hard, Twerk harder

      “De-ja-vu of what happen with the original Ghost”. On MW2 it was with Soap, Price and Nikolai. Ghost aka Simon Riley was dead at that part of the game, but having one scene the same to me is fine.

  • Batman

    Ghosts > MW2