Infinity Ward’s Senior Community Manager sat down with Polygon to discuss some of the changes the studio made to make Call of Duty: Ghosts the best it can for Xbox One.

“When we got next gen consoles in our office, we were all excited to get a look at them and see what they could do,” said senior community manager Tina Palacios. “That allowed us to create a wishlist that we wanted to complete in Call of Duty: Ghosts. All the engineers and the designers got together and said, what are our priorities? What do we want to do?”

One of the big differences is of course graphics, but within that – the new dual rendering feature will actually work and look better on next-gen consoles.

“On current gen, when you’re zoomed in or ADSing [aiming down sights], you’ll see ridges there, as a result of trying to create a circle. On next gen you’re never going to see that breakdown at all in the lines. The closer you get to an object, the more polygons we can add to it. It always looks smooth.”

She also talked about the new multiplayer features.

“There are so many options now for people to customize the way they look in the game,” said Palacios. “There are more killstreaks. You can actually bring in AI to multiplayer, so you can call in a guy with a riot shield to run around the map with you. Or Riley [a dog] as an AI partner who follows you around everywhere. There’s so much going on. I think that’s a part of it that people don’t really think about. It’s not just a graphical thing. It’s what’s going on in the background as well.”

SOURCE: Polygon

  • Confused

    So theres more kill streaks on next gen consoles? Or did I read that incorrectly?

    • iiTZ PaVVn

      i think there’s more killstreaks on the next gen. possibly more maps?

      • Maybe it will be 9 v 9 in all modes too. not just groundwar. Probably will have gun DLC in it because of the extra Space.

        • Biff Ibkus

          I’m sure there will be character customization goodies in the DLC. If Simon Riley gets released to the public, other gear will probably be added with him. Maybe the other ghost masks from the Singleplayer and possibly even Price and Soap…

          • Ground War has been confirmed with next Gen and PC, also more clothing articles, and maybe more camos. There’s a lot of staple camos not present (Desert, choco, Tiger stripe camos, etc) and the streaks feel lacklustre. Possible there’s more on the way with the next gen game or possible DLC.

          • Biff Ibkus

            So more clothing and more camo is confirmed on next gen?

            The only killstreak I miss is the typical airstrike.

          • Nothing is comfimed of DLC streaks. Most of that was speculation. But DLC camo’s are most likely confirmed as the store is back in the Ghosts MP menu, and how well it was received in Black Ops 2.

          • Paul Thomas

            Some of those camos are in extinction.

      • Xecho

        No. Same maps. Same Killstreaks. Nothing new is changing about Next Gen gameplay wise. Only graphic wise. And I guess gameplay wise because they’re letting in more AIs in Safeguard. Plus allowing more killstreaks onto the battlefield. There won’t be anymore new killstreaks added. Just an FYI. Seems like you all think there are new streaks coming.

    • That’s what you just did (happened to me too). That is a new topic. Overall MP things.

  • Sentrymann

    Very glad I went with next-gen.

  • Abe

    Imagine a 9 clan calling in 9 riot sheilds in a 9 v 9 game. That would be 18 targets on the map for the other team.

  • abhishek

    infinity ward community manager..we as a PC community summons u to clarify on the crappy port u thrown to us..why the game is so poorly optimized..some simple things like mouse acceleration is killing experience in ur game…i never had any kind of issues with mouse in any cod ever..why the hell game menu stutters..if i have more than 50 friends in steam friend list..the menu lags/freezes and if i turn off the friend list or set my status to offline then there is no problem…so how is this next gen?..explain dwag..why the hell it is locked to 90 fps ..why the hell it does not have a fov slider..this 65FOV is giving me headaches and dizziness..explain that..

    • Yeezus

      Nobody cares about PC. With the amount of people on console compared to PC there’s no reason for IW/Treyarch/Activision to care about PC gamers.

      • Unreal

        or not theres much more ppl on pc than you think and especially when 360 and ps3 versions of this game are crap

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        This is why I’m not getting a PC. No one gives two phucks about PC, yet throughout the promotion of PS4 and Xbox One PC players butted in like their superior. Sorry but if their is insufficient support for games on PC it is not superior in comparison to next-gen consoles,

  • Misogynist

    Maybe add some Turtle AI


    i don’t get why people hate on Wii U and PC they both run the game well. why are so many people hating on PC? im not a cod fan boy or a bf fan boy, frankly i love both and the same with all consoles i have them all but i mostly play on Wii U and i find GHOSTS looks better on Wii U

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I don’t even think I’m going to touch single player until I get my Xbox One. I want to play it with incredible graphics and sound.

    • Batman

      DonĀ“t touch it, if you only play it for 2 minutes you become so addicted that nothing can stop you from playing it

  • Batman


    thanks Im staying with my balanced current gen version