This isn’t a big surprise, but Activision Blizzard’s CEO has just confirmed during the company’s financial call today that there will be a new Call of Duty game releasing in 2014.

As of now, we don’t have any information on what the new game will be or who is developing it. Rumors are there that Sledgehammer Games could be working on a new Modern Warfare game or Treyarch could be taking 2014.

SOURCE: Activision

  • Drago

    I did not see that coming. -_-

  • Jordan

    Hopefully Treyarch because i love zombies!

    • NickZero

      …or Love LAG

      • Rated-R619

        … or love pay for camos and have any free maps like Terminal or Erosion/Aground. LOL

      • well if treyarch are laggy then what is ghosts?

    • GodzOfTheArenaTV

      I totally agree. I hope its a Call of Duty made by TreyArch on Next-Gen. Seeing TreyArch’s Zombies Next-Gen will be INSANE!

    • Treyarch FTW

      I Also agree! Treyarch is the best.
      Zombies + MP + Competitive.
      Cant wait to see how zombies will be like in next gen though!

      • Revasetä

        Although I’m looking forward to the next Treyarch game, I don’t know how they could continue the storyline (not that they’d have to, taking Mob of The Dead to account) since Buried left the Earth and its survivors pretty much f**ked.

        • Deathinnovember

          Uh so did Moon on BO1. The whole world was destroyed by Nuclear ICBM’s.

    • Look!..Zombie

      Treyarch should just give us the satisfaction of a stand alone zombie game including ALL old maps, all easter eggs. Make it timeline based cause this story is highly invigorating way back from the start. Im also voting on a cartoon MADE by them, anyone else down? Sorry Im just one for Story, detail and emotion of games but humour is just a bonus 🙂

    • Trevan Cooper Alcock

      I really hope if there’s zombies it’s like WAW and BO zombies. I loved when your skill was based on your highest round. The level thing kinda ruined it for me because it forced you to play alot and have a good k.d. if you want to be recognized as a good zombie player.

    • Sabotage727

      Me to treyarch is the best origins is my favorites so far but I hope in the next game they make it more then two hits to get down because I hate the double tapping zombies and I hope the staff are in the next map.Treyarch is the best.

  • TheGamerBeast

    ohh shit not again we just had ghosts loool and i think teryarch BlackOps 3 😛 it will be boring again but this time they will start add daynamics more in Multiplayer


      Lol you already played the game? Wow

  • Nitro Splicer

    Gotta say… that’s a bit of a surprise.

  • James K

    My bet is that Sledgehammer Games is behind this.

    • Im not gonna buy it if Sledgehammer makes it,they ruined MW3

      • Sol Malus

        MW3 was split up into three companies.
        Campaign – IW
        Multiplayer – IW and Raven Software
        Survival/Co-op – Sledgehammer

        • Sledgehammer had the creative control

          • Sol Malus

            My point is that the only part of the game that SH worked on, was the survival and co-op. They didn’t have anything to do with the rest.

          • Lee

            If we get a Spec Ops only game, I am going to kill someone

      • liam silke

        Mw3 was the best one
        same with Mw2

        • MW3 was the best one? Are you serious?

          • Hollis Bush

            Fun to play but not the best. The best modern warfare game I played came before Black Ops .

  • 3ARC FTW

    This will be better than Ghosts I hope! I saw reviews of it and did not buy it. Just sticking to 3arc cause honestly IMO i see them putting effort but people dont realize that 1 year or less to make a good Call of Duty game will ever be perfect! Ghosts to me i see just new game modes and multiplayer modes. Campaign is always amazing in both IW and 3ARC. However when it comes to Multiplayer and Coop, i stick to 3ARC. So hopefully its them. For now I will be trolling with my remington in BO2 lol

    • Alex

      actually they have 2 years. 3ARC started working on this next CoD since the release of BO2 (not exactly but soon after) and as IW did after MW3 😉

      • George

        Actually, Treyarch has been responsible for every CoD that’s come out on either a Wii or Wii U console. That means they’ve not only ported their own titles, but also CoD 4, MW3, and now Ghosts. In keeping busy with that every year their game doesn’t come out, they probably still have just one year.

        • Alex

          maybe I’m wrong but on the Ghosts cover for the Wii U it says IW ?

          • Bmeowmix

            It was made by IW but it was ported to the Wii U by 3arc

          • KoolAidMan

            Developed by IW but ported by Treyarch

    • Adamant Flux

      honestly both companies don’t put in much effort in the game as it is easier to put in money to marketing as that sells more copies of the game

      • 3ARC FTW

        ALL OF YOU MUST BE BLIND!! BO2 is the only game i have played so far in franchise that you can have 2 primary weapons and 4 perks or more, scorestreaks, and LAG? I have a 32 mbps and i dont lag for crap! Change carriers people.

        • Revasetä

          Actually you can have two primaries in MW3 if you equip the Overkill perk. But I prefer the freedom of BO2’s Create-a-class.

    • Dragos Andreescu

      well it will surely be 3arc because they always do it like so: 1 year 3arc; 1 year IW; 1 year 3arc; 1 year IW….

      • Malt Mickey

        Nope Sledgehammer. Yeah!

    • Malt Mickey

      “trolling with my remington in BO2” says it all.

  • Jacky Liang

    How about this fix the PC version first?

    • fghfg

      complete retards. releasing a not-ready game on the PC only. why.

  • It’s probably going to be black ops 3.

    • best thing ever.

      I WISH.

    • Dragos Andreescu

      Probably not… I Wish So but I don’t think so…

    • msudude404

      Hopefully it’s not futuristic like BO2

  • TepidBlack

    Going to be BO3 obviously, shame we have to wait a year for a game that actually has effort put into it.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Not necessarily. I honestly hope they do something new. Following the same story is part of the reasons critics complain it’s the “Same shit every year”

  • Sentrymann

    Whoa, shit just got real 😛

  • Raacso17

    Damn how I wished 3arc would just say FUCK THIS ENGINE and create a brand new one:/ Even if it means them developing the game for up to 2-4 years, I wouldn’t mind that, because then finally it would have be something different, instead of same shit every year:L

    • Revasetä

      Game engine has _NOTHING_ to do with game content. Unless you mean visually, that would be a case instead.

  • K: How have the shares been behaving for Activision? This seems more aimed to ease up investor’s fears, if anything.

  • lMattW

    Hopefully it’s Sledgehammer because that would mean there’s now a 3 year development cycle. To me it looks like a lot of the problems Ghosts has would have been solved by just a little more time in the oven.

    • Bmeowmix

      I’ll probably end up sad if its SG. I don’t want another MW3…

    • Michel

      To be honest i believe Sledgehammer should do Single Player, Infinity Ward Multiplayer with maybe some help of Treyarch(spawns are very bad in ghosts) and Treyarch should do Zombies.
      Would make a great COD and its easier to focus on certain thing.
      Example: Now Infinity ward has to focus on Story(which is a joke on Ghosts),MP(better then BO2, but still some flaws),Squads(Its basically MP with Bots & Survival….) and Extinction(Its not bad but after you played it once its not that intresting anymore, Zombies is everytime different, other weapons,PAP etc you have all kinds of things to do, Exctinction is every game the same, sure you will try to get to a high round but it doesn’t change every time you play)

      • Glenn

        the cod ghosts campaign was the best cod campaign i ever played in my life ;/ i love stealth

        • tourchwood2499

          ikr but I hated the ending but the story will continue on the next cod from infinity ward

          • Glenn

            I couldn`t agree more.

        • david

          I got bored of it in the first mission. Best campaigns are WaW, MW2 and BO

      • Sol Malus

        That would be great and all… But then there would be a lot of people at Treyarch without jobs.

        Same thing with IW.

      • Malt Mickey

        Treyarch is total fail in netcoding, their story sucked balls and who really gives 1/2 a shit about zombies or extinction? Really?

        • Dion

          Forget u zombies is the only game. That ill even play exctintion is okay but sucks after all no storyline in it the reason treyarch didnt have a campaign cause they didnt care they just cared about the zombie story line and that was amazing like ur mom but like i was saying treyarch is the best out of all of them its is off the chain and they make good multiplayer makes like raid nuketiwn and firing range from black ops 1

    • Elijah

      There isn’t a 3 year development cycle. They copy and paste the same game as the last then polish the graphics just a liiiiiiiitle bit more and they wait 2 years then release the game.

  • AirWolf302

    I don’t know about anyone else, but i’d really like a next-gen WW2 CoD. It’s been a while since they did WW2, and I think it would be awesome to do one for the next-gen consoles in 2014. Especially since so many features have been added to Call of Duty multiplayer since WaW.

    • Guest

      WaW sucked.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        WaW was awesome. It’s still hailed by many as the last great CoD

        • George

          Which isn’t true, but whatever.

          • StraightEdgeAtheist

            Well it is subjective. To me COD WaW is the best.

          • George

            It’s okay for people to say it’s their favorite, I just think the “last good CoD” part of that statement is false.

        • KoolAidMan

          The best COD is always the COD you started with n started with COD2 so to me that is the best COD

          • aa123sensei

            i agree with that , i think bo1 was the best cod

        • GodzOfTheArenaTV

          Yeah, I feel the same way. The game did what it was suppose to do. They weapons all served their purpose. Bouncing Betty’s actually killed people. Since then all people do is complain about a weapon doing its job and to satisfy the crybabies they just nerf the weapon. It’s like WHAT? Example people complained in Black Ops 2 because Bouncing Betty’s were killing them too fast. So instead of them equipping “Engineer” Perk which allows you to see them, but not only see them but walk past them as well with a delay. People went crying to the forums and Treyarch nerf the Bouncing Betty by delaying the trigger on it. Like WTF? Everything in the COD series has a counter. You don’t want to be stun or flash banged then fine add the Tactical Mask Perk. You don’t nerf the actual weapon making it useless. That makes no sense and defeats the purpose of having perks. Oh there are too many UAVs. Then wear the Ghost perk, thats your solution.

          • BO2 is awesome

            BO2 is amazing. far better than many many ways.

          • jon

            Ghost isnt done recieving its updates like mw did bo2 has been done with updates and still sucks Kill yourself Bo2 by far was thee worse game ever and had an over hype terrible game play and can be shot behind any wall zombies was crap compared to the original 4 the storyline didnt match and there was none technically you must be a xbox player huh

          • aa123sensei

            the bouncing Betty in bo2 was perfect there was a delay , also u can just duck underneath them , but what about the I.E.Ds

      • Geo

        U wish cod waw was a great game and is still fun to play to this day

    • George

      While World at War was actually a good CoD, I personally just think the WW2 stuff was just done to death back then and we’ve moved on as an industry. Futuristic seems to be the thing now. At this point, it would just be a big step backwards. If you’re dead-set on World War 2 though, try Red Orchestra 2 or Rising Storm.

      • Avery Horton

        I think it’s been long enough since then and it would be a nice throwback to the roots of cod, it would definitely make the competition interesting and finally be something different, even though it’s been done, it could be the change that cod needs. We have bf4, ghosts, titianfall, destiny, halo all being modern/futuristic shooters. A ww2 or even ww1 game is needed because by next year the modern shooter will be done to death.

      • Bmeowmix

        But it has been over five years since a WWII CoD. Pretty much every CoD after that has just been a form of modern warfare game (hold BO). MW2, MW3, and BO2 aren’t really that different from eachother gun-wise. I bet another WWII game would do fine; its a great change of pace from the last couple of years, and with all of the new editions to multiplayer (specifically the editions to CaC) we could have a WWII game that doesn’t have features that were set in the stone age.

      • Revasetä

        Agreed with George. No matter how you look at it, WWII games are done. There’s no room for interesting fiction (apart from zombies) and every concept is used up in a way or another.

        After dozens of WWII games already dealt with, there’s absolutely nothing new to discover.

        • msudude404


          The World War 2 games out there only covered…

          A TINY bit of the pacific. and a little bit of Europe and Some tiny bit of USSR.

          Screw Futuristic games. Ghosts was the only ‘modern one’ there.

          Bring back the sequel to MW3. My god.

          Tons of shit happened in MW3 that can be continued.
          Maybe the US invade their allies lol

      • Hollis Bush

        A great man one said Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

        • George

          Well we learned that WW2 shooters are boring, outdated and overdone, so we won’t make them again.

          • Hollis Bush

            Games especially military games should be just as much about learning as it should be about killing people. Both go hand in hand, so either way your going to learn one way or another.

    • GodzOfTheArenaTV

      That would be a GREAT idea. World at War was a great game. The only thing that ruins the game is hackers and modders. Other than that people still love to play Call of Duty: World at War.

    • blacktail56

      I totally agree WaW was my favourite CoD and id love to see another

    • noname

      no shit man , brilliant idea

  • Pairate

    Imagine bungie behind this… :3

    • Keshav Bhat

      If only – but, they have Destiny to ship.

  • Archer

    Wow. Ghosts was only released yesterday and a new CoD is on it’s way. As if it wasn’t predictable, it seems a bit too early to be announcing anything.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      They likely began making the new game a month after Bo2 came out. They spend a lot longer than most people recognize making the game.

  • Sergeant Sarcastic

    Oh wow what a super surprise I am so surprised at this.

  • AcePhoenix007

    It’s probably going to be a Treyarch game and I will NEVER buy a Treyarch CoD ever.

    • Da_xavier

      Im with you. Every Treyarch game has been a pile of crap.

      • Grigori

        So you call world at war and black ops 1 also crap!?

        • Da_xavier

          World at war was one of the worst cod’s ever made sorry to break it to ya. Game was crap, Black ops 1 was Ok. but thats my opinion.

          • Grigori

            Waw was a very good ww2 game though and i also liked bo1.

          • AcePhoenix007

            WaW was bad and BO1 is the only good CoD Treyarch has made.

          • Grigori

            I agreed wtih that

        • Scotty Le

          I skipped WaW, and if you bought BO1 on PC day 1, i don’t think you would be making this statement.

  • DDaze9

    Trust me if its treyarch, they will make an amazing job, TRUST ME.

    • Batman

      They only made it amazing with BO1

      • nab

        BO2 was amazing. you just cant play the game or have a 2kb connection.

        • Tyrant Era

          Black ops 2 was terrible.

          • Guest

            Well bro they learn from their mistakes not like shitty ass IW.

          • jasy

            IW did great with campaign, Squads is not that great, MP on current-gen has quite a bit of lag; And I use a wired connection w/ an Ethernet cable

          • Malt Mickey

            There is almost no lag on 360 for ghosts. There was a shit ton for blops2 even when they ‘fixed’ it… LOL

            There will always be lag on the current gen MP, but 3arc was king of that colossal cluster fuck.

          • DDaze9

            Bro Treyarch learn from their mistakes. Now look at Cod Ghosts…..

          • Malt Mickey

            No they don’t. They don’t even fix their mistakes for fuck’s sake.

          • FuckYou

            Cod Ghosts is a complete copy of the modern warfare series. They re-used the fucking cutscenes… As always, they had a shitty ending on purpose so that they now have an excuse to get 3 or 4 more games out of this one name and idea so they don’t have to think of anything new. If you notice, Ghosts is the same as modern warfare 2. It has the same general story, just changed up a little bit. They fucking re-used the Ghost idea. What do you think they do when developing this game? All they do is take MW2 because it was their most successful game, and re use the story. Then, they take MW3, and take its multiplayer, increase the graphics VERY slightly, change a few weapons and reskin a few maps, and BAM you have a whole ‘new’ game. When you think about it that way, this is when you realize you wasted hundreds of dollars on the same thing 5 times.

          • Elijah

            Cod ghosts is the worst one out of the bunch, MW3 was better than that 10 fold

          • Geo

            That’s not true the campaign and multiplayer are better than black ops one by far, the only thing that black ops 2 lacked was good maps

      • flipnitro

        Ik, bo2 and ghosts is fine and all, but the only game I really *liked* was BO1, because it was FUN. Cool; big maps. Nice; you can have x-ray scopes. Well done; you can deform the maps. But I feel like the entertainment value has gone… there was nothing particularly overpowered, and the killstreaks and equipment in the newer games are either almost useless or take all the skill out of the game. (Take the Canister Bomb and Warthog for example).

        In black ops 1, the maps were legendary, the perks were sensible, the streaks weren’t overpowered, and most importantly it was fun to play.

    • Malt Mickey

      Well Blops2 was broken as hell so I won’t trust you.

  • ThatGamer

    its probably sledge hammer but if its treyarch i wont be mad ive loved all treyarch games but i think each cod will have a 3 year cycle now it will either go infinity ward, treyarch, sledge hammer or infinity ward, sledge hammer, treyarch i think it should be sledge hammer just because imagine the game treyarch can make with two full years of developing

  • Bmeowmix

    Every single February (once everyone finds all the OP class setups) I hear the same couple of people from my classes say “Call of Duty died after *name any CoD title from two years before here*. No one even likes CoD anymore. I bet that they’re going to stop after this one.” Anyone else having this problem with people?

    • Revasetä

      It’s the bandwagon. People like to cry and complain about stuff that is widely acceptable to cry about, knowing there will be thousands of nods. Not that I think opinions are bad, it’s the intention. I bet half the people complaining would actually enjoy a game or two.

    • Malt Mickey

      It’s because ppl are retarded and ask for change, but if they get it cry about it and can’t deal with it. IW is different then 3arc and that’s a good thing. It’s small minded reprobates that say the same thing every year like it’s something new.

  • Nick L. Tialavea

    Multiplayer Idea: Use a mixture of the classic COD class features with the current COD class features into a Hybrid system. Every Gun specific Class will have its own perks used within that class only. Perks are now Renamed to Class Enhancer & Bonus Enhancer. Every Gun specific class will have one Class Enhancer & Bonus Enhancer. The Same Bonus Enhancer can be use in every class. Every Class will have their own class specific customizations. No Aim Assist. No Health Regen. All guns have a little bit more Recoil. Gore is back from World at War.

  • KoolAidMan

    I think Treyarch will take 2014 and only then Slegdehmmer Games will take 2015 and IW again in 2016 with a new Ghosts I hope loved the campaign need to know what happends next

  • DeathAngel

    I don’t see why it would be so crazy (seeing how pretty much every one from IW left to make Titan Fall) Treyarch and the new Infinity Ward crew got back together and collaborated again so that we can have a CoD game with both a good campaign and good multiplayer as well. Idk.. just call me ignorant I guess. lol

  • Adamant Flux

    Treyarch puts effort into their games? half of black ops 2 maps are perfectly symmetrical and seemed to be developed by a six year old how is that putting any effort?

    • Da_xavier

      Only reason the were like that is so Compet play was eaiser. That whole game was catered to E-sports.

      • Mario Rivera

        treyarch sucks at weapon balance, they like to have a bunch of weak guns and 1 or 2 very strong ones.

    • Dragos Andreescu

      They made the maps almost simetrycal so that in any team you are u would have both same spots so no one has a way better spot than someone else…

  • Xheon

    Treyarch or they should stop making cod games IW failed very hard

  • TheShadowReaper

    we need 3arc! after another fail in a row from IW my heart would be able to take one more fail from Sledgehammer this time. we need 3arc.

  • Mitch

    Let me confirm Ghosts 2 for 2015 (2016 if Sledgehammer steps in). The ending of Ghosts made it pretty clear.

  • ip x Warrior

    MW4 !!!! Let’s go SledgeHammer make me happy

    • SmK_SkyLiNe

      no! sledgehammer sucks ass

      • ip x Warrior

        Maybe but i still want a MW4 🙂

        • You like MW3?

        • Dragos Andreescu

          Ghosts is the MW4….

          • ip x Warrior

            ehh no…

    • Fuck IW and MW Series. BO3!

      fuck IW + SH and the MW series.
      BO3 lets go!
      BO2 is fucking amazing but just needed few tiny fixes compare to ghosts but the fixes needed to be done in BO2 is not even a big deal. BO2 is the best out of all the latest CODs.

  • Michel

    If it is sledgehammer i won’t buy the game.
    I have Ghosts now, and really miss zombies, i need it.
    Its my drug when Multiplayer fucks you over.

  • Jari


  • MaRico Spikes

    I thought Rubin said no more modern warfare series. Oh well take my money.
    I think a prehistoric time traveling Dino pet (raptors) having Mega Harpon shooting , pterodactyl flying style game would be neat

    • Dragos Andreescu

      I don’t know why so many people forget/don’t know that Ghosts is MW4

  • Smacko

    You forgot to hyperlink the source

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    Yep Sledgehammer is probably making this game and it’s probably going to suck……just like mw3 -_-

  • Misogynist

    If Sledgehammer is making this next CoD, I will be skipping CoD in 2014.

  • Louis

    If it’s Gayarch or Sludge-hammer defiantly not buying. I don’t have an issue with Ghost so far just the spawning sucks, hope the first patch fixes that.

  • Rated-R619

    1914-2014, 100 years, may be a WW1 COD ?


    Please let sledgehammer games move the industry in a different direction.

  • TachyonicPack


  • Chris Mathers

    It’s the hundred year anniversary. We are due for a World War One shooter. We got a tease of it in Zombies, but I want to see CoD go back to it’s historical roots. I liked Modern Warfare, and I’ll probably like Ghosts, but what I didn’t like about MW or Black Ops 2 was they tried to be TOO original. Medal of Honor handled modern warfare much better, I think, and they up and canceled it because people are stupid.
    Black Ops and about a third of Black Ops 2 (the 80s part) was the best because A) it was grounded in reality and B) it was about the Cold War which we don’t often see. And as far as that goes, we almost never see a WW1 shooter.
    So come on, Treyarch. I want to see trenches, blimps, biplanes, mustard gas, pickelhaubes and tanks that look like big spooky erasers.

    • Dragos Andreescu

      I don’t agree with the idea of tanks I like BF but I hate the tanks in it… If they add tanks to CoD I think I will never play any new CoD…

      • Chris Mathers

        Tanks are NOTHING new in CoD. They’ve had tank levels since…the very fist game actually. Those were actually some of the best parts.

    • Fuck you

      WW1 was a very uninteresting war. Why do you think there are no movies based on it? It’s because nobody wants to see it. Why? Because it was all trench wars. There was nothing interesting about it at all. WW2 was way more interesting because of dogfights, hand to hand combat, and more action. WW1 was just people hiding in trenches waiting for the gas to kill them. WW2 was always portrayed in a bad way in COD because in WAW they made everything so dark. The game is basically in black and white. WW2 would be interesting and a fun game, not WW1.

      • Nitro Splicer

        There are a ton of movies based on World War I.

      • Chris Mathers

        Everything you said is full of shit. It’s people like you who say “nobody wants to see it” that made Call of Duty into a noob-tube circlejerk for 12 year olds afraid of being “totally gay” whining about camping and quickscopes and noscopes when their whole job is blow shit up with guns instead. WW1 INVENTED dogfights, and there was more hand to hand fighting in a trench raid than you could shake a trench club, knuckle duster or pickaxe at. Now put your dunce cap on and get back in the corner.

    • Hollis Bush

      I think they should try out a Star Wars version mixed with Portals first.

    • msudude404

      Korean War?
      Go back to the Pacific?
      Nam’ again?
      Maybe a war w/ Mexico?
      The Gulf War??
      A war between Russia, China, and US..

      • Chris Mathers

        -Korean War would be the best.
        -The Pacific? Why not? Too many Nazis in games, not enough Japs

        -Nam again? Sure, why not?
        -Mexican American War? Hell yeah. War on Drugs? Hell no and fuck everybody who still fights that lost cause.
        -The Gulf War? I agree. Conflict: Desert Storm was good.
        -You mean the Cold War or World War 3? I’d be more into Cold War.

        • msudude404

          I consider ARMA 2 a good “world war 3” type game. But, again…
          I’d rather have a war game that would be invasion in america or something. BFBC3 was supposed to have that….

          • Chris Mathers

            They’re actually making that. Battlefield has a LOT of games planned out. They’re like the OTHER Call of Duty. Only whereas Activision likes to keep their ideas a secret, EA pretty much said what’s coming out – Battlefield Harline, where you play as a trigger happy steroid head otherwise known as a cop, Battlefield 5 which presumably continues the story of 3 and 4, Bad Company 3, and Star Wars: Battlefront.

          • msudude404

            I hope. Bfbc3 should be same as bfbc2

        • msudude404

          I’d rather have Soviets vs US. But yeah.

  • Dave Johnson

    I hope trayarch will bring us another good game like black ops 2, awesome multi and zombie that’s what we ask for. And the trayarch support for PC is unforgettable.

  • StraightEdgeAtheist


  • Batman

    CoD Ghosts is perfect, treyarch can fuck themselves.

    The only way I will get it is if it has:

    Better graphics than Ghosts
    Decent NET code
    Either WW2/WW1/Vietnam/Cold War setting
    Original characters since the beggining in zombies
    Revamped Zombies.
    BO1 style of gameplay.

    If 3arc decides to copy Ghosts setting they will fail so hard

  • Opinion on IW vs Treyarch

    I really really hope it would be Black Ops 3. REALLY HOPE.
    IW made a fucking JOKE out of COD.
    Blitz? Search and Rescue? Infected? Cranked? etc..
    where the fuck is Search and Destroy ? Capture the Flag ? w – t – f.
    Dont get me wrong..i think crank is an ok game mode but i just find it annoying that they put time and effort into developing a game that is kinda childish and left the good stuff behind and it didnt even make it in the game. (private dont count, its not freaking pubs.)
    The maps..are you trying to compete with BF..orrr what? lol, not gonna happen. BF is its own thing and COD is its own thing. keep your game more towards COD and creating maps that suits COD.
    Health in Ghosts is like the hardcore in BO2 lol. its a joke.
    Also it takes so much time to level up. that is no fun and not addictive like the other CODs. fix that too.
    Killstreaks + KEM are bullshit.
    Killstreaks are lame and not rewarding at all compare to other CODs.
    K.E.M / MOAB – this is fucking stupid, i will never get it. you get on a freaking 25 killstreak just to kill the other team once? all that stress of having a 25 streak for just a one time kill to the other team? it might be only me but i will never understand why people are so hyped about that streak..not to mention that you can get it from a care package now in ghosts ( LOL ).
    seriously not worth going to 25 streak..
    Aliens are also a joke, zombies is 1M% better. no doubt.

    Dont get me wrong guys, i still like the game and do very well in but its just that BO2 is still a better game imo. Ghosts also have shitty connection at times and its even more annoying this time because ur health is like playing hardcore. (Also if you have shit connection yourself, do all of us a favor and dont blame the game please?)


    • Agreed.

      Golden Words.
      Couldn’t agree more with that. it also made me think how stupid the 25 kill streak actually is and not worth getting.

  • coilover2005

    Best Cod Game Ever = Take whoever at 3arc is responsible for map design, killstreaks, and game modes… Then take whoever is responsible at IW for Hit Detection, Lag control and movement… Offer them a cold beer, some $ and get on your knees and beg. PROBLEM “kinda” SOLVED.

  • Evan

    World at War needs to make a come back with treyarch or Call of Duty will die

    • ifuckinghatecoditshsit

      Call of Duty will most likely continue on for a very long time. You may not like it and think its shit, but there are millions of people that love the game. It is worth billions. They aren’t just going to ‘die’ because you don’t like it.

  • ip x Warrior

    If they make Black ops 3 make it similar to black ops 1

  • bob

    it is treyarch
    they take turns

  • gonag

    Fuck all you mothafuckhas….

  • BBBB

    How about another World War 2 game?

  • Kunal Gounder

    Guys why would you skip the next CoD in 2014 when you dont even know what its gonna be or who its gonna be developed by between 3ARC and SH… If made by 3ARC Im looking forward to it and if SH makes it and I think its awesome then I’ll consider it, if not then pass. I agree that Ghosts is one of the worst out of all CoDs in many areas regardless of the additions either they lost their employers or they just suck nowadays. SH idk but since they worked with IW on MW3, so they sound pretty shit IMO. And Ghosts is NOT a MW4, its a new series by IW. They said they were done with the MW series. However in the next CoD I’d love a WW2 timeline to it. Especially from 3ARC because of their previous games. Therefore Im Looking forward for what 3ARC has to bring if its them. But I might be wrong and potentially there might be a 3 year cycle for each three developers every year.

  • Alif Putra Ramadhan

    Maybe it’s sequel for Ghosts?
    Due the ending that Rorke that not die, instead Logan get captured

  • Chris

    I hope its MW4

  • Jake Saunders

    I think it will be cod goast

  • Jake Saunders

    I mega cod goast 2

  • tourchwood2499

    idk whats the next cod but I hope its not bo3 but I hope its about ww3 or maybe another ww2 game… infinity ward makes their cod every other year so does treyarch… Im sure they will do zombies because they know we love it but I hope they bring the old maps back like the WaW maps or bo1 maps.

  • Mickey Bland

    I think gamers should boycott call of dutty, why should pc gamers have to uprade there gpu and spend nearly as much as a console unit and a lot more for the card they recommend just to play there game? I pre orderd cod ghosts to find out to play it I habve to uprade my rig that was a brand new kick ass gameing pc in 2010. Im runin a 9800gtx and need at least a 450 wich sounds to some one noe gameing savy like less and I cant run the game I pre orderd . no one els requires such an upgrade why should cod”

  • Mickey Bland

    lets boycott call of dutty, did you see the rateings for cod ghosts? they expect pc gamers to upgrade there gpu to one that costs more than an Xbox just to run there one game. and they wait entil they got as many pre orders as possible to then let us know we need such an upgrade. there getting way to greedy, there all about the money like a bunch of pig headed shisters.

  • david

    Please Treyarch, if you are making the next Call of Duty, do not release it for last gen consoles. Only for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Wii U. I hope you make the best CoD ever, regarding the community feedback make the game. Also can’t wait for Zombies 3.0

  • bob pie

    Hopefully if treyarch does take 2014, they dont do zombies and mp to futuristic because i didnt really like black ops 2 zombies. But i think that in the end either way it will be awesome!!

  • Michael

    Are you all fucking idiots? Listen to your selfs! How can you say treyarch is better than infinity ward!? Black ops 1 and 2 were a fucking piece of shit! The connections were horrible and the multiplayer was horrible! How could someone eat so many shots?? I’m not saying ghosts and modern warfare 3 were any better because they weren’t! They were horrible too! I’m just trying to say that modern warfare 2 was the best call of duty game ever! After that all the call of duty games sucked! It just pissess me off how IW and 3arc have so much many to make good games yet every game after modern warfare 2 was horrible! I don’t understand why they can’t make a game like modern warfare 2 again, exactly the same! Because in MW2 there wasn’t any bullshit besides lag! People would die when they were supposed to, not like every call of duty game after mw2! I just pray they make a game exactly like mw2 just new maps with the same guns and same kill streaks, everyone would buy it because it was the best game ever! Please infinity ward make another game like mw2 where it was fair and people wouldn’t eat so many fucking bullets please! I speak for every call of duty fan!

    • TheHitman1982

      Actually you dont speak for every call of duty fan But i do agree that MW2 was the best COD. What you dont understand is IW cant remake MW2 because the Infinity Ward that made MW2 no longer exists. The people who made MW2 are now a company called Respawn and they are making Titanfall.

  • Michael

    *money not many

  • FPSAddictPlus

    I want it to be Sledgehammer Games for 2014. HEAR ME OUT! I wanna see their potential. What can they do to mix things up? That’s what I wanna see. Also, now all studios get THREE years of development time instead of two. Doesn’t that sound great?! We’d get better games!

  • Jeremy Thomas

    I will unfortunately never purchase another COD game again. Ghosts left a bad taste in my mouth

  • mcbeerman44

    Ghost online play is god awful can’t wait hopefully Treyach does a black ops 3


    I prefer Treyarch with their way of Multiplayer, dont get me wrong Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer is good but i feel like Ghosts has let it down. Zombies on Next Gen will be amazing but i dont see how they could carry on the story, after all that happened. But i guess they will have to make another one because of the demands for zombies XD

  • Elijah

    Doesn’t Activision understand why the Cod ghost sales were lower than ever? It’s because they can’t pull the same shit off over and over and over again, this is like the 100th call of duty game they made and it will be the EXCACT SAME SHIT AS THE LAST ONE! They need to learn how to make a new fucking game…

  • Ciera

    I hope they continue at the end of call of duty ghost so it makes and i want to know what happens to Logan.

    • Rockthrow CoD

      When hes getting dragged off by Rorke he picks up a rock and throws it at his face. CoD: ThrowRock developed by Sledgehammer. Releasing Nov . 15 2014

  • nadleeh

    please make it sledgehammer…treyarch are really dont have a clue of doing multiplayer battle.. lag of characters,bullet not real,aiming are bad,so much lag in bo2 and ghost are really bring the cod market down.. take noted activision..

  • Tim

    I miss the world war games,i hope something like that again

  • Samuel Daddow

    As for now i do not see Infinity Ward making a new Call of Duty right after Call of Duty Ghosts so it must be Trearch either making World at War II or Black Ops III

  • YourMama

    My purchase of Ghosts taught me a huge lesson. Never to buy another COD ever again. Will wait until this one is 5.00. Unless they do something about hackers/cheating.

  • Lol
  • Levi Williams

    well we all know that tryarch is done with zombies they just said that in the trailers. and we are done with ww2. sledge hammer games is doin another modernwarfare release. i say we have treyarch and infinityward work together and make a game where it takes place during the afganistan war or a game durin the events of the battle of mogadeshu. also a ghosts sequel

  • Ryan Christopher

    the new ghost is such a bad game its a campers delight the game feels cheap

  • soundwave36

    Zombies will become its own franchise

  • Liam Silke

    They need to upgrade there graphics for the next game

  • Travi$ The ACTavist

    Treyarch leading right now, I wonder if this new game will be Black Ops 3 because I’m anxious to see what Zombies in that game will do to the storyline.

  • dan

    Id like them to carry on with COD Ghosts

  • chris

    i really hope they make a world war one game with trench warfare and mustard gas that would be interesting plus they can continue the origins zombies and finally get rid of this money blood bullcrap

  • Garry

    hopefully sledgehammer as treyarch is only good for zombies

  • Nathan Barton

    I agree a WW2 next-gen will be insane oh I miss the mp40 and the unscoped bolt actions

  • 25 years and counting

    The Call of Duty series is dead. They need to make some drastic changes to the future games if they want it to go back up again, and most importantly they need to listen to the fucking community, make games with features that we want/like.

  • Paul

    Treyarch was the best.
    [email protected] had the best Single player, multiplayer, & best Co-op, e.g. zombies.

  • iighe

    i just want more realistic killing and weather effects

  • iighe

    and to not be limited on how we create are class and character

  • Maybe set the franchise in the early 90s or early 80s so you can still have a lot of your ww2 and Vietnam weapons, also go another direction in terms of classes keep them perk specific and kill streak specific eg SMG class has 6-8 specific perks and maybe 4 kill streaks to choose from that should retain some well needed balance for the game!

    • maybe so

      no balance all weapons from every game even the futuristic weapons also being able to use all perks if so desired and bring back all the old kill streaks and of course better more realistic death

  • Donielle Robinson

    They need to bring the Modern Warfare franchise back, it was the best game. Modern Warfare 2 was the best hands down. How about y’all remake that one? : )

    • faw

      stop waisting money on hd remakes

      • sas

        just play the original

      • Donielle Robinson

        That was the best one so what are you talking about. I would waste my my money on MW2 any day than the bull crack they are putting out now.

  • manz

    Give it to treyarch they always make the best cod

  • swagvind

    i hope Treyaech will create more zombie games

  • Hollis Bush

    Can’t wait, what I am hoping is that the creators try something different like maybe when purchasing maps compared you’d be able to drive around on certain maps. I’d like to really see a abandoned theme park in a map pack.

  • jamhead39

    treyark is the best at making cods blackops2 was a great game in all kinds of ways for example zombies league play was great and the esports community got bigger because of that plus in LP there was divisions which made it so much more fun and would make you play the game for longer. Then ghosts comes out and they take like loads of steps back and the game just gets boring. I don’t want sledgehammer to make the next cod because in my option most the modern warfare games were pretty boring . the only improvement in ghosts is that is so call says ” it has dedicated servers.” so hopefully treyark will produce a great cod this year just like 2 years ago

  • Dee May

    We need to go back to WWII. Although it may not seem, there is still many elements to be used – It wasn’t just US, Japan, Russia, UK in WW2. The whole of bloody Europe was in it. Just go back to basic kill streaks in multiplayer, that way people aren’t forced to camp. Since MW2 CoD has gone downhill, Modern Warfare based games are being run in to the ground… but setting in the future? No. Go back to WW2

  • Anonymous

    I think it should be like a future thing lets say World War 3 or 4 that would be neat

  • Chris Dingle ODonoghue

    Which clown just said mw3 was the best? You could land a god damn predator missile in some ones pocket and get a hitmarker then they could get a foot shot on you thru a wall with a pistol and kill you? The lag compensation made it possible for you to think your safe behind a wall and yet they can shoot you, the ping system for finding games always seemed to pair you with people half way round the world with piss poor connection and most of all…and i mean most of all sledgehammer games where involved in it which is probably why it was shit, if they are making the new one i wont be buying it ill just get the devision instead 🙂

  • Anonym

    A Call of Duty with only Zombies would be Awsome!! 😀

  • Joe

    I hope they set in world war again I love the guns in those games

  • msudude404

    Hope they have it set back in WW2. or at least during a different time. Not the fucking future like Black Ops 2.

    Or at least continue from the MW3 setting.

  • JustinR

    Hopefully it’s Treyarch because I love Zombies and MP I also love there graphics and if Treyarch makes the new COD game I can’t wait to see what they have installed for zombies.

  • nathanpantony

    i do hope that it is treyarch because didnt they help 2 create world at war? which means the cod might be another ww2 one i think they are the best because this future stuff is kinda a piss take of halo

  • BLUE™

    Bring back a wwII style affair perhaps with some twists, make it more tactical and team based…. sick of COD as it is right now… last one i played was call of duty 4, which was great but definitely treyarch for the win this time around! I’ve now moved on to ArmA 3 as its more team based and open world, would be great to see call of duty opened out on a massive scale dug in moving through trenches with smoke for cover and proper squads which have heavy and light MG support classes etc, covering streets destroyed by tank’s and artillery and using cover for ambushes and defensive positions or maybe partially open countryside with densely populated forests/woodland areas mountains and natural land formations shallow rivers etc…using the landscape to defeat your enemies and get the upper hand holding key points rather than damn flags! There is way too much running and gunning and not enough intensity, i find COD a hollow affair where as years ago it had real soul but times are changing and thing’s need updating and to be fair with company’s constantly charging for stupid DLC and such or premium account members paying almost 100 units(pounds dollars whatever) its getting stupid… …i want to feel like I’m part of a team not a one man army and for that id pay a decent price and keep coming back for more i don’t want to pay ten pounds just to change the colour of my gun or my glow sticks, let users have the ability to edit their own character with their own custom designs like unit patches and such. Well i can dream 🙂 imagination is a sad thing to waste if you’ve got good ideas to share….pity COD continues to pull people in with its silly little extras these day’s.

  • john

    I realy wont Nazi zombies to come back and make the maps on ww2 zombies because zombies now is rubbish not Nazi zombies any more it realy needs to be zazi zombies

  • Odosidy

    I know i may sound stupid for saying this but how about a CoD that takes place in World War 1 from 1914-1918. I think that would be pretty cool.

  • calloftitan

    It better have a 4 player offline mode not like ghost with it’s shitty 2 players only crap

  • Sea slash

    I like zombies but they should bring 1 zombie map back five at the pentagon bit future

  • Matt

    Hmm hopefully the zombies will actually be able to keep people in the match until it ends. Iv grown very tired of have 2 or 3 people leave in the first couple of rounds.

  • tenzero

    Treyarch is hit or miss. Waw Bo1 over bo2.. I only have faith in sledgehammer and infinityward for consistently making competitive game.. Bo2 catered to a certain breed of player. I’ve had a 2.0+ kdr on all call of duty games.. Rocked a 1.7 on bo2 just couldn’t find a grove