Call of Duty: Ghosts was met with pretty bad reviews for what is touted as the biggest FPS in the world. Review scores fell behind EA’s Battlefield 4, and many sites called Ghosts a “step backward in the franchise”.

But, that doesn’t affect sales numbers, according to a new report from  Doug Creutz of Cowen & Company, who notes that while Metacritic scores for Call of Duty: Ghosts are hovering around the 74. Regardless of what the reviewers say of Ghosts, Call of Duty will continue to sell at an enormous rate.

“We think CoD has become such an embedded franchise that it is somewhat review-proof,” he said. “We think of CoD as being like EA’s Madden NFL, which continues to sell similar unit numbers year in and year out, regardless of reviews; Madden’s Metacritic has ranged as low as 78 in recent years. Given that CoD changes only incrementally from year to year, we think reviewers have become increasingly less likely to give very high review scores due to a certain degree of ennui with the franchise.”

Even though Battlefield 4 exceeded Ghosts in reviews, that game isn’t selling very much for current-gen. The analyst says that Call of Duty’s biggest competition will be coming in Spring 2014 with Destiny (an Activision game) and Titanfall (EA’s game).

“Our concern lies more with next year, when Call of Duty will face competition from several new next-gen shooters, including EA’s Titanfall and Activision’s own Destiny,” said the analyst.


  • Sentrymann

    I don’t really pay attention to most review sites, they’ve given too many great games awful scores, and too many awful games great scores.

    • Brandalf

      I wish more gamers were like you and me regarding this. It’s fine to look for information about the game in reviews such as any technical hiccups and things like that but too many reviewers inject their own opinions and make comparisons with games they find similar but enjoy more, etc.

      I personally rarely put much weight into any entertainment reviews. Music, movies, tv and video games are all such subjective things that it just doesn’t make sense to stake a purchase or rental solely on a few reviews.

  • The power of a brand name at work here, folks.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m dissing, but CoD has been around for 10 years and, for most people, it’s a safe investment in something they know they’ll enjoy. It’s probably the reason why people don’t invest in new IPs as much as the established franchises – the fear of change, if you will. And that’s purely on the consumer’s mind.

    • Archer

      Perfectly worded.

    • VAQnotVAG

      “it’s a safe investment in something they know they’ll enjoy”

      I couldn’t have said it better

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Yeah. I believe that if IW/3arc made a crazily new game every year, people wouldn’t like it. New CoD’s need to have the same feel as the old ones, with enough innovation to keep you interested. I believe Ghosts has done this perfectly.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Ghosts HAS done that, appart from the “innovation”. I mean, every CoD has established that since Black Ops, appart from the “innovation”.

        • TheShadowReaper

          innovation within the franchise. if we talk about innovation in general neither COD nor BF has done anything crazy. COD keeps improving its own game and thats exactly what everybody wants.

        • AL

          Yeah so the added slide and mantle movements arent innovative to the series, the dual rendered scopes arent innovative to any FPS series, the new game modes like cranked, blitz, search and rescue, and grind arent innovative to the series. Really? Come TF on.

          People are soo harsh on COD because they have been playing it for so long that they cant see the change or dont want to because they arent that good at the game initially because….its different.

          This is the best feeling COD either dev has made since MW2. Its smooth, the maps are larger and allow for teams to have multiple strategies on how to approach them as opposed to…get to this side, lock down these two points, win game.

          And Squads + Extinction are new as well. If this was the first COD you ever played you would crap your pants with excitement.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            If it was your first game ever, mabye. But the game isn’t that great. The first or second time playing, yes it can be fun. But after a awhile it just gets boring.

          • Alejandro Sepúlveda

            Have you played the game yet?

            If you have, and you didn’t like it… what is the point of trying to be harsh on what the rest of the world wants to play or buy?

            You aren’t an opinion leaer or anything.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Because people that will buy it for PC will waste 60€/$ right now. Mabye in about 3 months the game will be playable on PC. But right now it’s just a waste of space, time AND money.

          • Brandalf

            Personally Ghosts is already my favorite COD game since MW2. It’s a ton of fun and the hit detection is amazing, the connection has been pretty good for the most part aside from one laggy lobby I have gotten into.

            This is coming from someone who is playing the game on PC, which currently has a lot of technical issues you gotta use workarounds for to get the game to run well.

            Just because you think it’s boring doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone else.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            I never mentioned that everyone finds it boring. But I can assure you (and it is a fact) that after awhile it gets boring. It’s normal. It happens with every game. But CoD Ghosts was the worst CoD to ever hit the PC platform. It’s a simple port, straight out of Xbox, full of errors, FPS stuttering, worse optimization ever, etc. The hit-detection looks pretty solid from what I’ve played, although I didn’t play it that much. I know that probably after some patches it will get fixed. But the problem is that they always lied about the support on the PC platform. This year Mark Rubin had an interview which he talked about the PC version. He said that the PC version was very important for IW and Ghosts this year. Yet, it was probably the worse FPS non-patched/release to hit the PC, since the game is unplayable. And since the consoles don’t have any of this problems, that just means that they shitted on PC gamers and the PC platform. It really looks like they just want the PC/game to look bad.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            The innovation from [email protected] -> BO1 -> BO2 is phenomenal. All three of those games are nothing a like despite being from the same developer, this means the game is being fully refreshed each time.

            Sorry but compared to he innovation carried out from MW2 -> MW3 -> Ghosts sure it’s refreshing but very similar, being similar to MW2 isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All in all it feels like their game is not moving as fast as it could.

            Treyarch is obviously trying to move forward a lot faster (futuristic things in BO2) and IW are trying to stick to something that was good 3 years ago. MW3 was a step back from MW2 but Ghosts is definitely a decent step in new direction, although it’s not a big step at least it’s a decent step.

          • dede1994

            extinction is in my eyes just a rip off , of zombies from treyarch’s call of duty games since WaW , it has become more popular so IW probably wanted to do the same , but i think they failed a bit , but you are right about all of what you said , it is the best feeling COD since MW 2 , and there are changes , but they should put a bit more effort in their games i think these days

    • Argy

      Its a little bit more than that now, too. For me, I only really want to play Ghost because my friends have it. If my friends didn’t have Ghost but some other game, I could just as easily switch. Its a social activity and that’s what keeps a lot of other gamers in it.

      Though seeing as I don’t have my console, I actually am sitting this one out.

    • Ya tonight on BO2 I heard a lot of people saying they stopped playing Ghosts because they changed the gamemodes. Its funny because people whine for new gamemodes, and when they get them, them whine for the old ones back. Human psychology is messed up.

    • Larry

      According to Wikipedia:

      First release of Call of Duty: October 29, 2003

      First release of Battlefield: September 10, 2002

      So both have been around for well over a decade, but unfortunately it seems that the series with the most radical changes (battlefield) is not doing as well as CoD according to this, so I would agree with you that people is in fear of change, to the point, however,it is putting the industry’s creative flow to a grinding halt. comfort can be an enemy of innovation, just keep that in mind folks whenever you invest on these series.

      I would also disagree with what other has to say. Activism are adopting the “play it safe” and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude, which by far now has grown to become why the recent CoD titles feels the same as the previous one. You don’t give up new changes and always go for the “old feels”. But I guess there’s not much that can be done for a game where you simply point and shoot people, eh?

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Couldn’t agree more. But the reason why CoD is so huge is mainly CoD 4, And MW2. Those games ruled the gaming industry/market back in the day. And we all know that what is good growns fast. CoD 4 was probably the best FPS ever to existed at that time. And many, many new people to gaming started playing games with CoD (the so known squickers, that are now around 16-19 years old). The thing is, those people onyl know CoD as a game and they can’t see anything but that. If there’s a new FPS coming out, this either a rip-off of CoD, or CoD is better. Those are the same that think that the first BF game was Bad Company. And that CoD was the first FPS. CoD is also big because it was a really good FPS at the time (mabye even the best FPS) and it grown, and grown. People that just played CoD say to they’re friends and loved-ones that the game was really, really good and that they should play it. And the franchise just grown from there on, using the same method over and over again. Battlefield had never grown that fast because it was a more serious type shooter. It was fun, and always had some of the best features in the FPS genre, but just more mature people played it. But I think that now that CoD is slowly falling, it will eventually dissapear (if it says like this, with no innovation). With new Blockbusters like Titanfall and the next Respawn Entertainment installments (Titanfall 2? <— I doubt it) I think that people will eventually forget that CoD exists and move on.

        • TheShadowReaper

          BF hasnt been so successful as COD because of one main reason. its more boring than COD. also, another thing that might help to COD’s success is that you can jump in and play a 10 min game and then leave. in BF you need to devote yourself for half an hour (or even more in some cases) playing a game. its ok for the hardcore gamers like you and me but for the casuals its not really helpful.

          i can easily see already from now what will happen to COD. its not gonna be Titanfall or Destiny that will kill it. its gonna be COD’s own repetitiveness that is going to be its demise. so its not gonna be another game that kills COD, no, its gonna COD that kills COD over the years. unless they do something amazing (like using a license to use another engine like Unreal) COD is going to die very suddenly without even a little bang. but not right now.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            As I said. Yes, CoD will kill itself. But I think that with games like Titanfall, that have the same feeling has CoD, it will help CoD to “commit suicide”. But I can already see Destiny becoming CoD if it gets a huge success. Same thing with Titanfall, if it becomes a franchise. But I’ll see.

            P.S.- You can finish a BF round in 4 minutes. But not on Conquest/Large. Usually Official Conquest rounds take about 20 minutes to finish (300 tickets). But there are some servers with custom settings that increase the tickets to 1000. Making the duration of a round way higher. ( ≈ 1 hour)

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah these 1000 tickets servers. it took about an hour in BF3 to complete the game unless you were playing on OP Metro. you could easily deplete the tickets in less than 30 mins. dat map.

          • josh

            your opinion i feel bf is alot more exciting than cod but thats just my opinion

          • TheShadowReaper

            its not my opinion. its a fact. thats the actual reason why COD is successful. although COD would be successful even if BF didnt existed. BF cant steal fans from COD. no one can. COD will resume growing until it reaches a point where it cant grow more and start getting decline.

          • Brandalf

            Wait for Titanfall, if any game has a real chance of competing with COD for players it’s that game. It has the right pacing and gameplay. As an added bonus it’s developed by a large portion of the original IW team.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i know, but i have tagged this portion of the IW team as traitors, because in reality they are. + i dont want to give money to EA. not ever again, they can suck a dick.

          • Larry

            1.They are not traitors. They simply moved out and started their own company, it’s their freedom and consider what happened to the developers, I would too.
            2.Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully they come around and fix their wrongdoings.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yes they are. they had a deal, a partership, why do you think Acti sued EA? because one day they woke up and said “lets sue EA today for no reason at all”. Respawn broke that deal before it was over, took the money Activision payed them and moved on to EA. if you cant call that a traitor, then i dont know what you can. its ok to have freedom but when you are screwing over someone else for your selfish desires, as Respawn did, then you suck ass as a human. and West and Zampella suck major ass imo. + from all the publishers they could have gone they moved to EA. the worst of the worst.

          • Larry

            Hahaha, you sided with Activision even after what they done to Infinity Ward, and you said that leaving a company that mistreated you is wrong? Ha. Respawn Entertainment was created by former employees of Infinity Ward, who created the company AFTER the lawsuit was filed, and Activision did not sue Respawn Entertainment for breaking the deal, because there was never one in the first place, Respawn Entertainment works for EA, silly. Also, the reason why Activison sued EA is because the two former employees of IW, Jason West and Vince Zampella, left Activision and work for EA, Activision then amended its lawsuit against West and Zampella to join
            Electronic Arts (EA) as a defendant on the grounds that EA began a conspiracy with West and Zampella.

            Also, according to your logic, “its ok to have freedom but when you are screwing over someone else for your selfish desires,…then you suck ass as a human” Infinity Ward has not received any royalties from the sales of MW2 from Activision, think about that next time, Reaper.

          • Larry

            You forgot Killzone Shadowfall, Battlefield 4 ( and the next Bad Company installment?), and Star Wars Battlefront on the next gen consoles.

          • Larry

            Unfortunately, Reaper, it is an opinion. Even if BF’s matchmaking system is left to be desired, it doesn’t mean that BF is boring, especially if you consider the variety of things you can do in comparison with CoD. Also, BF focus on large scale and lengthy battles rather than short and adrenaline-fueled skirmishes of CoD, which people can find entertainment in both. Fanbase wise, every game has its own, and there’s no “stealing” going on- you don’t pledge alliance to only one game. It’s a game. People will move on with games, and that’s fine. There will always be a better game.

          • TheShadowReaper

            unfortunately if you ask COD fans about BF they’ll all say the same thing. BF is boring. and they are right you know. its not a bad game but when compared to COD its boring. just because you are used to it it doesnt mean that it stopped being boring. the main point of that bore is the lengthy battles you mentioned. i have played a lot of BF3 thought and i didnt stopped playing cause it was boring, but thats another convo for another time. but as i said earlier, even if BF didnt existed COD would have been successful anyways.

          • Larry

            Right, according to your words:
            1. Your fellow CoD player’s OPINIONS about another game is to be considered FACTUAL.
            2. I never said “I was used to it”. I’ve played variety of games and my previous comment was pointing out the entertainment values of both games. THAT is not my opinion but what the actual game offers. And just because lengthy battle isn’t for you or your CoD buddies doesn’t mean no one would enjoy it.

            3. All games become boring one day. That’s why we have new ones.
            4. “BF didn’t exist CoD would have been successful anyways”
            Wait, so BF, a competitor of CoD series, helped CoD became successful?

          • TheShadowReaper

            1. its not a fact because COD players said so, its just a fact. BF becomes boring fairly easily. just because YOU arent getting bored of it that doesnt mean its not.
            2. i never said no one will enjoy it, but its not as enjoyable as other FPS imo. and not just by comparing it to COD. CS, Arma and many more seem to be more enjoyable. BF is a shell of its former glory though. it will never reach the point in had reached in BF2 and thats why its not enjoyable for me. actually its a piece of shit game when compared to BF2, but thats a convo for another time.
            3. yep, agreed.
            4. do you like twisting my words? i said that it doesnt matter that BF is there. COD would have become this giant it is today having or not having competitors. tbh, COD never had a competitor after COD4. it pretty much stomped on every other shooter and it continues to do so.

          • Bf4lol

            It’s not boring get your fuckin head out of your ass fanboy

          • Gamesfov

            Lol it already has started to decline.

          • TheShadowReaper

            with million of sales? yes, it definitely is in decline. i’m sure BF is in decline too since it sells 1/4 of what COD sells every year. dumbass.

          • Frog8989

            Really? COD has been a fucking piece of shit game since cod4, it’s the same shitty game every year. Battlefield is so much better.

      • AL

        BF will never be a thing on console until they learn that people actually want to play with each other. No pre-game lobby, not being able to join as a full team, constantly having to change sides to stay together… this is how BF commits suicide.

        As far as COD, I think that it will be another game that knocks it off the charts and it will most likely be Titanfall. Destiny, while being a game I am super pumped for, is not something that will draw people away for very long. At its core its 4 player co-op max. Titanfall on the other hand comes from the winning COD formula while having added the natural evolution or spin that was needed to take it to the next level. Its going to be an interesting next year.

    • Chris

      COD ghost the worst series of cod ever created. The control feels
      loose, graphics are mostly copy and paste from previous gen, overpowered
      dumb ass dogs ” calling this innovating. People buy COD because there
      isn’t much competition for FPS games at the moment.(BF or COD at the
      moment) A fps game not showing ping or FPS in game is the worst fking
      idea ever. This is an embarrassment of fps game. This is the last year I
      am buying COD series. Way to fuk it up activision.

      got my money on Titanfall next year. COD is dead ever since original
      COD makers left the company. Look at the game difference from previous
      to this year.

    • J

      The new COD developers cant even make a game that doesnt lag on the creating your character screen. I then I have to trust these nuggets that they are putting me in a match for the “best experience”.

  • I pay attention to some reviews yet because with the PC versions there are many questions on what we are actually getting. On the other hand many reviews can’t be trusted because they will never say anything bad about the game because they will get kicked out of the “special club” by Activision. With the game releasing year after year I think it is more likely for people to just pick it up without thinking about it too much because they know they like COD in general.

    IMO Ghosts is a huge step backwards for the PC version and this will be my last Infinity Ward game that I purchase.

    • Watagatapitusberry

      How is it a step back? They’re finally giving us a game that is not held down by the consoles

      • //[email protected]”””//

        It’s optimization is crap people with high end systems are getting below 60 Fps sometimes in the forties with GTX 780 and titians. Glad I held off.

        • MeisseN

          Yeah same here… My PC with GTX 780 got lower framerates in Ghosts than in BF4… lol, still waiting for patches and drivers.

          • KoolAidMan

            Not to mention the freezes and there is no FOV slider but when you wanna use a third party FOV slider they say they are gonna ban you for modding the game???

          • MeisseN

            Nope I’ve been using FOVchanger since Mw3 and officials say it’s totally legit. XD

          • KoolAidMan

            They banned 2 of my friends for using Fovly FOV changer witch they used in MW3 but as soon as they used it in GHOSTS they got banned

          • MeisseN

            Sorry to hear that.. Also one of my friends got banned 2 times in Black Ops 2 for using VPN. Sometimes these anti-cheating stuffs are working in a weird way

          • KoolAidMan

            I got a warning from Valve once for using a FOV slider in MW2 so I’m scared to use them.

          • xx420xx

            either stop playing pc or play legit lmao

      • Again IMO – it is a total step backwards from Black Ops 2 with bad performance, sub-par graphics, locked FOV, lean keys removed, game modes removed, no ping display, generic scoreboards, etc., etc., Not held down by the consoles? This feels like a direct console port to me.

        Maybe it isn’t a step backwards from MW3 but I thought MW3 MP was trash as well.

        • MeisseN

          Well to be fair the PC graphics doesn’t look like console-ported (if you watch the ng/cg comparison video you can see lots of differences between PS3 and PS4 graphics and PS4 graphics are like PC’s so that’s it) but hell man still no changing FOV and no ping display, I can’t really stand that.

        • Brandalf

          This is the best looking COD game released on PC. People that say otherwise are using the bugged auto detect settings in Ghosts which produces blurry and muddy textures because it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. The game does have performance issues, but with workarounds I consistently sit above 70FPS, as high as 91FPS(the cap). If more people would take the time to find these workarounds you would see much less complaining.

          But I’m okay with using these workarounds until IW gets some patches out to help fix the issues me and other PC gamers are having, because honestly this is my favorite COD game since MW2.

          Also there is lean in the game, it’s contextual and IMO a much smoother experience than having to hold down a mapped key just to lean around a corner, now you just stand next to the edge of a wall and ADS, then you’re leaning, a much more smooth and organic experience.

          I hated using lean with mapped keys and more often then not didn’t even have lean mapped to anything. In Ghosts I use the lean feature all the time though.

  • Logic of a smart gamer

    When they say stuff like “A step back” and “Too familiar” in the same review, I tend to ignore them. Some even purposefully looked for negative points…

    • MeisseN

      Take IGN as an example. When the real fans of the series complained about those tiny clusterfuck maps in MW3 & BO2 and hoped Ghosts would have bigger better maps (and indeed IW did an awesome job this time), IGN took this as a disadvantage. When IW made this new perk/loadout system which gives you much more freedom than Treyarch’s Pick 10, IGN said it’s “over-complicated”. Heh.

      • VAQnotVAG

        I agree, I noticed that too

      • blue girl.

        In context it gets rather dull for the regular COD formula when you can’t find anyone to shoot, having to spend that extra minute or two searching for players AND the lack of player counts would affect that enormously.

        • MeisseN

          True. It would work perfectly with 18 players on nextgen

      • Brandalf

        IGN is a joke, they go with the wind. I remember when Black Ops and MW3 released they gave them both shining reviews and then within 3 months they were posting articles about COD is stale or needs to be reimagined, etc.

        • thinh

          black ops = 8.5/10
          mw3 = 9/10
          Those are the IGN scores (just saying)

      • BlizzardGiratina

        IGN also said BF4 blew COD: Ghosts out of the water of the back of the BF4 box, but rated Ghosts higher than BF4.

  • Abe

    Many many reviews are often merely first impressions. It should more than a few days to obtain a balanced view of the game. How can someone really enjoy the game if they never took the time to level up and explore the numerous aspects of gameplay customizations. If the game is fun, who cares if its not the best at first impressions?

    • My problem is I can’t get past first impressions because I just can’t stand to play it. I literally am just not enjoying it much at all right now. Maybe I am just too used to how smooth & polished Black Ops 2 runs right now; I don’t know.

      • AL

        I think the issue is you perceive BO2 as being smooth and polished. While the game ran better than their previous effort it is far from what we have had from IW in the past with COD4 and MW2. Ghosts finally gave me that, holy Sh%%, this is super smooth feeling that I remember from the MW2 days.

        Give the game a chance. Its different. Play squads, get used to the maps and you may change your tune.

        I remember when I played COD4 online for the first time. I got shat on over and over and over and over. But then it clicked. I was used to playing MoH and Halo, but I had to learn this game. Ghosts while still being COD is going to take a bit to re-learn.

        If you are a fan of COD give the game more than just a first impression and I am pretty sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • AcePhoenix007

    Because nobody ever gives a fuck about critic reviews.

    • Da_xavier

      i dont lol. I play a game and then divulge a verdict on the game that way.

  • Jacob Jones

    Whats bad about ghosts I personally love it!

    • Nighthawk

      Seriously? How about an IW game with no published ping? Level based match-making regardless of locale? Shitty perks and useless kill streaks? Squad points that require you to play defeated levels to unlock things you may not need or benefit from?

      This game is shit on a high speed PNW connection with a BENQ monitor and an HDMI cable.

      Blops II was at least playable. Ghosts is not only a step back but is an embarrassment in development.

      Fuck you Activision! Never again.

      • worldsfinest554

        The killstreak that kills enemy aircraft in the support package is beyond worthless. lol

      • George

        …so…why are you here again?

  • iAmEFFeX

    I don’t feel like it’s a step backwards at all. Where are people getting that from? I don’t know what people are expecting…it’s COD, we know what we are getting and people love it for being COD.

    • Felipe Rios

      Because there’s no hit markers in campaign!! Jk 😛

  • BlackSt4rFTW

    reviewers only look for any thing to use as a negative

  • VAQnotVAG

    It’s so stupid.. if they didn’t change it at all people would give it low scores because its just more of the same, yet when they listen to the fans and try and be creative they get knocked down in points because it’s too different.

  • I really don’t care what reviews the game gets, I love this game and I am gonna stay with it.

  • worldsfinest554

    Find it funny how none of the reviews that I’ve read say nothing about the shitty netcode in the game. People talk about how good the hit detection is when it really isnt. The fact that it takes 3-4 bullets to kill someone on your end but you die instantly on the other. I have a hard time distinguishing hardcore from core modes other than having no mini map.

    • George

      There are too many variables to determine that’s solely the game’s fault. Are you sure it’s not your shitty internet, or perhaps you were playing with foreign people?

  • Da_xavier

    Reviews shouldn’t even be looked into. Basing a buy off someone else experience in a game? Guess i’m old school and like to buy the game and see for my self how it plays and if i enjoy it who cares what Reviews it got?

  • arguments iz are best comedy

    hey ihh was charlieintel down or something? i can’t seem to access it at all yesterday

  • Kunuaka

    I don’t know the technical term but i need to feel more the bullet penetration and the difference between headshot and bodyshot =)

  • Ozzy Gonzalez

    Reviews mean nothing!! Cod ghosts is amazing. I dont see what people expect from a fps? It’s just a shooter! best multiplayer experience ever i think.

  • Spread it NAO
  • Louis

    Hate to say it CoD better watch out for Titan Fall, cause the developers of TF, Respawn Entertainment, were the old developers for Cod4 and MW2 which were the best in this series. I do enjoy playing CoD but its the SAME thing every year just new guns, reskins, and maps. If Activision wants more money get IW and the old developers back again and bring an updated CoD 4/MW2 back. By updated I’m meaning just the graphics and feel for next gen, LEAVE THE MAPS, GUNS and MODES the same!

    • xx420xx

      cod4 and mw2 were shit
      give up

    • CoD will have no competition from titanfall because it’s xbox one (pc?) exclusive but destiny is a competitor

    • George

      I can see the reviews saying it’s Call of Duty with giant robots. That’s certainly what it looked like when I watched trailers.

  • ORB1T4L

    Fuck the reviews, I loved Ghosts’ campaign, the MP is crazy and Extinction is very good ! Of course it’s just my opinion but I’m tired of seeing CoD being bashed every year for stupid reasons. If you don’t like it just don’t buy it and go for what you like.

  • josh

    most likely because most cod players are too young to read a review

  • xx420xx

    they only give it bad reviews because theyre fucking SHIT at it lmao

  • tellMEwhat Ithink

    Reviewers inject far too much of their personal opinions and bias. Not to mention many reviewers/sites are provided with “perks” from game developers and companies.

  • Misogynist

    To be blunt: Fuck reviews. If you enjoy a game that’s been around for years, why not pick it up? If you’re going to base your decision just because of a few bad reviews, then that’s pretty sad to me.

    And in my opinion, I think Ghosts is a pretty damn good game. It just came out so there’s obviously going to be a lot of broken crap, but all-in-all this is a pretty good CoD game to say the least.

  • Batman

    The only CoD who deserved more than 9, fuck the reviews BO2/MW3 were terrible and MW2 deserved an 8

  • George

    So WHICH reviews exactly had Battlefield 4 scores higher than Ghosts? I certainly haven’t seen them.

  • Zpr4y

    It’s because the reviews are shit! They say that ghosts has low amount of combinations in the create a soldier..??. WHAT! We have NEVER been able to do this to our character(s) and we got super many perks and 3 different and VERY balanced killstreak series, we got tons of Guns with all kiindzz of attachements and they say it is like NO combos… There are over 20000 different combinations… Try to use them all… I wont be able too… CUZ THEY ARE TOO MANY! (In a good way)!

    I rly hope people read the IGN review cuz it is the ONLY one that i have seen that is played by some1 that is good at the game and has played for over 30 minutes…
    And we buy CoD (atleast i do) cuz we know that they have a stable game! I’m not afraid that it will change and i will always have FUN playing it! Have they even played squads or extinction?! Seriously?!

  • Ryumoau

    i’ve never understood people thinking Battlefield was a serious competitor to Call of Duty. It never broke records and it doesn’t have near the same level of install base CoD has. In fact, in UK it didn’t even beat Assasin’s Creed 4 in the sales chart on its opening week.

  • thinh

    I think the only way to determine whether a game is good or not is to play the game yourself, rather than relying on the reviews and what others think.