There’s been a lot of confusion recently regarding how the new Ghosts clan features can be used, and we thought we’d help clear some of it up.

First and foremost, the new stat tracking abilities and new clan features for Ghosts are only accessible via in-game menus or the brand new Call of Duty App. The new app is out now for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and for Windows 8.1 OS.

Secondly, many have been asking about how to link your Steam account. You can use the new app to do so. The app will give you an option to use your XBL, PSN, or Steam. If you’re on Android, the Steam feature is missing, and Beachhead is working on a fix.

Finally, as of now, Beachhead has confirmed that they don’t have any plans to enable these new features via the website. Call of Duty Elite will continue to operate for a limited time (expected to be closed down in early 2014) only for Black Ops 2 and MW3. Ghosts features will not be available on Elite. And, there’s no console app either.

Beachhead is aware of some of the clan management issues that fans have been reporting and is working on a fix. And, for those of you who are on Android, if the app isn’t compatible with your phone, note that Beachhead is also aware of this and plans to add more support in the near future.

  • Corey

    Right, well that’s stupid as hell.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Beachhead has always been, and always will be a joke.

    • James K

      You couldn’t weave a better statement.

      • luton

        Dobt play it then stop whining

        • James K

          I don’t use the app anyway.

        • Kevin Murphy

          Really??…people pay enough money to get full access to all features over xbox live and many pc users like myself see no need to waste money on smart phones for apps when all we use them for is phoning and texting…they took no interest in running a survey for accessibility points only listened to kids who wanted 24 hours access via their phones whilst in school…they assumed the entire planet had the necessary access or didn’t care for the hardcore gamers who couldn’t give a shite about elite being on an app as they had it already at easy access on PCs and Consoles where the glitches had already been sorted…and to limit the app to recently marketed 12 month old software/firmware phones is a joke….what i wanna know is….i understand why android has had an app made available coz of Sonys involvement in the gaming industry but it baffles my mind why Apple made systems are given full access and having apps made for them over xbox and pc users….so u ask why people are whining???…they’re not whining, they are wondering why all their years of support and loyality have been overlooked coz of what type of phone they have in their pocket…whilst all the hardcore gamers whom spend all their money on Windows components and consoles and Sony etc and High Quality Tv’s coz they believe the money they invest grants them full access are being over looked coz of phone companies and developers??…It’s all down to money…simples….I’m not saying apps shouldn’t be made for us…but not exclusively for phones cutting out the customer that made the money for them in the first place….it’s forceful marketing and it’s all for selfish gain…not taking away the work the work horses in the development side do…but hierarchy decides in the end…selfish shambles

          • Axxpebble

            I am high schooler but i totally agree with this. Its BS, The Computer provides a better screen and with my setup all i have to do is glance at my computer screen during loading screens and im done. rather than waiting for some dumb app to load and then to actually lag and freeze up in the process.

          • Website version i’m developing:

        • charles

          hey guess what shut your mouth!

          • ThatGuyKCCO

            do you boost your ego by telling people to “shut up” behind the safety of your computer

          • TheBonR

            im hella weak when you just said that

  • Mosssy

    That’s disappointing, but to be honest, the Call of Duty app is REALLY well made. Super smooth and the emblem editor is ingenious.

    • sporeboy100

      doesnt work when i try and log in using it

      • UAE-Assassin007

        Log out & Try again

        • GetinAir

          Crash, Crash ooh wait Unknown Error. Good stuff

  • Habibi xxx

    beachhead studios are are a bunch of money whoring wankers

  • Tjcjr88

    Yeah in the meantime, none of my phones are “compatible”. I got a hold of the .apk, installed it on 2 different “incompatible” devices and it works just fine! Dumbasses!

    • MazeMatik

      I did the same and it installed perfectly but won’t run all the time… it randomly freezes every now and then… very annoying.

      I got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    • Auptyk

      Didn’t see your comment till I had posted mine, gave you the thumbs up vote to give credit. To anyone interested here are the steps:

      1. On your phone or tablet go to Settings > Security > and check “Unknown Sources”

      2. Find the app on the Google Play store … or just click this:… (You can copy it, but if you want to confirm that it is in fact the app… go there)

      3. Copy that link and then go here:… This site will allow you to download the apk from the store.

      4. Load the apk to your phones SD card (obviously this requires you to connect your phone to your computer)

      5. Navigate to the file on your phone. (If for some reason you dont have a file browser on your phone OI File Manager is a good app to get)

      6. Click on apk to install.

      7. Profit.

      8. Uncheck the Unknown Sources to re-secure your phone.

      • coilover2005

        Thanks for the tips. What a pain in the ass though!

    • It’s writing my phone is incompatible but it’s “just” because it’s not available in my country.

  • Sentrymann

    That’s a mistake.

  • This is dumb because I don’t have an Android, IOS, and Windows phone. The only way I want to access how my clan is doing is through Call of Duty Elite on the web and to manage clan stuff and how the clan level is doing.

  • Auptyk

    If your device is not supported but you are running 4.0 Android or higher just side load the app manually and it installs just fine. Still will have to wait for them to fix Steam integration for PC players but you guys on the console will be golden.

    1. On your phone or tablet go to Settings > Security > and check “Unknown Sources”

    2. Find the app on the Google Play store … or just click this: (You can copy it, but if you want to confirm that it is in fact the app… go there)

    3. Copy that link and then go here: This site will allow you to download the apk from the store.

    4. Load the apk to your phones SD card (obviously this requires you to connect your phone to your computer)

    5. Navigate to the file on your phone. (If for some reason you dont have a file browser on your phone OI File Manager is a good app to get)

    6. Click on apk to install.

    7. Profit.

    8. Uncheck the Unknown Sources to re-secure your phone.

    • Awesome, thank you!

    • Louis

      Awesome, app works just fine! Screw that not “compatible”

    • Lightning1432

      When I go to the evozi site I get a 404 error :/

      • Angela Bain

        Same here.

  • No website? That’s retarded. That’s only way to properly manage a clan. Fix Elite, don’t make a new program that’s has even more glitches because it’s new…

    • Jeremy

      They should just add on to it like have at the beginning select either mw3 or bo2 they should add a call of duty ghosts selection.

    • I’ve developed a way to -view- information about yourself, your clan, your squad, and clan war information. Sadly, you cannot edit/modify your settings, since I don’t have that capability, but it loads fast and works across devices.
      Spread the word.

  • TalenX

    There is a way to run it on PC. Blue Stacks lets you emulate Android on a PC or Mac. I was able to download and run the Call of Duty App and tinker around with it. Blue Stacks is a beta product so it won’t be flawless but it does work.

    • Corey

      I was thinking about this earlier, but waited for someone to test it out. Thanks!

    • Angela Bain

      Installing now. Thanks! (This issue is still annoying, though!)

      • Angela Bain

        My graphics drivers are too old….install failed. Go figure.

        • TalenX

          That sucks, and I agree it’s annoying. The only thing that makes sense is that they’re still laying the groundwork for a more secure connection so that you can use your phone/tablet as a second screen. If I can get the same functionality on my PC then I’ll consider it a bonus.

    • Tahvvy Arts

      how do you play the app on this?

      • TalenX

        You emulate Android on your PC, basically convincing your PC it’s an over-szed Android tablet. You can download the app via the Play Store and run it one screen. Only issue I had was an inability to play it full screen

    • RVD

      I cant seem to find the app on it? is it still there?

      • TalenX

        You have to go to the Play Store and download it. Keep in mind you’re emulating an Android device on your PC, no phone or tablet comes pre-installed with the CoD App

  • CoDforever

    Just bring back league play goddammit !

    • clan vs clan when it begins later this month is the new league play

      • CoDforever

        You cant play solo ! Now i gotta make a clan and get people together and go through all that extra shit !

        • Good thing with Clan v Clan is that it’s only 4v4 so I’m assuming you have at least 3 friends for the clan :p
          If you wanna play solo you could try Squads mode? Haven’t played that yet myself tho

  • derp

    Cod took a huge step back this year…

  • Fuck =(

    • truthteller

      i know i hate it

  • Matt Trumble

    wtf put it on the web i want to use my computer with it

  • KoolAidMan

    Doesnt bother me at all never really used the old Elite app on PC or my Iphone

  • Jimmy Mcbride

    this sucks I’m in a clan B2K3 and I cant get the clan out there with out buying some new tab or phone because mine doesn’t let me down load. that a sham what happened to elite it was just fine the game knows if what level I was on in cod black opps 2 but cant tell what clan bull sh!t.

  • EastTNMuel

    If beachhead is listening why don’t you let us have access to this via Xbox Live or through the game since you are not going to have this on the web. By the way its not out there for all phones which is stupid in the first place.

  • Grubse


    • Corey

      This has nothing to do with IW, relax.

  • wesmantooth

    This is completely retarded.. You mean to tell me I have to have an android to get the app.. Why would you single it to you just one thing like that.. Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!!!

  • shah

    COD effing up its Gamers!! !!

    How ridiculous to limit it such, what about Other platforms?
    I dont use IOS or Andriod? WHAT THEN?
    and to be clear this article too mentions “available on windows phone too”

    **Plz make sure you DO mention ..Its limited to the latest/limited-devices that use “WINDOWS 8” on theirs phones,
    and 7.5 and 7.8 owners will still not be able to use it even if in millions and ready to even pay !
    My symbian cant run it either !!

    This is really sad !! and a pathetic move by COD and its planners !!
    Just let us use the effing “COMPUTER”
    we have all got it, just as you got your brain that you aren’t using well !!

  • Louis

    Who here on Android has the app installed? What phone/version of android are you running? Apparently Moto Droid Maxx (same phone at moto X, just no on screen buttons and maxx has a larger battery) isn’t compatible with the App. Would like this to be fixed so I can manage the clan. Fix this or give us a damn website until beachhead can figure out this app. Kinda figured it wouldn’t work as of launch.

  • Jake

    Can anyone else level up their clan? I’ve been playing with a few of my clan members and we aren’t receiving any xp towards our clan.

  • Tommy

    I have a note 2 phone by Verizon and the new call of duty app says that it is not compatible with my phone so does that mean I can’t get the new app or the eyeball patch for getting the app please let me know

  • Rory

    Join my clan it’s Wolf Gamerz and anyone is welcome the emblem is a black wolf with a moon behind it and blood splatters in background

  • sporeboy100

    so now they assume that everybody in the world has a smartphone/tablet?

  • Bmeowmix

    I hope they realize that not everyone is going to have access to this and either change this new policy or at least make ALL clan features available in-game

  • nofear_9

    Give us web access to it please >.>

  • Angela Bain

    This is completely ridiculous considering how much money we spend on this game each and every year…At least have a way to edit clans in game or via the web.

  • Travis Racine Normandin

    this is a out rage my android isn’t good enough to operate the app and they refuse to make it easier with online pc app so we suffer ready to bring the game back and call it quits

    • Nultrix

      They are making it overcomplicated… If you can make a whole game and a way to create a clan, how come you can’t make a way to edit you clan IN that game? It’s kinda ridiculous that Infinityward or whoever the heck is making the decisions would even exert themselves MORE the create LESS availability. Why not just do LESS and get MORE? for once, there’s a simple way… and you don’t even take it… god, I just wanna slap someone now!


    seriously put it on the web too don’t be so damn stupid many peoples phones are not compatible i am the owner/founder of FMJ GAMING net since 2009 and roughly 200 people are not even going to buy it due to this and almost the 100 people that did are talking about returning it. I having been playing COD since the first COD and i must say by not putting this on the web through a computer is the most idiotic thing the makers have ever done. besides the fact of the exact same graphics from mw2 and all the same map lay outs with some minor changes. Dont turn it into a total bust by not letting people access it from a laptop/computer

    • Mike

      I agree. Extremely disappointed in many areas. the website sucks. crashes and freezes even tried accessing it from two diff computers and used 3 diff browsers. keeps asking to verify email and i’ve tried 100 times it doesn’t work. i’ve spent hours on tech support for the codes not working. overall a huge disappointment!!! very poor roll out. with all the money we pay you’d think they would care a lil more. i’m taking the shit back, the game and the ps4. just too many things suck it is unfortunate.

    • Maqsi

      Graphics were better on MW2.

  • blackknight2332

    I cant even pass the part where you play your “first” game…. it is really stupid

  • John-paul Baldwin

    How comes when u try and put the clan tag on ghost it comes up not autherised . And also i cnt make a clan emblem on ghost app

  • Evil Flanker

    The whole clan system is broken – I paid for the game to run on my PC I will never buy a suitable phone for the APP. This is a CON! – ALL Options need to be available in game.

  • FreestylersUnited

    COD:G is messed up, the only cool thing about this game are the maps. Clans suck, spawns suck, lag sucks and I’m stuck in a clan, yet it says I’m in two clans, in-game say I’m in ZERO clans. WOW they couldn’t have just stuck with Elite? They had to ‘try something new’? ****ING RETARDED

  • Dray

    when IM on the app on my phone on m clan stuff how do I kick people out of my clan?

  • crackit

    How do you activate double clan xp

  • SlovakianLlama

    It’s been a huge pain trying to manage the clan via the app and/or in-game. Certain things are showing up that members are apart of the clan on one system and not on the other. Managing it through the websites are SO much easier… Hate that they took this feature away. ):

  • charles

    actually fix one on counsole and put ghost on both ps3 and next gen cause people don’t have money to go out and get smart phones and shit im so frustrated with this im about ready to tell people this how it works and go to battlefield 4 try to set a clan for that im sick of hearing about this I got 4 people already having trouble and if that’s what we got to do to get new uniform for building clan lvls I wot be able to get the uniform red and black outfit bullshit!

  • WhiteDevil

    Major letdown on the clan ops accessibility… damn!! Makes me down right angryyyy hahaha lol

  • disappointed cod fan

    i pay for a game then find out i need to buy a tablet or new phone every cod title ive had it you can suck my left nut , ghosts is going bk for a refund bunch o tossers


      Yes the app is K.O.R.N.Y.!!! Thanks Activision and whoever else contribute to this HOT MESS!!!

  • pirategirl624

    The app is not compatible with my windows phone, is there a way to fix this?

  • coggle

    I had the app on my tablet but it was uninstalled by mistake but when I went to install it again it could not be found on the play store or it said not compatable of my device whats up with that

  • ChaosZeus

    Good thing is if you have windows 8…They have the app for it!! WOot

  • Xeno_EvG ps3

    BMKz Xeno_EvG

  • Xeno_EvG ps3

    BigMoneyKillaz!!!! BMKz ps3 blackops ghost join clan need clan members

  • X

    The app won’t let let me sign in on my iPod, it keeps saying my email doesn’t exist

  • Guest100

    U guys need to make a windows phone 7 version because me and my friends have no access to our clan

  • Brandon

    My clan in clan wars already captured the oil rig playing s&r with 18 wins and everyone else had 0 then next day we had 0 wins and another clan had 18 wins… WTF that better be a glitch they can fix

  • Derek

    Sad really, not everyone has a shitty cellular device.

  • Walzo

    how the hell do you edit ur clan emblem

  • AklerTalent

    what level does your clan have to be to edit the motto and clan tag

  • Jonathan Markey

    I use the web version of Elite to update our clan’s website with daily challenges/weekly zombie challenges/ & Weekend Clan Ops….this step backwards is going to make it much more difficult to do this part of clan management…10x fold.

  • Darklordmilo

    look I’m poor so why when i finally save money and get a good game any application for it i must have a android or tablet or i phone for make it all of them so anyone can use it not just people in the middle class.

  • Irish

    this is fucken stupid… i wonder who is the fucken genius that said lets not put it on pc and just smart phones and tablets…. he should be fired i know me and most of my friends are returning the game today and getting battlefeild 4. good job beachhead on killing cod hope your proud of yourselves

  • Sam

    wtf the access is so restricted in-game

  • stana

    haha they are so fucking retarded

  • Scrowned

    This is a huge disappointment. I’m on one of those androids that isn’t compatible with the app… “yet”. Elite works fine, put ghosts in there as another tab, not a whole new freaking thing all for ghosts. Elite is on the web, how hard is it to put this app on the web and make it possible for people like me to manage their clan??

  • guest

    the app is too large for my phone…need a web site

  • Poswo

    I wouldn’t mind the app so much if it didn’t crash every time I try to edit something -.-

  • Connor

    Oh…. FFS Stop bitching about the game! Yes the fact that you cannot acess your clan on certain things is not great. But they have stated they are working on it… Grow a pair and get some damm patience

  • annoyed

    They need to make an app for the xbox/playstation consoles or for the pc.
    This limited support is very frustrating!! I am the only member of my that has a supported device… no one else can access it.
    And the app is buggy on my iPhone (app is telling me this morning that my clan is not engaged in the current clan war. However, last night I was using the app and my clan is winning the war.. now I can’t track how we’re doing)

  • rob

    last cod i’m ever buying, broken in every way and making the info available to only those with a phone is beyond stupid.. battlefield 4 here i come

  • Arinord Gral

    make versions for mac and pc!!!

  • Jeremy

    Make a website come on!

  • tre dunx

    Dude bring back the websidte this app fad is stupid as hell, I used to use it A LOT I don’t use it ever…
    Just something to think about

  • truthteller

    it takes forever to load on my android 🙁

  • Daniel

    Put it on the web + even if you would get it on your phone it dosent work there anyway i cant login tried a thousand times so just put it on god damm web/ sorry for my bad english

  • Attention Ghost Players! After much frustration with the current Smartphone/Limited tablet app for accing basic information and clan war information I have developed a FREE and OPEN website that displays everything you need whether you view it on web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Spread the word to other fellow gamers! No scam, no hacking.

  • White tiger

    Hey every time i try to change my emblem the app crashes

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