Users on Reddit have spotted a Zelda Easter egg within Call of Duty: Ghosts. There is an award showcase in an area of the game with the award being for ‘most bushes cut and pots smashed.’ And the awards around are related to TARDIS.

SOURCE: Kotaku (via r/Zelda)

  • way2ghost

    Wow, that’s a very big EE :/

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  • Guest

    This game just gets worse..

    • Because of easter eggs?

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Then don’t play it. Complaining little bitches!!! If you want Activision to make a better game people like you need to stop buying them!!

    • TheShadowReaper

      the game isnt bad. its just a step backward in the franchise (when comparing to BO2) but its still good. its the classic unreal fast paced action build into a military shooter. it didnt change that so…why is it getting worse?

      • Brandalf

        See, me and my friends saw BO2 as a MASSIVE step back for COD and could never take it seriously or even care about the MP portion of it, for too many reasons to list. Ghosts on the other hand is back to what made me love COD and is my favorite since MW2.

        I hope 3arch gets back to their design philosophy from [email protected] and BO1. If they make their next game like BO2, I won’t be purchasing it.

        • TheShadowReaper

          BO2 was a step forward. even if it is hard to take it in, at the end of the day it is. Ghosts isnt bad, bad its a massive step backwards. i dont wanna see anything like that. 3arc try their best to bring innovation and freshness into this franchise when IW just recycles a shitty multiplayer and sells it at full price, the same thing that happened with MW3. if you dont like what 3arc does then i cant wait for their next game just to not see people like you buying it. you cant appreciate shit.

          • Brandalf

            BO2 catered to a very small demographic of players, it was designed from the ground up for the pro scene and that was it’s biggest downfall. Boring weapons, maps that were tiny and extremely simplistic with their strict 3 lane design.

            Maps had almost no sightlines and forced a CQC playstyle, The only viable option in pub matches were SMGs and a couple of the ARs or shotguns. Not to mention that atrocious hit detection and lag even with the PC dedicated servers. The hit detection was so terrible it was actually more viable to hipfire with laser sight than aim more often then not.

            BO2 forced a specific playstyle on every one of it’s players and that was a bad move, it alienated anyone that wasn’t a mindless rusher and actually wanted to use a bit of strategy in pub matches. I have no idea what switched off for 3arch but BO2 was a major departure from their previous attempts and had no resemblance of variety, fun or complexity.

            BO1 was my third favorite COD game, COD4 and MW2 being ahead of it. MW3 and BO2 were both pretty big disappointments for me. Ghosts finally has gotten COD back to what it should be, a game that is about being amazingly fun in a world full of boring, dull shooters.

            You are basically saying since I disagree with you about BO2 that somehow translates to “I don’t appreciate shit”. I appreciate change when it’s for the better, not when it’s for the worse. If you liked BO2 that’s fine but everyone I know was disappointed with it and it was also the first COD game that didn’t outsell the previous installment. There is a reason for that.

          • thebulky1cometh

            I couldn’t have said it better. A wise man!

          • TheShadowReaper

            BO2 did outsell MW3. what a noob.

            BO2 has a lot of things that i cant find in an IW game. great balancing, huge variety in playstyle (even if most of the maps didnt allow it), tons of PC settings that IW never includes in their game like FOV, sound options and specific advanced settings, gameplay that allows you to be skillful and not win a gunfight if you’re the first who shoots and many more.

            if a fun game for you is a chaotic environment where everyone has a dog revenge killing, get 2 shot no skill kills and and being able to shoot or be shot at every corner of the map cause there are no basic lines on the map to follow then you have your shitty game. Ghosts is a massive step backwards and its sad after all the things that 3arc gave us like scorestreaks and competitive play instead of pub noobing.

            BO2 isnt the greatest but not the worst in the series. MW3 holds the title for the worst COD ever and i’m guessing in some months from now Ghosts is going to follow. BO1 and COD4 are the best in the series so far, followed by MW2.

            i wont let a kid like you lecture me about COD. go drink your milk already. it seems like everyone that has played one or two games these days has formed an opinion about everything. fucking amateurs.

          • Jet045

            Ghosts has its flaws, but pretty much every game does. Black Ops 2 was extremely dull due to the 3 lane map design and poor gun design. Nearly every single gun had 0 recoil, and one gun always dominated the others in its class. Some things they added were just stupid, like the Hunter Killer drone PS. The game also had a lot of short cuts. Cant get good with the SWAT? Slap on select fire and spray it. Lets also not forget the fact that you can pretty much throe C4 like a baseball in that game. The competitive scene was good imo, but like he stated before, only caters to a small group of people.

          • Brandalf

            BO2 reached $1B in sales faster than MW3, but it sold 15% less overall. BO2 is the most chaotic, absurd COD game ever developed. It was rush or nothing. No sniping, no camping, no strategy, at least not in pubs.

            As for the rest of your post, we’re of different opinions and that’s fine. But when you belittle another point of view to try and justify your own, it’s pathetic and immature. If you liked BO2 that’s fine, good for you, I hated it and you have absolutely no right to tell me or anybody else their opinion is wrong.

            Your post became an immature, aimless rant and that’s when I am out. Have a nice night!

          • TheShadowReaper

            well then, you can take your opinion and shove it up your ass. have a good day sir.

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          Dude me and my friends had loads of fun on BO2. Did you not try league play with your friends or something? It’s so fun in a competitive way it was like playing football with my friends. To say BO2 is a “MASSIVE” step back is a very silly thing to say because its several MASSIVE steps ahead of Ghosts although Ghosts isn’t the worst thing in the world. Treyarch literally try hard ad IW is becoming lackadaisical tbh, it’s time the COD community gave credit where it’s due and realized Treyarch has surprisingly outgrown IW although still do try their best!

          I mean I was watching the Ghosts launch livestream tournament and it was horrible due to having no COD casting feature like in BO2. I had no idea who was shooting who etc. I won’t be watching Ghosts competitive this at all without COD casting features.

          • Brandalf

            That’s fine if you like the competitive scene but the most important thing for me is that the game is fun. BO2 just wasn’t for me or anyone I knew. I loved BO1 it showed 3arch is capable of standing on their own merits as a COD dev, BO2 made me completely lose that faith they instilled into me with BO1.

            I personally couldn’t give two shits about watching COD tourneys, they’te boring to watch. Due to the heightened skills of all of the players it really just is like watching a bunch of massively average players play the game. I know that’s not the case but Watching COD competitive is not impressive or entertaining for me.

            Just so your aware they are patching in CODcaster and other features for the competitive scene. Which is how it should be, the pro scene is a small portion of the playerbase and should not be the priority when considering the design of the game.

        • AnotherAverageSniper

          Completely agreed, Black Ops 2 was just majorly unbalanced and the campaign kinda ruined it too.

          • Brandalf

            I actually liked the BO2 campaign quite a bit, the MP however was just terrible, IMO.

        • KoolAidMan

          I really just didnt like the futuristic setting I know it wasnt laser guns and shit but it wasnt for me

  • anys

    Call of Duty: Tumblr
    (not a good thing)

  • Jet045

    Activsion <3 Nintendo.

  • xx420xx

    epic reddit meme

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Ghosts doesnt deserve to have a zelda easter egg in their game!

    • Then you don’t deserve to have a say…just saying

  • Klinecars

    Given for:
    World Not Ending

  • oli4029

    Funny how theres a nintendo easter egg in Call of Duty even though Activision has almost NO support to the Wii U when it comes to patches/updates/dlc…

    • Andreas S Hidle

      Easter eggs is not necessarily informed to everyone in a company. This might just be a designers choice, who is a fan of Zelda

  • Jeremy Jackson

    I’m so tired of people bashing BO2. It’s like a huge hivemind that seems to consume everyone that isn’t very skilled at the game. There are so many things that BO2 has that other CODs either didn’t do or did poorly. I’ll list some things I LIKE about BO2, instead of just saying blablabla lag, blablabla worst cod ever, etc

    -Pick 10, absolutely loved it
    -Scorestreaks, best idea ever, u got points for EVERTYTHING you did
    -Preventing ghost campers
    -OBJ play was rewarded
    -Good players got rewarded
    -Good spawns
    -Good Maps
    -Perks worked how they were intended to i.e Tac Mask, Flak jacket
    -Couldn’t camp and get your scorestreaks
    -Competitive/league play
    -No soundwhoring(probably my favorite thing)
    -Beast killstreaks i.e Lodestar, VSAT, Dogs, Swarm, Escort Drone
    -Map flow was amazing(on most maps)

    Only things I didn’t like was Lag(before patch 2), PDW nerf, SVU, Target Finder and quickscoping. Those few things don’t compare to the laundry list of things that I disliked about the IW CODs and WaW.