Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available at GameStop stores across US starting tomorrow. If you visit GameStop’s website, it says that the game will ship within 24hours and you can check the availability.

Fans have been telling us that they have been receiving text messages and emails from GameStop that the game is available tomorrow for pickup. We haven’t been able to confirm, but some are saying other retailers may also get the Xbox One version of Ghosts tomorrow as well.

UPDATE: We’ve called around and some Gamestops are saying they can be picked up tomorrow and some are saying they cant be picked up till Nov. 19th. Our local Gamestop sent us a text message alert and said to come in tomorrow while some others have definitely shipped and are in transit… We’ll know for sure tomorrow when Gamestops open.

SOURCE: Gamestop

  • Got my PS4 Hardened edition 2 days ago. Try to keep up Xbone

    • Bennie_Hair
      • Indeed, Greatness Awaits. 8 days and counting

        • Xecho

          Holy mother of jesus fucking of all mother of lords of Playstation and Sony gods! This.. This looks so beautiful!

          • Should i break in?

          • Xecho

            Go sneaky sneaky on that shit Riley!

        • Kyle PDX

          I wonder what kind of security that place has.

          • KoolAidMan

            I see it makes me wanna go all splinter cell up in there and get one mmmm

  • JustFag

    Or get it for PS4 now and enjoy a superior system.

  • AcePhoenix007

    PS4 fanboys. PS4 fanboys everywhere.

    • Yeezus

      XBOX fanboys. XBOX fanboys with their assholes ripped open everywhere.

  • Super_Deluxe

    PS Plus 1 year membership $50, Xbox Live Gold membership $60 not to mention the required membership to use apps like Netflix. Once again Sony one ups Micro$oft lol.

    • Also PS+ gives you like 8 AAA free games a month, and they are recent. Unlike Gold’s 1 free game thats 6 years old… lol so sad

      • Kyle PDX

        Its actually 2 free games a month. And just so u know a lot of 6 year old games that are really good games and those are the ones chosen for gold members.

        • JustFag

          The thing is, those really good old games, can be bought for 5-10 bucks.

  • Shaun

    When did it start to make a difference what platform you played on ? What happened to being just gamers ?! Im getting an Xbox One but the PS4 looks great . Grow up fanboys and start being gamers again.

    • Yeezus

      He’s just sad he can’t talk shit anymore because XBOX One is a piece of shit. 7 years ago, you know you were talking shit about PS.

      • Shaun

        I wasn’t replying to anyone, just stating. Also, i had a PS first so there goes your argument.

  • Adamant Flux

    Ground war is going to be so popular for next gen

  • MeisseN

    .___. the whole comment section is like rioting or sth…

  • John Zych

    Anyone pickup theirs?

  • ThEe NaMeLeSs1

    Ups just delivered my copy of Ghosts for XB1…why!? The system doesn’t come out for another 2 weeks…the torture!!!

  • AirWolf302

    I would pick it up, I already have it paid full price, but i’m probably just gonna wait till the 22nd when i pick up the rest of my preordered games.

  • Eddie

    i received a text from them, but when i called the store they said no. confused