Lots of fans have been wondering what happened to the dedicated servers that were promised to all platforms as fans immediately started noticing host migrations during games.

No official announcement has been made as to the current status of dedicated servers on current-gen, however, Infinity Ward Senior Community manager said the last she heard, they were “rolling them out over time.”

We’ll let you know if we hear any more as far as time frame or any official announcements. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: @Teanah

  • The first time I got an Host Migration in Ghosts, my screen went black and the game freezed.

    • Chris

      Froze* just sayin…

      • wazza

        Saying. Just saying…

        • IzVic


  • platinumwarrior121

    Ill probably pick this game back up sometime when i get my ps4,i just couldn’t keep it,game is horrible on current consoles

    • Jason

      It will be the same on the ps4. Only the Xbox One will have full dedicated servers.

      • CallMeFruity

        No, all consoles will have dedicated servers.

        • Lord Mannyrossa

          Nope. IW only promised them to PC and XB1. They said they will implement it in PSN once PSN acquires a cloud server asset like the XB1 has. PS did acquire a company that does that, but they have yet to implement it in the console/network.

  • confused

    10 hours on ps3 and not 1 host migration that i can remember,but why am i always the one that connects first to the server?or am i the server?i don’t know.

    • blackburnt7

      If you have bought the game through the PSN store, loading times are slot faster. Thats my experience. I’m always in the game first and it starts counting down at 55 seconds.

      • confused

        i did,makes sense,thanks for that.

      • Plokijuh

        Oh is that why it’s so slow? That’s hilarious, I like the longer timer since I can really think about what class to use.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Played it for like 2 days and I got 3 host migrations so far. Sometimes puts me in lobbies with a few people and have to wait a really long time over and over. The connection is just a mess now and can’t wait for the dedis. That might even help me hold off for the PS4 till next year.

    • NiftyGam3r

      Havent had a host migration at all, but im having trouble with lag… Lots of it

      • Abe

        I’ve been playing squads wargame on veteran. I have more fun and get more xp in squads than in mp lobbies full of Lag.

        • NiftyGam3r

          The AI is brutal in squads!

        • chucky6665

          you must suck then cause 2000 xp max out isnt good

      • Cuylar

        then it’s an issue with YOUR connection.

    • falahcod

      It sounds like you’re confused.

  • T.E.D.

    the dedicated servers are not up yet, and it was announced that ghosts will use a combination of dedicated and listen servers (the ones we use now) and possibly a server browser in future patches

  • Louis

    I have yet to have a host migration yet on 360, just on launch day the servers went down around 1030pm est

  • James K

    This is so confusing.

    • MW,MW2,MW3,BO2>Ghosts

      Where in the heck are the connection status bars at!!!!!!!! Atleast with that I can leave a lobby that I got a crap connection to and make sense of why I got shot by someone that hasn’t turned the corner yet on my screen. This game is a joke with out that status bar.

  • All I am going to say is that they better be here by the time the Xbone launches or I might jump on BF4.. I am tired of lag compensation.

    • Batman

      YOUR FUCKING IDIOT, dedicated servers donΒ΄t get rid of lag compensation. And the Ghosts net code is awesome

      • Lag compensation is due to the P2P system. Hosts can only manage so much, which is why in MW2, Cod4, and WaW there was always talk of host advantage. It was Treyarch that tried to get rid of it by including lag compensation. If we have dedicated servers we shouldn’t need it. If we do, then the servers are terrible. “Your” the fucking retard for not knowing that. Why don’t you ask me more about how the internet works and I’ll explain a few things that’ll blow your mind.

        • Johhny E

          Where do babies come from? lol!

          • Dwight K. Schrute

            when 2 gay men make love, how do they know which one’s penis will open up to accept the other?

        • NachoNinjaNuts

          Lag compensation is a very broad term. It will always exist as a part of online gaming. The alternative is to have a player with a bad connection seeing the game a couple seconds slower than everyone else. The bad connection player will only see a ghost image of everyone else and for their bullets to hit the other players they would have to aim a few feet ahead of a moving target. Obviously this gives a pretty significant advantage to the players with good connections (rightfully so I might add; I pay good money for my internet and I shouldn’t be punished by the server for that but that’s a different story) The reason P2P is such a problem is due to the fact that it gives the host virtually 0 lag and therefore the game must compensate even more to equalize the bad connection players. Dedicated servers do not eliminate lag compensation. It just eliminates the host advantage and puts everyone on a level playing field based on their connection. But if someone tries to connect to a dedicated server with their walmart dial-up connection the server WILL compensate for their high ping(+200) but it won’t be as noticeable because everyone will have a ping (50-100) and no one will be hosting with 0 ping. There is more technical information at
          http://wiki beyondunreal com/Legacy:Lag_Compensation

          • When I am referring to lag compensation, I am talking about CoD’s kind of lag comp. Call of Duty has a very specific kind that I’ve not seen in any other FPS I’ve played. Ping isn’t really the issue because they delay actions of everyone. Even in a system link session you’ll find it. That is why we talk of curving bullets and watching kill cams where on you only fired 1 bullet even though on your TV you fired half a clip.

            The difference between P2P hosting and dedicated servers is that in P2P we are limited by the host’s and our own bandwidth. Unless we have Google Fiber, our upload speeds are pretty sad. Any hosting by our internet isn’t very good. My internet is great, but if I am playing with friends across the US then when they connect to local hosts I suffer quite a bit. And now there is more information than ever being transmitted when we play. We are talking stats, heat maps, and all kinds of information the games have to keep track of. Take that and add it to CoD’s lag compensation, it just makes things much worse. Our bandwidth just can’t handle it all and if we had dedi servers then a lot of the burden of a P2P system would be lifted.

          • NachoNinjaNuts

            Agreed. Just wanted to clarify due to the fact that some people believe dedicated servers are going to be some kind of lag free CoD heaven.

          • Why you so awesome ^.^
            I’d also say to Nacho though that it isn’t fair to make the statement you made earlier about other peoples connections in reference to yours though you may be able to afford decent connectivity. Everyone should be able to game and enjoy online gaming on a fair or close to fair playing field regardless of ISP’s which is why the dedi system is a feasible and very plausible solution. Though very idealistic not everyone can afford to pay the ridiculous amounts of money for “decent” connection settings provided by an ISP meanwhile other countries e.g. Japan has ISP’s and connections that supersedes anything we’re using (T1’s, T2’s) by milleniums and yet is merely an insignificant fraction of the cost that most people pay now (In the U.S. at least).


      • JKB98

        “YOUR FUCKING IDIOT” Think about what you just said…

    • exeterman2

      Slightly less lag, but you’ll still be playing in 720p πŸ™‚

      • HH

        I’ll take buttery smooth 720P over 1080P with frame rate issues. πŸ™‚

        • exeterman2

          Frame rate is the same on both consoles, that’s why xbone isn’t 1080, they couldn’t get decent frame rate.

      • Ghosts is still built off of generation 7 tech. Even in 1080p it won’t look that good. I’d guess it’ll be a lot like BF4 on the PS4, which looks a bit blurry due to it being upscaled.

        • exeterman2

          No it’s native 1080p, and bf4 is 900p

  • iAmEFFeX

    I hope that the servers are up for around the PS4 launch.

  • Ed

    i’ve played about 9ish hours, and i haven’t seen one host migration, and very minimal lag… less lag than i’ve seen in the past few cods, if not ever.

  • Alex

    Judging from the comments I guess I’m the only loser with constant host migrations, dashboarders, and pretty horrible lag. It must be time warner cable I blame them for all my life’s troubles πŸ™‚

    • Nighthawk

      Nope. I have Compost with their BLAST internet connection and I still had all the same troubles I had with BO2.

      I played about 7 hours in game and reached the breaking point. I took it back to GS and bought BF4.

      I’ll be watching the patch notes and waiting for a true report on Dedi’s for the XBone, but until then Ghosts will not be in rotation.

      • ben

        bf4 is just as broken as ghosts (i have both) constant server crashes save file constantly corrupted and losing connection to sessions all the time too

        • Johhny E

          Don’t forget that in BF 4 they don’t let you play with friends unless you happen to find a server with enough room for everyone to join a game in session, since they “forgot” to put in the ability to join a squad with friends before you enter a match. That is a MUCH bigger fail than anything else in BF 4 or Ghosts combined. BF has always been a game that promotes playing as a team, but they don’t even let you make a team without going through tons of hassle just to play with friends. I think they should have delayed BF 4 like they were planning, I’m getting tired of buying unfinished games and having to wait a couple months for them to fix them through patches and updates..

          • ben

            i agree with the squads thing especially since i am in a clan ill try to join session in progress and get the message no commander slots free or server full

  • smayo

    Got some host migrations, but mostly the game times out due to lost connection to host, lag is pretty bad too, I don’t know why they decided to roll out the dedicated servers over time while the multiplayer peak is in the first 3 months of a cod game life cycle, the game frustrates me now and to be honest I find it a bit boring already

  • JohnClark_R6

    About 220 games now. A few games with some choppiness, but other than that solid hit detection and my connection has felt the same in every game.

  • Tony Perez

    Seems like Atvi mislead their customers.

  • CommonSense

    They lied, obviously. You people are retards for thinking they would have dedicated servers.

  • Larry

    wow, really? And after all these years…

  • Desmon1234

    Yous all must have pretty crap internet… Because my connection has been really good in every game, and i live Australia… Ive only had like 3-4 host migrations since launch…

    • wazza

      Im on the west coast of australia and this game lags the worst of all the cods ive played (4 or 5 now) and worse still, twice ive wound up in american lobbys (look at a globe, it is literally the other side if the world) and twice god knows where (tried asking but nobody spoke english) and dont get me started on the spawns. Last game got first blood, died, fair enough. Then 4 spawn deaths in a row. 1-5 kd in 30 seconds. Rage quit. Fix this crap infinity ward, this is a very broken game.

    • KevC

      Hey Desmon1234, mate I have Telstra and have no end of probs with lag in this game. I party up with some mates in other states and we really struggle to find games at times. Host migrations have been a regular occurrence and since that patch the other day staying in a game lobby until a game starts has been a mission as it drops in and out of the lobby every few seconds. I don’t know whether to be jealous or sceptical of those who say they don’t experience lag. All I want is to be able to play one of these games on a level basis, rather than being shot before I can even raise my gun 90% of the time.

    • Poker Face

      People’s connection isn’t the issue with the host migrating. It’s because the host is fed up getting his arse kicked do to the lag comp. A couple of times I have backed out as I’m getting slaughtered due to the time delay and I’ve always been the host as it starts to look for another host. I never dashboard and normally wait until the end of the game. This has also happened on mw3 and bo2 too. I used to have fibre optic connection but moved , its still quick and fibre optic is about to become available but do I want to pay extra to be the host and get seen off by the lag? At least on .BO2 you could set up for best connection etc.

      To go off on a tangent no theatre mode sucks. Not because of you tube but I can’t double check for boosters etc and report them. A backwards step imo.

    • shadow_walkerOZ

      It’s not so much the fact that people are getting lag or how much lag they have, it’s the host migrations that are the issue. Dedicated servers means NO host migrations ever because no player is the host. It will also help to minimize lag but the big thing is a stable connection that is not reliant upon some random persons residential internet connection and whether they get the shits and quit or not. So, if host migrations are still happening, that means dedicated servers aren’t in effect yet, if ever.
      If they promised dedicated servers on all platforms, they should deliver on that promise. How many people put there were fed up with the crappy connections that CoD has always had and were going to move on until they heard about the servers?
      Infinity Ward are not idiots, they know exactly what to say right before the release of one of their games to get people to stick with them. Remember Fuck you last stand?
      I guess we can add dedicated servers on all platforms and quick-scoping is not in the game to that list and I’m sure the list will get a couple new additions in two years time when their next game comes out.

    • Revan Rebel

      Eh, I’m in Tasmania, Australia and all servers are complete sh*t, absolutely horrid. Playing on PC.

  • Epic JDUB

    Look to all Actvi haters here is what logic tells us… Microsoft are the ones who are providing the dedicated servers and their new product wont come out until the 22nd of November. Now it seems obvious to me that they are not going to open dedis until their product is on the market due to the fact that their largest competitor (Sony) will already have had its console out there for a week or so. Microsoft likely feels that this could harm sales and is holding dedis till XBONE launches. Don t hate Actvi hate Microsoft. Just sayin…

    • DiabolusBR

      please, don’t be stupid.. Microsoft will provide just for X360 and X-One… as for the playstations, they are hiring third party companies that rent dedicated servers… for example, in Brazil they are using Maxihost.com.br

      • Epic JDUB

        Look at the reports and tweets before you call someone stupid Rubin stated that the dedicated servers will be provided via the MICROSOFT Azure cloud network…moron

        • bob

          Ruban is an idiot, and so you are site. If not solely because you call yourself “epic”

          • Epic JDUB

            As far as my name is concerned it was given to me by a clan i was in 5yrs ago and it stuck. As far as your comment on another persons intelligence is concerned…well your mental capacity speaks for itself in the length of your comment. Grow up BOB. <–(Proper nouns should be capitalized, or didn't you know that too)

        • shadow_walkerOZ

          Actually, Rubin stated that Microsoft would be providing servers for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Do you really think they would give up some of their server space so that Playstation owners can have a better gaming experience? Are you really that naive or are you just an idiot?

  • bitches

    The game plays great for my pc. Crystal clear and smooth as still water. Haven’t had a change up in game yet

  • DiabolusBR

    Brazillian dedicated servers are up since yesterday. The bad thing is people all over the world is connecting to it and unfortunately this is causing it to be unplayable. When there are just brazillian people on the lobby it’s much better, though.

  • bigdickcheney

    The reason hosts arent quitting is because they are unaware of there status as host. No more bars?????

  • Fix it already

    Xbox 360 Ghost Servers Down for thousands of people
    Really getting pissed seeing this for the last 10 hours

  • Servers Down

    Why are servers down for Ghosts in the game but the website says perfectly fine?

  • #CODGhostRefund

    this is fucking bullshit, PC hosts are a joke. host is only good for themselves while everyone else teleports around. every second game has a hacker with walls and aimbot. this really wasnt worth it. big let down IW.

  • Agitated Moron

    playing on 360 and there is nothing but host migration and server disconnects. the game is really growing on me (i will admit that the bigger maps are ok if you just make the right classes) and over all the mechanics are smooth. but the lag is just as bad as blops2…die in a millisecond and then in the killcam that same person saw your for a 1/4 sec and then shot 4-5 bullets before you died. clearly, the servers are not up or are not supported in NY. idk. i hope the xbox one will actually have servers seeing as they claim to be using MS server farms to manage matchmaking…we shall see

  • John

    The only reason I bought Cod Ghost was because they said they were going to have dedicated servers. The last good Cod was Mw2. Mw3 had the worse lag I ever dealt with online. I stopped playing and swore I would never buy a Cod Mw game again. Then I read they were going to have dedicated servers, The Lag on Ghost is worse then MW3. I have had many host migrations. and had many host disconnects. They obviouly lied and did not keep their word on providing dedicated servers. Isn’t that false Advertisement.Cod is greedy and should provide dedicated servers for its players after all the money they made on games that were not much more then upgrades. They Brag on their sales as many players deal with lag that for many makes the game a miserable experience. I am surprised the noone has sued them. You cant advertise dedicated servers and not provide them. Cod cares nothing about the dedicated fan base that made them rich

  • laghater

    missing the point its suppose to be dedicated servers. the only reason I bought it

  • Failure

    Connection status bar…….Where!!!!!


    i never had any lag until the update ever since then the games are nearly unbearable to play in multiplayer so looks like its squads and extinction for me until they fix it….

    • ElseAndrew

      Ditto, game has been awful for me since the update.

  • bullshit

    I bought this game because they promised dedicated servers, they won 1,000 million dollars and can not afford dedicated servers? fuck them

  • bert_stare

    You guys have been frauded by IW again lol. You’ll never know if your on a dedicated server or not anyway. Don’t even have the connection bars… smh.

  • Fusk.it…

    Its not lag compensation its just plain LAG…. Due to shity matchmaking and crap p2p system…..

  • Thegameski

    Ghost on ps3 is just as bad to playing blop2…. You get fewer quitting because the killstreaks are not over powered as they were in blops2….

  • I_eat_culo

    They jerked you idiot’s

  • WellWisher

    SLI is broken and lag is unbearable when other COD games work just fine on my connection. This sucks…I’m done with COD.

  • Phil

    I go three prestiges with no migrations then I get one out of nowhere and a TON of lag.

  • jaaskathepaaska

    The game haven’t had any host migrates but i’ve seen a bit of lag here and there but nothing big have played the game for over 2 weeks

  • MAC

    First 3 weeks. I was going 25-4. Know I can’t even get a kill streak? WTF. Just like black ops. Every game I go 6-15

  • Nanoduck

    That means never.. h

  • jorge hernandez

    I’ve literally waited 45 minutes in a lobby for me to join a game or for one to be made. This has happened so many times. I turned t on and off, checked my connection, it said 10,000 people were playing, and just in God, karma, the universe or whatever just didn’t like me, I left for twenty minutes and came back. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!
    P.S. Only time it doesn’t happen is when I’m playing TD, but I don’t wanna play that all day.

  • The wonderer

    That would mean they would have to spend more money. They won’t do that LOL! Infinity ward just needs to sell out there right to make cod games. Last two Modern warfare games have been crap. Spawns are horrible. I die 95% of the time cause someone spawns next to me or behind me. Games a joke.

  • diknuts

    hosts cant do a fucking thing, too far behind the real time of the enemies, get it fixed or give up!

  • Lord Mannyrossa

    They didn’t promise it across all platforms. They promised them to PC and XB1 (due to the cloud services allowing it for free) there was no promise to 360 or PSN players of dedicated servers.
    Also even with dedicated servers it is possible to experience bad lag* if your connection is shitty. People should stop talking about lag if they don’t know what it is they are talking about. *I say ‘bad lag’ because there is always inherent lag unless you are the one hosting the game. So technically speaking everyone on a dedicated server would have some lag in their connection to the game. It would vary based on their distance to the server and their internet ping.

  • dedicated hosting
  • Insanidee31

    Do something Activision stop hackers playing Ghosts on PS4 its a losing battle put all hackers in one lobby if not I will start hacking the system th