Mark Rubin has also explained as to why current gen platforms do not support 18 player matches. He explained that due to the resources taken up by the new engine, current gen wouldn’t work well with 18 players.

Mark Rubin: Honestly, we played with it for a while, and just felt, performance wise, it wasn’t a good experience on current-gen. We had done enough new stuff to the engine, added a lot of new features, that the current-gen systems became bogged down under 18 players.

Yeah, it sucks. I know a lot of people play Ground War. But it’s funny how many who play Ground War always complain Ground War has issues. I’m like, well, it’s because you’re 18 players on a tiny little map. Of course you’re going to have spawning issues.

That being said, people still enjoy it. And we totally wanted to do Ground War on current-gen. It wasn’t an easy decision to cut it. But we wanted to make the game good. Character customisation, for instance, takes up a massive amount of resources. So having 18 people on the map with unique characters is a challenge compared to having 12 people on the map with unique characters.

SOURCE: EuroGamer

  • TepidBlack

    Haha I don’t think I’ve heard this much horseshit since “not balanced for lean”.

    • Matt Trumble

      its horseshit stfu it makes sense you are just a retard

  • StuGotz

    Do you think next gen will have more Hardcore modes? Having only 3 on current gen is pretty shitty.

  • coolwhhhip

    Hell they can’t manage spawns for 6v6 on gigantic maps so I don’t know that Mark’s logic really scales.

    • Super_Deluxe

      That and the Ready Up perk sucks. It takes a whole second to bring up your gun after sprinting just like MW3 which sucks. I was expecting it to be instantly like in BO2. And also the maps suck except for strikezone and warhawk or whatever its called.

      • Mitch

        IMO Strikezone sucks. The free KEM from the Care Package sucks, lost 3 games because of that BS.

        • Corey

          you lost 3 games b/c of something that gives the other team 6 kills, you lost b/c you played that bad.

    • Batman


      • You went full retard.

        • John

          He’s being sarcastic

  • They basically do everything to make you move to the new console.

    • ccrows

      Meh, I ain’t touching a new console for AT LEAST one more year.

      I got burned twice with BOTH PS1 and 360 launch consoles overheating and dying on me.

      Screw that I’ll never do launch again, and I’m more than happy to stay on the 360 for another year…

    • Super_Deluxe

      Lol exactly what I was thinking. How much more resources do you need to add six more players in these huge maps. Horseshit, I call Horseshit.

  • jelluh24

    I’d rather have groundwar than character customization…

    • coilover2005

      Exactly. We’re talking about taking out a game mode to “dress up” your soldier. Come on now. Just like a vehicle… Function>Looks any day!

  • Mufaro Maruzani

    anyone else waiting for the ps4 version in a few week?/ 🙂

  • Eh. It sucks for those who preferred Ground War, but it’s all in the name of the overall experience and vision of the developers with their game.


    Surely it isn’t just me that would rather screw character customisation and have groundwar? Come on IW it’s a no brainer

    • Mitch

      Yeah, all characters look like your generic CoD characters, they should have more fun and crazy options.

    • Batman

      I never playground war, I prefer customization

      • John

        I don’t know about you but I always have wars in the playground.

  • ccrows

    “Character customisation, for instance, takes up a massive amount of resources.”

    ^ TBH I would of rather had GW than character customization, but whatever Ghosts is still a great game…

    • razzleghost

      Anyone else’s customization not working at all? I select white camo and every time I get into a game I still have Blue on.

      • Drago

        you cant, its just shows how it looks like on other maps. like white camo is for the snow map etc

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Character customization is an utterly complete waste of resources. Who the fuck cares how you look. You can’t see yourself when you are playing. Raven studios just wanted to use the customizing shit they created for that China COD. Fucking waste!!! Treyarch better bring it next year!!!!

    • NiftyGam3r

      I thought the same dang thing all the customization so someone else can see you. If there is anything my enemy should see is that bullet going towards them

      • James K

        “If there is anything my enemy should see is that bullet going towards them”

        Nice line.

        • Hell I still want them to know I killed them, make them remember the face, scares ’em more.

          • Tyrant Era

            Customizations are great

    • I like character customization.

    • iAmEFFeX

      It’s not a waste of time at all. It’s about time they let us customize the characters.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    On a separate note. Prestiging is a fucking joke because they are shoving Squads down our throats!!! There is absolutely no reason to rank up more than one character. You don’t even get more create a classes for prestiging. What an epic fail!!!

  • The Flash

    i was more annoyed on such large maps being limited to 12 players when playing Infected, that should always be a 18 player mode, and with 12 players it really isnt as fun, and with extinction being nothing like Zombies. nothing about the game really appeals to me sadly

  • Pffft, silly current-gen. Greatness Awaits! 7 days

  • ccrows

    Alright so GW is out of the question.

    Can you patch the “Connection Bars” back?…

    • Bk Moe

      Werd, im lagging like crazy and i don’t even know from whom…but then again I’m getting the X1 in 2 weeks which has dedicated server, maybe thats why they didn’t put the connection bars

  • TheGamerBeast

    i really cant see next gen so why 9v9 doesn’t work on current gen while BF4 make 18v18 on current gen and PC 32v32 and in real dynamic events it is really the difference between knowledge i am big fan of COD but need to say that

    • DanDustEmOff

      BF plays at 30fps on current gen whereas CoD runs at 60fps so CoD has less resources available.

    • James Mulhall

      “18v18 on current gen” BF is 12v12 on current gen, it plays at an unsteady FPS which should be 30 but drops a lot and it runs at an upscaled 720p while CoD runs at an upscaled 1080p, 50-60FPS and 6v6.

  • ip x Warrior

    They didn’t have place for demolition too ? -_-

  • Louis

    Please fix the spawning, was playing SnR last night and an enemy was rescued and spawned directly behind me. Looking forward to the next gen Ghost, hope there be more than 3 hardcore modes since the next gen can handle it.

  • NiftyGam3r

    If any cod game ever needed ground war is obviously this one. Nothing but large maps. Sometimes i run the whole map twice looking for someone and dont find to then be killed by someone who literally spawned behind me

    • Batman

      Ghosts maps are small, have you ever played MW2 or BO1?

      • Mark Q

        You’re such an annoying, sarcastic person with no sense of intelligence!

  • NiftyGam3r

    I knew something like this would happen. Current gen and next gen cod being awsome? Nope cant have both. All the attention goes for next gen while current gen is left to suffer with a chopped down version of next gen. Majority of gamers dont mind since they will get next gen consoles as it releases and thats where the goodies are at, but some people like me have to wait out the price to go down a bit due to bills etc. i honestly wouldnt have minded if character customization was a next gen exclusive and they used that free space to enhance current gen

  • hkkhk

    who the fuck needs character customization lol nobody fucking cares how you look

  • Gc

    Guys if we are all complain that we want ground war mark rubin will do it its like search and destroy. Everybody complain like i want snd and he give it

  • Sgtsclark

    Off topic but anybody know how to play free fall map, I’ve played over a100 TDM and haven’t seen it once

  • falahcod

    Guys read this slowly:
    ”became bogged down UNDER 18 players.”

    So this game is for the squeakers only.

  • luis

    Ok I get Mark Ruben’s on ground war. What about the other game types that were only 6v6?? I know this is marketing….but theirs no excuse for those actions. (Removing the best gametypes: demolition, headquart, sabotage, heartpoint, and yet snd)

  • Kevboy22


  • Ryumoau

    Hopefully these issues won’t be on the next gen version.

  • Doug

    When they designed the new engine they should of been focused on more players than less. Most of the maps should be 12v12

  • The only things wrong with the game IMO:

    -Spawns are crap and don’t make sense
    -Maps are too big except for Strikezone, Octane, and Free Fall

    I like that we die quickly to be honest. Maybe one more shot to kill would be nice.

  • KFC

    If they felt that Ground War would make the game not good enough to play, why the hell did they keep the gigantic maps in the game and why not bring smaller maps such like in mw3: dome, bootleg, arkaden. The only playable maps are at the moment: Strikezone, Warhawk & Octane.

  • Benji Smith

    Wow wish I would have known this before I bought the game, was googling when I would unlock ground war. Guess it goes back and I’ll pick it back up when I upgrade to next gen

  • knarkill182

    Current gen doesn’t support 18 players? Then why have I played with 18 on MW2, Black Ops, MW3, haven’t played BO 2, and I think Halo can get that high and didn’t have a problem. Sure it gets weird, but once you get a good host everything is fine.

  • Gabbo


  • Juan Medina

    Hate about- maps are big ass hell, wtf is CTF, Search n Destroy, Demolition, Ground War!! I could be naked for all I care as long as I kill, get the objective and win!!! Activision did you guys have a stick so far up your ass that it clogged your eyes and just made this game?
    Very disappointed!! I was a big fan.

  • Matt

    Had I known that they were taking Ground War out, I never would’ve bought this game. As much as I enjoy running around, not finding anyone, then getting shot in the back by someone in a second story window, I prefer to kill people.

  • Sitdownnshutup

    Should have just got some balls and went with a new engine instead of totally revamping the 7 year old one..again..

  • alucard

    Dear infinity ward go kill your selfs and hang your selfs and burns and perish to hell you hungry money douche who worships the devil to let people do shit c mon kill your selfs if you have the ball you fuckers

    • Lightning Bolt

      if they see this they will mark it as a threat and report the police. You do know this yes?

    • Vampires are ghey

      Ever heard the term “grammar”?

  • infectedkush

    Lol looks like im not fucking playing cod then till either i waste 700 bucks for a game i already got for more ppl or untill u guys actually fuckin listen and put gw back in who the fk cares if it dont run good90% of the god damn games out there dont run good rip cod

  • GoingBack2BO2

    Yeah, they make the largest maps in call of duty history but they still manage to spawn me 3 feet away from an enemy. Also, like what Mark Rubin said, character customization makes it hard for 9v9 because of lots of people running around with different skins. In my opinion, people play a run around and shooting game to shoot people, and they don’t really care if their character has an extra backpack or some goggles on. If it’s cyaracter customization vs ground war, they should’ve picked groundwar. I’m going back to BO2.

  • Edgad

    This is bullshit the 360 and ps3 can handle it they’re just taking it out so people have a reason to get it on next gen, spawns suck ass anyway

  • Poopslayer

    In my opinion, the game is ruined without groundwar.

  • Awasome db

    Lol the ps4 allows ground war but not the ps3 ? This should be advertise like this because thats just bull !!

  • RiozNewbie

    js this is BS as MAG has huge maps and can have just over 250 players on one map… sooo you’re just lazy arseholes as ever (i hate cod for this very reason)

  • Scoson09

    BULLSHIT course the current gen can handle it they have added dlc playlists